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(rina_shibuya) Are you fine?


n0022 2004/05/29
Are you fine?

The 18 years old fresh girl who we present this time is Rina Shibuya who resembles pretty Japanese famous idol somehow. The skin with the elasticity which was sun burned is unbearable for brute.
Rina wearing yellow tank-top and mini-skirt of jeans with the very famous brand belt.

We guess that Rina get into this adult video business because of she need such brand !? In anyway, your cock will be erected when imagined such young girl will be violated.
First of all, after enjoyed of her prettiness on an image scene, it moves to an interview. It is made excited strangely that way of talk of Rina is very similar to famous idol.

From here, it is beginning to open of her pussy, her leg is opened lewdly "M-Leg" posture at sofa and her labium can be seen very clearly in zoom.
It looks that her pussy may be seldom used, and it is pink color and very beautiful, when she shows her pussy as opened and closed, one brute intruded suddenly and she is embarrassed.

Rina suffering his language magic and start called lewd words repeatedly while not knowing in a strangely persuasive tone, and lewd love juice is flowed out from her pussy.
And finger fuck is started without his overlooking it ! Dirty and lewd sound sounds over the screen. Next, new brute who have crescent type cock appears and Rina start fellatio for it.

Although Rina is still young, but she shows skillful fellatio about where it memorized and he could not bear and exposed dirty sperm into her mouth, and the thick sperm is driped from her mouth.
And she start to show the service as Japanese Pink Salon that she sucking other cock while brute curry out finger fuck to Rina. She hardly sucking his Big Bang Cock at 69 posture and such Rina is really erotic and lewd slut, isn't she !!!

Of course, fucking is a raw and fight with swords, the cock is inserted at sofa from Face to Face Sitting Posture, and is the beginning of intense piston movement.
In order to show an joint part more, their hand supports, and it is excessively in zoom. In the back, the joint part from low angle and expression of Rina who made pant can be seen.

A scene is change to the bed, fuck is still curry on with missionary, Bending and Mounting Back posture, and finally made facial cum shot from missionary posture after voltage is made up with push and pull reflection.
Next Big Bang Cock is appeared and start raw fuck again as soon as she licked other cock which just ejected over her face. She was poked violently and made vaginal cum shot !! It can been seen that the semen drips from her pussy after pulled out cock.

Still more, it is not finished only as this, brute stirs inside of her pussy noisily by finger. It was impressed by the aestheticism world which just cruel.
There is Piss shot scene after this and in fluttered for piss which came out from urethra mouth. The scene at which takes a shower and it laughs at the end has thought "it is good !!."

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(ayaka_fujimura) College Student Ayaka


n0021 2004/05/15
College Student Ayaka

It is a 20-year-old female college student Ayaka Fujimura whom TOKYO-HOT presents this time. It is exciting somehow, as this is first time that she appears on the Video.
First of all, it begins from an interview. It looks very pretty even if an eye looks around restlessly while she replies for the question, she may feel under tension by first experience of the video.

Next, by the command from a man, Ayaka removes dress herself as what is not known somehow, and she opens the inside of a smallish labia & vagina fully.
A rotor toy appears, and she is extorted masturbation and her voltage goes up increasingly. And she reaches acme in intense piston movement by Big Vibs toy and finger fuck.

Although it is next long-awaited Fellatio scene, a man extort her to make the Fellatio as professional street girl. Her skill of tongue which becomes crazy and sucks cock earnestly is a word of surprise as if it replied to it.
She is an obedient woman's symbol. Fucking is start at "Back Woman on Top" without condom after 69 play. Posture is changed one after another with "Face to Face Woman on Top", "Doggie Back" and "Standing Doggie Back" ,

it is excited to her who becomes desperate, waves the hip and makes pants to the man who thrusts cock into her pussy violently, Finally he shot his dirty sperm into her pussy after Missionary posture and Bending posture.
The scene on which a semen drips from her pussy by the zoom should be seen?Aher pussy is shivering. Finally a Piss Shot scene is also shown.

Please enjoy of the insult play of an unhappy and lucky amateur slut "Ayaka" whose first Video has received the baptism of raw fuck & Vaginal cum shot.

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(sana_nakajima) Slender police woman


n0020 2004/05/03
Slender police woman

Sana Nakajima of Slender slut with beautiful leg appears with Police uniform fits very well, the good hips line of not only a leg but flesh is top class also in the girl who appeared on "TOKYO-HOT" in the passed.
Only in the "TOKYO-HOT", you can see "Raw Fuck", "Vaginal Toy Play", "15 continues facial cum shot" and "Piss Shot" of Sana Nakajima !! First of all, it is proficient of her sex appeal at the image shot of a leg and the hips.

Then, it rushes into the Fellatio scene which licks carefully for the her boss's stiffed Cock, the Service while discharging a slaver is the marvelous.
Next, the insult play for Sana's pussy to using various toys as Vibs, Egg, Muddler and other substance which are generally nothing to do with pussy is strated,

such substances inserted into her pussy and wetting process of inside of Vagina can see in Zoom. After twiddled her pussy, double fellatio which deeply swallowed two cocks into throat is started,
the skillful fellatio sucked up while raising a disagreeable sound should be seen. When currying out careful pussy licking enough at the 69 posture, the Raw Fucking is started at last.

The in and out of Cock and pussy can fully be seen while cock is inserted at Backward Woman on Top posture, fucking goes into "Face to face Woman on Top", "Doggie Back" and "Missionary" posture and is on the long awaited scene of 15 continues cum shot.
After receiving fully the 10 men sperm which shot about one after another in her face, the 1st man makes discharge and an attack and one more man starts raw fuck.

After she received four facial cum shot, she has been also shot into pussy as vaginal cum shot, her face and pussy are smeared with dirty sperm.
It is the content of maniac impression. The piss shot drawn parabola shown at the end calls an of-art piss shot and is infallible.

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