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(yukino_sakurazawa) Brute Professor


n0037 2004/10/25
Brute Professor

The newcomer of expectation appears in the TOKYO-HOT again! Yukino Sakurazawa who is in the third grader of the famous women's university.
Although the woman who goes to the certain National Universities had said when the well-educated fellow had much lewd, the language was an exactly applied for Yukino.

Then, a continuation raw fuck, W-Fellatio, a toy, facial cum shot of 15-person sperm machine gun and vaginal cum shot, and the such special course were given to her this time using the devil and sperm brute who has no school education.
First of all, Sakurazawa who wearing pink sweater and miniskirt with boots appears at the sofa, it begins from the first sexual intercourse at the interview of the beginning, and her sexual experience until it continues till now is known.

The cock is stiffened to a shocking answer. Her campus life was reproduced this time based on her real experience as made fuck with her professor in order to take credit of university.
The devil professor who took out his cock comes in the seminar room where she is reading a book. If conversation is heard, her credit seems to be dangerous, and a devil professor forces fellatio as collateral for gives a credit.

Particularly she did not necessarily dislike and sucking time was started. The skillful her fellatio which take on the head and carries out a piston forcibly to the back of a throat is wonderful.
A brute cannot be satisfied only with fellatio. Of course, a devil professor will also take Sakurazawa's flesh for a credit for a foul trick.

However, the pussy toy play time of the pleasure before it. A devil professor and two research workers support and it carry out skilled to the back in the inner part of her pussy.
Since it is a scholar, it is full of the spirit of inquiry harder than others. A panty stocking is torn, panties are cut with scissors and the her pussy is exposed.

Her genitals which thinner hair grew in the surroundings of labium major is exposed. When vagina pleat is pushed aside by hand, obscene labium of pink is appeared and it is very lewd.
First of all, it starts on the check of tightness condition of her pussy with three persons' finger, and reaction of clitoris and others are checked also as finger fuck which is teased her much.

It is attention at her expression and voice which react sensitively. Next, it is clitoris and a vagina insult with the fingertip attachment type vibs and yellow rotor at push aside labium major by hook.
Her pussy is insulted using a toy one after another with a tits & pussy insult also by many brushes. Please fully enjoy the expression of her pussy with a toy as test tube, muddler, kaleidoscope and speculum.

The scene in the world of super close up seen especially here in TOKYO-HOT is a must to see. The clitoris and vagina meat which spread to the limit of a screen are spoiled in front of your eyes.
You should pay your attention for the image which still cuts and has not been seen. If pussy observation & bullying ends, it will rush into W Fellatio scene, the service is rendered in the double cocks of a devil professor and one research worker.
The head of cock is obscenely licked using the tongue point and the deep throat fellatio scene are excited. The following scene is piss shot.
Please enjoy the picture of which the urine from right and left jumps out using two cameras. It is a long-awaited fucking time after this.
It begins from missionary posture in raw insertion. When making bending posture and a cock goes into a pussy completely, she will raise intense pant voice, and will feel and be in agony.
It is a sperm pour scene at missionary posture by 15 non-school education poor brute by whom no interest in her is taken and who smoldered after the Woman on Top posture,
Doggie back posture, and a devil professor confirm and experience the tightness condition of her pussy.
If her expression which becomes the face which is likely to cry against pleasantness whenever thick sperm is poured over a face one after another is seen, school education inferiority complex will be blown away.
After all, it will be such a thing if it fucks in a woman. Even if a face becomes to be alike muddily, in addition, even touch that obtained a victory is carried out to the awkward figure of the slut who is earnestly in agony.
A devil professor made facial cum shot after several persons discharge sperm to a face. Furthermore, next, one more devil professor made raw insertion at missionary posture.
He vomited words "Please bear my baby" and made vaginal cum shot. Sperm emits out of a vagina at the moment of pulling out a cock. Whenever it may see the scene which sperm drips to the hips muddily, it is an impression thing.
Although she is made into squatting after that and a V-character pussy is made to expose, the words that a devil professor finally vomits are telling cruelness.
It is whether Sakurazawa who did her best so far has the future sure enough?

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(maya_tsubaki) Sluttish Model


n0036 2004/10/15
Sluttish Model

It is the long piece content by being divided into a two-part in this time. Maya Tsubaki who is a model with experience of the former Race Queen appears on this video.
She has the wonderful slender style with 170cm height and has beautiful leg.

The TOKYO-HOT make sport of such Maya Tsubaki, if it says simply well, at the pussy insult play by toy, ball gag is put in her mouth and it shows to the inner part of her pussy deeply.
It exposes not only urethra mouth & cervix by close up but also vagina meat and wall as well. This is the first public presentation! You are invited to the world of a pussy by super-close-up.

And another shows you the several angle using two cameras. The image cut which was made to make it the snow-white appearance of the bondage Race Queen style first of all, and photographed the wonderful leg mainly.
If a pin heel is worn, the length of a leg is still more conspicuous. If it made satisfaction by angle so that it may lick, it will go into an interview.

Here, it is surprised to hear the male experience number of Maya. Although staff was admired for the moment, but something had arise in their heart.
The pent-up anger is put on next pleasure, first of all, please try to put up with her impudent scene by Fellatio and hand rub service.

It is the play excited to a fellow with masochist mind. First of all, Fellatio that is an intense deep throat is started then, it changes into a hand rub service.
Manicure of a sky blue color is erotically. And a cock will be made to stiffen by her skillful hand technique and made ejaculation diligently.

Coming to the next is a piss shot scene. It is impressed by the urine clearly to see from a urethra mouth. She is the slut who is giving the Race Queen and shows to such a shameful thing earnestly.
After piss shot, she becomes M character straddle at the sofa, and exposed her pussy. The zoom up scene on which labium minor opens fully in a smallish pink pussy is seen.

It is the beginning of the pussy insult play into which two men tear a stocking and stimulate clitoris and a portion with a sensitive vagina with a finger fuck.
Maya can not be patient for this play and her pant voice is leaked. A super-close-up scene will be seen from here and the details of the pussy which has not been seen until now can be seen.

Here, there is a shave scene after she got acme with spurt out her joy juice and please enjoy her pussy & expression shaved. Then it is the beginning of a long-awaited pussy toy play still more.
At the first, she is made to bite a ball gag and it looks in at a pussy by the kaleidoscope. After that, they made her clitoris and vagina shudder to use test tube, rainbow dildo and muddler.
Please enjoy the insult play which she faint in pain and pant fully whenever a toy is inserted in her pussy. The last of a toy is the speculum of familiarity.
The world of a super-close-up which the mouth which the cervix opened understands clearly can be amazed. After enjoyed toy insult play, then they force W Fellatio to Maya.
The thick fellatio of Maya who suck frantically for two cocks is a must to see. And it is the raw fucking time of 5 strokes according to two brute after sucking time.
The zoom up scene by which a cock pushes aside labium major and labium minor and is driven in a vagina is intense. The fucking start from 69play and insert raw cock at the standing doggie back posture which can see her beautiful leg fully.
The posture was sifted as Missionary, Doggie & Scissors, Back Cross, Doggie back, Woman on Top and other various kind of posture which made Maya is in ecstasies.
The last is the sperm convention by 15 persons who have inferiority complex to the Race Queen or a Model. Please stare at her avaricious scene which pants even if the face becomes dirty with semen.
It is not the TOKYO HOT made to finish it only as the facial cum shot play of a total of 16 shots. The one more man made raw fuck and vaginal cum shot after 1st man made facial cum shot.
After poking a pussy violently at missionary posture, he made real vaginal cum shot. As a cervix of Maya opens greatly whether the semen is absorbed, the thinner semen is muddily emitted out from vagina.
Although finally complete this video with the 2nd piss shot scene, has Maya Tsubaki become pregnant several months after?

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(rei_kanzaki) Bachelor of Sex


n0035 2004/10/05
Bachelor of Sex

Rei kanzaki who is diligent in study by the graduate school doctoral course of the famous university is a lascivious slut to whom a lewd pheromone drifts in much.
Since it is the woman of the atmosphere of only this, it is the center of attention also at a laboratory. However, although many men want to do something as her somehow or other, for the moment, it does not become in any way.

Rei Kanzaki who was labeled as an intelligent and beauty was bored with everybody of a laboratory seeing by such eye. Because she was a lascivious woman when she was in Girl's University.
Someday, such Rei had performed exorbitant action in the lounge of a laboratory. Rei who very wants a man removes panties at the laboratory which is in nobody, and begins to touch a pussy.

While it pants gradually, voice escalates and it is devoted to the world of masturbation, it will be revealed to the professor who was peeping into the act secretly.
The professor who wanted to pounce her for long time and just wait and do nothing to think a chance, and began to insult her of his favorite.

He began to confirm the condition of tightness and wetting of her pussy by finger fuck. A professor is very exciting to her who is in agony only by a finger being put in a vagina.
And he make her to suck his cock which is already stiffed much, her fellatio technique which begins to lick carefully from head of cock and repeats a stroke violently,

and the cock which stiffed rather than usually by such technique and lewd words which Rei utter repeatable.
Fellatio is forced to suck cock to back of throat, even if she was choked. The next insult play starts in Rei who did skilled of the cock fully.

A professor calls an assistant for Kanzaki who was made to straddle M characters by the sofa, and toy-plays in her pussy starts. First of all, labium major and clitoris are stimulated by the kaleidoscope and it throws in a vagina after that and looks in.
The inside of her vagina with sufficient tightness is a must to see. Next, it is a hook-like thing, labium major is extended, and labium minor is exposed from a urethra mouth.

A driver muddler appears there and clitoris is stimulated. A professor is a pleasure to see such Rei who reacts sensitively. The 3rd uses three worm & purple worms in order to make wetly pussy.
Please fully look at the expression of her pussy. It inspects into a how many a swab goes in vagina where the also got wet sufficiently.

The 4th toy is skilled in the inside of a vagina through a pussy scope. Please have a look, imagining the scene by which its your cock is inserted in the pussy.
The 5th uses vibes and it is the sensitivity check of her pussy. If vibes is put in, because there is vagina pressure, it will hold firmly and will not detach.
Although the last is long-awaited Speculum, the inside of a vagina is photographed by the super-close-up. Each of vagina wall is clearly reflected and the uncanny world can be seen.
And it is the special version that used two cameras also containing her expression at the time of the close up of speculum which was not until now.
This is a must to see absolutely! After fully seeing a pussy, it is an fucking scene, first of all, it began from 69play. Even if the sound which sucks a cock, and the sound which licks a pussy take, it is echoed obscenely.
Insertion begins from missionary posture, and change to Woman on Top and its back version. Since the crotch is opened greatly, an insertion portion is fully exposed.
Please observe thoroughly the cock in vertical movement into her pussy.
After going into the Doggie back and poking violently, last is missionary posture and it is facial cum shot play by an assistant professor and a research worker, every person's thick semen soils the face of Kanzaki.
In the place in which face became full of semen moderately, a professor cannot bear and splash his semen to her face. Next, an assistant professor inserts his raw cock and make facial cum shot after he poked violently.
Furthermore, her coworker's research worker start raw fuck, unlike professors, he cannot bear and made vaginal cum shot.
However, a thing with a thin semen or a thing with little quantity or since it is not emitted in a thing with strong bolting of a pussy, one more research worker start raw fuck in an instant.
He made vaginal cum shot in the twinkling of an eye. Then, portion of 2 men' semen emits out from the vagina. Raw fuck of four-person continuation which is fully force and is not until now is very excited.
Rei Kanzaki whom face and pussy become full semen will follow as professorial fucking slave after this.

> > (rei_kanzaki) Bachelor of Sex Continue

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