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(yuki_shiratori) Sexy Lady


n0011 2003/12/30
Sexy Lady

Yuki appear body costume with pinheel shoes, her long sexy leg with provocation pose will make man a captive. Yuki make telephone masturbation at sofa, lewd pussy is widely opened and it is very erotic that can see love juice blurs pink pussy wall.
Yuki stroke her "Clitoris" violently and her voltage is heating up. Your cock will be stiffed to hear her lewd liquid noise with her pussy in zoom.

Yuki starting fellatio and same time one more man open and stimulate her labia in order to insert vibration toy to her pussy, Yuki waving her hip and sucking cock violently.
Yuki is such lewd woman who is ordered more finger fuck with currying out to suck two cock skillfully, female drip is leaking out from her pussy.

Torture with Vibrator Toy and implements is started, Pussy was opened widely and it can be seen that pussy meat and labia very clearly in zoom.
Raw fucking start from back posture at the bed, Yuki screaming and moan much for hard cock stroke , and heat up cock is continuously inserted at woman on top, and bending posture.

12 consecutive cum shot splashed into her mouth and one more into her pussy at missionary posture is unbelievable scene. Yuki is best goddess who likes to be teased by man as toy.

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(reiko_yamaguchi) Dynamite Tits Slut


n0010 2003/12/15
Dynamite Tits Slut

Reiko is H cup Dynamite Tits Slut, small size of enamel swimming suit is emphasizing the dynamite tits erotically and it provoked the man that Reiko takes various fascination pose.
Reiko fetch the pant when her dynamite tits is rubbed and stimulated nipple, and nipple is stiffed by such persistence caress. Her mucus is overflowed by finger fucking and she reached acme, her pussy is looks like lascivious as her out looking.

Next she start tease for dirty cock, Reiko sucking stiffed cock with lewd noise and saliva is hangs down from cock, also tits rubbed fellatio is dynamic !!.
The brute cock endure discharge once and inserted into pussy at backward woman on top posture, it is reminded her excellent pussy condition that man hardly enduring cum shot with rolling his ball bag up and down.

One more cock is appearing, and Reiko suck it without hesitation at once and she becoming half madness with dripping out her sticky and bubbly pussy liquid as whip cream Massive sperm is splashed in to her mouth at the last,
and one more cock trying to attack her pussy again but sperm shot is into her pussy at once regrettably.

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