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(reimi_kanoh) Race Queen


n0015 2004/02/29
Race Queen

Reimi Kanoh who showed Non-condom Raw Fuck in the 1 st version is come back now with Raw Fuck + Insult Pussy + 13 facial cum shot at this 2nd version.
Masturbation is shown after Orange Body Conscious Reimi showed fascinating pose with her raw beauty leg and see-through panty.

In a Vagina, rather than insert finger , twiddles side of vagina was carried out and reached acme, Next scene , two brute men participate and Reimi is forced fellatio while finger fuck is continue.
It is erotic scene that her lip sucking up cock is zoomed . Two fingers stimulate her pussy much and erected Clitoris can be seen and cum shot is made into her mouth.

It is a sexual outlet treatment state Reimi. Increasingly it rushed into a long-waited Pussy insult scene, it strats at the super mode piston of Vibes toy, Labia is extended with muddler and even urethra mouth is clearly showed.
Put Speculum into pussy and exposed Uterus mouth and Reimi's groan is sounded over the screen when stimulate uterus with toy, After insult pussy much, Reimi make super vacuum suck with lewd sound for the cock at Grasping head fellatio and 69 posture,

and make more stimulation to use her big tits. The Big Bang Cock is inserted from standing doggie back posture, big bang cock stab her pussy violently as thick cock tears pussy.
Further more big bang cock hardly pumping at Woman on Top, Backward woman on top, Side, Bending and Missionary posture.

Finally 13 consecutive cum shot splashed over Reimi's face as long-waited scene. The scene into which the thick sperm by dirty brute soils the beautiful face is should be seen.

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(yuma_furukawa) Race Queen


n0014 2004/02/15
Race Queen

A legendary girl appears in TOKYO-HOT again. The Yuma Furukawa which appeared this time shows what and the FIST fuck other than raw fuck and 12 consecutive facial cum shot.
Although Yuma looks like the neat woman, but if a lid is opened, whether Masochist mind's being strong and the expression shown occasionally will become sells flattery.

A sublime scene is many shown for whether the staff has perceived it. Three ultra thick cock is made to suck, it starts in the splash sperm in a mouth by huge ultra thick cock, and huge duldou labia meat tear,
torture urethra mouth with Vibs toy, and the finishing FIST fuck at Pussy insult scene! A Pussy toy queen is made to just do skilled of the insult play of many suitable scene. The suck scene is start as for reward of Yuma as she made best job,

Yuma screaming with joy when thick cock insert into her slippery pussy , Whenever cock is thrust up from the bottom at Woman on Top posture, exclamation is raised, Yuma carries out skilled cock avariciously.
Final scene is 12 consecutive facial cum shot which is first experience for Yuma !!

the blood of the Eros of Yuma is stir up with which the state intoxicated by the pleasant sensation poked though a sperm is hung on a face one after another and a face twitches tends to obtain avaricious pleasure.

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