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(Miyabi Takahara) Fuck at all events


n0393 2008/12/30
Miyabi Takahara
Fuck at all events

It visited to the TOKYO HOT cosmetic that show the rapid growth by selling item that the woman seemed to like as fashion and a make-up, etc. There is vigor because growth is a remarkable.
The interview applicant doesn't cut the back either. Today's interview applicant is MIYABI TAKAHARA of atmosphere of beautiful slut. Fresh feeling and the dynamite tits of being
about to burst from the suit is good. What starts though the body is immediately groped? Apparently, the secret of becoming of the rapid growth seem to have been in the strategy that

overworked female employee's body. It sends salaam to the corporate philosophy to work out the employee's life by money that obtains by the works of woman. MIYABI who is attractive
in dynamite tits of F Cup pleads for sex depending too much on the boyfriend. And, it makes deep kiss positively and intensely. She is a lewd slut in spite of the before goes to for an employee
interview. The clitoris is groped by the open leg pose , in addition, she is made finger fuck and the pussy is drenched. MIYABI who gets excited sucks the cock. She sucks it with

great relish. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. MIYABI shouts obscene word while being made the piston at bending & woman on top posture. In addition, it reaches the
uniting part and the cock & the gem are stimulated. And then it is vaginal cum shot after back and missionary posture. After the fact, MIYABI informs the boyfriend of the thing of the
interview and go to the company. The pussy is in the state of the muddy by the backflow semen. After the image scene, it seems to be a considerable promising man power and it immediately

becomes a president interview though it is MIYABI who arrives at the company. The answer of the interview is also perfect because of an effect that kept using the body soap of TOKYO HOT
cosmetic during half a year. However, the president was looking only at a plump body of MIYABI. It begins to grope the body immediately and clothes are taken off. Though it is MIYABI
who opposes, it is said that he wants to confirm the effect of the body soap and she can do nothing but follow it. The tits is rubbed and the nipple is stimulated. MIYABI to whom nipple is

sensitive writhes loudly though she is an office. The hip is exposed in standing backing style and the body lotion of a new product is painted. And, it paints on the pussy in the open leg pose,
too. Then it is attack by the rotor toy to the clitoris. The spectacle where the joy juice begins to blot from a wet pussy in the lotion is obscene. The test tube is continuously inserted and the
vagina road is exposed. In addition, Cuzco is pierced and the opening of uterus is gazed. The state that she is praised when keeps a very beautiful pink vagina by the effect of the

TOKYO HOT cosmetics product, and it seems not t altogether bad though it is MIYABI who shows hatred in shame play. It is a foolish woman who doesn't know the pussy to be driven in
even immediately before destruction in the play after this. To tell the truth, a special element is included in the product of the TOKYO HOT cosmetic and the extraction method is a top secret.
However, the president directly guides the special element extraction to MIYABI. The business order at the interview stage of the new employee before it joins a company is exceptional.

MIYABI begins to suck a cock thrown in a mouth hard at the same time as she is pleased. It doesn't notice even if the true colors of a special element is semen and MIYABI made fellatio &
hand job service employees' cock one after another as incomprehensible. And then cock inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after she is
fucked by various postures as bending, back, backward woman on top and standing back. The second cock immediately inserted and injects semen at back posture. The third cock inserted

at once and made vaginal cum shot at bending posture. After the fact, semen is exhausted while going into convulsions anal. Labia meat is transformed, too. After the fact, holding out of
MIYABI is admitted and it decides the adoption her. The salary is decided by the amount in which a special element is wrung by the piece-work system. The preparation for the element
extraction is immediately straightened and MIYABI entreats the facial cum shot for the employee. And, semen is splashed one after another to her face and it become muddy by the semen
of 12 totals. Immediate aftermath, semen is painted on the entire face and it is rubbed in strongly. MIYABI is greatly selected by the chief clerk of the special element extraction section after
this. A sense of existence as the president is advised to have to plan the extraction of joy juice is shown after half year. And it lets juice boil over and extract it when she kidnaps women
who is going the town. It increased sales more than before and became the clue of the TOKYO HOT cosmetics world advance.

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(Megu Hosokawa) Realized Your Wish


n0392 2008/12/26
Megu Hosokawa
Realized Your Wish

If such a nymph is standing as a sex industry worker in front of you, what on earth does you do?? More over, she is very bright although small and has lovely smile, and if she is in a
preeminent style and unlimited vaginal cum shot can be possible….. Such a wish was realized this time. However, she had the painful past. Current life is changed suddenly at the
moment due to only association with a man who has the debt. The pure body was fucked by violent brutal people and fell. MEGU HOSOKAWA is a sex industry worker. The sense that

came to lover's house to play is produced. MEGUMI gets down on a knee before a man and takes down pants while smiling and start fellatio. It is the devoted play that it cannot think to be
the girl who was a girl student a while ago. And, clothes are shamefully taken off and the body washing play is started. The personal narrative is started while scrubbing the body to a man
who is surprised at gap between lovely looks and thick service. She confesses to a favorite senior half a year ago. The boyfriend had an enormous debt though it was good until having

associated. MEGU is sold as security of debt and she is working sex club now. Lotion play on the mat is made continuously through the periscope play as the standard play in the bathtub.
It is finger fuck by the six nine posture after tub service by tits. The finger is put in a lovely pussy and MEGU feels it seriously. And then cock inserted at woman on top posture. It moves to
the bed after backward woman on top posture and she pleads for the cock at crawl on all fours. The ostium of the vagina that opened a little is obscene. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes

from the pussy that is intensely rubbed with the cock at back & missionary posture. It drips even to anal. And then it is vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the finger is put in the pussy
that moves strangely and semen is raked out. After the fact, MEGU begins to talk about the sold settlement more in detail while entrusting body to the guest. MEGU is surrounded by a debt
collector immediately after boyfriend's debt's turning out. The promise to present body of MEGU instead of the debt had already been exchanged. The frightened MEGU is immediately

suppressed the body and is made open leg pose. The lovely pussy to which only boyfriend's gentle caress is experienced is played violently and is made to spout a large quantity of joy juice.
In addition, after the attack of the rotor toy, vibs toy is inserted. The woman exhausts the rotor toy that put in the vagina many times. MEGU is made to have incontinence in the continuing
electric massage machine attack though she seriously opposes. She feels shy also to the indecent sound from the pussy appearing regardless of one's intention seriously. And it is standing

fellatio. MEGU is surrounded by many cocks and is panicky. Three cocks are thrown in the mouth at the same time and glans are licked by the tongue. And then cock inserted at standing
back posture. Vagina meat to which piercing to interior and was opened adsorbs the cock. And, the cock is inserted again at the lift hip up pose. She endures hard the disgrace posture that
experienced for the first time. The first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Then boyfriend inserted cock. It is the insult play that fucked by boyfriend in front of brute and he

made vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at the side posture semen injected at M-leg woman on top posture. The fourth cock is continuously inserted at
missionary posture. Other a debt collector gathered, too in the middle of play and the ejaculation is made one after another aiming at face & mouth of MEGU. The face of MEGU becomes
muddy by the semen of 15 totals. Immediate aftermath, it is ejaculation in vagina. She is told that there is the debt of the boyfriend still more in light-headedness and consciousness to do.

MEGU immediately sold away to sex club after she graduates is repaying the debt now. MEGU cannot have the luxury life because the income almost disappears by debt. The appearance
to eat at a first food shop after she works is witnessed many times. On the other hand, the boyfriend married with a rich princess. He seems to have completely forgotten things of MEGU.

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(Hikaru Kawashima) Three hole fuck


n0391 2008/12/23
Hikaru Kawashima
Three hole fuck

A saucy woman is proliferating! Good Style, Slender Beauty leg. However, though it only, such slut shows haughty attitude excessively. Slender beauty model HIKARU KAWASHIMA is
a typical saucy woman. Even if the big business is decided, she only insists only complaint and dissatisfaction, and surroundings are nuisances. Naturally, a usual discussion is impossible in
such slut. It is the most effective to use the cock. The pussy and anal are skewered with the cock! A larger quantity of semen poured while the consciousness of HIKARU fades and gave the

decisive blow. It is the movie set of third-class magazine. It is small work & cameraman whom compatibility doesn't suit. HIKARU doesn't have the motivation at all. In addition, HOLARU is
complained to the manager that she wants to do bigger work after taking picture. Surprisingly, the manager has been treated as the slave from HIKARU. The violence is a daily occurrence,
too. He is requested to lick toe and pussy, too. The hair of the manager falls from stress by daily unreasonable handling and head becomes as bald as an egg. However, a man quietly

endures it even so. It feels that take off one's hat to him. In such situation, large work comes unexpectedly. It is the commercial photography of the major sweet maker. If this is hit, it
is not a dream that HIKARU becomes major. HIKARU enters studio immediately and begins the dance lesson. HIKARU also express the complaint & dissatisfaction though it is an
important dance that tells the image of the sweet. Supervisor's OK doesn't go out no matter how it does though the content of the dance is made to complain to the manager and to be

changed by force. HIKARU who get irritated made violence as usual to the manager. A president of the confectionery maker who appears to studio witnesses violence of HIKARU. In fact,
the manager who is hit was president's son. Though the manager asked father and got work somehow but it is this state. The president rages at HIKARU who does not understand painful
hardship at all of the person concerned. Usual CM taking a picture is in haste interrupted and taking a picture of the back version is begun immediately. The attitude of the staff who took

a modest approach changes suddenly. Though HIKARU is a frightened expression, but is already too late. Clothes are taken off and the pussy is opened greatly by the open leg pose.
HIKARU is immediately suppressed and is made finger fuck & rotor toy attack though HIKARU tries opposing in the development that cannot think to be the photography of the commercial.
Then, vibs toy inserted in the pussy. And the joy juiced gushes gradually in the vagina. In addition, it is stimulated with the electric massage machine and the joy juice is increased further.

The pant voice gradually loud, too. And Cuzco is inserted. The joy juice that becomes cloudy adheres thickly to the opening of uterus. It is in a shameless vagina only of the woman
with bad character. Then cock is inserted at standing back posture after the cock is thrown in by the mouth and four is sucked one after another. The hard piston as delicate body seems
to break is made at woman on top, backward woman on top, missionary, bending and side posture and she faints in agony. In addition, the cock is inserted also in anal at back posture.

An obscene sound leaks from anal at each insertion. In the next, cock is inserted in anal with the pussy skewered at woman on top posture. The mouth is also closed by cock and it is three
holes simultaneous fucking. It is suitable devil play for beating up a saucy woman. And then it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. The second cock is immediately inserted and
semen is injected at back posture. The third cock continuously made vaginal cum shot at back posture. The sound that semen flows backward from the pussy immediately after the cock was

pulled out sounds. And fourth cock inserted at missionary posture and mede vaginal cum shot at bending posture. The lovely pussy severely overworked makes semen flow backward
while having greatly extended. Next, cock inserted into anal at missionary posture. An intense piston is repeated and men splashed semen to the face of HIKARU who suffers one after
another. The face of HIKARU becomes muddy by the semen of 14 totals. Immediate aftermath, semen is injected also into anal. The supervisor saw the face covered by semen and become
dirty and made NG, and take 2 is immediately prepared. OK has not gone out though taking a picture is progressing to take 30 now. It hear that the guarantee will not be paid if
overworked pussy and anal become no use before OK goes out.

> > (Hikaru Kawashima) Three hole fuck Continue

(Hinano Igawa) The Healing Fuck


n0390 2008/12/19
Hinano Igawa
The Healing Fuck

The tall, beauty, preeminent style as model, HINANO IGAWA is rich princess who live in comfort. HINANO is splendid prey by which the
devil who shouldered various handicap as poor-looking, poverty, stupid dispels usual resentment. It is allured in a skillful word as like to have a
hard time if it doesn't know something about the world and made fuck her. The TOKYO HOT is never discriminated though a rich woman ranks

a man and looks down on. We fuck woman equally as long as any they have the pussy. The thing that HINANO is considerably rich turns out in
the interview of the company. She has never take the train and go to school by a hired car every day. In addition, the course after graduate is also
undecided because she is not necessary to work. The men swell a lower part of the body at the same time to feel anger to HINANO who talks casually

with being quiet in the tone. To give the time for dream for a while to instill severe reality in the innocent HINANO who does not know the world.
The young lady will be to grow up one step when came out of a dream. HINANO meets a man of the stark-naked in the train. Though the woman
who took a train for the first time is surprised to see a man of the stark-naked, but she cannot be judged whether the stark-naked is usual due to

inexperience and is nothing to do. A man erects the cock and approaches HINANO. However, she cannot run away and clothes were taken off and
the beauty dynamite tits is exposed. A man is noted by the conductor and disappears after tits rub service is made. HINANO heads for the destination
though she makes to the blank surprise. The company arriving ahead that joined a company for social study. As soon as HINANO arrived company, she

go to the dispensary to make the medical check. The doctor in charge is a stark-naked man who met in the train sometime ago. HINANO is made a
stark-naked by the various reasons. She is compulsorily broken stocking and is taken off the panty, and the pussy is exposed. The joy juice gushes by
finger fuck. The reaction of the young lady seems to be sensitive. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted. The opening of uterus is filled with the joy

juice that becomes cloudy. And, the thick vibs toy is intensely pushed and the piston is made intensely. HINANO pant loudly and got acme. Then
cock inserted at backward woman on top posture and semen is injected when the cloudiness joy juice filled in vagina is shaken by the cock and
well ripe. HINANO who was made vaginal cum shot by unknown man recognizes the severity of the reality again. However, the severity of the

reality continues still more. The image scene is placed and the assigned work is the healing of employee. Men's cocks are thrown in to the mouth one
after another and HINANO is made standing fellatio. In addition, the pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine and she has incontinence
suddenly and she made the chair of the company dirty. Naturally, it is fucking as a punishment. The dynamite beauty tit that a shake at each piston

at missionary, bending and woman on top posture has not been overlooked and tits rub service is requested. The fucking is repeated when vaginal cum
shot. It is four continues vaginal cum shot after severely poked. After the fact, lower half of the body of HINANO goes into convulsions. One side of labia
meat is enlarged and it is twisted in ugliness. It is the behavior that brute reflected for gone too far to a woman in the state of opening pussy greatly. Men
do not have must reflection in the real intention and prepared play that beats up HINANO more though welcome party of HINANO is decided in haste.
HINANO is made open leg pose and Cuzco is inserted in the pussy. It is a semen pour welcome party. At this point, HINANO is already expressionless.
Whenever semen is poured, the reward is said sulky. As result, vagina is become muddy by the semen of 15 totals. Immediate aftermath, a long tube is
inserted in the pussy and one side end inserted in the mouth of HINANO and she is compelled to suck out semen. After Foolish woman who believes that it
is social study sucks out all semen and showing the intraoral of the pure white, she drinks up all. After the fact, HINANO wakes up in the seat in the train.
Is it dream…? However, HINANO is a stark-naked for some reason. However, HINANO who endured severe social study show the expression that it is the
common sense that getting on the train by the stark-naked. It will grow up the conditioning in the future and an active thing is expected as a splendid special
meat urinal for vaginal cum shot not shameful even if it puts it out to anywhere.

> > (Hinano Igawa) The Healing Fuck Continue

(Shizuka Tokugawa) Fucking Etiquette


n0389 2008/12/16
Shizuka Tokugawa
Fucking Etiquette

A truly Japanese woman, it might already be a dead language. An antique woman who put up a man in obedience was gone anywhere.
There is only creating it in case of not being. The tea ceremony of the TOKYO HOT style is effective to it. The expert in the field and the
head of a school were invited to TOKYO HOT office and it practiced by SHIZUKA TOKUGAWA of the slender model. Actually it only

severely insults her by devils always. Because the fee gets the lesson of the tea ceremony from a woman, it is killing two birds with
one stone. Hereafter, the number of slut members will be increased. Progress is late though SHIZUKA aggressively tries to the
acquisition of the tea ceremony. A head of a school who is become irritated at her installs the remote rotor toy between groins of

SHIZUKA and let her perform asceticism to bring up concentration. SHIZUKA cannot do even sitting straight much less putting up tea
by the stimulation of the rotor toy. However, the head master of a school yells at SHIZUKA when a dissolute feeling in the heart of
SHIZUKA disturbs concentration. The head of a school takes off clothes of SHIZUKA when sustaining one's concentration though the

person who studied a true tea ceremony thoroughly is made vaginal cum shot and begins caressing. SHIZUKA is compelled fellatio
after finger fuck is made. SHIZUKA doesn't suck cock at once but suck it after glans and side are politely licked. It is the formal manner
that making a loud noise in obscenity and sucking. Then cock inserted at standing back posture. Basic manners that the pussy is

voluntarily expanded by the finger and lead cock at missionary posture are inculcated. And vaginal cum shot was made after bending &
woman on top posture. The semen that bubbles in the vagina flows backward. Next, SHIZUKA is surrounded by men and will receive
next training. Men touch whole body of SHIZUKA and have the panty taken off after an intense deep kiss. The opposition under

training is forbidden though it is SHIZUKA who seriously dislikes that the pussy is greatly opened, even the smell of anal is smelt.
SHIZUKA holds out hard so that makes men comfortable by hand job service & sucking. In the next, the finger is put in the pussy by
the open leg pose and it is expanded. The first training is especially important in an immature pussy. The rotor toy is inserted in the

vagina after water is sprinkled on the pussy and the pubic hair is stimulated by the tea whisk. In addition, the clitoris is attacked and
SHIZUKA faints in agony. Next, the vibs toy put in the vagina instead of rotor toy and clitoris is stimulated by two rotor toys. Immediate
aftermath, finger fuck is made and the cloudiness joy juice that bubbles gushes from pussy. In addition, she is made female ejaculation!

Splendid shamefulness female ejaculation in front of gentlemen is named "Dance of the tea strainer" and it is praised the remarkable
progress of the pussy at the same time. In addition, tor vibs toy is put in and more cloudiness joy juice gushes. Immediate aftermath,
she is hold in his arms by the open leg pose and the electric massage machine attack is made. SHIZUKA ejaculates and got acme many

times. Pussy that shows goodness of preeminent sensitivity of SHIZUKA is judged already has reached at a considerable level and the
master directly inserts the cock at backward woman on top posture. SHIZUKA slack shrinks the pussy hard to intense movement of the
cock at the same time as she thanks for the master's practice and vaginal cum shot was made. Then men insert the cock one after
another. Men poked her by various posture at missionary, backward woman on top, back and bending and made devil play that 10

continues vaginal cum shot. The tenth person is pulled out cock once immediately after the vaginal cum shot and insert again while
semen drips from glans. "Dragon's drop" with a high difficulty that likens semen to the dripping is showed. Pussy of SHIZUKA is led to
further improvement. Immediate aftermath, the pupil is gathered, and the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted to the

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