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(yukina_yoshikawa) Race Queen


n0009 2003/11/30
Race Queen

Yukina shows a provocation pose in the red race Queen costume is sexy. Yukina open her pussy on the sofa, and its became toy by three brute.
It is show off at zoom that sticky soaked Pussy and Yukina's big Perineum with currying out finger fack , implements and Vibration toy .

he Labia is well shown on this scene, and it is a glimpse of the mistery of woman body that inside of Pussy is red colour rather than pink.
The entangle scene is starting from 69 posture to Fellatio, and pussy licking in each zoom up. Raw fucking is start at Backward woman on top posture , having dress on.

Yukina put into madness mode with receiving hard piston up from bottom , waving her head and screaming. Cock is inserted from back position with curring out fellatio, climax is nearby, joint part is zooped up at bending posture and missionary ,
10 consecutive cum shot is exposed into her mouth with two other consecutive fuck made totally 12 consecutive cum shot splashed into Yukina's mouth. Sperm mania will be favorite.

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(mari_yamada) School Girl


n0008 2003/11/15
School Girl

Mari with school uniform and sweet voice made her perfect match. Man will wants to impose sanctions to Mari who looks like a recent young school prostitute girl.
First scene is that Mari wearing mission school uniform and show off her young and small vagina and pussy in zoom and rushes into Fellatio scene.

Mari licking cock well, and cock emitted lewd luster by her saliva. It well understand that Mari is such erotic girl, not like a innocent school girl.
A sticky white bubbled earnest juice is flowed out from her pussy while finger fuck is currying out and she reached acme at once with big lewd voice.

With little interval, appears another cock to start fellatio and finger fuck again, Mari becomes captive of erotic and cock is covered her saliva which inserted into her pussy at missionary posture,
cock poking violently and sticky sperm splashed into her pussy. Fucking is unfinished, Mari was tried various posture as full course as "Woman on Top", "backward woman on top", "Back style", "Bending Missionary" and "Missionary" posture.

Mari is become madness and worn and is been in agony and exclaimed in the collapsed uniform, and finally massive sperm is exploded into her mouth. It will make your desire. How is it for such Mari, one shot \50 ?

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