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(reimi_kanoh) Race Queen


n0013 2004/01/30
Race Queen

Well known beauty and slender with Big Tits AV actress Reimi Kanoh appears at the Original Video of TOKYO-HOT ! Full course as Raw Fuck, Vaginal Cum Shot, Mouth Cum Shot and so on are contained for this Video.
Reimi who has preeminent style is fucked in Race Queen costume and her beautiful mouth is sucking brute's ugly Big Bang Cock at King standing posture Fellatio.

Reimi's beauty tongue lewdly sucking dirty cock and it can be seen each granular of tongue suck head of Cock lewdly. Two brute men rubbed her big tits and pussy which makes Clitoris stiffed and became bigger,
Big Bang Cock inserted into her wetted pussy. Reimi warped her face and screaming when cock thrusts to bottom of Pussy. The brute man can not put up with great fucking makes high speed piston and recklessly splashed his sperm into her pussy,

the massive sperm flow out from Pussy slowly is very erotic to see. Other brute dislike to insert his cock into pussy after other guy made Virginal cum shot, and he ordered to Reimi to?@clean up her pussy .
Next raw fuck istart after Reimi clean up her puusy at shower room, the men insert his cock from back posture and change to backward sitting posture and face to face sitting posture, raw joint part of terrible force should be seen.

Raw fuck is heat up with Missionary posture, Doggie and Scissors posture and Bending Missionary posture, Reimi erotically pants and her face is very lascivious.
Massive Final cum shot is splashed over her face and into mouth through Missionary posture. Fucking scene which Big Cock poked her Pussy in Zoom up can not overlooked.

It will be fortunate in you , the exising member who can be seen for this Video only 20 tokens!!

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(reiko_yamaguchi) VIVA EROTOMANIA!


n0012 2004/01/15

Reiko, appearing with raven baby doll dress, brute rubbed her dynamite tits lasciviously, pussy dew is dripping and mucus is leak out on labia plaits, such beautiful opened pussy as pink clam is shown from down side view .
each labia is waving when Vibrator toy of ball type inserted and hardly pumping up , it can be imagined that womb come out with such pumping.

While two brute make vibrator torture for pussy and tits, it gave ultimate stimulation to Reiko and her clitoris hood peeled out . It is as massive joy juice flood in the pussy after pussy was toyed by finger and dildo,
mini-driver and tornado-vibes is inserted into pussy to raked out such massive female drip but drip leak out endlessly.

SPECULUM opened Reiko's pussy in deep and discovered how it is nice and imagined how it is rare pussy . The cock is stiffed at maximum size as big-gun with skillful Rieko's fellatio and starting insert it into rare pussy,
Rieko screaming and distorts her face with currying out big-gun cock piston hardly. "VIVA, EROTOMANIA !!" Reiko is in agony and goes mad as if it took to something completely at woman on top posture,

and the Reiko lastly received 11 consecutive cum shot to her hip, and dirty sticky sperm falls in hanging to her exhausted pussy is very erotic.

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