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(risa_miyazaki) Office Lady


n0034 2004/09/25
Office Lady

Risa Miyazaki who turned the receptionist staff of Tokyo Hot Company from the Race Queen of previous content. Risa put on black tight miniskirt with light blue jacket and pin heel at her foot, Such Risa create sexiness splendidly this time.
Now, it is interested even if this receptionist Risa takes what thing you unfold this time. Please enjoy her substantial life of sexual program of the day that is hand rub the cock of junior staff who has sufficient masochist mind,

to make 3P play with her erotic boss and manager of customer and so on. The story begin from the place where a telephone ringing from the customer into receptionist staff Risa,
she accumulate stress and frustration for simple work of telephone reception every day, one day during correspondence of telephone, she called junior masochist staff and rubbed his cock.

He will be made to go to heaven with making booing, although this is not certain in whether it is her method of stress emitting.
Although a claim that reception of the telephone has not become enters and reproach is received from a superior official, the manager who became naked forces her Fellatio.

It accepts obediently without knowing why and it is begun to suck his thick cock. If a stroke is repeated violently and it is continuing sucking a cock desperately, a customer's manager will also appear naked.
In fact, two lascivious brute had elaborated on the artifice harder which carried out fuck to her. Although she does not understand whether it is known, she has fitted in, and sucking two cocks as they ordered.

Risa enjoying double fellatio as deliciously sucks cocks deeply one by one, lick cocks and glans with hanging down a slaver.
The technique of her tongue is excellent!! If a service is rendered fully, shortly, dress will be removed, it will leave only a skirt and 3P play will begin.

To stride a leg widely on a desk and labium which seems to have much experience was lengthened and clitoris insult was began.
Risa shows a superfluous reaction only by it being exposed of soft and huge clitoris and being touched, then the inside of a vagina became wet fully by finger fuck.

Furthermore, pussy insult play continues and Vibs toy appearance next. Vibs play is made at Standing, back and M character straddle, and her joyful juice was flowed out powerfully from her pussy with curry out to such raw cock.
Now, it is the start of here to raw fucking. The fucking start from standing doggie back posture, his stiffed cock stick deeply into her pussy.

It is an angle that it is a must on this scene. The irregular standing doggie back posture which can see her pants face during cock inserted deeply into her pussy is wonderful.
It will be made to sit on a desk and will be impressed by irregular sitting posture at the zoom up scene of clitoris nakedness.
After making Risa look at the place where the cock is stuck and making voltage raised, it pokes violently from the bottom at Woman on Top posture.
The pussy which joy juice overflowed is made to look at a joint part clearly at face to face Woman on Top.
Next, after making the scene to which thick cock pierced into pussy as split the labium, the raw fucking scene at side and bending posture is shown by the zoom up.
It is one of highlight scene of this content. And it lust on her expression violently poked in the back, and the lastly made facial cum shot from the missionary posture.
We are fully aware that it is not end of content as this is TOKYO-HOT. If the boss made facial cum shot, the manager will make vaginal cum shot inevitably.
He insert his cock to exhausted Risa at Missionary posture. He pokes violently and massive thick sperm is emitted into her pussy. Please appreciate thoroughly the dripping dirty sperm from her pussy.
It will be said that it is certain for the company in which such a receptionist is present to be located in the flat world, and to go into the success group!

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(sakura_sakurada) Young Wife Slut


n0033 2004/09/15
Young Wife Slut

Sakura Sakurada who is called Queen of DVD appears in TOKYO-HOT !!!
Is it only us to think that Sakura whom the skin which got tanned a wee bit can regard as strangely sexy!? Sakura wearing white T-shirt and black tight miniskirt with white apron with frill and play XXX as playing role of young wife.

It may be dream of men that entraps and beats from the back the young wife who did such appearance in kitchen.
Although this setup a little differs from a writer's illusion, young wife Sakura play real battle with an alcohol store and parcel delivery service contractors at home and show 3P play with vaginal cum shot,

future more, parabolic piss shot as an art will be shown. Now, what story is unfolded? The young wife Sakura who becomes in newlywed three months took out vegetables in order washing will be carried out in kitchen and to make cooking.
Although she makes sex with husband, but it is only once a day and it make much frustration of Sakura Such Sakura puts a carrot into her pussy and she knows that a feeling is unexpectedly good and the masturbation start.

Sakura became less unsatisfactory in a thin carrot and an eggplant is inserted shortly. Then, a slippery indecent sound resounds and an alcohol store?fs brute appears when her pant voice also became large.
And a cucumber is presented and Fellatio is forced. Sakura who get into lascivious mode suck cucumber violently and licked his cock in passing.

His cock is stiffed much due to such thick and deep lick service. He invites Sakura from a kitchen to a living room, making a cock sucked.
Sakura is pushed down to a sofa and he starts finger fuck for her pussy where was opened widely by M characters straddles. If he begins to touch clitoris with a finger, she will begin to be violently in agony in whether the switch was turned on.

She exclaims that a finger is put in with two per in a vagina, and the body is made to wind. The cant that leaks from her mouth occasionally is also lascivious.
There is a Vibs Toy play after making her pussy flushed by finger fuck.

A Vagina meat is broken and vibes rushes in into a vagina. when she was made getting on all fours from M character straddle and vibes is put in, parcel delivery service contractor will come to ask a sign and will force fellatio.
In the upper mouth sucking cock and lower mouth was inserted vibs toy, and she became is half-madness. He stimulates G spot of her pussy in the gratitude which sucked the cock, and Sakura get a acme and dirty milky joy juice was spurt out from her pussy.

And Sakura extends the inside of her pussy to an alcohol store?fs brute and entreats for his cock. The raw fuck was started from standing doggie back posture.
The world of a hard core where a cock is pierced in a pussy, with a appearance of young wife is carried out. Your pre sperm will spout from the erected cock !! Also her pant voice when being cock inserted is also excited.
And sufficient condition of cock will make her to call "Good~~~~ and Com~~~~~n" repeatedlyThe soul of a wild beast is stirred up at back position which her anus hole is fully exposed to view at open angle.
Next posture is face-to-face sitting at sofa, the hips are clutched and cock inserts violently. At the backward sitting posture, it is very excited scene that cock frequents for her vagina will be seen on the zoom up.
Sakura feel it uncanny, her tension is increasing much without down. Lastly brute splashed his sperm into her mouth after he satisfied her pussy at bending, doggie back and missionary posture.
The parcel delivery service man who was looking on the such fucking inserts his raw cock into her pussy at once. He made vaginal cum shot after he enjoyed several minutes.
At the moment of pull out his cock, vagina is still cramped and dirty milky sperm is dripped out from her pussy to hip. Sakura who tasted two cocks is very satisfaction.
And she showed parabolic piss shot scene which is held in two brute. Of-art piss shot is just applauded.
Lastly, pussy which became dirty with massive sperm is flushed in a shower and Sakura made shower masturbation and get acme by remembering two persons' SEX like the point.

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(erika_kojima) Exposed Nurse


n0032 2004/09/05
Exposed Nurse

There was an nurse in white who was worshipped with "the goddess" from patients. Erika is all smiles and fascinate for everyone without discrimination in the pink with super mini nurse costume.
There is a reason why Erika was worshipped among patients, such reason is that if she is asked, anything will be carried out in the character which cannot be refused and still more she is extremely lascivious slut.

One day, when cleaning of a consultation room finishes, Erika gets on the desk and touching the crotch unconsciously.
If the patient have found such Erika and forced her to show pussy, Erika follows it, though it says that it is shameful and the instinct which she has will start masturbation.

The pink labium beginning to get wet and making clitoris erected, she opened her labium and thrusts finger into vagina as patient asked.
On a zoom up scene, the place where the fingertip by which nail art was carried out finely wriggles a crotch is very erotic. Probably, the place which rubs and provokes big her tits will be infallible even if it is called erotomania.

As soon as she get acme , the patient force to her to nursing his erected cock which excited for her lascivious behavior.
If it is an ordinary nurse, just going to get angry with whether it will ignore, but Erika starts teething ring in joyfully with saying I love big and thick cock.

She gets a pleasant sensation to suck up violently the cock , have licked it, and make it pleased with it. If clitoris stimulate, She sucked cock violently with hanging down a slaver.
Other patients who were looking at them which seems to be pleasant are allowed to participate, and Erika sucked their cock as well.

They discharges sperm into her mouth immediately by her thick and erotic fellatio, The figure which breathes out sticky semen in the palm from a mouth, sniffles again, and experiences the smell and feel of semen darlinglly is the goddess.
Next, it is accepted pleasantly that she is asked a wish to peep into to the back in the inner part of a pussy with a CCD camera. Ball gag is inserted in the month of Erika who exposed the pussy at the sofa by M character straddle.

That's right. it is the time to start to insult pussy by various toys. Even meat fold, the cervix and also the clitoris, and urethra mouth of a pussy which speculum appeared first of all and have been opened to a limit are shown by point-blank range.
Next, it is close-up photography about the bottom of the opened pussy. The inside of the vagina apparently extended with the sufficient degree although it was grotesque is the world of a mystery.

Please enjoy of the state where mini maracas and a gourd are also added and the expression of a vagina changes variously.
For the 4th toy, her pant is also the climax, when it is green and a purple tension type of toy and the spin of it is carried out within a vagina.
In the attack the routed enemy, raw and boiled egg was inserted after making slip pussy by thick dildo with spots. The scene on which an egg jumps out from vagina is one of the highlights.
The 5th is kaleidoscope of new arms, it turns out well how a vagina wall wraps in a cock and makes it pleasant. The piss shot scene is contained in the place which approached in the middle stage.
Please do not miss this scene which blows off with sufficient vigor by all means. After enjoyed her inside of a vagina, it is start of raw fuck.
Erika was inserted raw cock at standing back posture and she shows her own skill. Erika who covets a pleasant sensation with calling "I love raw cock" repeatedly is lascivious.
It begins from the missionary posture by which thick cock opens labium and is inserted into the vagina, after moving to a bed and becoming pleasant mutually by the six nine play.
At the Woman on Top posture, Erika shakes her hip by herself and how Erika is lewd slut is shown. When they make backward Woman on Top Posture, she spanks her hip vertically.
After this, there are more excited raw fuck scene is shown as Doggie back, Side and Missionary posture as well.
The last is long waited semen smear time, other patients who were peeping into their fucking are excited gathers and is in agony, and begin to squeeze their cock by them self.
One after another, thick sperm aims in her mouth, and is discharged, and all sperm is inhaled. The man who initially inserted cock made sperm shot into her mouth when she received 5th facial cum shot.
And another patient insert his raw cock immediately. During she receives other 5 cum shots into her mouth again, the patient who was inserting cock will be made vaginal cum shot.
It is excited to see the thick semen drip out from her vagina and she stoops down and scfuck away sperm by finger to thrust finger in vagina.
Erika who coolly catches the semen of the patient of a total of 12 in her mouth and pussy is called legendary nurse.

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