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(sakura_sakurada) Sakura, Forever! part1


n0053 2005/03/25
Sakura, Forever! part1

SAKURA SAKURADA who had reigned as a queen of the insult video field over many years decorated the retirement content with "TOKYO-HOT".
For such reason, please let us present it by three composition of direction & super-cheap that suitable for the retirement content this time.

The first content this month is that SAKURADA who wearing red Race Queen costume make the provocation pose as it gets on music, sits on a sofa afterwards, and starts from the interview.
There is her grave announcement after her retirement here. I must pardon it though I want to teach, please enjoying it to see the content.

The cock appears as follows and it is fellatio time. A thick fellatio can be seen while vomiting words as bully for man. Another cock also participates and double fellatio time.
Please enjoy her wonderful fellatio technique that so erotic. Tears spill as the cock stiffening when thinking this is last fellatio scene.

Then, hand rub service of Sakurada special as her truth height starts. Sakurada hoots at masochistic brute while tramples cock of him down and rub it while drip her saliva down to his cock.
Of course there is fellatio here, the hand rub service play of lascivious Sakurada can be seen for several minutes. Afterwards, the first composition is ended in such a excited place though the finger fuck at M-leg posture starts.

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(yaya_matsushima) Teacher Slut


n0052 2005/03/15
Teacher Slut

Newly appointed teacher slut YAYA MATSUSHIMA appears this time, she has slender body and good for hip hop dance.
It starts from dancing that Yaya shake the hip provocatively, Yaya was made as laughingstock by the villainy students in the classroom, her pussy was played and insulted with Double Fellatio, 3P Play, Raw Fuck and 4 continues vaginal cum shot.

And hands and feet were restricted at the end, and a super special course of sperm shot by 30 people was struck. Many of recent teachers do not have consciousness as the educator, and consider YAYA to be the one of them.
She was despised by the students from the self-introduction in the boy's school where YAYA was just arrived as new appointed teacher. Because atrocious students of a class called a den of evil do not have an ear to hear for YAYA of Dynamite tits.

They only wanted the woman who had their desires realized. She has only fall a prey suitably to the students. She was at the mercy of the students because she thought students will listen the class, but it was an opening of her failure.
Students who are the get into one's strides make her nakedness and begin to play for all over the body of YAYA. When the pussy of the pink color is exposed, students start finger fuck.

It is not persuasive in naked even she saying "Stop it !" The pussy insult play was escalates one after another and two brute play alternately and finally she made a female ejaculation.
Please pay attention for her pussy that was convulsing after play. Next, Pussy insult play while rubbing tits was started at the M-Leg posture, vagina is expanded right and left by the finger and stirs it violently.

Because it is a super close-up, even the projection of the meat wall is full view. Then, insult for clitoris and vagina by the rotor toy was started,
open the major labia and vibs toy was inserted to the oral and it is good to see the vagina was convulsing.

It searches in the vagina while doing the stroke in the test tube. After made her pussy shiver, then careful service for two cocks start.
YAYA covets cock avariciously while drip the slaver down slowly and became female pig. Raw fuck starts from standing back posture. She forget a position named a teacher and begin to taste a thick cock avariciously.

YAYA writhes violently every time poked and begins to throw seriousness love juice dripping. Her dynamite tits shakes violently at the back with one leg lift up posture.
Her exclamation level increase more when she was torture from missionary to doggie back posture, and she forgot herself to became crazy about piston action of cock.

When it is comes this stage, whether she may be already got into the erotomania mode, YAYA violently shakes her hip vertically as like a dance.
It is deeply impressed that YAYA grasped her hips voluntarily and tastes thick cock avariciously to depth of vagina. One brute unbearable and made vaginal cum shot after Bending and missionary posture.
The scene to tease YAYA one after another starts here. Brute make raw fucking and vaginal cum shot one after another. Sakurai type speculum of our recommendation inserted in the pussy where became pasty by the full of semen is shown.
However, Sakurai type of speculum becoming popular even the high school !?(^_^;) Anyway it is not the end. YAYA was hold Ball Gag and restricted hands and foots, and fall a prey of the semen of the poor students who is not welcomed for the girl.
The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and the thick and smell semen is splashed to her face, tits and thigh one after another. Please enjoy the PISS SHOT as extra scene, the angle to use two cameras will be enjoyable.
YAYA MATSUSHIMA who was kept as female pig have fate that she never become an excellent teacher whom she have a great longing for. (^0^)

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(reika_ayanami) Meat Urinal 2


n0051 2005/03/05
Meat Urinal 2

Well, REIKA AYANAMI who performed to the second series of "MEAT URINAL" this time will be well known by our member who looked at our latest content information.
To become a member for the first time, will lightly introduce the profile of her. REIKA was born on the 24th of December 1983 and 21 years old.

She has the wonderful body profile as height 165cm, weight 47kgs and 3 size is B88/W58/H89. It seems that this is the first time for REIKA to be took the video and the point where the dialogue is very awkward is fresh.
Moreover, REIKA have been experienced RAW FUCKING for the first time at our TOKYO-HOT. Of course, it is not only that but also there are many insult scene as "Double Fellatio", "3P&4P Play", "Piss Shot", "Vaginal Cum Shot" and "Toy play for Pussy".

Please enjoy to look someone who loved "INSULT" in the first of debut because this is the first debut of her in our "MEAT URINAL" series.
First of all, it starts from the image shot scene to get on the music of REIKA who wear flight attendant's uniform. Next, panty stockings & panty is taken off in the sofa and masturbation by the finger was begun.

The captain appears in the place in which she has become pleasant. The captain who gets excited because sees her masturbation begins to insult to her pussy.
When it begins to stimulate the enlarged clitoris, the expression of REIKA who deceives pleasure feeling by the laughing is impressive.

Though she gets pleasure feeling, she is bashful because of too much feeling embarrassed for the first photography. The female ejaculation have started when her love juice dripping out while two finger was inserted.
The place where some blood flows out lastly is very impression. Next, though it is the piss shot scene, please look the urine that blow out from urethra mouth by using two cameras on the side and right under.

It is the common sense that if someone was given pleasant occasion then make a giving the reward. COCK is made pleasant by the mouth, so fellatio time is started.
The naked crews intrude into one after another and their cocks were sucked by the REIKA. One crew ejaculates in her tongue at the end and Fellatio time was finished.

Please satisfy Fellatio of REIKA that deal with four cocks well. Then, pussy insult play with toy start, at the first it start from finger fuck,
and in the place where the clitoris and the vagina were bullied with the rotor toy, various things that never insert in the pussy throughout her life such as brush, muddler, vase and cup and ball toy inserted and tremble for her pussy.

Afterwards, a mysterious image that virtual can experience with the test tube in the vagina is shown. It peeps into the interior of pussy that during menstruation with the Sakurai Type of Speculum of the royal road at the end of the toy play.
It is a start of the raw fuck as real battle in the place in which it approached middle. After lick each other at the 69 posture, fucking was started at face to face sitting posture.
An obscene putting the cock and pussy in and out gets excited it. REIKA shake voluntarily her hip avariciously at the backward sitting posture, and the appearance to pant every time violently thrusted at the doggie back posture is so excited.
One another crew joins and 3P play starts at the Woman on top posture, also one more crew joins at the missionary posture and dare to 4P sexual promiscuity play.
REIKA who thoroughly enjoys a cock with smiling while men play her is wonderful.
The sperm shot was started to reach end of this content, first of all captain made vaginal cum shot, secondly sub captain also made vaginal cum shot, thirdly mechanic misfired and lastly purser made vaginal cum shot also at the doggie back posture.
Mechanic breaks her pussy open to use Sakurai type speculum at the same posture of last as doggie back and captain scfucks up splashed semen.
The staff of TOKYO-HOT who made 4 vaginal cum shot to her is cruel though it is the first video of REIKA.

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