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(yuki_ozawa) a teacher slut


n0181 2006/12/31
a teacher slut

This is second series of YUKI OZAWA who has attractive fair skin. In this time, YUKI is a serious new face female teacher whom glasses suit well.
As soon as YUKI graduates from the university, she goes for one's post to the TOKYO HOT school where only a rich son gathers.

A school making an effort for security of an administration fund lets teachers do the class that does not offend a student and the parents.
The reality is not sweet though a serious YUKI wants to teach English to the student plainly. However, the student is fascinated in body of YUKI than English.

A class of charge is in a very rough state from the starting for the new post first day. The feast of a hard lust is made in the classroom that turned into the lawless area.
A tragic result waited the body of YUKI who is fall in prey. The first class, YUKI is fall in prey to students immediately after introducing oneself in the classroom.

YUKI is made to open the leg widely on the desk when she is attacked from the behind and played body.
The panty and stocking are cut with scissors and the pussy is bully, and in addition, it is compulsion fellatio after pussy was stimulated by the rotor toy.

Four students surround the circumference of YUKI and attack her with the erected cock. One person make cum shot on the tongue by the compulsion fellatio.
The cock after ejaculates is beautifully licked up and made to wring semen by the tongue of YUKI.

Though YUKI tries to start lesson to the student who settle down and became obedient by the ejaculation, she is said to change clothes to sexy lingerie and make lesson.
YUKI who is made change of clothes on desk instinctively murmurs to saying that "It is shameful" for an extreme lingerie appearance. In addition, the lotion is hung down for the whole body of YUKI and toy attack is made to crotch that is widely opened.

And, YUKI ejaculates to refuse when the big vibs toy is inserted in the vagina. However, the vibs toy completely sinks to the root while making noise.
In addition, she is made compulsion acme by the attack of the electric massage machine. YUKI who worries because of the atmosphere of erotic in the school far apart from the held image consults the senior teacher.

However, the senior teacher is also erotic teacher more than students. Teacher makes compulsion fellatio to YUKI and inserts his cock at once at the standing back posture.
In addition, it is vaginal cum shot after piston is violently made at the missionary posture.
The cock is pulling off while ejaculating and the remaining semen scatters to the vicinity of the vagina entrance and the semen is pushed back by the finger compulsorily in the vagina.
Students who see the spectacle of the vaginal cum shot and drove recklessly intrude into there and attack YUKI, yes, it is the start of gangbang.
Four cocks attack YUKI from all directions. The cock is inserted into her mouth while YUKI is violently poked one after another at the missionary posture and also pushed up from the under at the woman on top posture.
Then vagina cum shot is made at the missionary posture after the piston for a long time. Another student rakes up semen that ejaculates outside vagina and adheres to under hair a little with the cock and it inserts as it is.
There are total three continues vaginal shots were made in turn. Then, other students gather and cum shower party start aiming to pussy that fully opened at the lift hip posture.
The semen of ten totals is poured and it is pushed with the toy in the vagina. She is ordered to excrete the semen that poured in the vagina by force at the end.
Semen gushes from the vagina with the lascivious sound and the blood of physiology of a line flows from the pussy afterwards. Students mentioned that she may not be got pregnant because physiology seems to be started.
And it is finished by close-up scene of YUKI who is inflaming eyes for severe brutality. It proposes to increase the number of young female teachers at the school in the whole country and have it always ready for insult.
If breed her exclusively fucking, she will be complete slut who has the pussy of good condition. An ideal school like TOKYO HOT school that without violence and bullying either is achieved if vaginal cum shot is made several times a day in the classroom.

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(mari_hibino) the demonstrator


n0180 2006/12/26
the demonstrator

This is second series of long waited of MARI HIBINO who is popular as atmosphere of elder sister with neat healing. She is appearance by the demonstrator in this time.
Though it is work to expand the sampling goods underground at the department store and to sell food, it is not food that treats at the TOKYO HOT department store but it is very lascivious things.

MARI who came to the department store for the interview is made immediate change of clothes to the uniform and is brought to the food floor as it is.
MARI who is not made hearing anything is made to suck the cock as incomprehensible against her will. Please enjoy the appearance that A trapped prey is cornered and to lose energies.

MARI is made change of clothes to the uniform is made to demonstrate of the sham before the real sales on the floor. She is made reading the manuscript that the staff prepared and the demonstration begins.
Only the lascivious content is written in the manuscript as "My sensitive point is clitoris", "I begin masturbation" and so on. Though MARI feels shy to be made saying a lewd word,

Masturbation is naturally started according to the scenario of the manuscript.
The clitoris and the pussy are mainly caressed and she feels seriously time by time. Then, cock is prepared in next. It develops from the hand job service to the sucking according to the manuscript.

Saliva is hung down on the tip of glans and it rubs. It is made to say the dialog "I want to see moment of ejaculation" the same as the instruction and to make it by hand job service.
MARI licks semen and shows the smile to say "It is little bitter but I love it". However, the leader scolds MARI as to say "Feelings do not shut oneself up at all" and he attacks MARI who shows the color of reflection and begins to finger the body.

MARI is stimulated the nipple and the pussy from the back.
The pussy immediately makes a lascivious sound. In addition, a white solid begins to gush from the vagina and adhere here and there of pussy and the cock is thrown in to the mouth while she is making finger fuck.

And the cock that erected by fellatio skewers to MARI at the backward woman on top posture. MARI is violently poked when the posture is changed into woman on top and a white solid that gushes from the vagina disperses to the surrounding.
It gets excited by the appearance in the uniting part that will originate a strong smell while rubbing against each other.

MARI is made the piston at the back and missionary posture and the love juice that becomes cloudy begins to blot from the vagina and an expression that seems to be painful is shown while drawing the wrinkle to the middle of the forehead.
And vaginal cum shot is made. Semen that flows backward to the vicinity of vagina entrance falls down immediately below thought semen gush.
The spectacle that the ostium of the vagina shrinks while excreting semen is wonderfully lascivious. It is a lot of toys and vibs that expanded in front of the woman at the last the demonstration of actual sales.
MARI was said to try it by herself first of all, and inserts the vibs toy in the vagina. Pussy that is gradually wet afterwards is attacked with many vibs toys.
The pussy is greatly enhanced to a violent vibs toy attack. The inside peeped by Cuzco is slightly dyed in red. After vibs toy, they move to the bed and it is raw cock attack begins.
Three men attack MARI and gangbang beginning with posture as missionary, bending, backward woman on top and back. The first cock makes vaginal cum shot to MARI who is made M leg pose after a violent piston at the missionary posture.
But pussy is closed with the following cock before all semen is vomited. Then, it is another double vaginal cum shot afterwards.
A large amount of semen remains still in the vagina though the vagina wriggles while extending and becoming narrower when excrete all semen in the vagina internal.
The last is PISS SHOT. The pussy is expanded by her finger while having stood and make urination.
The appearance where the dripping of urine drips from the pussy that shuts after urination is so erotic.
The woman who came to the interview of work is confined and tortured can not be stopped. There is a foolish woman who doesn't understand either when cheated to the last minute.
It is thoroughly taught to such an inferior foolish woman that semen's keeping being injected into the pussy is work.

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(ai_tanaka) as a "AAA" Race Queen


n0179 2006/12/24
as a "AAA" Race Queen

Ai Tanaka is powerful tits Race Queen of a preeminent style with 171cm height. Though she becomes a teacher and is still shallow on the day, the activity in the future can be expected from the lascivious atmosphere and good proportion.
Whether the Race Queen can take an active or not is really depending on the belonging office, and the office that AI belonging is well known office as usual.

It is an office of old standing where a lot of Race Queens have been sent off to the world up to now though notoriety is variously high.
Such one day, the president of the office courts as becoming the mistress. The chance of Race Queen might not be able to be gotten if she refuses.

It is hard insults that out of expectation wait AI who is reluctantly at president's beck and call.
Is AI crushed before she is realized as a Race Queen?? AI who is called to president room is forced by the president to become a mistress and the whole body is groped from the back.

Though AI is rubbed dynamite tits violently and stimulated crotch, she refuses it gently. The expression seems to dislike it gradually cloudy and seriously.
The finger of the president who fingers between groins inserts pussy on the stocking. Then, he inserts his cock at the standing back posture after compulsion fellatio.

The love juice that becomes cloudy immediately gushes from the vagina. He continuously enjoys the fucking at the backward woman on top and missionary posture.
Though AI feels the president's ejaculation will be soon and resists vaginal cum shot with to say "Please don't make it", a large amount of semen is splashed in the vagina.

It gets excited by the spectacle where semen flows backward in vagina at the same time as cock is being pulled out. In addition, she is directed to do subordinates' other party as president's mistress.
Three called subordinates surround the circumference of AI and push out erected cock to start compulsion fellatio. The cock is violently thrown in to mouth of AI one after another.

One is sucked by the mouth, and other two is hand job service. Next, AI is made change of clothes to sexy black lingerie. Three subordinates shout, "Let's educate the mistress" and the toy attack is begun while fingering body of AI.
The various toys are inserted in the pussy where enhances by the finger fuck and became slippery. In addition, she ejaculates to the toy attack to the clitoris.

In the vagina that is peeped by Cuzco is discolors in red and the love juice that becomes cloudy adheres on the vaginal wall. The subordinates' education continues further and the education with the cock is given, yes it is start of 4P play.
The other two cocks are thrown in to the mouth of AI who is fucked at the missionary posture.
The fuck is continue at the back, backward woman on top and woman on top posture, and it gets excited by the appearance that the woman desperately endures the piston while clenching her teeth and wrapping beautiful face.
Then first vaginal cum shot is made at the side posture even AI oppose as said don't make it in inside is also ineffectual. Then the second cock inserts immediately.
Another cock is thrown in to the mouth and compulsion fellatio is made and it is explodes at once. AI is sucked all semen and is made to take.
In addition, AI who felt the symptom of the vaginal cum shot screaming as "Don't make any more vaginal cum shot" while making surroundings of the mouth dirty with semen.
However, man carries out vaginal cum shot. In addition, another cock immediately inserts and the piston is begun and vaginal cum shot.
AI who is amazed for the four continues vaginal cum shot is seen and the president judges that the education is still necessary. The next education is cum shower party.
AI becomes M-leg posture and expands the pussy by the finger voluntarily. Then semen pours aiming to her pussy one after another. Semen of total 13 is splashed to the pussy and the leg.
It ends by the scene where the splashed semen is expanded by her finger between crotches. AI is acknowledged as 23rd president's mistress.
AI stepped forward one step that became a splendid mistress by receiving education of all the staff of office. When AI finishes all the educations and becoming an independent mistress, she will be marketed completely as a Race Queen.
Then vagina wall is widely damaged and the pussy loses well-set. Semen always stays in the vagina by the mass vaginal cum shot. There is a possibility of getting pregnant someone's child, too.
The teacher who was not able to use should be made retired at the early stage and gives the education as a public toilet.

> > (ai_tanaka) as a "AAA" Race Queen Continue

(kaori_ashizawa) Semen is so delicious


n0178 2006/12/19
Semen is so delicious

KAORI ASHIZAWA to whom pheromone smelt from the whole body was captured. KAORI who love cock and semen provokes the lover with sexy lingerie.
TOKYO HOT verified whether even lascivious slut was able to endure the lascivious play this time. The cock is thoroughly inserted, and semen is poured thoroughly.

How KAORI who turns into the subject of an experiment of sex becomes it at the end is fascinated. Of course, the hard play is waiting to KAORI is conceal.
It cheats and confines, it is the usual way of the TOKYO HOT. Start from scene where KAORI burns to violent sex with lover. KAORI is seemed considerably lewd by the active deep kiss and pussy that become slippery immediately by the finger fuck.

KAORI ejaculates while dripping the cloudiness liquid at the woman on top posture and mouthful cum shot was made at the last after backward woman on top, back and missionary posture.
KAORI says, "Semen is so delicious" and drinks everything up. After they enjoyed fucking, boyfriend invites KAORI to some live. KAORI is brought to a live hall and blindfolded in front of the door and enters the inside.

Then, the movie set of Adult Video there. A woman against four actors is in the middle of gangbang. Though KAORI loses the voice in surprise but may be got excited to see gangbang, she begins to finger crotch by herself.
However, she is had handcuffs immediately, and is tied up hand in at the back. Then, one of the actors said "New face, open the mouth" and cock is thrown in the mouth.

Other actors also throw in the cock to mouth of KAORI one after another. The cock is sticking into the throat until the dept while the freedom of both hands was lost and tears begin to overflow from eyes of KAORI by the too much painful.
A toy attack with it being had fetters so that she can not closed a foot with widely open the legs. The pussy is drenched in a large amount of joy juice.

KAORI seems to obviously dislike insult play that Cuzco is inserted into vagina that enhanced by the big vibs toy and inside is observed all over.
In addition, she is neglected while vibs toy inserted and fixed with adhesive tape in the vagina.

In the next, fucking is started with it having been had fetters, but the scene where a cock is inserted in a mouth and a vagina in turn seems to be so lascivious.
It gets excited by the spectacle that the cloudiness love juice that becomes a stripe overflows from the pussy to under the anus. In continuously, gangbang begins on the bed.

She is violently poked at the missionary, back and backward woman on top posture and a large amount of cloudiness love juice is gushed.
In addition, elite force of TOKYO HOT that boast of the amount of semen is gathered and splashes semen aiming at mouth and face of KAORI.
KAORI is perplexed to mass amount of cum shot though she catches in the mouth the several shots. It is not possible to drink up like boyfriend's semen and surroundings of the mouth are made dirty.
Semen in the mouth is collected in the glass. The vaginal cum shot and cum shower party progress at the same time. Three vaginal cum shot are made and 14 semen are poured face and mouth.
KAORI reacts with the whole body goes into convulsions when it is immediately grubbed in the pussy with the finger after vaginal cum shot.
The semen collected in the glass at the lift hip up posture is poured in the vagina at the end. The face of KAORI becomes muddy by the semen and because she doesn't open her eyes, what on earth is done seems not to be understood.
When semen is poured in the pussy, the part flows from the belly to the chest and KAORI twisted the body and dislikes it. KAORI dose not react to supervisor's word "Come again".
She seems to have received great damage mentally and physically. Understood various things this time as a large amount of semen was disliked even the woman who said to like the semen.
In addition, simultaneous progress of vaginal cum shot and cum shower party is the splendid attack that does not give a woman time to think.
It is the great to inject semen by force in the vagina of the woman who seriously dislikes vaginal cum shot. It gets most excitement to make vaginal cum shot to woman who really dislike and reject.

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(misa_terada) the class president


n0177 2006/12/17
the class president

Though the class president has the image of excellent result and leadership, however nobody wants to do it because it is person in charge of miscellaneous duties actually.
It is general to make the class president suitably recommend person who doesn't complain. MISA TERADA is recommended by naughty classmates and took the position of the class president reluctantly.

Thought MISA reluctantly undertook, she does not understand what she should do at all. Though MISA consults her teacher, but the teacher only aimed at the body of MISA.
Furthermore, naughty classmates aim to insult MISA, too.

Can slender body of MISA endure many of the vicious play developed in the classroom? "Consult me, I will help if you have embarrassed", MISA is said so by the teacher and made to wear glasses as seeming the class president and looking wise.
And, the tits are suddenly grabbed from back. In addition, teacher's finger stimulates the pussy. The liquid that becomes cloudy drips and is thrown from the pussy immediately though MISA is surprised at the teacher's unexpected behavior.

The finger fuck becoming violently and it is compulsion female ejaculation. Then compulsion fellatio is made continuously.
Thought MISA vomited cock many times with to say "It is painful" for unexpected cannon cock, the cock is twisted in every case by force.

In addition, cock insert in pussy where being wetted by the joy juice. Quantity of love juice becomes more intense to a piston with it being lifted a one leg highly.
It gets excited by the image in a detailed joint part that inside of pussy swelling up in red and gushes joy juice. Then, vaginal cum shot was made after MISA is poked violently at the missionary posture on the desk.

Semen scatters momentarily at the time of be pulled out the cock and the surrounding of the pussy is made dirty. Next, it is insulting of classmate's boy wait.
MISA is asked about a problem of a textbook, and she is at a loss for an answer. If the head cannot be used, she is said that use the mouth and is sucked the cock.

MISA is made mouthful cum shot by force and to vomit semen to the text book compulsorily.
The teacher is pressed oppositely by three total boys whom the other two boys also joined and he apologizes easily though the teacher comes to help there according to the promise.

They can play with MISA by teacher?fs official recognition and boys drive recklessly further and start attacking by the various toys.
The giant vibs toy inserted into pussy deeply and MISA ejaculates as like she went mad many times and splash joy juice like a flood.
The appearance where a wet pubic hair entangles around the pussy by joy juice is so lascivious. The pussy enhanced in Cuzco dyes the vagina wall and the uterine ostium in red and is miserable.
Then fucking party starts by the classmates continuously. MISA is fucked one after another after compulsion fellatio. Other cocks are thrown in to the mouth while fucking continues at the woman on top and missionary posture.
The first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after they move on the mat and other cock inserts at once. All boys of the class gather there before one is aware and it begins the cum shower party.
MISA are suppressed both hands on the head at the time of fucking.
Semen of ten is splashed aiming at the face of MISA who cannot move and semen is poured by the face and the mouth and MISA is made to vomit the semen that remains in the mouth in the glass.
It is a compulsion injection of semen in the glass into the vagina at the lift hip up posture after consecutive two vaginal cum shot. The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and it stimulates violently afterwards.
Semen like the yogurt that blows the bubble overflows from the ostium of the vagina. The last is compulsion PISS SHOT. It ends by the scene that bit urination drips and falls from pussy that get exhausted by violent piston.
It is already foolish to go to the teacher to consult what should do though she was suitably elected to the class president. It devotes foolish slut to the role that man's semen is hung down in the vagina without using the head.
A new pussy is scheduled to be recommended for the class president again when getting tired of this fellow after severely insults.

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