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(ayaka_fujimu) Lascivious object


n0028 2004/07/25
Lascivious object

Ayaka who only a high school student catches sight of no matter where it may see how from. She belongs to the fine-arts club and cannot draw a picture well for whether it is a slump.
The brute teacher who was not able to overlook to see Ayaka investigates the cause that cannot draw well. Seemingly, a cause is in Ayaka's body and body check is started and carry out to insult her pussy.

There is vaginal cum shot which dirty sperm was exposed into her pussy deeply after intense raw fuck. The last finish will be the full-course of sperm shower to her pussy by 15 boy club members.
A teacher & boy member's collaboration complete a brilliant work. Probably, Ayaka also escapes from a slump now.

School uniform make very cute for Ayaka and if such a girl is walking along the town, it is guaranteed thing to come to have kidnapped with the immediate effect.
It begins from the interview to Ayaka on the bed. Although it has said, "Various study is carried out in school", what study is carried out?

Although it seems to be a little uneasy into the words of the brute teacher of carrying out an extracurricular lesson", it seems to be glad in why!?
The brute teacher who became nakedness appears in front of Ayaka who is drawing the picture at the fine-arts room, and she does not understand a translation as "The reason which cannot draw superior is in your body", and a body search is started.

When her tits is held from on school uniform, it is what and without a brassieres! Does the latest student strive for study without a brassieres ? As big a nipple as it is smallish and unexpected to formal good tits.
It seems that her nipple which seems to be larger than an soybean will make good response for rub it. The brute teacher mentioned that it is "bad to using such a brush " and ordered to her to suck his cock instead of such brush.

Whether Ayaka licked his stiffed cock deliciously, then brute teacher held her head and force he to make more violent fellatio. It is very indecent to see Ayaka who suck stiffed cock desperately while wetting an eye.
A coworker's teacher is also called and pussy bullying with the finger & toy by two persons begins. The dirty joy juice spreads only by being touched from snow-white panties.

Panties are shifted horizontally and two persons' finger begins to play with her clitoris. Although shame is borne desperately, a sigh begins to leak gradually and, indoors, it is veiled in an indecent smell.
The smaller pussy is overflowing, so that her joy juice pulls thread. The brute teacher pull in/out his thick finger to her pussy which seems very tightness.

It is like which her love juice overflows for his finger technique and stands a bubble to a motion of an intense finger. After finger play then the maracas insertion play is started.
Clitoris and pussy are stimulated with raising sound. Next, it changes to a glass bud vase, and the bud vase of light pink and white is taken out and inserted in a pussy by turns.
Since the tip is thin, it turns out well that the entrance of a pussy has extended, and then love joy juice overflows, and a indecent sound sounds and it crosses.
The mini-dildo was prepared after slightly extending a pussy, it crawls on mini-dildo about around clitoris or pussy and a twist stick is also added and pussy bullying also becomes the last scene.
It seems that the up scene of the vagina meat wall tangling in a toy is looking at the completely strange living thing. And the peep in a vagina of waiting impatiently.
It grinding for slippery and fold of vagina to cervix. It is thankful to Ayaka who disclose mystery of woman body up to this. It is a fuck scene after carrying out skilled of the pussy bullying until it is satisfied.
First of all, it starts by the six nine play to whom each becomes good in a feeling. They lick each other and very lewd sound is sounded.
Whether Ayaka wanted to be inserted his cock which she just have been licking and such big bang cock inserted at Backward Woman on Top posture in anyway.
The scene of joint parts in zoom up is very erotic and don't overlooked. It is at the Face to face Woman on Top from Backward Woman on Top in the place where her panted voice is raised up,
your Congestion of a lower half of the body is also likely to exceed a limiter for the scene which shows Ayaka of a spasm state to a anus hole. It move to Doggie back posture and Stand Doggie,
brute teacher thrust his cock end of her pussy and made hard piston action. A pussy is poked violently and Ayaka's expression is soppy. A teacher's physical examination also becomes to a climax closely, and it rushes into missionary posture.
And after made Bending Posture, Sperm is then poured in into a pussy lastly as vaginal cum shot. Massive sticky dirty sperm mixed with her milky joy juice at the moment of a cock being drawn out flows backwards. Is it finished as this !?
If you think so, then it is big mistake, the true value of the TOKYO-HOT from here. Ayaka whom could hold both legs and left up her hip will be able to pour sperm aiming at a her pussy one after another.
Ayaka's pussy which to be poured total 16 thick and stinking sperm including vaginal cum shot were applied one of lascivious object which will be representing Japan.

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(rina_shibu) Sperm covered Angel


n0027 2004/07/15
Sperm covered Angel

Rina Shibuya who appeared with the gal fashion last time is an appearance in a school uniform this time. Just, to recently, since it was a student, a uniform matches well and is natural.
It played with her pussy in the inside in a vagina using the toy, and has been made sloppy by raw fuck & 15 continues facial cum shot ! First of all, it begins from the image cut scene of familiarity.

Rina similar to the Japanese idol and she who wore the white best into the skirt with a red check handle are just the high school student itself.
A brute appears immediately after agreeing with the word of "making a hole messy" in an interview. It is begun to suck big bang cock as it is supported.

Rina takes very lascivious style which thick vibes is handed, and her mouth is occupied by big bang cock and her pussy is occupied by such thick vibs toy.
Next, she stick her hip out at getting on all fours as doggie back, and a insult her pussy is started with Vibs toy. The pant voice concerning a nose which the dog is presuming upon will stimulate your erotic nerve.

Next, stimulate inside of her vagina violently with pink rotor toy, and it is the start of foreign substance insertion in the place where the pussy got loose with the sufficient degree in a customary pussy.
It is in the state made the grab in big tits with tension, and is a double finger fuck attack while her legs are widely opened. It changes to the grotesque vibes toy out of which the feeler has come innumerably, and pussy insult is continues.

It should be seen, it is the scene in zoom on which the feeler is raking out vagina meat.
The boiled egg is following, the scene which squeezes out an egg from a pussy and jumps out on pop! pop! will be excited so that it may be whether to see the delivery play completely.

Even more, it shows to the bottom of pussy which is extended by the muddler that was added there, it should turn out that tightness of her pussy is quite good.
It is speculum to fasten the last of a toy insult. A labia hole & cervix can be seen clearly in zoom. And a pink cervix and exotic vagina meat will be able to be worshipped clearly.

Vagina wall of the textures carried out a little coarse is the proof of an excellent pussy. After foreign substance insertion for her pussy finishes, cock appears again.
The figure which sucks while hanging down a slaver to cock of lascivious brute will become the feeling which is catching a glimpse of the ecology of prostitution of young school girl.

When the cock stiffed enough, it is inrush to hand job scene, false experience by which hand job to yourself is carried out completely will be able to be experienced.
The place which is drawn through and licks semen dregs carefully with a tongue after semen discharge is a delightful limitation. The Fellatio scene which moves to a bed and begins from slap Rina on the face by cock.
The man excited gradually and insert his cock deeply into her mouth. Next, licking service to his anus hole while she is insulted for her clitoris and vagina hole by lifting up her hip,
Rina is violently in agony in whether clitoris is one of her sexual point. After she got haven enough, raw fucking is start from woman on top posture where both the sides are held in two brutes, she was vertical moved as parodied certain CM.
It is more pleasant to fall rather than results go up her since the cock was pierced to the bottom of the pussy when the cock fell out when results were improved, and results fell.
The next of woman on top is missionary posture, an angle which like be licked from various angles is good to see.
They change to Woman on top once again and it is visible from the angle for the hips is the white joy juice, lewd and slippery sounds is crossing.
At the side posture, it should be seen that her expression with faint in pain and cock stroking in the vagina in zoom up. The last of raw fuck is the missionary posture while being looked at by many men all the time.
It becomes impossible for the men to whom two persons' sex was displayed to bear, and they start masturbation, and Rina?fs face is aimed at and semen is emitted one after another.
From the cock that seems to be stinking and the thick semen which seems to be intensely stinking are discharged one after another.
Since the men who boast of the depth of semen and the numerousness of quantity were looking at her intense raw fucking, it has discharged more mostly than usual.
the appearance to which a face resembles muddily and is carried out uglily rapidly is a word of the highlight. It is surprise at distance and quantity of juice of a semen man who was emitted to especially the 10th shot.
Still more the other actors make facial cum shot to a muddy face in the place which men finished emitting. Though it was exposed to the semen of a total of 15 from and had a fit of coughing to the stink of an intense semen,
it was Rina who is absorbed in the state came to be alike of a state muddily at the reverberation of a pleasant sensation.

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(sana_nakajima) Prim Race Queen


n0026 2004/07/05
Prim Race Queen

Sana Nakajima who showed the hard play with the police costume last time shows raw vaginal cum shot with Race Queen costume this time.
Separates of Race Queen costume will make much sex appeal to your cock which will be stiffed much. The Race Queen is a prize beyond your reach, but here , wreak your anger by Sana Nakajima who does not lose a genuine article, either.

First of all, there is the image cut of the scene which licks the crotch from the leg, fascinating Sana of sexy and erotica will make full satisfaction of you.
Next, it is the interview which makes it take the sexy pose as leg in leg. It is exciting that indecent of Sana can be heard at that interview.

After the interview, Sana put off her panty and such beautiful pussy which almost shaved is appears, and it inrushes into the masturbation scene, Sana rise up her one leg to a sofa and being to touch her crotch.
After she stimulates her clitoris by finger, the rotor toy appears and her clitoris is stimulated by it again. As she is not insert rotor into pussy at all, it seems that she prefer to stimulate clitoris rather than inside of pussy.

After reaching acme by masturbation, a shaving her pussy hair starts at M leg straddle. As said also previously, her pussy hair is almost shaved but make clear more.
Even if pink labium can be seen in the inner part of smallish labium by tone of color, and her pussy looks like "sufficient tightness pussy".

After her pussy hair becomes clear up, stimulate her clitoris again and her joy juice spurt out from her pussy and she got acme again at once.
Her sensitivity is also good. Sana unsatisfactory only by acme once is made into getting on all fours, and an anus vibs is put in her vagina deeply and intense piston movement is made.

It pants with it and voice is also to heat upped. It is a service time when she got the acme again.
She violently suck dirty cock of the man who stood up, the man who is getting pleasant feeling at his cock hold the head of Sana and made compulsion fellatio,

it is very erotica scene that her slaver drop down to floor while she sucking his cock. Avaricious she holds vibes herself and starts fellatio for it. Does Sana want to be inserted anything for all the hole she has ?? After fellatio time,
then careful pussy licking service is starts, her shaved up pussy is sucked up violently. For any number of hours is it licked if it is such beautiful pussy, and they moves to 69 play and each other crotch is mutually licked with violently.

After that, Sana start hand rub job to the cock of man who has some masochism. His cock is stiffed much for the lewd words which Sana utter as Queen?fs tone, and thick sperm is emitted. After hand rub job scene, it is waited scene of Piss Shot,
she opened her labium by her hand and emits piss shot aiming at the cock of the man who just splashed his dirty sperm. It is just Wonderful one. A scene also reaches the most interesting part and raw fucking scene is just started.
It begins from zoom up scene of cock and pussy at setting posture, and his big bang cock tears the pussy of Sana and it nice to see erotically. She is really in agony and rise pant voice upon pokes.
It is other erotic scene that her anus hole is fully showed at face to face sitting posture.
Next, it has make her pussy shudder at standing posture and take her one step this side of acme at Doggie Back posture. Lastly he made final cum shot into her mouth after he poked violently at missionary and bending posture that can be seen in zoom up.
One more man appears in succession and raw cock is inserted. Dirty sperm is emitted into her pussy after poked violently several minutes.
His dirty sperm dropped out from her pussy after he pulls out his cock from her pussy. It should be made vaginal cum shot for prim Race Queen !!

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