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(You Morooka ) The first gangbang


n0097 2005/12/31
You Morooka
The first gangbang

Our boast staff scouts wonderful slut again, You Morooka who appears this time is so cute and will make satisfaction for the expectation.
Moreover, this time is a debut to You, too. The sudden hard play as expose pussy, raw fuck, gangbang party and vaginal cum shot will make much excitement for you.The position of You is very young wife.

The pant voice of You during she enjoy the fuck with the husband every evening seems to sound in the next resident, and one day, You was called in the elevator by a man who seems to be bad who lives in the next of her.
She answers to a question though she fears a little. The hand is forcibly pulled when getting off the elevator and she is taken to the emergency staircase.

When a clothes is tucked up, You did not put on the brassiere and tits that no so big but pink nipple bring much lascivious mind expose.
Then he begins to persuade her while rub her tits. It turns out to call doing the love affair since daytime a mistress. Brute understood that You is such lewd slut and start finger fuck after he took her panty off.

Her pussy hole is already wet much. Then he ordered her to make fellatio service. The cock is reacted obediently for radical and lascivious sucking of You and gradually becoming hard.
Then he made a mouthful cum shot at the end. Please enjoy the lascivious expression of her. It enters the room and man gets a devil group together and force masturbation to You who dislike it.

When pussy is exposed, devil brute who get excited begin to touch it. You who feared in the first became bold and begins to be pleased.
Female ejaculation was made after the attack of the rotor toy and she got first acme. Brute is taming You who wander around crawl on all fours and order her to make fellatio service.

And, she serves obediently sucking devil men's cocks. The vibs toy is inserted in the crotch while sucking five cocks one after another, and she almost became the slave.
If it is such a pet, I want it also in my house. To the following, five brute devils attack her who became M-leg posture by the rotor toy for the tits and finger for the pussy.

To stir inside of vagina by the muddler and vibs toy attack is continued till she got acme. At the toy attack with fully exposed anus hole at the back posture, though she seems get acme but attack is discontinue because she could not acme.
Then brute think that You may be not acme by the toy but she will got acme by the cock. It start from 69play, and her face flushes gradually while fucking is continue at the M-leg missionary and bending posture.

Two cocks appear when the following man enjoy her at the lift hip up posture and woman on top posture and 4P play is started. You who falls into disorder and is transfigured gradually in the gangbang party turns into the slave.
Brute bully her pussy one after another and one brute instinctively made vaginal cum shot.
You is an already absence of mind. Devil brute who catch up fire by the thing that one person made vaginal cum shot splashed their semen to her face and vagina as they like.
The Sakurai type speculum appears to check in the vagina of You who was played as toy. Semen that remained much in the vagina tells what was happen to her just before.
In addition, after she was fucked, a large amount of semen is splashed on her body. The electric massage machine is fixed to crotch and You goes into trances while her face was cover by semen.
It is erection level 200% for the appearance of such You. The TOKYO HOT that carries out devil brute road like this by the first taking a picture is really wonderful.
The double PISS SHOT of the last scenes might be things that become mania's treasures.

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(Kaho Shiratori ) Toy with her pussy!


n0096 2005/12/28
Kaho Shiratori
Toy with her pussy!

KAHO SHIRATORI who performed this time is a nymph whom the school uniform suits. Moreover, she is a wonderful girl who challenged to perform lesbian play that first time in our TOKYO HOT.
Of course, our natural plays as raw fuck, rope play, gangbang, vaginal cum shot and piss shot are splendidly handled. Please move the hand hard by KAHO who made a new legend.

After school, KAHO left in the classroom and to be cherished by the female teacher. Well behaved KAHO is put off the panty while rubbed tits and shows pussy to the female teacher.
The teacher elbowing her way through the major labia and greatly expands it, and confuse mind of KAHO. Then she is taken to the conference room by female teacher's skillful art of talking.

The female teacher who wore white lingerie to the body shows vibs toy to KAHO and let her suck it. When she sucks vibs toy while is to be blindfolded, suddenly real cock appears there and KAHO sucks it instead of toy.
KAHO who keeps carefully sucking the cock by the female teacher's advice and licks the cock as head, ball bag and back line by the tip of the tongue in the female teacher's lead.

It is the world of bind (KINBAKU) that waited as follows that. The female teacher invites her to the world where the high school student can never do the tasted thing.
The rope bind specialist appears there, KAHO who put on the school uniform is restricted in an instant and her tits is exposed. The panty is lowered, and it is female ejaculation attack suddenly.

After enough love juice drips and is thrown, it begins to attack the pussy with the rotor toy after emphatically with the tear toy in the finger.
When attack clitoris and the vagina while bound, the pant voice heat up time by time and she was in faint in agony much.

It seems that she feel much heaven because nipple is erected much and vibs toy is inserted in the pussy while picking erected nipple up and attacks is never stopped.
The pussy where the vagina held the vibs toy deep gets excited in obscenity. At the end, to attack her violently by the electric massage machine and she got the acme with cramp the pussy.

The following are starts of lesbian play. The pussy is licked by the female teacher, and KAHO suck the sham cock that the female teacher who installed penis bands, and poked violently at the missionary posture at the end.
This is the world of the estheticism that never has seen in TOKYO HOT before. Piston attack without mercy is done for KAHO was poked while voluntarily stimulating clitoris.

Moreover, movement of teacher's waist is more violent than that of a man and KAHO got acme at once. Devil brute team who were looking at it cannot endure and KAHO was ordered to make fellatio service for them.
And they begin to insert the cock in her mouth by turns. It will be impressed deeply by KAHO who sucks hard though slaver is hung down.
The raw fuck start from face to face woman on top posture, when he insert his cock and tasted her pussy moderately, then second brute insert his cock immediately at the backward woman on top posture.
It violently pokes as like destroying pussy. The next brute joint with her at the doggie back and they shifted to 3P play. Moreover they start 4P play at the woman on top posture and approaching to final stage of continues vaginal cum shot play.
Brute splashed thick semen one after another to her face while violently poked her at the missionary posture and her face is covered by semen fully and became white quickly.
KAHO who was became ragged by the two vaginal cum shot and 12 facial cum shot is a cruel appearance. The PISS SHOT scene of the extra where KAHO splashed her piss while looked down is very impressive.

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(Karin Haduki ) A usury's victim


n0095 2005/12/25
Karin Haduki
A usury's victim

Lovely slut KARIN HADUKI who performed this time is hunted by our staff in the town. Well, the hard negotiation was made because she is a true amateur who has not performed anywhere.
However, how lucky she is, because of debut of KARIN is TOKYO HOT. However, I was surprised that she did not withstand for the raw fucking play.

After all, the gangbang party and etc have been done by getting on about the place. Moreover, a lovely face was made dirty by cum shower team and she became a cruel appearance.
It is very difficult understand the woman who was brought up a pampered little girl. She appears in clothes the western style with a little dirtied western boots.

The content is settled as our favor that KARIN makes repayment to use her bode instead of money because her boyfriend borrows money from the financial company and has run away.
As usual, devil brute insult KARIN in a crowd. Cannon cocks of devil brute are inserted in the interior of the throat and piston movement was made though it is the first taking a picture for KARIN.

She licks hard though she dripping pours away slaver. Without understanding, she was sucked many cocks at the same time. To the thing that one of the brothers watches so that KARIN should not run away after the fellatio party.
Brothers who was killing time while big brother have left there begin to play with her. He touches her tits and pussy and cock is made to be sucked.

The appearance of KARIN who ardently sucks the cock is fresh. KARIN who sucking the cock and eye is turned to the screen in sometimes is excitement level 150%.
The brother has become pleasant and made splash his semen to the tip of the tongue. Big brothers come back when she is made to put a collar on and took a walk by the crawl on all fours and begins to play with her again.

KARIN is made to sit on a chair at the M-leg posture and the pussy is attacked emphatically. When the vibs toy is inserted, KARIN begins to writhe, clitoris erects and love juice begins to spill from her pussy.
KARIN is fainting in agony when the vibs toy is applied in the vagina and the electric massage machine is applied to the clitoris. Do not overlook the scene into which her love juice is splendidly splashed in the female ejaculation.

Moreover, attack her with electric massage machine afterward then she ejaculates and got acme at the last. The thing that has not been put in the pussy up to now has been inserted one after another at the toy insult play and KARIN was treated as toy.
But still clitoris erects and inside of vagina wet, KARIN is such a lewd slut. The uterine ostium is clearly seen with a Sakurai type & transparent speculum.

And, it rushes into a long-awaited fucking scene. It starts from 69play and she was violently poked at the standing back posture. It is rush into 3P play as it is and her both mouth was closed by the cock and she faints in agony, too.
Pussy holds the cock well at the woman on top posture and close up scene that cock in and out to the pussy is so excited. Then it enters 4P play while sucking two cocks as she throws back her head as it is.
Her love juice drips firmly and drops from her pussy even if it is used for the men's sexual desire processing. Still she is getting feeling pleasure.
It moves to three, and it is shameful and a piston attack of the hole full view of hips if it becomes 1.2 and it plays in the state of 3P\4P.
After enjoy the fuck at the doggie back, missionary posture and make 3P,4P play, then posture is shifted to bending posture that shows full view of her anus hole and cock made piston movement with curry out such shameful posture.
The end of the fucking is gangbang play of a customary continuous vaginal cum shot and facial cum shot. Please stare at KARIN who feels it though she is fucked by the devil brute.
Then, it is facial cum shower party by the devil brute at once while her pussy was attached by the vibs toy. It is impression on a terrible amount where the face is buried by semen in a moment.
KARIN who has made the heroic episode from the first content is great. Father is crying in the grave.

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(Maria Fujisawa ) A provincial model


n0094 2005/12/20
Maria Fujisawa
A provincial model

With wonderful body as height 170cm and B90W60H89, it is appearance of office lady MARIA FUJISAWA who belongs to the local model office.
The dream of MARIA seems to be a thing that becomes a Race Queen though various events etc. were done in the provinces. However, the road to the Race Queen is steep, the audition is not passed easily.

Then, scout of TOKYO HOT took MARIA the talk there. MARIA have not thought in the not bit that she was bullied by the super devil team instead of become Race Queen.
It starts lightly from the body check after the interview. When the pussy is emphatically attacked from the panty after rub the tit and stocking was tear up, MARIA seem not to be able to endure it.

She is made to sit on a chair and the pussy was exposed after cuts the panty. The labia that hidden in the slightly big under hair of reverse-triangle is red and in a wet state.
When the clitoris and oral was attacked by the finger, the pant voice grows and she begins to writhe. The rotor toy appears and the pussy is stimulated voluntarily.

Apparently, it seems to have ignited the masturbation of seeing. The female ejaculation begins to check the condition of the pussy and the spray violently scatters to the floor.
Next, Maria's sucking service is checked. Devil brute team appears, and the cock is pushed into the mouth of Maria one after another to confirm it.

Head of MARIA is hold and the cannon cock is pushed into the interior of the throat and bullied. Slaver flows dripping from the mouth with the sob.
Devil brute are the settlements that make the mouth the pussy taking the place while pouring the hoot. And raw fucking begins in the sofa to the Maria who was bending.

Maria's pant voice is gradual heat up when lewd sound that come from piton movement of cock come in and out to the pussy sounds. The angle of the bending posture where the pussy completely held the cock in her pussy is so erotic and wonderful.
When thinking that the piston movement was made violently, it is vaginal cum shot as it is. The second cock is inserted immediately in the pussy and made the second vaginal cum shot while mixing with semen that remained inside.

The third cock was inserted as extra and made vaginal cum shot. Three continues vaginal cum shot in rapid succession will be amazed. Then, it rushes into the pussy toy foreign body play of Maria who is made to M-leg posture as it is.
When the vagina is tear by the finger and toy, labia of pure red color is appeared and it is very lewd view. MARIA pants while destroying the face when the dildo toy is inserted in a pussy fully.

Seem it to hit the uterus and it to be pleasant. When how the uterus mouth becomes is checked, the swelling uterus is beautifully observed.
As she has the soft body, insertion of the foreign body is continuing at back posture and lift one leg up posture.
After check her pussy, cock of devil brute team appears and insert their cock into her pussy at the missionary, doggie back posture and enjoy 3P play.
Devil brute insert the cock in her pussy one after another as like gangbang party. After enjoyed her body at woman on top, side posture, then it rushes into a continuous vaginal cum shot time in front of cum shower brute team is looking at the end.
First brute made vaginal cum shot after made fuck at the missionary and bending posture and other 3 continues vaginal cum shot were made afterward.
Afterwards, Mr. Enlarge of the new machine appears in the scene where cum shower brute team splashed semen to the pussy and the face one after another.
Six shots of semen are poured into her pussy that was opened by the Mr. Enlarge of our new weapon. It is surely amazed scene. After total 10 shot of semen was poured into the uterus, there is PISS SHOT while dripping semen from uterus.
Being sure to become a Race Queen has become a public lavatory. She might also learn by experience to this and a luxurious thing is a thing not said.

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(Miyuki Morimiya ) Looking snooty


n0093 2005/12/13
Miyuki Morimiya
Looking snooty

There are lots of woman with beauty face who clarifies somewhere and affected persons disgustingly. MIYUKI MORIMIYA is the typical sample of this.
Well, she made a wonderful things form the beginning. The devil brothers give the blood festival to such a saucy slut.

They start chastised from pussy attack then it continues to fellatio, raw fuck, gangbang party, continues vaginal cum shot and cum shower.
The time of the rest is not given to her. To tell the truth, MIYUKI who tends to be seemed that a serious example student in the school is an unexpected slut who works diligently with the principal as for the SM play.

MIYUKI band principal and made hand job service while pouring the hoot. This scene from at the beginning is an impossible situation in TOKYO HOT still before.
Moreover, this principal seems to have strong masochistic mind and splashed his semen till to his face.

Devil teachers who discovered the place of the principal who has ascended to heaven chastised MIYUKI as revenge of parent without knowing that it is a wish of the masochism principal.
The confession is urged on MIYUKI to whom it is made to sit the chair of the classroom and to be made M-leg posture by devil teachers.

The panty is taken off for MIYUKI who doesn't admit stubbornly and pussy is exposed. Obscene pussy of the pink color shows up to the presence and devil teachers who get excited begin the finger fuck attack.
The rotor toy attack is started to MIYUKI who doesn't put out the nature easily. MIYUKI getting so much pleasure for the simultaneous attack to clitoris and the vagina.

It moves straight to the female ejaculation and a large amount of her love juice is discharged. The chastisement ends and the classmate discover MIYUKI left with handcuffs done.
She of a small satan make confusion of the mind of the classmate then made to unclasp the handcuffs and leads to the rest room. MIYUKI suck the cock that became cannon and lick it to use tongue disagreeable.

Though it is made to splash onto the tip of the tongue at the end, but it is found by devil teachers this. Devil teachers start guiding for MIYUKI from whom reflection is not seen at all.
She is surrounded and the cock is forcibly inserted in the mouth, and stroke is made violently. Many cocks are made to be sucked while pouring the hoot on her who distorts and is frightened.

It is made change of clothes afterwards to the physical exercise wear and other guidance is started. This scene to which laughter has a lump in one's throat will be very interesting for a moment.
It is made taking off bloomers and MIYUKI rushes into the ejaculation mode when entering the vibs toy attack. Her pussy getting much wet by the mercilessly attack and she reached acme at the end.
Guidance accelerates and they rush into the fucking. The skirt of MIYUKI who put on the school uniform is rolled up and raw cock is inserted at the standing back posture.
Teachers make her to suck the cock and attack up the pussy. At the woman on top posture, right and left cock is sucked while pushing her up from the under.
Gangbang play to lick the cock right and left while being inserted the cock in the pussy at the backward woman on top posture, it is a good preach for over proud MIYUKI.
Fucking is continuing while posture is changed to doggie back, bending and so on. The place to which a lovely voice is raised and agony in every time is much desired.
The finishing is continues vaginal cum shot. They splashed semen into her pussy one after another. Please look at well remains that exist in the vagina in the SAKURA Type speculum.
It doesn't end by this, and the following rush into cum shower party by the classmate. The face has been covered by ten thick semen while stimulating the pussy with the electric massage machine.
This is best punishment for the over proud slut. The last PISS SHOT scene was taken to hide the face because of shamefulness. It is a completion of a splendid slave by this.
Well, feelings are refreshing.

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