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(kaho_noguchi) Prime raw meat


n0019 2004/04/28
Prime raw meat

From our beauty girl corps with our full confidence, Kaho Noguchi is appeared. Even she has a slightly Lolita mask, but very hard fuck scene including "Raw Fuck" , "3P Play" , "Piss Shot" and "Vaginal Cum Shot" can be seen ,
this is the excellent content as which a certain content of this can see only with "TOKYO-HOT" !! Content start from some of sexy image shots and interview for Kaho who wearing uniform of mission high school, at the interview,

the first sexual intercourse and the secret talk of Kaho will be able to be heard.
After this, scene inrush to Hand job, Kaho thrown the obscene language to the man who has bit masochistic mind and performed brilliant hand job which makes critical bang point of him finally.

It is erotic to see that sticky semen is stick to her finger and hand. The scene is a change to sofa, and the masturbation start using a rotor.
KAHO will reach acme, exposing her pussy with thin hair and stimulate clitoris with rotor. Even if it sees how many times, it is not tired of seeing a beauty girl's masturbation, and soaked pussy.

And a man appears still more. A persistent finger attack starts, If smallish labium major is opened, salmon-pink labium minor will be exposed.
Brute man stir inside of Vagina but he is insufficient and violently stroked inside of Vagina violently, the hard pant voice is explosion and sticky joy juice is flowed out from her pussy.

Furthermore, the insult play is continued, two dirty cock are appeared and double fellatio is started, Kaho putting these two big bang cock in her small mouth deeply and licking hardly,
it is very painful but "GOOD JOB !!" Then one brute insert his raw cock from the back and poked violently as like as he can and made vaginal cum shot.

The massive semen flowed out her pussy as soon as he pulled out his dirty cock. In order to clean up dirty Pussy with semen, they move to shower room, here Kaho open her Labia widely and great Piss Shot can be seen here,
Piss Shot Fun should not be missed this scene. After clean up her pussy, scene back to Fucking again. The careful licking pussy in zoom is very erotic. After making skillful tongue service each other at 69 posture,

row fuck start again with Backward Sitting posture at sofa. It is intense that her pussy suck thick cock deeply into vagina and piston speed is heating up. Please pay your attention to see for this splashed raw joint part.
Furthermore, Dirty Big Bang Cock continuously attack violently at Face to Face Sitting posture and Standing Doggie Back posture and Kaho start screaming at Woman on Top posture.

Her pussy has been torn by the great thick cock and it is bloodshed at when they fucking at ending posture.
This is just "TOKYO-HOT" which just make insult product mainly !! Lastly dirty sperm splashed over her face from Missionary posture but not yet final, they stroke inside of her cramped pussy violently.
Appreciated for the "TOKYO-HOT" which does not allow compromise although it is called a beauty girl !! Gratitude!! It is an overly hard core work.

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(hikaru_saeki) The Slender Beauty


n0018 2004/04/15
The Slender Beauty

The Slender Beauty Slut Hikaru Saeki who scatters adult atmosphere and has beauty leg appears. When putting on the race queen costume , the ugly race Queen is outshining.
Such Hikaru shows Raw Fuck and Vaginal Cum Shot unreservedly. Oh, TOKYO-HOT is Great !!!

It begins from the scene from which the beginning is different also in when, and Hikaru expression which goes into standby from a makeup room shows the reverse side of photography.
And various scene inrushes from lick leg angle. This scene making Leg Fetis groan and make their cock stiff hard.

Soon after this scene, the brute actor who has Big Bang Cock appear and Fellatio is started, her super skillful sticky tongue technique should be seen.
After licking cock carefully, the Act 1 is completed by vigor sperm shot into her mouth. The 2nd Act is the beginning of long-awaited raw fucking, real battle sex is started.

Hikaru shift into erotic mode which opened full slot from a moment when Big Bang Cock is inserted at Backward Sitting posture. Hikaru tasted this Big Bang Cock while shaking her hip violently.
Your Pre-sperm juice will be flowed out to see this Hikaru who rejoice whenever she is poked violently at Face to Face Sitting, Missionary and Standing Doggie Back posture.

Hikaru looks like erotic very much when she is poked from the back especially. As for the last, Big Bang Cock emits a sperm into her pussy as Vaginal cum shot with Woman on Top posture and Hikaru also reach to acme with so much pleasantness.
The 3rd Act, Hikaru changed into red costume plays with a man to insult him by her finger technique , Hikaru shows sadistic side by this scene.

It is intensely lascivious that sticky sperm drip to her beautiful finger. There is also the Piss Shot scene so that naturally, Don't overlook this content !!!

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