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(yukina_yoshikawa) High School Teacher


n0007 2003/10/30
High School Teacher

It is setup of high school teacher of Yukina who is graduated National Univ. The black panty stokings is seems elegant. Yukina favor with the masturbation, Yukina making masterbating in the class room is found to a her boss(gymnastic teacher),
and Pussy torture is started on the platform. Intensive Finger digging is started and Yukina's slippery pussy sound is very erotic.

Yukina putting his stiffed cock into her mouth, and its inserted into her pussy, Viginal Cum Shot is made after massive piston movement.
Yukina changing Sperm soiled clothes at locker room, the boss and other teacher are appeared and starting to tease her as 3P play, Yukina is fucked from back side and sucking other cock into mouth on jump box is very exciting.

The boss inserting his cock into pussy at first on side-back posture, bending missionary and missionary posture, then changing to other one starting fucking and cum shot is made into pussy as second shot of today .
Not yet finshed, even sperm is still in Pussy, raw facking is started again, Yukina's labia well wraps up his cock cum shot is shotted over her face at once. Finally finger fucking is in to exhausted sticky pussy and Yukina went to Heaven.

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(rika_aoki) Race Queen


n0006 2003/10/15
Race Queen

Slender slut "Rika" appeared in Race Queen costume whome the sexiness which cannot be imagined as 20 years old. First of all, it is vibrator torture to her beautiful pink pussy, the Pussy juice is overflowed with hard vibration and pistoning of toy.
In Fellatio, Rika licking stiffed cock with lewd saliva noise, dirty sperm is discharged into mouth with heat up Fellatio.

Parabola Piss Shot with "V-leg posture" is shown and white milky juice is leaked out from pussy with currying out finger fuck torture.
It is one of highlight scene that Rika continuing Fellatio at Pussy Torture with Big Vibrator toy and Umbrella. Raw fucking is starting at standing back posture, Rika made huge moan when receiving hard pumping attack ,

Well done stiffed cock is inserting in to her small pussy hole massively at bending missionary posture and sticky lewd liquid is leak out from her pussy hole.
Second round is starting from hard fellatio scene, Rika holding big stiffed cock and let it into pussy at backward woman on top posture.

Rika bocoming half madness at extreme attacking at V-leg posture, Doggie and Scissors posture, side back and so on. Final round si strting at bending missionary posture and final cum shot is exposed into her mouth from missionary posture.
This contents greedy fucking scene of 20years lady.

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