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(aya_se) Foolish and Trendy


n0050 2005/02/25
Foolish and Trendy

AYA SETO who is enough showing the foolish high school girl in this time. She is such a lovely young slut who showed trendy high school girl.
She has a lovely smile face and spread well, also her lascivious body looks like very good. You can be seen the pussy of such AYA without mosaic and super close up, How TOKYO-HOT is wonderful !!

We wish to express our gratitude for the scene that can see this time as from labia of the such lovely girl to the vagina, the uterus mouth, and urethral mouth clearly with high level of clearness.
Not only to see the pussy but also to say that it is a technique of TOKYO-HOT to show the various expression of pussy with various toys.

In addition, we stick to RAW as raw fucking and vaginal cum shot thoroughly should be praised. At the end of this time, it deliberately shows the inside of pussy hole after made vaginal cum shot to using SAKURAI TYPE SPECLUME that should say our patent.
Please enjoy the powerful content of this. AYA who got the red point in the test have left in the classroom alone after school and made to receive the supplementary instruction.

She could not work out arithmetic at the schoolchildren in the lower grades level. The teacher who keeps aghast decides it to giving the sex education worrying about future of foolish AYA.
It is so, and even if the head is empty, the woman has the body as weapon. The special training starts though it is not certain whether thought that happiness will come for her if a man is comforted by the body without using the head.

The teacher of mathematics that appears in front of AYA in nakedness put on the cock of magic on the desk instead of pencil and asks her to squeeze it through her hand.
AYA suck the cock that has stiffed and licking it with her pleasure. The stiffed cock is held to the interior of the throat against her will and violence fellatio was started.

It is lust degree 80% for AYA who suck the cock hard while dripping hanging slaver down. The teacher of the national language also begins the joining there for some reason, and double fellatio was started.
Her lewd face to suck two cocks must to see. After fellatio, crotch of AYA stimulated while her tits was rubbed and it is the female ejaculation time of AYA at the M leg posture.

Her love juice spout out from her pussy with her screaming. The following special training is toy play in order to adjust for any cocks inserted in.
Make shudder her pussy to insert in the various toys such as quoits, hair brush, two vibs, muddler and the kaleidoscope which she never putted in up to now.

Please observe her clitoris and urethra mouth that get a cramp in. The raw fucking start from back posture with one leg left up, thrust the cock into her pussy deeply.
The erotic smell that the cock and pussy intertwined hang in the air. At the doggie back posture, another cock intrudes into and 3P play starts.
It is lust degree 120% for AYA who screaming with in agony at the standing back posture and sucking cock at the backward/face to face sitting posture with foot became air stroll.
Future more, the posture is changed as the modified doggie and scissors posture and doggie back posture as bully her pussy to enjoy her well set pussy hole.
At the missionary and bending posture, it can be seen that her white joy juice flowed out from her pussy and it make to understand that AYA getting acme.
It shows more posture than usual as Woman on top, sitting and back style, the last is mouthful cum shot from the missionary posture. In instantly, another thick cock holder makes raw insertion at the back posture.
He made the vaginal cum shot with screaming at the missionary posture. It is appearance "Sakurai type Speculum" here. It took a picture of the pussy in open vagina to show you the appearance of the semen that splashed into her vagina.
The scene where white semen swims in the vagina might be the one that it is necessary to keep as a complete preservation version.
For a foolish high school girl slut who cannot solve school child's arithmetic level, all the best she can do is to lay her life on the line and become men's excrement. It is a good world, isn't it !!

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(yui_kawai) Meat Urinal


n0049 2005/02/15
Meat Urinal

How our TOKYO-HOT fan doing in this cold winter time ? Even it is cold weather, your crotch will be heated up every day ? ! This time, we show you the first series of the "Meat Urinal(Human Toilet)".
YUI KAWAI who is very popular as the young pretty slut is appearing for this time. You may be not understood what is the "Meat Urinal(Human Toilet)", it is not expressed by the any word, but if it expresses daringly, it is a Terribly Wonderful.

YUI is just treated as public toilet. Various things are done for such a lovely slut and it is sure that you may be excited, erected, and keep masturbation time.
There are raw fuck, toy play and vaginal cum shot as our standard course, and in addition, YUI serve for 4 cocks by her mouth, 3P play, 26 continues cum shot for her face and tits and etc.

Pretty slut YUI was bullied for 82 minutes. It is a new series of TOKYO-HOT that enchants to a hard-core fan apart from the pretty girl mania.
Please enjoy and make excite to look at this. Start from image scene first of all. YUI appears with a slightly strange Bunny style but it is so pretty.

When YUI who is working at the costume play salon absorbed in the masturbation at the long sofa while rest time, the scary manager found her and preached her.
The sub-manager calls and begins to insult her pussy by finger. When the clitoris was stimulated and finger was inserted into her pussy, found that inside of pussy was dirty and was washed by the handy bidet.

Sub-manager's two fingers are instantly inserted in the vagina and the female ejaculation that is rumored "so wonderful" was shown. Her love juice spouts out in no time from her pussy powerfully and gets it wet to a thigh.
After the baptism by the finger is received, it is decided that it serves by the mouth and YUI starts fellatio service. Moreover, not only one cock but also four cocks are sucked and licking carefully.

YUI who was surrounded by the cock continues fellatio like the female pig which became greedy. The thing that the manager had it give as follows orders pulling out by the fellatio for the cock of the chief who loves her.
A chief who like her anxiously does not know what to do and makes her to suck his cock deeply to interior of the throat with throws tears.

He through his cock by himself and splashed his dirty sperm onto her tip of the tongue at the end. YUI who get the pleasure with semen is must see.
When the warm-up ended, it is start of the insult play with the various toy for YUI who now open her leg as M style. Pussy insult play starts from by finger and continue to using writing brush, swab, golf ball, vibs toy and etc.

The test tube and the kaleidoscope are put in the vagina and it experiences pseudo insertion. The major labia are held with the tape and Pearl Vibs is inserted violently.
Here, it is on parade of the close-up related to the pussy. It is a good distinction that the size of the clitoris to urethral mouth is to be clearly seen.
Piss Shot is forced to YUI who had a desire to urinate while it was being insulted with the toy. It is very lewd and excited PISS SHOT scene that YUI who was set the ball gag into her mouth.
The end is appearance of Sakurai type Speculum that cannot see at the other. Please satisfy powerful scene as the vagina pleat and the uterus mouth are clearly seen.
The manager names "Meat Urinal(Human Toilet)" to YUI who has revealed shame to here. The latter half of YUI who became a Meat Urinal(Human Toilet) start from 69 play and Dynamite cock inserted at the Backward Sitting Posture.
It will be very excited scene that the anus hole will be seen very clearly at the face to face sitting posture.
In the place in which it became the Doggie and Scissors posture to Side posture, the manager who was making word bullying so far became so exciting and he made YUI suck his cock.
It is close up scene of the joint part at the missionary posture after Doggie back, Woman on Top of 3P play, the sub manager made a vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture from doggie back.
The dynamite raw cock of manager insert instantly and mouthful cum shot was made. Sakurai type Speculum appears again to check the sperm put out to the inside of pussy.
Please look deliberately in the vagina that is the convulsion. It is big mistake if you think it is the end. The last trial of YUI waits.
It is the semen splash time of 26 guests who nominates YUI. The dirty sperm was splashed to the her face and tits fully and YUI became the first Meat Urinal(Human Toilet) .

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(maya_tsubaki) Set Me Free!


n0048 2005/02/05
Set Me Free!

Maya Tsubasa appearing again in our TOKYO-HOT, think that many of you was getting excited by the many of the insult scene of the Maya who was come from model and acted Race Queen at the last content.
This second series will show that Maya becomes in a high-handed manner and give a brute a kick, however, Maya was kidnapped conversely by the devil brute and confined to the prison.

Maya was exposed the storm of semen by the men at the end and will be seen the Maya who lives slave's life.
Though this is made up the fiction content as the crime element, there are many excited scene as RAW FUCKING, VAGINAL CUM SHOT, INSULT PUSSY TOY PLAY with hand/foot bind and GANGBANG.

Please get excited by the route in which saucy MAYA is made an obedient slave greatly. Maya in a black miniskirt with wearing the knit of the turtle, bring famous brand bag and puff the cigarette, it seems to be exactly called "High-Handed".
Such High-handed slut Maya was irritated because the friend still does not come for the meeting, then the man who seems to be timid try to hunting Maya but he was treated coldly and sent away.

After all, she has been breaking an appointment by the expected visitor falls while coming home. It is because a man who was sent away by Maya when she waited someone on the bench has turned on the sleeping medicine to the canned coffee.
When the woman who was sleeping for a long time awoke, she was confined to the prison. She entreats to say, "Please let me back to home", but they do not emancipate her naturally.

When brute go to see how is Maya who has been left for a while, she had incontinence in the expression like haggard completely. It seems that she have been cornered even in the mental status of no awareness of there is a rest room in the prison.
Maya listen intently to wish to be liberated and to be at his beck and call. She was put out from the jail and fixed to the restraint chair, and the pussy is bullied by the finger obstinately.

Brute was asking "do you like it ?" to Maya and she swing her head sideways but the pant voice leaks naturally.
She was made female ejaculation much by the violent finger fuck and also fellatio is forced next, the cock that is already excited much are pressed on her f ace and once she refuse fellatio but she made it finally for fear of brute.

The cock is forcibly thrown in to the interior of the throat and Maya sobbed much. Desire brute begin raw fucking instantly at the backward woman on top posture.
There is no necessity putting up condom because it is too good for such high-handed slut. She reverses in order to make ordinary woman on top and when making doggie back and standing back posture, Maya completely becomes a captive with the lust.

It approves the fornication even if an abduction confinement and fucked if becoming it so.
Maya voluntarily shakes the hip to get more pleasure and her love juice was drip down, when she get feeling heaven, she have a desire to urinate, though it is hung in the word, she open the major labia and urination from urethral is shown.
Another villainy brute joins even if becoming missionary posture, and the cock is forcibly thrust to the mouth. After made mouthful cum shot, it is continues raw fucking was done at the end.
Though it is vaginal cum shot, the effusing amount is a little. Apparently, the uterus seems to have absorbed all the semen. Then, the inside of vagina was observed with the Sakurai type speculum in the opening pussy.
Though the semen put out to the inside to be little adhered to the vagina wall, the remainder flowed into uterus. It might be pregnancy fixation by this.
The pussy bullying is begun for the last finish. Maya completely became the captive of the concupiscence due to tease the pussy and clitoris by the various tools such as vibs toy, anus stopper and so on.
Maya was greedy of the pleasure while pant and seem to have forgotten the abduction thing.
At the final stage of this content, the pitiful brute who have a grudge for jilted up to now was call out and it is a GANGBANG scene that get rid of the emotion of the grudge to make facial cum shot.
There is 23 continues facial thick and smelled cum shot and the female ejaculation by the finger fuck at the last.
Though Maya might think that it is possible to finally liberate by this and be relieved, but life is not so going well and she was put into prison again.
Here arranged the pattern of the crime that exactly enlivened the mass communication recently in the TOKYO-HOT fiction style. The hand of love to the Maya who lives slave's life!!

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