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(kaho_noguchi) Sperm Bunny


n0025 2004/06/25
Sperm Bunny

Kaho Noguchi who charmed in the school uniform last time is an appearance in the bunny style with high leg cut and netted tights this time.
It was defeated by the atmosphere which adrift many pheromones. If there is a club in which such bunny girl is present, most of brute will be there everyday !? With such things, this time,

the obscene pussy of salmon pink of Kaho with a bunny style is teased using an egg or a toy. You of thought that it is unsatisfactory so then, of course, we will show 11 continues special sperm shot to face and mouth. First of all,
it is the image cut from taste of her leg, it will make much impression for a netted tights maniac and should not be missed. Especially the hips are the highest. Does only we want to bury a face on such the hips and to die on them?

Next, an interview starts and Kaho bolts a mouth to an atrocious interviewer's lewd words questions and then. trocious interviewer approached to Kaho and he start tease for her crotch.
Kaho worn nothing under netted tights which cut into her pussy is very erotic. Netted tights are torn at M leg straddle style, and her smallish pussy is exposed. it looks well and clear of her vagina mouth which dyed pink.

When she is twiddled by his finger which is crawl to Vagina from clitoris, her pant voice approached at the peak. After a finger twiddle is a special course with a toy, various vibes toys appearing and twiddled her pussy.
The angle of an exquisite zoom up is telling the dreadfulness of a twiddle. It seems that her sex weak point is clitoris, she shows excess reaction even touched it only softly.

don't overlook this scene. After a such vibes twiddle, then pierces foods into her pussy and show it. make it eat compulsorily in her pussy one after another with asparagus, a mushroom, and a boiled egg and putting in and out heartlessly as bang ! bang.
When saw this scene of Kaho who shouts "delisious","delicious" for this twiddle, your pre sperm will start leaking. Next is view of inside of vagina with using test tube.

If test tube inserted thoroughly into pussy, the strange world will spread in a screen. Her vagina is gritty and its provide that she has the excellent pussy.
It is speculum of the royal road to round off the last of toy. The plump cervix can be seen if it inserts. When the stimulus was given to the cervix with worm like rubber, my Kaho was in agony.

After her crotch was made twiddle, it is raw fellatio beginning. It sucks and carries out so that cock of the man who was standing up to one's full height may be coveted.
Intense sucking & vacuum FERA is those with impressiveness. The slaver is hung down to the floor. Then raw fuck is started from doggie back posture, it is the start of lewd world between COCK and PUSSY.

Her pussy wraps in big bang cock which became stiffed fully the limit of a pussy, and it is moving as piston. After showing standing fuck, it moves to the woman on top posture in a bed,
and carries out skilled of the pull in and out of by the angle from a hips side. The expression thrust up and exclaimed from the bottom is observed at backward woman on top posture.
If it goes into positioning to Side posture and a camera carries out toward a face from an joint part, the pant voice of Kaho who really getting ecstasy well will sound very well.
The raw fuck scene also reaches the most interesting part still more, and is started from zoom up scene of insertion in missionary posture.
When cock is thrust mercilessly into pussy, it is an appearance of brute dirty sperm men. Her sexy face is covered by semen fully by ten sperm men.
A sperm maniac is also impressed deeply! Then final man made facial sperm shot of 11th as last one. Moreover, Kaho is given finger fuck again for her pussy where still fall in convulsion and she got acme again, this is the foundations in foundations.
A sexy bunny fits to Kaho preeminently and, moreover, it is sexy. This is absolutely contents which should be bought.

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(momo_aizawa) G-Cup Slut


n0024 2004/06/15
G-Cup Slut

Momo Aizawa who has dynamite tits (G-Cup) in which it starred by some Indies maker, appeared in the TOKYO- HOT. The word of "Beauty Girl" will be just suitable for Momo.
It is pleasure even if it takes how TOKYO-HOT staff treats her who put on the school uniform. It interviews first. It is an image shot after managing interview frankly.

Please be satisfied of her smiling face and sexy shot. Next, according to request to show masturbation, Momo sat on the sofa and she straddled leg as "M" in order to expose her dynamite G-Cup tits and pussy which is used for long time sufficiently.
A skeleton rotor stimulates her clitoris from Tits, her labium is pushed aside, and it wraps in a vagina well. The pant voice that leaks at intense piston movement is also excited.

The milky joy juice is flowed out from her pussy massively. As for the next of a rotor, an interviewer appears, it is small pink vibes and insult her pussy is start, The scene which her labia is opened widely and become naked,
and is thrust a vibs in it with lewd sound cannot be missed, there are full of highlight scene. The anus hole which became tight with getting on all fours well is create much erotic.

It goes to a toilet and her pussy which became sticky and wet by dirty joy juice on the vibes scene is washed by the bidet, although it is little, there is also piss shot scene as well.
A scene also approaches in the middle stage, and sucking to the cock is the beginning of a time. The head is suppressed and Super thick cock is stuffed into its mouth fully.

It is very erotic to see that her skillful sucking technique. At W Raw Fellatio, She has sucked also manipulates two cocks skillfully.
A raw fellatio scene is ended in the scene which one man made sperm shot in her mouth.

Next, man thrust his face into her skirt and careful pussy licking starts, She is straddling her leg as "M" at sofa and brute man start licking service to labium and vagina from clitoris,
then she gave back service which to pinch his cock between her dynamite tits and scrub it, such technique to which she got used is a tear thing in a maniac.

In the time which enlivened the feeling of each other in 69 play, raw fuck is started at Backward setting posture. Vertical movement whose vagina meat wraps in Cock is very lewd.
At the face to face setting posture, dirty milky juice drips from her pussy whether she is really getting acme. Her pussy is extended in the monkey back and, seemingly the scene in zoom of joint part which cock is pull out and in is sufficiently erotic.

A scene also rushes into the most interesting part, after showing a routine raw fuck intercourse scene as Bending posture and Side posture from doggie back posture.
Both hands open a pussy herself and received his cock at missionary posture. The zoom up scenes of here are so much sufficient, her dynamite D-cup tits which wonderfully shakes whenever she pokes with excitedly.
when sperm shot is made in her mouth is shown, thought it finished !? however TOKYO-HOT is not so easy going, another brute appears and start next raw fuck, and finally, there is long-awaited vaginal cum shot.
After a lot of semen overflows out of a vagina, his finger is thrust into pussy where still dirty semen was remained and stirring finger inside, it is taking its hat off at the religious-austerities thing of it.
To be expected her new feat and content wholly from now on, this is such content.

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(misuzu_takizawa) Last Raw Fucking


n0023 2004/06/05
Last Raw Fucking

Misuzu Takizawa who charmed in a last time pretty maid's style appears in private dress.
She wearing sweater of white wool and mini-skirt of the pink of "Cecil McBEE" and we don't know why but with boots !?

The content of such coquettish Misuzu this time will be trifled with pussy with several toys and her pretty mouth will be made full of semen by 11 brute men.
The TOKYO-HOT staff who makes such erotic scene for such pretty slut is just God !! First of all, the behavior which swings a head right and left is very pretty, and interview is next.

The behavior about which it speaks shamefully can come and pretty again. She took off the panty with shyness and opened her leg to insert her finger into her vagina in order to start masturbation upon interviewer's request.
After finishing light masturbation, inside of vagina which became pink color can be seen in zoom up and the excited brute can not be patient and start careful pussy licking.

When brute obstinately lick her clitoris by his tongue, Misuzu's pant voice will become large and will shake the body violently, then his tongue moves to her labia and indecent sound is resounding,
also finger fuck was started after sufficient licking job, her leg was lewdly opened at "M-leg" posture in order to expose clitoris and his finger is deeply thrust into her pussy and stir inside of pussy intensively.

Your cock will be super erected to Misuzu who begins to be in agony indecently. Furthermore, while Misuzu was made getting on all fours and her small mouth had carried out forcing Fellatio while finger fuck is continues further.
The expression of Misuzu who becomes tears eyes while she sucked super thick cock deeply into throat is very erotic and should be seen.

!!! when her pussy is made to become wet fully with joy juice, it will rush into a long-awaited toy torture. Misuzu is pressed down by three men, first of all,
inside of her pussy was stirred by small Vibs toy then Big Vibs Toy and Anus Vibs were inserted after that.

Her pussy was made to be torn by the Vib's piston and she made exclaims to the haven. Next, the boiled egg was putting in/out to inside of her vagina poppingly, even more, they use cherry tomato and egg to insult her pussy as well.
The thirdly, it is vagina scope mirror with test tube, it is like kaleidoscope but actually it is pussy mirror !! Fourthly, it is long-awaited speculum is appeared.

Please worship fully her cervix mouth which swelled fully. Then, it is uncanny that the Piss Shot scene which Piss spouts right above with M Leg straddle.
As soon as finished a toy insult, Fellatio was started. Her skillful fellatio as suck his cock deeply to throats and cling testicles bag is very erotic and exciting She is sat on a counter as it is,
and his cock inserted without condom, here row fuck is started ! the super thick cock sink into her vagina and goes in and out violently and poke with super piston from back, Oh !
its exciting !! After Misuzu who moved to the bed and was held in the man in right and left does Satisfied big bang cock at Woman on Top posture, the first acme is attained in a setting posture.
Misuzu tasted his cock fully at Back Woman on Top posture while she wave her hip violently and it will change into Missionary posture and screaming dirty word repeatedly. After showing fuck at Bending posture in zoom ,
it returns to missionary posture, and there is 11 continuously sperm shot into her mouth. The surroundings of Misuzu's mouth smeared with sperm and the sperm mania is filled with deep emotion.
Misuzu also exclaims when her exhausted pussy was stirred by finger as insulting again and there is second grateful massive piss shot scene.
Although Misuzu promised that she came out once again on the last shower scene, however Misuzu has already retired and returned to private life!! This content which became really last video of Misuzu Takizawa and please enjoy this by all means !!

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