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(rei_komiyama) She's the admiration 2


n0043 2004/12/25
She's the admiration 2

Merry Christmas for the TOKYO-HOT fan. The content that we present on this holy day is the 2nd series of Rei Komiyama that won explosive popularity last time.
Keep you waiting truly, you may be spoony on a Rei Komiyama for the long time. This time, two contents have been taken out at once as Christmas special version of TOKYO-HOT !

Although this has become three contents due to system management, however, we will present profitable cost than usual in order to adjust 2 contents (normally one contents will be required 20 token).
Such profitable matter will be happen whether there is 1 time per year, or there is nothing. At this moment, let you see two contents at a stroke.

Here, we will write some highlight of this content secretly, but not much, because the rest is the pleasure to see.
At the first content, Rei appears with V-zone Black Swimming suit and shows image shot, 2 holes insult play by vibs toy, pussy insult play with toy, double fellatio and raw fuck and sperm shot into anus hole will be seen this time,

it is very rare scene and most of adult video actress will refuse that. Rei Komiyama is an amateur's truly and says once again that she is not adult video actress. The one of the must see scenes is a pussy toy play.
Violate using various toys for Rei who is bitten "Ball Gag" on her mouth and groaning painfully. Her lewd pussy hole is shivered, groan and pant voice is leaking from her mouth but insult her pussy mercilessly.

The scene made for the body of Rei to be agonized by pleasantness and shame is so wonderful.
The 2nd point shows 4P play with which it not only thrusts the cock into two holes, but even the upper mouth was thrust ! This scene is so excited and someone will lose, if someone does not see.

It is amusing if someone not to be excited since it is anyhow played in the full erotic mode. The 3rd must scene is the anus fuck with raw cum shot into anus hole and vaginal cum shot.
Your eyes will become a spot at the semen hung down from both holes in drops. At the 2nd content, Rei will become the schoolteacher who wearing white suit, and will be teased by the atrocious students of low IQ.

Pussy insult play, double fellatio, Hand rub service, 2holes insult play, 3P play and real battle fuck will be seen here again.
At the first, her slender leg which extend from white suit will make leg fetishism fun groan and the lewd pussy scene which spreads to the limit of a screen will be followed.

Please enjoy her smallish labium major and the details of crimson vagina wall thoroughly. The recommendation scene in this content is simultaneous two holes insult play by vibs toy, 3P play and two holes on a skewer.
The scene which should be mentioned especially is the mouthful cum shot, vaginal cum shot and row ejaculation into anus hole which amounts to about ten brute of the last.
Ugly brute's fishy semen is shaking one after another to Rei who is poked violently and pants at the missionary posture. It will be made to pour brute's semen into mouth and it volume will not meet if living ordinarily.
It is so great. Furthermore, after being emitted into anus hole, they stabbed raw cock into anus again and poke violently at the bending posture and semen is emitted.
Semen & unidentified dirty love juice flows out from the anus hole in drops. It is the act insulted, so that I wanted to have died if I am a such slut.
Anyway, it is impossible to see 2holes&3holes on a skewer of Rei Komiyama who placed beauty of No.1 at the TOKYO-HOT wherever look for.
Please carry out that a feeling is good and enjoy yourself on the long night of winter ! ********************************** Though a mosaic is on this page, absolutely uncensored in the movie.

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(miku_kuriyama) Kill Building


n0042 2004/12/15
Kill Building

Dear TOKYO-HOT fun, we made a parody of "Kill Bill" which is first parody content in TOKYO-HOT.
Don't you think of what really starting after this? I think that the professional killer of the high school student who Chiaki Kuriyama plays the role of in a Kill Bill movie is fresh in memory.

Miku Kuriyama who exceeds Chiaki Kuriyama makes a laugh, excitement and lust of yours by realistic acting.
Of course, although there are "Raw Fuck", "Double Fellatio", Insult play with toy and "Vaginal Cum Shot" contained as routine course, also furthermore, raw emit into anus hole and Gangbang by 24 persons is contained at this content as well.

It became one it was prominent as an insult play content that was not until now. Miku with pretty school uniform who brandishes a Japanese sword in front of some building in Shinjuku, and cuts the wall of a building.
Whether the neighboring was notified and a detective comes to there and Miku was put into a lockup, and was puts into an iron lattice is glaring at the detective intently while sits on a dirty bed.

When the detective who got angry at the impudent attitude became together with a warder about whether something sparking to his sadist mind and planning to keep insult for Miku.
First of all, when they expose cock as feed and force fellatio over an iron lattice, she sucks the cock like the hungry scalpel cat, and it will be started.

A warder's cock will be erected hardly at once by her fellatio technique. Next is examine after she got such a feed. Miku who was hang handcuffs replies to the interrogation of a detective indifferently.
Please laugh for the words that should be called her true value here. The detective who doubted by the interrogation thinks that she has still hidden something, and goes into physical examination.

They cut her panties with scissors and a smallish her pussy is made to expose, then two persons' finger stirs the inside of a vagina persistently, and makes her to blow her joy juice.
It is the beginning of a pussy insult play by toy from here. An interrogation continue further more while pussy was insulting with stimulate by the pistol vibes, and insult play is continuing with Big Vibes, Rotor toy and so on.

The detective who becomes irritated with Miku who does not confess that it is important though she is exclaiming. Even not only a pussy but also anus will be insulted.
The close-up of this toy insult play is unrivaled of the TOKYO-HOT that cannot be seen in others. Surely, you may be fascinated the scene which show the shivering pussy spreading to the limit of screen.

And the last mortal step is "Sakurai style Speculum" of new weapon to Miku who never confesses. The wonderfulness of the new weapon different from conventional speculum projects the inside of a vagina vividly more greatly.
He became irritated to Miku who still does not confess and she is forced double fellatio. Piss shot scene will be seen after that. This scene that using two cameras is so wonderful.
It is then made lifting up her hip and go into careful pussy licking service, he lick her clitoris and vagina with using tongue as rolling.
Then he inserts his raw cock at Backward sitting posture after 69play. It is so invigorating that stiffened cock goes into the crack of the pussy violently.
The posture is sifted Face to Face sitting, Doggie Back, Back with one leg lifting, and Missionary. Then Cock is inserted into Anus hole that is torn by the stiffened cock.
And after poked violently, semen is emitted to an anus hole. Detective insert his raw cock to her pussy in succession. And after enjoying her pussy fully for several minutes, he made a vaginal cum shot.
But he is not satisfied only with having soiled two holes with the semen, and Miku is thrown up in the iron lattice in which prisoners are.
It is the start of Gangbang with 24 prisoners who fully wanted slut woman.
Although semen is emitted to the head and school uniform one after another, Merciless prisoners' sublime scene for Miku who was fully soiled by semen and screaming is so excited and should be seen.
It can be called laborious content also in the content of TOKYO-HOT which carries out reality pursuit.
Since only the pussy was exposed to the last, what photographed the stark-naked scene in her shower to the midst currently photographed with the still picture is incorporated in the tits fan for dozens seconds.
Please stand her dear tits still here.

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(yukino_sakurazawa) lascivious nurse


n0041 2004/12/05
lascivious nurse

Wondering to fuck with slut student who is made out to the nurse, have you held such an illusion in your mind ??
In order to fulfill the such illusion, we made her to be transformed into nurse who put on the super mini-skirt and worn pin-heel by own judgment of our staff.

This was exactly fitted in and she became an erotic nurse. It will give sufficient contents as Hand job, Double fellatio, raw fuck, vaginal cum shot, piss shot and close up of inside of pussy, please enjoy this in anyway you want.
First of all, please have a look to lick erotic miniskirt nurse from a tiptoe to the head.

If you have doubt that nurse in white put on the black panty, then you are still young, a lascivious nurse likes showy panty and they put on it( it is the clear information from nurse who working for the some National Universities hospital).
After image shot, She expose her tits and put off the panty to show her pussy on the bed and masturbation time was started.

Rubbing clitoris by the middle finger, Yukino getting ecstasy little by little and her love juice will overflow from her vagina in drops.
Although Yukino got acme once by masturbation, in fact, the director of hospital was looking at it. When the director takes it to a foul trick and asks for her body, she obeyed as he asked.

He begins to touch her pussy which is straddling M characters on the delivery stand. Yukino who has fully got wet reacts on the director's finger sensitively, and begins to pant.
A lewd sound sounds from a vagina by the language insult and finger fuck, and clitoris are erected. If two fingers are inserted in a vagina and agitated violently while stimulating clitoris, Yukino made loud pant voice and got acme fully.

If the inside of her vagina is observed using a periscope after that, white joy juice is fully attached to the vagina pleat. The excited director takes out vibes toy and inserts in pussy.
Though she says, "It is useless", DNA of lewd should not allow. Vagina meat holds vibes firmly and does not detach it. After a pussy is insulted, a service is carefully rendered for the director's cock.

She starts to lick his cock as crawl on a tongue from a scrotum to anus hole, and pitiably sucks his cock with lewd sound. After that she made a fellatio and hand rub service for a patient's cock.
Next, a piss shot scene like wetting the bed which sits on the end of the bathtub and drips in a thigh. Urine of true yellow will remain in an impression.

A scene also reaches the most interesting part, first of all, she made a double fellatio to suck cock of the director and office manager.
If two cocks are fully sucked, it will shift to 69 play with the director. When her pussy get the dripping wet, then raw fuck would be started at the missionary posture.
The love juice has flowed and fallen on the anus hole from the pussy which the scene of the cock pull in/out by the close-up at the Bending posture.
It is very lewd that the love juice get twisted around labium major at the Doggie and Scissors posture and Doggie Back posture.
At the Woman on Top posture, the place where her joy juice has left marks clearly to the cock is the reason of lascivious of Yukino.
Although fucking is continues at Backward Woman on Top and Missionary posture, a motion of the director's waist becomes intense, however since he does not get the end at all, he handed over to an office manager.
He thrust his thick cock into her pussy, and made a facial cum shot after he made violent motion as demon. The director who was looking at the scene has been excited and inserts his raw cock again.
He poking violently as like as manager made and made a vaginal cum shot when he cannot patient anymore. Have a look the scene that semen is dripping from her gaped open pussy.
Also please fully enjoy the wonderful scene which semen falls to the toilet bowl slowly if Yukino puts power into an abdomen at the squatting position.
This is the real vaginal cum shot without lie falsehood!!

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