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(devi) TV personality slut


n0047 2005/01/25
TV personality slut

How are you doing in this cold winter time ? The slut who performed to "TOKYO-HOT" this time is Miss Devi who appear on famous Japanese TV program for long time.
We hereby introduce Devi who seems to have enough pheromone obviously. She was born in Tokyo and blood type is B and has the wonderful body as Height is 160cm and 3 size is B86(D), W58, H84.

The special skill is an owner of a strange art of dance of each country. The character is a very cheerful and polite. However, when it rushes into sexual mode once, Devi is such a lascivious slut who changes suddenly in lewdness.
The labia major, clitoris and the vagina of Devi for many to perform to the regular video can be clearly seen in close-up. It is only "TOKYO-HOT" to show the content that even here persisted in the pussy.

It adds to it, not only to show the raw fucking but also there is promiscuous sex party with 5 cocks and show 6P play and finally vaginal cum shot will be seen.
Your cock will be much excited without any doubt for this promiscuous sex party which is first appearance in TOKYO-HOT. Office lady Devi who has always the frustration enjoys by herself to use vibs toy in the company where no one there.

Then the salesman who comes back from the circumference discovers Devi who is making masturbation. The salesman call his colleague and enjoy to see such Devi who is not shamed to be seen it particularly.
They observing Devi who became M character posture at the chair and violently putting the vibs toy in and out. The toy is inserted as follows in the place where the pussy has gotten wet enough.

The scene to which it writhes reacting on excessive is obscene and good. It elbows one's way through labia major and various kind of toys inserted into her vagina.
The world of the super close-up to be able to see the vagina pleat on a full screen is never seen in another. It can see very clearly as the vagina plat is lewdly wet.

It moves to the room when the insult toy play to the pussy ends in the company and make shudder for the pussy by finger fuck, her female joy juice has scattered violently.
After she get acme, then it is fellatio service time. When she deliberately suck one thick cock, then cocks performs one after another.

She rubs and sucks five cocks gladly and made them erection, this spectacular fellatio scene is must see. Afterwards, five men and their cocks twiddle pussy of Devi who became M character posture at the sofa.
Initially they play that does five strokes in groups of one and alternates, Devi raises the full voice and pants every time the erected cock by which various shape is inserted in the pussy.

Devi enduring it becomes impossible and a real fuck is entreated because it is put in and out halfway. Devi is carried to the bed and five brute crowd her.
While she rubbing cock by both hands, one brute begin to insert his raw cock. A large promiscuous sex is played, mouth suck the cock, both hand rubbing cock and pussy also sucking cock.
When make much enjoyable for Devi, then first brute make hard piston at the missionary posture and made mouthful cum shot.
Second and third brute also made mouthful cum shot and forth brute emit his sperm to her skirt after he enjoyed her pussy at Doggie back and etc.
Fifth brute emit his sperm over her tit after he enjoyed her pussy at the bending posture. The last is devil brute insert his cock and made vaginal cum shot in the confusion.
Afterwards appearance the "Sakurai type speculum", it force the pussy open and show with close up the semen which remained into the vagina.
Please look at the scene where enough semen is in the vagina. Though a continuous fuck of six totals was done, Devi who remain the cool has pussy of steel !!
However, is it only me who aspire the slut lady who accept ride together easily !! It is a brother of all human races for a moment though the sickness is scared but everyone, let's ride together for Devi !!

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(ayaka_sakurai) Night Biz Slut


n0046 2005/01/15
Night Biz Slut

AYAKA SAKURAI who is working at the high-level nightclub performed this time though members thought that it knew by "Contents information".
Ayaka is 28years age and slender beautiful lady with much amorousness of adult, and size is 164cm height B 81/ W 57 / H82.

In any case, TOKYO-HOT is such a great content maker because not only the AV actress but also sexy women of various occupations are made to perform.
Moreover, it not only real battle raw fuck but also make shiver for the clitoris and vagina by the toy play and we will show it in the PISS SHOT scene by the angle where urination is clearly seen from the urethra.

TOKYO-HOT presents the contents for aprox 60mins with a lot of things as much as extreme that the amateur is made to do things even the professional does not show, and such contents can see only TOKYO-HOT.
In the beginning, Ayaka also held out sake as having throbbed among a little drinking. Please permit by the thing of charm by there is a little awkward place.

There is a man who desperately persuades Ayaka in the Night Club. Though it is a same old story for the hostess, they treat coldly for the customer who doesn't have the position and money.
As expected, Ayaka also treats coldly to the poor brute customer and throws out Sake to him.

The following day, there is other brute customer who looks like very foolish but seems to be a very rich and Ayaka presents her body as soon as he pay the many tip to her.
Yes it is so, it is money of any world. The hostess understands the things well and they easily follow with the man who has money.

When the tits is licked and the hand creep up to the crotch, she made a smile on her lips and when the nipple is groped, a sweet sigh is leaked.
The pussy is groped over the stockings and in the time when she became pleasant, she was asked to put off the stockings and red panty was appeared.

It is strangely attracted to her under hair not so maintained unexpectedly. It shifts from the clitoris bullying to the pussy bullying, and she finally made female ejaculation by the high-speed finger fuck.
The next is a long-awaited PISS SHOT scene. When thinking that taking a picture from a oblique angle unusually, it is replay at another angle which is super close up of pussy.

The piss powerfully spurts out from plump urethra, and feeling to seem to be able to experience virtual piss shot play. It is driven by the impulse that you want to be sprinkled seriously.
And, when piss shot ends, Ayaka strats fellatio for brute of Mr. Rich. However, his cock is too big to swallow and she cannot swallow it even the half.
Nevertheless, she holds on the fellatio service, then rich brute Mr. Rich begin to bully her pussy by the finger violently. Then, brute Mr.
Poor who was jilted little while ago cannot give up her and return to there, it was surprise that Mr. Rich is younger brother of Mr. Poor.
Mr. Poor anger to her and says that "even you can suck the cock of rich but why you can not suck the cock of poor !!" then he forced to her to make fellatio fairly.
And it rush into friendly double brother fellatio time. Double finger fuck would be started when suck up the cock for some time and the jaw is tired, finger stroke made violently and hook, rotor toy, brush vibs and G hook vibs toys are used also.
The appearance with which the secretion liquid begins to overflow from her pussy is clearly seen in the large close up photographing. TOKYO HOT who stick so much for the pussy as this, it is great, isn?ft it.
And it is long awaited appearance of "Sakurai type Speculum" as a final ultimate weapon. It is impressed by the numerous vagina pleats near 1000 earthworms and guess if the cock is wrapped there.
The RAW FUCK start from the Backward Woman on Top posture, elder brother of Mr. Poor insert his raw cock. Ayaka shake hip violently by herself and posture is shifted from normal Woman on top to Hugging in the air posture.
Close up scene of joint part and anus is very forceful. The finish is mouthful cum shot at the Missionary posture from Doggie Back. It can be said that the scene into which sperm is poured to flow to mouth of Ayaka is one of the excited viewpoints.
Continuously, younger brother of Mr. Rich also make raw fuck at the missionary posture. The pussy of Ayaka seems to be considerably pleasant and Mr.
Rich was brought to heaven and made vaginal cum shot at once. Vast amount of semen flows backward when the cock is pulled out. They became brotherly who exceeded brother's relations by this.
The PISS SHOT scene that close up to urethra again at the end as extra.

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(Misaki Inaba ) An amazing lady


n0100 2005/01/10
Misaki Inaba
An amazing lady

MISAKI INABA who performed this time will remain in one's heart as a slut who made the legend at the beginning of the year.
MISAKI safely manages the course of our favorite as raw fuck, gangbang party and vaginal cum shot, in addition, has done the amazing things as pure semen to pussy at the lift hip up posture and drink volume of semen at a time.

To applause to MISAKI who has become meat urinal at 20years old. MISAKI who put on an elegant pink suit is a company?fs secretary. She begins to masturbate while the director has gone out.
The world that tended to be the company where the director and devil employees who had seen the MISAKI who was doing the masturbation toying treated her was reproduced.

MISAKI rub the tits and expose pussy on the sofa and make masturbates boldly. She has the wonderful and erotic body. Though her major labium is little black as used sufficiently but the inside is a pink color that seems to be delicious.
The clitoris is bullied by the finger and the vagina is stirred violently by two fingers. The director comes back there and playing with customary starts.

MISAKI is under his thumb because she is afraid of dismiss if she against his order. Other staffs are called and everyone touches her tits, clitoris and vagina.
She seems to be the masochist mind, when MISAKI is made word bully play, her pussy is get wet and fainting in agony. The rotor toy was brought and the pant of the shake of the neck is a heat up.

Devil brute who have made her acme order service from her. MISAKI is surrounded by the brute and the cock that became hard is pushed into her mouth.
Men are overjoyed in the MISAKI who sucks desperately though it becomes a sob. One brute just make cum shot on the tongue as it is and the semen that dropped to the hand is licked and drunk up.

The attack of brute accelerates, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy of MISAKI who was became lift hip up posture and attacks her until got acme.
It gets excited greatly by the vibs toy inserted in the pussy with buzz sound. Next, the vagina is greatly enhanced by the split with our company original enhancing machine.

MISAKI made a fellatio service while she was attacked by the vibs toy one after another at the back posture. MISAKI receives brute?fs attacks while panting, and ejaculating, and fainting in agony.
The place in which apparatus is put in the uterus mouth in a transparent mirror and it bullies it is must see. Then, it is PISS SHOT scene after she splashed massive love juice.

It will bring much excitement that piss shot describes a parabola by opens the labia widely at the M-leg posture. The raw fuck is start from standing back posture.
She moans much when cock moves violently. Two cocks participate when shifts from backward to face to face woman on top posture and the start of the gangbang party.
Then, one brute made vaginal cum shot at the bending posture. Semen drips out from the pussy that is the convulsion. When brute who have not reached yet begin to play with her pussy with cock, other employees grope her body and make large gangbang party.
Her pussy received 4 continues vaginal cum shot, and semen is poured with vaginal cum shot clear machine at the lift hip up posture. The mania is must see this appearance where semen flow into the pussy.
It attacks a retreating enemy to the crying MISAKI and shifts to drink a large amount of semen in one draft. MISAKI drinks up though she sobs.
Her face is covered fully by the semen that made by many of facial cum shot at the end. A heroic MISAKI who turns into the meat urinal in this youth might be a thing that becomes the best of this year.

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(tsubasa_okina) Woman Doctor Slut


n0045 2005/01/05
Woman Doctor Slut

A Happy New Year !! Please enjoy our TOKYO-HOT in this year as well as last year. The first content in 2005 that we present is Tsubasa Okina who was active in the regular content.
It is a New Year's present from TOKYO-HOT on New Year's Day of 2005. Although it thinks that members were doing prediction by some information and think that members were short of numbness as it was not appeared yet.

At the last, Tsubasa who is slender beauty slut shows absolutely uncensored her pussy with no abridgment which was hidden by mosaic previously.
The place which has sucked the furious cock can be seen clearly. It is really so wonderful !

The member who will be able to see such a content from the beginning of the New Year's Day is very fortunate! and will be impressed to be the member that it was really good.
First of all, let's introduce her profile. She was born on 6 of June 1983 at Kanagawa, Japan, height : 162cm, 3 size : B85/W59/H86, age is 21 years old and hobby is shopping.

Her present main active space is the stage and moving variously from the metropolitan area and the district. A staff said that Tsubasa is well jocular and, seemingly to be good character.
This content is a setup fucked by the devil patient by whom Tsubasa who plays the role of a slightly impudent intelligent female doctor came for the medical examination.

Of course, TOKYO-HOT shows a natural wonderful scene as Raw Fuck, Double Fellatio, Vaginal Cum Shot, Piss Shot and so on. On the super-close-up scene of a Pussy hole, it does not bearable because it will be visible to the vagina meat.
After the image scene of Tsubasa which carried out a female doctor's appearance continues several minutes, the scene which teases the cock of the patient who came for the medical examination, and her behavior like a Queen can be seen.

When absorbed in masturbation, recollecting the scene which was tease on the previous man, the patient who next came for the medical examination persecute for impudent Dr.
Tsubasa. The scene which Tsubasa sob earnestly while making to suck cock by compulsive Fellatio and pouring a slaver in drops is very erotic.

It is made to sit on a sofa after that, and her pussy is violated by the finger fuck play. Pink labium minor is very obscene to smallish labium major and agitated it persistently without mercy with a finger.
The scene which teases a vagina and clitoris with a super-close-up screen is the true value of TOKYO-HOT. A Cock will surely be excited whenever to pant voice.

It changes to rotor treat from finger fuck treat, and treating for clitoris and a vagina. The place where clitoris is violently in agony in whether it feels very much is an impression.
One more devil patient appears in the place which Tsubasa has exhausted by pussy insult play,two fingers are throw into her pussy hole and female joy juice ejaculation is started and is surprised to see the scene that her love juice blows up so violently.
Since it shows by the repeat using two cameras, please enjoy yourself thoroughly. After she got the 1st acme, she made a double fellatio service.
Next, taking orally of her pussy hole which became lying on a bed by lifting up her hip is shown from an over look view. The Vibs toy is pierced and is in agony so much.
When showing careful pussy licking service by 69 posture, fucking will be started still more. A raw cock is inserted at the missionary posture and a piston throttle lever is on.
The Standing Back posture and Doggie Back with one leg up posture are shown on a bed through the Bending, Face to Face Sitting, Face to Face/Backward Woman on Top and Doggie Back posture.
Posture, such as modified Matubakuzushi, side, Missionary with M straddle, modified lift hip up posture, is shown and there is mouthful cum shot after those.
Then one more brute start raw fuck immediately and made vaginal cum shot after thrusting cannon cock into her pussy and poking violently.
While a vagina twitches, please see thoroughly the place where semen drips. There are two piss shot scenes in this content. Please fully look at the urine which extends a labia and comes out from a urethra mouth.
The place where urine comes out with sufficient vigor especially in the piss on the street position is impression. Tsubasa is not special.
A woman can also do urinating in the streets !!

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(tsubasa_okina) A Happy New Year!


n0044 2005/01/01
A Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year !! Please enjoy our TOKYO-HOT in this year as well as last year. The first content in 2005 that we present is Tsubasa Okina who was active in the regular content.
It is a New Year's present from TOKYO-HOT on New Year's Day of 2005. Tsubasa Okina who wore sexy Race Queen costume shows violent fuck to the content presented this time.

Although it thinks that members were doing prediction by some information and think that members were short of numbness as it was not appeared yet.
At the last, Tsubasa who is slender beauty slut shows absolutely uncensored her pussy with no abridgment which was hidden by mosaic previously.

The place which has sucked the furious cock can be seen clearly. It is really so wonderful !
The member who will be able to see such a content from the beginning of the New Year's Day is very fortunate! and will be impressed to be the member that it was really good.

Please enjoy seeing Race Queen of Tsubasa who shows play such as Raw Fuck, Vaginal Cum Shot, Piss Shot, pussy insult play by toy and scores continuation of facial cum shot that would be called ture value of TOKYO-HOT.
It starts from the image scene of Tsubasa to whom Race Queen costume are splendidly fittedThe extended slender leg comes to want to lick up with tongue.

Moreover, it gets excited because she also has amorous features. And, her message is presented to everybody, please greatly open your ear to hear it.
The following are interviewed sitting on a sofa. It is interesting that the way to answer is so lovely which will be different from imaged character even it might be acting.

Tsubasa who performed Race Queen take many auditioned in order to become the mascot of the racing team. When she takes the audition of some sponsor, executive interviewer mentioned to her that if she wants to be mascot then she should accept XXX.
She also approved it most willingly because it is very use to be in this business world. Her slave life started form there. First of all, she makes a fellatio and hand rub service for the silly son of owner.

Hand rub service is happily begun far from having an unpleasant face and her fellatio technique is making a foolish son groan. She serves to lick the grans and ball bag and make a violent deep throat.
But foolish and brainless son seems to likes to stroke cock by himself and he made a mouthful cum shot to Okina at the last when he was not able to endured.

Next, foolish father of owner is appeared and bully opened her pussy by finger. He inserts his finger one to two and made wetly enough in order to make female ejaculation at the last.
And, the toy insult play which insult interior of the interior of her pussy started. The rough spot is evenly in the vagina when the condition is first examined by the finger fuck and it seems to be pleasant.
The pant voice of Okina that is lewd and lascivious echoes when start to stimulate her clitoris and vagina with vibs toy.
Her pussy is bullied with those toys such as Vibs toy with wart spot, pussy endoscope, oral spread by muddler, test tube, kaleidoscope and etc while putting the king size vibs in the mouth.
Emperor of the toy speculum appears and the uterine ostium is showed clearly at the end. The point that should make a special mention is that pussy will be shown with super close up to use two cameras and it will make enough satisfaction.
After this, Piss Shot scene will be shown with two cameras. As piss shot will be seen repeatable from different angle, piss shot mania will be excited much.
Now then, it is long waited real fucking battle. Devil executive director insert his cock suddenly from the back.
Showing knocking against of meat and meat each other at Backward/face to face sitting posture at the sofa and made her screaming by the violent poking at the doggie back posture.
Sponsor's brute brings his employee when moving to the bed and poking her violently by the missionary posture, then they emit their sperm one after another to her face.
The New Year's greeting of Okina which can see each facial cum shot should be see. Executive director's younger brother's managing director inserts his raw cock on the way and her pussy could not accept any endure and he made vaginal cum shot.
Please enjoy to see semen which leak from vagina in drops.
Even Okina was poked violently, sponsor's brute is overjoyed for the Okina who make tidy greeting each facial cum shot ! Hereafter, Okina is needless to say to will receive sexual semen entertainment every time work is taken.

> > (tsubasa_okina) A Happy New Year! Continue

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