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(rei_kanzaki) Young Wife Slut


n0040 2004/11/25
Young Wife Slut

Rei Kanzaki who appeared as Slut student on last content appears again at TOKYO-HOT this time. She played the role of a young wife this time and show raw fuck, vaginal cum shot and piss shot.
Still more, she enjoyed 3P play with two brute in her regular employ as well. Please have look fully sexy and lewd young wife of Kanzaki.

After seeing out a husband to a company, the scene where Kanzaki who is cooking is seen obscenely continues. When she take a rest in the living room, naked contractor of Takahashi store will have rushed in there.
It was the contractor's brute who was being gazed at from the time of cooking. He wants to violate her from before, is aiming at the chance, has noticed the sigh which the latest she in here shows occasionally, and risked the match.

Although she who fitted into the strategy and had been confused at first is not certain in whether it fell in love at first sight with the thick cock of a contractor nor frustration had collected either,
if it thinks whether the cock was grasped tightly, it will begin to suck. If it thinks whether the small mouth sucked the head of the cock, the deep throat that sucks to the back gradually will be shown.

The man who satisfied a few by the fellatio rubs her tits, and makes panties cut into a crotch, and raises a feeling.
When panties are cut with scissors and a pussy is made open, he start finger fuck with insulting clitoris preponderantly, then she crook the waist and is in agony.

If two fingers are put into vagina, her love juice blow off will begin. When the lewd sound sounded, her love juice will blow out spirited and finally white love juice flow in drop from pussy to hip.
After she got acme once, fellatio will start again. This time one more naked brute intrudes and force to her to make double fellatio and it starts.

It is certain that the cock is excited to her who sucks joyfully. One person makes a cock sucked, and one more person inserts a vibs toy in a pussy, and begins to insult play.
It is excited to the avarice that it continues sucking even if vibes is stuck in a pussy. The raw fuck start at the standing back posture after played briefly.

A smallish and beautiful pussy of Kanzaki takes a thick cock to a root, and it is very erotic. Especially as for the scene from a low angle, the scene is in sight clearly, and it is impressive.
After making M characters straddle on the table and showing fuck violently by the modified sitting posture, then they moves to a floor and insert his cock at Woman on Top posture.

One more brute excited when other brute thrust up upwards and force to say "lick my cock", and 3P play start. Though Kanzaki who had both of mouths closed is in agony, an eye is hollow and tastes 3P play.
The fucking also reaches the most interesting part, and begins from the close up position in which a cock tears a crack and is inserted by the missionary posture.
Whenever it may see the scene to which the thick cock enters in the vagina through, and it is invigorating.
If the voice which groans at the moment of entering, and a slut voice which leaks faintly are heard, it is understood that oneself who is becoming wild-beast.
He poked violently at the Bending posture, Doggie back posture and missionary posture, and finally dirty semen is emitted into her small mouth.
If it goes to a pussy in a screen, it turns out clearly that the vagina is twitching. If the 1st brute finishes, one more brute will entreat her, and it is raw insertion at missionary posture.
And he made the vaginal cum shot finally after showing Doggie and Scissors Posture, Woman on Top and Missionary posture.
The scene on which semen is dropped along a thigh and comes out thickly when a pull out a cock at the same time is a wonderful spectacle when it is shown.
Kanzaki who tasted two cocks is also very much satisfied. Then, there is a shower scene in a bathroom and piss shot is shown as last scene while labium major is widely opened.
However, although it thought whether it was satisfied with the 1st person, is a woman fearful if inserted more? The place that is carrying out satisfaction of the next man's cock avariciously is uncanny.

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(rei_komiyama) She's the admiration


n0039 2004/11/15
She's the admiration

Keep you waiting long !, The 1st series of Rei Komiyama(assumed name) who was working in the foreign-affiliated company is an appearance.
Since it was taken on this July, we are very sorry for the fun who look forward to see this with impatience. Since many situations of Rei became clear at last, it is fully prepared and release here.

Incidentally let's explain her profile lightly, she has the good proportion as Height is 168cm, B85W58H87with a weight of 47kg.
After graduating from a junior college with excellent results, it is the woman who was doing the occupation of yearning of men in the foreign-affiliated company.

Rei Komiyama is the woman on whom only the "TOKYO-HOT" appeared under the exclusive contract specially! and therefore you can not find her any other contents.
First of all, please enjoy her wonderful image shot which appeared with the sexy costume of fluorescence pink & black. It is the very sexy that her slender leg and fascinating face.

If there is a such sexy girl, may want to make a full nelson and to put in cock deeply from the back ! If such an illusion is carried out, Rei who became squatting start to suck the naked man's thick and stiffed cock.
The saliva which appears occasionally from a lip is attached to a cock, and is very erotic.

It will be Tears of gratitude for Rei's lascivious such as various fellatio scene which is taken by an vertical and horizontal angle and the close up of her mouth and suck thick cock under the in raptures.
It is the hand rub service scene after the Fellatio, Rei who wearing the sexy costume start to rub the stiffed cock of the man who lay on the counter.

Rei enjoy to play to put on the ice on the head of cock, rub and suck deeply. A semen emits the last by the mouthful cum shot, discharge in a mouth.
Please check expression of Rei who taste the semen in her mouth. Next is the W Fellatio, Rei became squatting and suck two thick cocks.

She sucks spilling saliva around a mouth with be in raptures. If it thinks that the woman who is working in the foreign-affiliated company is this avaricious, does its own cock become stiffed?
Even if it presses down the head and makes it suck forcibly, she who sucks joyfully is a really lewd slut. After that two men insult Rei who was sat on the counter, lay her tits bare and tear her stockings to play with her pussy.

The place where hair has grown also in the surroundings of the hips slightly is strangely erotic.
A crack is smallish and the vagina is reddish with the sufficient degree. If clitoris and a vagina are touched, she will react sensitively and will begin to be in agony.
If two fingers are put in into a vagina and agitated violently, her white joy juice will hang down in drops. Panties are cut with scissors and it is a woman ejection time.
She will grasp a cock tightly, will raise intense pant voice, and got acme. Now then, raw fuck is start from standing back posture as only beauty leg slut make more erotic.
Her pussy suck his thick cock fully and her groan sound up when piston movement is made. In the posture of Backward sitting and the posture of face to face sitting, she hangs on to a man, and the waist is shaken and rolled herself.
A mat is put on a floor and she is violently inserted in it, one more cock will appear and her mouth will be closed by it. Please enjoy fully the true value of 3P play.
He pokes violently from the bottom by the Woman on Top posture, the last will be made mouthful cum shot by the missionary posture. And one more cock is raw insertion immediately.
Of course there is the vaginal cum shot, we made a vaginal cum shot not only for professional but also for armature without discrimination, it is policy of TOKYO-HOT.
Sperm will be emitted in a vagina as hard as possible after the stroke for several minutes. Please see well the real Vagina Cum Shot of the genuine article different from others.
Although the piss shot scene is contained with the addition, the place a urethra mouth did not appear by under hair numerousness is somewhat regrettable!? However, content of Rei Komiyama is more powerful of the 2nd series from the 1st series.
In the 2nd series which will come out next month will contain skewer scene still more. First of all, please get this and enjoy and expect second series which will release by next month !!
********************************** Though a mosaic is on this page, absolutely uncensored in the movie.

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(miki_sakai) Anal Fucked Teen


n0038 2004/11/05
Anal Fucked Teen

19 years old slut Miki Sakai who has girl hunted by our staff in this hot summer is appeared this time. She is the foolish slut who has jumped into the mansion of a brute simply on the hung by money and without understanding anything.
At the first, Miki is made to relax at an interview, and the world of a hard core such as break in Vibs and Anus hole, shave under hair, raw fuck, anus fuck and vaginal cum shot which it had not tasted in the life for 19 years was fully taught to Miki.

The beginning is an interview, Miki who is wearing stripe knitting and miniskirt with mule as popular summer fashion sat on the sofa. Of course, interviewer is a well known brute.
Various things are pumped out of her in a peculiar tone. If her tits are revealed, panties are removed and a pussy is opened, Wooo~~ ! there is the tampon in the crotch!? When the tampon is taken, a slightly red blood attaches and is exciting.

If her pussy is seen by close up, a crimson vagina is observable in the meat pleat which became blackish for a while. She open and close Labium major by herself and touching clitoris as well, and the condition of her pussy is seen very clearly.
If a rotor is passed and masturbation is carried out, clitoris will be stimulated preponderantly, and her pant voice will be raised, and she will be in agony.

The finger fuck will be started according to a devil brute still more after being self-satisfied with masturbation. Clitoris are stimulated by exquisite touch, labium major is opened, and an index finger is put in, kneaded and wound about to a vagina.
If it is made to feel in the simultaneous of clitoris and a vagina, two fingers will be put into a vagina, and it is a vertical movement start violently.

A cock will be excited to her who pants from alluring voice. After reaching acme, the elastic tits of D cup is rubbed and pinching a nipple, the rest licks an areola and makes her pant, after rubs.
His tongue moves from tits to a pussy, and licks clitoris preponderantly. The next is to make her pussy shudder by the vibs toy, and made getting on all fours and is a simultaneous for the pussy and anus hole in the same time.

The image of the close-up by which the pearl is inserted in anus hole can make amaze. It is feelings that a brute also wants to become pleasant when making her pleasant in a crotch insult.
Other brute is already called and W Fellatio is started. Miki who has a pursed up lips sucks two thick cocks hard. Miki licked the Head of the cock skillfully and the suck the cock deeply with lewd sound.

After fellatio, it shifts to 69play which can lick the pussy while cock is sucked.
Since it is disagreeable that under hair is coiled and attached to a mouth when brute lick her pussy and he proposes a shave it to her and the hair tangling in the surroundings of a pussy was shaved at the M characters straddles.

A cock is itself led to a pussy in the place where the pussy became beautiful, and the raw fuck start at the face to face sitting posture.
The close-up scene which fully swallows a thick cock into the pussy is should be seen. It changes to the backward sitting posture and the insertion scene of clitoris nakedness is also force.
Anus fuck would be waited after carrying out skilled of the scene currently put in by modification of the standing doggie back posture and Bending posture.
The exchange of the scene which throws a-two enema is that into which the conversation without altruism, such as Miki and the staff made.
Although it is the scene cut since it is the reverse side of photography usually, it is very fresh to the place which it dared have put in, and is exciting.
And a cock is inserted in an anus hole and it pokes violently at bending posture. Though felt, the expression has complained of a pain for the thick cock is observed.
After made her anus hole shudder, poke violently at the missionary posture and it was facial cum shot. Immediately after that, other brute insert his thick cock into her pussy and made vaginal cum shot after pokes several minutes.
Furthermore a finger is then thrust in and agitated in a pussy. Please appreciate the vagina which twitched thoroughly.
When the staff finally heard the vaginal cum shot on the shower scene, answering blankly with smile, "It was pleasant" remained in the impression.
It is wonderful and fearful !!

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