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(risa_miyazaki) Exhausted Race Queen


n0031 2004/08/25
Exhausted Race Queen

Risa Miyazaki who is sexy with husky voice appears in TOKYO-HOT this time. Although she has exotic features like a half or a quarter, but she is a pure Japanese.
At an interview, although the contents of video are heard by the Race Queen's appearance, I will think whether to be a genuine article.

After a question finishes lightly, she rides on a stage and many provocation pose is made. Then, one brute says "Pose is enough into this extend and now suck this, and stand up front of her face and force fellatio.
Risa follows obediently and fellatio was started. Risa who sucks a cock sticky is very lascivious. Next, Risa sits down between the crotches of the brute who sat on the chair, and starts Fellatio.

Without the ability bearing, brute squeeze cock by himself, and emits sperm into her mouth. After she tasted his sperm, Risa made comment, as "It is quite thick and slightly bitter".
After sufficient fellatio, then insult pussy by two brutes are is started. The insult scene with which it will be made to sit on a chair, a panty stoking will be torn, and the last will be cut with scissors is should be seen.

Clitoris is erected greatly and the pussy which sufficiently sucked the cock is exposed. When finger put into her pussy and stirred, it is alike wet and pant voice beings to leak.
Next, a transparent dildo is used and it is a vagina peep. It will be seen firmly to the linear form of inside of pussy. It is a very well pussy as it sees.

The 3rd pussy insult is a speculum as regular assortment. The place covered with the red liquid can be seen and overly real, when it looks in whether menstruation has started suddenly.
The picture in a vagina different from the transparent dildo can be enjoyed. One of the main events of this time is to use micro camera, world of vagina inside with zoom can be seen.

Although a picture is a little ruder, when a cock is inserted, it is the scene regarded as the ability of the inside of a vagina to be tasted by such touch.
Next is rotor insult play while making thick vibs toy licked. If clitoris is pinched with a rotor from right and left, so that how depending on which Risa is in agony will also forget self and rolling violently with huge vibes after that.

The vibes toy which tears labium and caves in deeply in the vagina. The zoom up scene here is a highlight full load. When stimulate clitoris with a miniature golf club, she began to call "It is so good" repeatedly.
Then, it is the simultaneous insult of clitoris and a pussy with vibes toy with a feeler like an octopus, and a glass toy.

Especially the zoom up scene of a insult of clitoris will catch a glimpse of the mystery of woman body the picture which the form of clitoris can be seen clearly.
After violating a pussy in many toys, they move to a bed and the comment of a toy insult is asked. If man says to put in a raw cock shortly, then she answered that the raw cock is much better than a toy promptly.
Is the woman who is doing too showy features avaricious for pleasure more than ordinary? Intertwine is started from 69 play, even if she has been licked a pussy, she sucks cock hard whether she wants him to insert a cock early.
Then fuck was started, of-course it is raw fuck. His thick cock is deeply pierced from the back and intense piston movement is started.
She calls lewd words repeatedly as say "it is good, please poke more and more", Risa is really lascivious slut.
When the posture which changes to Woman on Top and is shaking the waist by her lead is seen, it seems to be the slut pig which enjoys only pleasure.
The joint part scene in a wide stride is the proof from which pink clitoris is erected and acme is becoming a peak.
At Face to Face Woman on Top posture, Anus hole also looks very clear and it will bring erection of cock very much on the scene of a gets cock in and out.
When a scene also reaches the most interesting part and satisfied with the collision of joint part at Missionary and Bending posture, the last is a sperm discharge start while being put in cock at missionary posture.
The sperm of brute with the thought which smoldered to the woman soils Risa's face one after another. The 1st man splashed his dirty sperm in the place where facial cum shot of the 7th shot was carried out.
And the next man is making raw insertion to her shuddered pussy immediately. After followed up facial cum shot of 3 brutes, finally, it is vaginal cum shot as standard of TOKYO-HOT.
Exhausted her pussy that thick semen flows out can be seen very clearly. It is a word of a pleasant sensation for the man that face and pussy of the woman who is the Race Queen's appearance are soiled with dirty semen, isn't it !!

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(himari_kohinata) 22 sperm


n0030 2004/08/13
22 sperm

Himmwari Kohinata who appear in a pink shirt with a black miniskirt becomes the sexy office lady, and does a provocation pose.
The strong look which is likely to totter even if it is not a masochist man. "KO" will just be such things by the eye. And another charm of hers is a Dynamite tits which is not an overstatement as for "Watermelon.

Don't someone want to put a cock between the valley of this tits ? When squeezing and emphasizing the valley of tits, your cock wants to be covered and rubbed by that tits valley.
The employee of a certain leading trading company where Sexy OL Himawari works is a only foolish and incompetent. The manager who sits on a sofa naked and is excited in the pornographic magazine is the kind of first in a company.

She is sick for these stupid, foolish and incompetent staff and Himawari decides that she acts like a Queen. The manager that the idea of a plan does not appear is asked to Himawari to make Fellatio and she making it reluctantly.
It must see such fellatio that sucking cock as vacuum without standing a tooth, licking carefully cock and ball bag with lewd sound.

Seemingly the idea appeared on too much feeling merit suddenly, and the manager is fade out to a superior official's room quickly.
Himawari is indignant for his behavior and calling coworker and start hand job for his cock as mischievous while she continuing preach to him as say "you need to issue some good plan occasionally".

A Cock is intoxicated by the exquisite technique, being blamed focusing on the glans and raising voice like a woman. Although he reached acme repeatedly but she laugh coldly as little evil and does not make him to emit.
A coworker's breath is also faint when discharging at last with the 3rd honesty. Himawari is enjoying it and say " Why you emit semen instead of issue new idea" and the semen emitted to a subordinate's body was plastered,

and the smile filled to contempt was floated, poking the unclean cock with high-heeled shoe. Himawari becomes frustration after she insult two cocks and begun masturbation although it is in the office.
Take off the panty and brassiere in order to expose dynamite tits and spread saliva to her nipple and stimulation is started. The vibes toy is taken out, clitoris and a nipple are stimulated and it is devoted to the world of pleasure.

At such time, the manager and the section chief who made a fool will see the spot and they attack for Himawari violently as it is precious chance time. Her pussy is extended and a insult play starts as if it dispelled the old grudge.
As they can win neither at language nor work, is it the secret design for the body to be insulted and to carry out a formation inversion? Even if Finger fuck starts, she was equal to insult of a foolish superior official ,

however she can not overcome their finger technique and instinct becomes unreserved. She got acme while drip out white joy juice to their finger fuck that finger was inserted deeply into her pussy.
Two persons who cannot allow by about which was attained once begin to play using many toys in her pussy. If the grotesque vibes toy that the countless projection attached is inserted then sweet moan begins to leak from the mouth which just said
Stop it dignity. And the state which changes to the language usage "please kindly stop" is a pleasant sensation very much. If the inside of a vagina is stirred with muddler and tornado dildo, the next is insertion of a test tube.
The condition tangling in a cock understands a motion of the vagina wall that appears from a test tube. The 4th toy insult is a play that makes it bear a close resemblance to the delivery by two boiled eggs.
It is applause at the boiled egg that jumps out of the inside of a vagina. The last of a toy insult is a king's Speculum. It is indecent even if the cervix that up heaved in the inner part of the pink vagina wall takes.
Himawari who had the pussy violated becomes an obedient slave completely and was at the mercy of them. She is forced double fellatio, and two cocks are carefully licked while slaver is hung down and she enjoys so much it.
3P Raw fucking start from Doggie back posture, she is thrust cock into both mouth and is agonized. Committing by two persons violating a woman is No.
. Next, 3P play in missionary posture is forced. Himawari who became instinct nakedness by disgrace and pleasure began to covet two cocks.
At Woman on top posture, while dynamite tits shakes, the cock is pierced in the pussy from the bottom.
In the place that became missionary posture, the employees made to consume bitterness until now by her are summoned for the manager, and thick sperm emits aiming at her impudent face one after another.
Furthermore, the manager is emits his sperm in a mouth of Himawari whose face that became full of semen in an instant and a section chief carries out raw fuck in succession.
When his cock reached emit after enough pumping, he made facial cum shot as well. Poor Himawari who was received total 22 sperm shot is exhausted.
When lifting up her hip and open her pussy it is described. Himawari who opened the eye widely and was waiting for the semen although the men who violated were satisfaction,
supposing it carried out or, was it made the tool of her sexual desire conversely!? Only Himawari knows this.

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(erika_kojima) Sex Doll


n0029 2004/08/05
Sex Doll

Erika Kojima who is 21-year-old and university student, is a very foolish and lewd girl. Erika makes masturbation in school is natural, but also she treats brute simply as 3P play, hand job and etc for her sexual desire.
This is such content that Erika, Professor and Assistant Professor play 3P raw fuck with Special course as facial / vaginal cum shot.

Although she is reading in the ivy covered auditorium the book which seems to be difficult, but it is full of the thing of SEX the inside of her head.
The fleshy thigh can be seen from a slit is unbearable. When camera takes Erika while she is reading the book, the under hair has overflowed from her white panty and it is very erotic.

After making various pose, it moves to in the university. Erika sits on a sofa and masturbation is begun. Panties are shifted and entered into the sensual world mainly stimulate her clitoris.
When ecstasy is reached, there will also be things or it will be found by the professor.

The masturbation is continued as instructed by the professor, Erika opened her labium and strip off the skin of clitoris which likely phimosis and does masturbation violently in front of professor and it will be made to say lewd words.
Shortly, pink vibes toy is passed and masturbation is forced again. Erika will leak sweet sigh as say "My slippery pussy makes me pleasure", Erika who has given priority to pleasure over shame if it comes so far,

and lick up his erected cock while she calling "Cock is delicious" repeatedly. Seemingly Erika does not know that "Lick a scrotum" is said by professor, she is taught "it is a testicles ", and start to lick it. Into a testicles bag,
saliva is attached fully and sucked up and licked up. And Erika is forced to say the lewd words by the professor and calls repeatedly. Pink vibes toy appears again and pull in/out it at getting on all fours.

Already function of her lewd word nerve is stopped and only pant voice is leaks as "Ann and Ann" . Erika is not satisfied for only vibs toy and it is finger fuck also then.
Her love juice drips from pussy and slippery lewd sound is sounding. After finger fuck, careful lick service for her pussy starts so that her love juice may be licked.

Erika is in agony only by clitoris being licked, and she easily ascends to heaven when G-Spot is stimulated by finger. When making pussy get wet fully, it is a raw fuck start still more.
If she was made getting on all fours and has irritated a little, she made entreaty for COCK while shaking hip and say "Putting in". The stiffed cock of the professor tears and inserts into her crack.

It is very lascivious scene that her joy juice will coil round a cock while cock is pull in/out for pussy. After poking to the back of the womb at Doggie back, it shifts to Backward Woman on Top Posture.
When look at her who shaking hip and rubbed tits herself, it looks like the sow which became cock poisoning.
The sound that got wet in intense vertical movement, and the sound that collides obscenely resonate, and the aestheticism world is touch called an explosion.
After Woman on Top posture is Hugging in the Air posture, Erika who became avaricious also seems to like it. The assistant professor who was peeping into secretly intrudes into when to be regarded as it finishing soon.
Then Erika start double fellatio, she sucks two cock from right and left and lick deliciously two thick cock from head to bottom. Erika seems to be glad as 3P plat are liked.
Even if forced deep fellatio while hanging down a slaver in drops, she still suck cock avariciously, and it will be praised her as sex doll.
In the fucking, the direction that won by tossup the game that can taste pussy about 5 times first.
Although tasting of pussy was faithfully experienced by a unit of 5 times at first, when an assistant professor does 5 or more stroke to a premature start, a professor also make dozens of stroke against Asst professor.
Since settlement stopped attaching, 3P play are started with sufficient relations by two persons. An assistant professor makes her to suck his cock while professor inserted hic cock into her pussy at doggie back posture.
Erika who has strong wishes to plug up all the hole she has, and she enjoyed two cocks on a pleasure.
The second pattern of 3P Play is war fuck by the assistant professor at Missionary posture, Erika get great acme repeatedly with so much pleasant sensation.
Already phimosis clitoris is erected enough and one by one raw fuck with professor is started. When the same time the her pussy twitched and she got acme, professor splashed his thick and sticky semen to her face.
There is also no spare time from which are absent, an assistant professor opens a crotch, and insert his raw cock. After he tasted her pussy in some minutes, semen will be emitted into her pussy as vaginal cum shot !!
Semen drip down from the inside of a vagina at the moment of drawing out a cock.
Although semen drops down from the exhausted pussy, they try to makes acme once again, and made violence finger fuck.
I the mean time, how many times has she reached acme sure enough!? Somehow, she may not be able to have a normal campus life,
Erika forced to make hand job for other cock of the brute of the university clerk who had witnessed a series of spots is carried out.
Moreover Erika made hand job and suck cock with pleasure in order to emit his semen, and finally lick deliciously her hand to taste his semen.
Let's be thankful to her parents, to have bring up the daughter wonderful and lewd at best so far.

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