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(misuzu_takizawa) My dear Misuzu


n0017 2004/03/30
My dear Misuzu

Keep you waiting ! Raw adultery girl Misuzu Takizawa is appearances at last at TOKYO-HOT. Misuzu is the such beauty girl who may possibly debut as an idol, such Misuzu shows not only raw adultery fuck but also cum shot into mouth,
4P play, Piss Shot, cum shot into pussy and be stirred pussy violently to the end in the end. There is nothing like this. Misuzu appears with pretty waitress costume and smiling, she does not understand yet what will be happed for her body from now on.

She carries out her tits appearance from a raised upwards skirt to show panty on and off and remove panty to make masturbation. Her under hair which grew in thinly and beautiful labia are likely to be loved.
Misuzu trifled with her pussy which childishness remains and pant pretty voice, and got acme. After masturbation, Misuzu makes service for thick cock which is sucked by like this pretty girl and already stiffed perfectly.

One more cock joins there and double fellatio is started, furthermore, another cock joins and 4P play is started. Misuzu is pushed down to a sofa and insult her by double finger fuck and compulsory fellatio, she outraged by three men.
With pleasant sensation and deep emotion, the man who was sucked his cock by Misuzu is ejaculation into her mouth through her tongue, the dirty white sperm fills Misuzu's mouth and falls into hand.

Double finger fuck continues still more and violates her pussy just as they like, although Misuzu rised pant voice and was bearing desperately, with words of "Coming, Coming" she got acme with female ejaculation and went to heaven.
Massive joy juice which flows out from her pussy is intense. Next is 69play, man who licks her small pussy deliciously and Misuzu painfully suck thick cock.

Surely the actor is enviable. After the six nine play, it is the first Piss Shot scene. With *"Clear Barrier Photo System", it is overly clear till the place where a urethra is pushed open and urine blows and comes out.
. By angle which you become a toilet bowl completely and catches Misuzu's urine by the mouth Keep you waiting, it is the start of a fuck.

Man unreservedly inserted his cock without condom from back while Misuzu hold to pillar, Oh my god ! my dear Misuzu is fucked !
Stiffed cock which keeping upper curvature sink in until deeply inside of Misuzu and raked out milky joy juice from inside by stiffed cock head. Piston in the angle which was able to hold her leg should be seen.

Raw adultery fuck with Misuzu is shift to Woman on Top(face to face), probably, the feeling of pressure from below while sticking should be very nice and Misuzu's small pussy is almost broken.
They thrusts up more at backward woman on top posture, the joint parts and Misuzu's face with pant voice should be seen. Fucking is continue at Doggie Back, Missionary and Bending posture, and Misuzu is treated like toy.

Final cum shot is reached from Side Back to Missionary posture and his piston increase speed to final approach, the massive sperm after repeating patience is shot into her mouth.
How the sense like making it clean up by the mouth is needed. It thinks now whether to be finally but the third raw fuck man are forcibly insert his cock into pussy of Misuzu who really exhausted.
He is shaking the waist is continued violently, and to an end in the end he made cum shot into her pussy massively. when he pull out his cock slowly, the full of sperm is in her pussy.
Man like a demon makes Misuzu stand up and he put a finger into her pussy where sperm has fully remained and scratch violently, it scene is another erotic scene that Misuzu really dislike this with shaking her head and screamed.
Misuzu feel for need to urine after she severely twiddled, she widely opened urethra and made piss shot to a washbasin. The pretty girl like an idol played like toy by the brute men like demon.
*******A Clear Barrier Photo System -- the photography method which installs transparent glass between a video camera and pussy, and reproduces a piss shot scene with reality

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(yuma_furukawa) Office lady


n0016 2004/03/15
Office lady

The second appearance of Yuma Furukawa who showed intense battle fuck at the last content. This time Yuma Furukawa appear as office lady.
A man pounces on her who was working overtime from behind, and getting on all fours on a desk, and a insult her pussy by finger is started.

Even though Yuma uttered "Non,Non" for his skillful finger attack however her lovely joy juice is flowed out from her pussy massively.
The man who improved mind at her reaction becomes nakedness and forces her Holding Head Fellatio while her both hands is banded by a code, it is very erotic that her skillful tongue reaction,

lick from head of cock and suck cock up to the back of her mouth. One more man enters and thrusts his cock from standing doggie back style, 3P play start. Yuma is really lasciviousness woman who suck cock firmly while to be poked cock from the back.
It can be seen the scene proficiency which semen trickled down from her vagina after getting acme with intense roar voice.

Also please pay your attention for the scene of female ejaculation which can observe expression of Yuma when she reached acme while she insulted her pussy by skillful finger fuck at sofa.
Row fucking start from Woman on Top posture, it is in zoom up insertion scene which her vagina holding cock.

There are many more scene can be enjoyed fully as the joint part from low angle at Doggie Back posture, zoom up scene which thick cock tears her pussy at Bending posture and etc.
and the final cum shot is made on her face . The female ejaculation can be seen while Yuma is in trance. The Piss Shot and to be exposed piss shot scene on the office desk can be seen as an additional .

This is such full contents product.

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