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(mai_kuramoto) Stewardess


n0005 2003/09/30

Anyone will desire for Mai Kuramoto with stewardess costume and beautiful leg which is visible from mini skirt with slit is very sexy.
And with containing this video, not only raw fuck scene but many implements are used for pussy torture and 11 consecutive Facial Cum shot are shown.

Start from, the scene is carried out on an image , and it moves to a fellatio scene, it is erotically , Mai is licking sticky thick cock , backside of cock and glans to using skillful tongue movement.
Next, Pussy torture is starting to use many implements such as "Big Vibratory Toy","Rotor Toy" and so on is stimulate Mai's pussy. Internal pussy is clearly shown by finger fuck and also hooked labia with currying out licking cock.

It is also very impressed by the high quality of image which can be clearly seen urethra, forgettable point which is emitting the piss from urethra hole.
Raw Fucking starting by 3P play at sofa, it began from backword sitting posture and one more guy ordered fellatio , joint point with mix juice flood is clearly zoomed up.

11 consecutive Facial cum shot is made at bending missionary posture, and Mai's beauty face becomes smelly sperm hell will be desired.

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(mai_kuramoto) Office Lady


n0001 2003/09/15
Office Lady

Mai Kuramoto is well known if you are AV fan, that this is the precious scene as which Mai shows hard raw fucking. First of all, it is the masturbation scene of Mai with Office Lady costume.
Great Mai is showed sexy and erotic as skillful . Mai shows inside of her Pink Pussy to the camera and it is very excitement scene that masterbating with two fingers and she groan.

The man rubbing her tits from back and starting finger fuck, female drip start to leaks out from her pussy and Mia comes her ecstasy Mai starting deep Felattio while carrying out the piston attack of thick cock violently.
It is so sexy that Mai suck brute cock, while gazing at a man's eyes. Raw fucking is starting on the copy machine and sperm is shoted into her vagina , and dirty sticky sperm leak out from her pussy.

Next raw fucking is start at back posture on the office desk, pumping her hip up and down at woman on top posture, bending missionary and missionary posture, it is very clear view of joint part with juicy lewd sounded.
The last is facial cum shot , Exhausted Pussy in zoom is Must see. Moreover , the scene of Piss shot in shower room is included.

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(rika_aoki) Policewoman


n0002 2003/09/15

Sexy "Rika" appeared in Police Woman's costume, the recent distress is that a stalker's boss does sexual harassment for Rika. One day, Rika attacked by the stark-naked brute boss when she came out from toilet.
In spite of Rika resisted , finally Rika get pleasant sensation for it. Raw Cock inserted to Pussy at back posture and sperm is shot into pussy, It is vivid that sticky sperm is pulls thread which flow backward from Pussy.

Exciting Rika returning to a desk, and starting masturbation, three stark-naked boss soon found and attacked such Rika Rika moan with lascivious voice while three brute carry out body caress and finger fuck.
Masochistic Rika was reaches acme compulsorily with currying out pussy/nipple torture by various Vibrator toy and starting deep stroke fellatio for big gun.

Pink Pussy was opened widely by speculum, uterus and labia meat was directly stimulated. Fucking start from back woman on top posture at sofa, violent piston fucking make spasm of pussy and currying out fucking at sitting ,
bending missionary and missionary posture. Three brute boss makes cum shot into her abdomen and other 9 facial sticky cum shot made as fucked.

It looks like that Rika is drowned in sticky sperm sea and it will make the satisfaction for man's thirst for conquest.
Lastly, Rika is reached acme compulsively by finger fuck and was absentmindedness condition.

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(mari_yamada) Pretty pink nurse


n0003 2003/09/15
Pretty pink nurse

Mari costume pretty pink nurse maid dress is now starting Fellatio to lonely business man who has big thick cock and Mari choked with it.
This brute business man starting Pussy torture as for punishment for which Mari could not render a service satisfactorily by fellatio.

The sticky juice leak out from her pussy with currying out punishment as finger, maracas vibrator toy, and punishment skeleton stick .
The nurse uniform is shockingly torn and her tits is violently rubbed which makes Mari can forget such shock, such pleasant sensation makes to let her leave pride.

The SPECULUM inserted and discovered inside of pussy deeply, now Mari looks like sexual slave and not to be nurse anymore.
Last punishment is cock torture into pussy, and it is no more punishment but becoming service, pussy is violent digged at sofa and swivel chair and her face is receiving sperm storm with sweet her screaming moan,

and one more half turn of chair and final cum shower exposed to her face. The piss shot shows sufficient vigor shot like broken faucet, and it is great !.

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(yuki_shiratori) Race Queen


n0004 2003/09/15
Race Queen

Yuki appearing with sexy race queen costume with Tank-Top and Maicromini skirt .leg maniac fun should see her captivation pose which will make your cock hot.
At first, Yuki start deep throat fellatio , her tongue moving very skillful and cum shot in mouth. It is shown that massive piss shot as shower flow.

Finger fucking is start from back as dog style at sofa, two fingers attacking is currying out intensively and she has ecstasy and female ejaculation is flowed out.
Raw fucking start at backward woman on top posture, labium meat and cock is entangled in zoomup shot, and sticky woman juice flowed out from joint point, cock is pumping up from back posture and Yiki screaming and heat up tension to climax.

Second piss shot is shown with one leg standing position. Fuck scene also reaches the climax at bending missionary posture, Huge and thick cock shoved her "Labia" and moving in and out of Pussy hole by high speed,
and final cum shot is splashed into her mouth at M leg missionary posture, without any interval, one more brute make raw fucking and sperm is shooted into her pussy, milky white juice drips from her pussy and Yuki is extremely gone to heaven.

> > (yuki_shiratori) Race Queen Continue

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