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(sperm) Sperm Special 2


n0063 2005/05/30
Sperm Special 2

Sperm Special 2
Special Edition / Absolutely Uncensored
Reimi Kanoh / Yuma Furukawa / Sana Nakajima
Kaho Noguchi / Misuzu Takizawa

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(karen_ooshi) THE KINBAKU


n0062 2005/05/27

A new series appeared in the TOKYO HOT ! It is the special content including Tight Bind of the main and Raw Fuck, Vaginal Cum Shot and Sperm shower.
KAREN OHSHIMA of 19 years performs to this. It will be so excited to see that the amorousness thigh of KAREN was bound with rope and hung, and fucked.

Please satisfy this hard-core, we do not fail to live up to your expectation. It starts from image shot of KAREN who put on the school costume getting on our original music at the beginning.
Some sexy shots that have taken at the out side were shown. When it enters into main chapter, the supervisor's strange interview is begun in the place to which she is stopping in the room.

The panty was exposure when both hands are bound with the hemp rope and hung. KAREN who sprinkle smile is so pretty and wonderful even she was hung.
When the panty is taken off while being interviewed and the groin is exposed, a vertical long under hair is discovered in a triangular zone.

Her tits were also exposed and one foot is lifted up, then finger fuck starts without mercy to KAREN who became a nonresistance. When the labia that got slightly black is expanded, a pink oral is seen clearly.
When the clitoris is stimulated, KAREN is absorbed in pleasure while leak the groan voice and shuts eyes. Her pant voice heated up further when the rotor toy is inserted in the vagina and it moves violently.

Moreover, when violently stir her pussy by finger, lewd sound echoed and your crotch also heated up !? Further, vibs toy was ready and obstinately bullied her pussy then she pants in the voice that cries and reached acme.
The scene replaces, hands and foot are restrained at the sofa and thick vibs toy was inserted at the lift up hip posture. Then, looks on until KAREN reaches acme.

The following, she became crawl on all fours and vibs toy insert into her pussy. The erected cock appears when violently putting vibs toy in and fellatio was begun.
The cock that became hard one after another appears and fellatio is compelled. KAREN desperately sucks five cocks and licking them. And, served ardently for the one of cock and mouthful cum shot was made.

Then, the scene reached the most interesting part and fucking time is started. Fellatio is forced on KAREN who is bund as turtle shall and hung.
The appearance to lick the cock painfully while dripping hanging slaver down sets fire to the sadist mind. At the doggie back posture, raw cock made violent piston and KAREN is pleased to scream every time cock goes in and out as tears the crack.

At the Woman on Top posture, two cocks participate and fellatio service was forced for them to enjoy 3P play while one cock was poking her.
KAREN gets the toy handled with force fellatio while being poked by an irregular posture. When they enjoy with her pussy moderately, four men made the sperm shower to the face and pussy of KAREN.
After two vaginal cum shot was made, semen in the vagina is observed with the Sakurai type speculum of our recommendation. Normally it is the end of the content, however KAREN cannot expect to the end yet.
What is waiting for her the next ? KAREN was restrained her hand and foot by the bed and semen brute men made cum shower to her one after another while she was bullied by vibs toy.
Because it is a new series of TOKYO HOT, and this will bring some new excitement to you. As an extra, PISS SHOT scene was included, and it was finished in the content which we could be satisfied with very much.("KINBAKU" = JAPANESE ROPE BONDAGE.)

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(sakura_sakurada) Sakura, Forever! part3


n0061 2005/05/25
Sakura, Forever! part3

Were you satisfied with 1st and 2nd composition of retirement content of SAKURADA SAKURA ? It is a final more and more this month.
The hard play no exaggeration it to say consolidating here is on going. Violent poking is made at the Woman on Top posture and poking as devil at the back posture as well.

The cock is inserted in and out as tearing vagina meat at the monkey back posture. At the side posture, he thrust the cock while rubbing the tits, stab violently at the missionary posture and joint part can be seen on close up at the Bending posture.
And it is a start of 4 continues vaginal cum shot & 32 continues thick starchy sperm shot at the end more and more. Such a Hard Play like this is dared at this time because this is the retirement content of SAKURA SAKURADA.

Stinky and thick semen of brute pours down over her face one after another while being violently poked at the missionary posture. Her face gets covered with semen quickly while fainting in agony.
The vaginal cum shot is continuously on going one after another between those and it is the sublime play that cannot express by the word.

The retirement content of SAKURA SAKURADA who has been became laughingstock exactly became the content of the legend passed on to future generations !. "TOKYO HOT is immortal through all eternity."

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(mariko_kondo) Attack without condom


n0060 2005/05/15
Attack without condom

MARIKO KONDO of 19 years who has participated in the inter-high school competition in volleyball at high school days appears this time.
Moreover, she has fought with the player who became famous for the Athens Olympics. In this moment, she entered University and holds out aiming night and day due to be selected for the at National Volleyball team for the next Olympic game.

Our devil brute army corps has bullied again for the MARIKO who was promised for the future.
We let you see, make your hard hand job and go to heaven by four simultaneous fellatio, toy insult play at M-leg posture, super poke fuck, vaginal cum shot and PISS shot scene that took from two angles.

MARIKO has received special training by the coach for the receive at the classroom without knowing why. Though she is scolded from the devil coach and gets depressed, the coach prepares other special devil coaches of national team for her.
However, if she thinks to get coaching for only volleyball, it is expecting too much ! It is necessary to suck the devil coaches' cock to improve the movement of the body after all.

MARIKO will be baptized enough from coaches. First of all, devil coaches make MARIKO to suck their four cocks. The scene that MARIKO sucks without putting up teeth though the cocks are pushed by force into the mouth overflows tears and doesn't stop.
Next, her dynamite F-cup tits is very obstructive for receiving and therefore three devil coaches start to crumple her tits. After the tits is trained, it is necessary to train the pussy.

To examine sensitive of her pussy, two fingers are thrown in and made her female ejaculation. Please pay attention to the expression of MARIKO who is fainting in agony while made lewd sound.
The somersault receive is sure to be able to be done lightly if it does here. The somersault receive in the state of exposing the pussy might be a thing to be surely pleased with the auditorium.

However, it doesn't get good results very much and therefore it starts the deliberate observation in the pussy as following training. Please enjoy much for our sticking to the pussy.
To bully her vagina wall to using more than 20kinds of toy & vibs and it will make your hand become busy in the MARIKO who was fainting in agony.

It will make so exciting impression that joy juice of MARIKO flowed out from her pussy after she got acme. The training reaching climax and raw fuck starts, the devil coach inserted his thick cock at the backward woman on top posture.
MARIKO got the acme at the modified back posture with machinegun poke. The devil coach made a mouthful cum shot after he made violent poke that made MARIKO became crazy at the missionary and bending posture.

Then, it starts enjoyable party of devil coaches one after another. The performance of superior piston action at the missionary posture will be seen.
The cock explodes to MARIKO who expresses pleasure while gripping the sheet. Second coach made vaginal cum shot, third coach could not made erection even he tried and fourth coach made facial cum shot.
The third coach rouses himself seeing the scene of facial cum shot and made violent poke again then made vaginal cum shot at the last.
Then "SAKURAI TYPE of Speculum" appears, the scene to which semen swims about inside of vagina will bring some throb.
MARIKO who wanted to enter the national volleyball team got over devil's trials one after another while put up with pleasure and suffering. However, can MARIKO who became the slave of love join the national team !?
She would have been recognized that life was not sweet so much !

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(kanon_kaduki) SEMEN BATH


n0059 2005/05/05

The content presented this time is KANON KADUKI of 22 years to whom the beautiful woman of the female office worker fitting applies the word.
It is desire when such a woman is in the same office. The slim leg that expands is so wonderful. The superior and the colleague of the TOKYO-HOT construction company have blamed KANON in a crowd.

The word of Sexual harassment doesn't exist in this company. The woman who is desire is made to enslave.
This content including "RAW FUCK", "VAGNAL CUM SHOT","3P&4P play" as common and also including more exciting play as "INSULT TOY PLAY","ANUS FUCK","3 HOLES BLAME SIMULTANEOUSLY", "SEMEN BATH by the 20 BRUTE" and so on.

The staff of TOKYO-HOT made superior work such as above mentioned and you may not able to sleep to turn them back on. Please enjoy sublime play for 84 minutes.
KANON who works for TOKYO-HOT construction is a popular target in the office. One day, the superior and the colleague who have known the matter that KANON made a HAND RUB Service & fellatio for the director's cock attacked KANON who was working overtime.

Four men who surrounded Kanon nakedly have forced fellatio as she have done for the director. Four cocks have pointed at her face and she rubbed them by both hand and sucking one by one.
It is made to sit on a sofa afterwards and stocking and panty were slashed, and the pussy that well maintained is exposed. In the first, to confirm the condition of tight by the finger fuck and let her pussy wet.

The panty is pushed into the mouth in order to save her great pant voice and blame escalates in the addition. The exposed clitoris was erected and urethra mouth is clearly seen.
After it is stirred by the finger, the labia major are enhanced with the hook. When inside of vagina was stimulated violently by the finger, milky love juice was flowed much.

Then two hole was blamed same time with rotor and vibs toy. KANON made a screaming for that blaming. Please satisfy enough for training to use test tube, anus vibs toy and etc to the pussy and anus hole.
Especially, the anus play with bar controller is impressive. The simultaneous two hole blame scene to use brush is shown the blame for clitoris and urethra mouth in the world of super close up.

And, KANON became crawl on all fours and 2 holes are blamed from the back with Vibs toy while sucking the cock. New equipment appears always for the hole blaming and such TOKYO-HOT is so great indeed.
There was PISS SHOT play after exhausted KANON made female ejaculation. Please look at the mysterious world that piss flowed from urethra mouth.

The raw fuck start from Standing back posture. Please feel exciting for the co-starring with cock and pussy in the office. Then, all the more, the real hardcore will be seen after several postures were shown on the bed.
Another superior thrusts his cock and poke violently as follows immediately when mutually licking each other by 69 play. Other brute inserts his cock into anus hole while being caress service and 3P play was started.
At the Backward woman on top posture, it changed to 4P play as grasp cock by both hand and fellatio, and the all the hole as mouth, pussy and anus was closed completely by the cocks at the last and blamed violently.
After showing Backward/face to face Woman on top and Back with devil poke, the cock skewer to anus hole at the monkey back posture.
The brute tasted the each tight condition of pussy and anus at the missionary posture and first brute made cum shot into the anus and second brute made mouthful com shot as well.
The third brute made vaginal cum shot and fourth brute made cum shot into anus again. KANON was insulted so much but it is so wonderful.
After that Sakurai type of speculum was appears and observe the semen that remained inside of vagina. The end is she was bathed with having been put on the clothes and semen of 20 brute were poured away in the bath.
Please be attention for the impression of stiffens face of KANON. It is one to feel admiration when it came to be able to do play that the woman in Japan is not defeated at foreign countries either.

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(miki_sak) Anal Fucked Teen 2


n0058 2005/05/03
Anal Fucked Teen 2

The content that makes it specially present for holiday week(Golden week) is MIKI SAKAI of 19 years by doing of our staff made the negotiation in the town and got approval.
Many of our fun might have the wonderful experience with her who performed with her private clothes at the last time.

This time she put on the high school uniform and the act that she had been actually doing in the high school student age was reproduced based on her testimony.
It will be not accepted that such lovely girl trifled with the brute. Therefore, our staff punished MIKI on behalf of brute at the people.

At the beginning, it shows with the reproduction video what kind of prostitution MIKI in the second grade of high school was doing. Brute were played as a half killing by the exactly similar to "Sexy Touching pub".
MIKI was really young slut at that time. She was not allowing to insert the cock though all processes from the suck to rub service by her crotch as sham fuck was done, Oh my god !

What a fine state of affairs! When the light interview was done, the matter that will make anger of the brute come out one after another.
In this case, we should make punishment to her instead of brute in the world and then put off her school uniform and start to blame her tits.

The tits that are good tension and shakes heavily that come from youth will bring so much exotica. When the nipple is rubbed roundly, she pants in a lovely voice.
Then his hand expands to her pussy and start finger fuck. The lewd sound that comes from her pussy will make much excitement. Next, another reproduction scene is shown.

MIKI who had grown up in the shopping street in the downtown in Tokyo was getting the pocket money from brute in the shopping street for the suck and the hand rub service.
MIKI who put on the school uniform suck and made hard hand rub service was cost 5,000 JP yen. It seems that it was very easy part time job for MIKI.

When the hourly wage is certainly calculated, it is a doctor and work at the lawyer level. It becomes impossible to do certainly usual work when experienced such an easy work.
To be reborn of MIKI who is always doing such a thing, it is made to sit on a sofa at the M-leg posture and the pussy training is started.

After all, does our staff want also only to play with her pussy?? The real intention and stated reason is putting out, at the first, let you see deliberately looking in the vagina with the speculum.
The place where the opening of uterus is greatly open is clearly understood. Next, by using kaleidoscope, please confirm the condition of vagina wall when the cock is inserted in.
It blame from the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously to the anus hoe with the brush and Dildo. The vagina and anus hole are blamed with vibs toy, and made hard finger fuck at the end, the milky joy juice dripping out from the vagina.
When the toy blame ends, it is fucking time at the last. They are mutually uplifted by the 69play, the raw thick cock is suddenly inserted in not the pussy but anus hole.
It is not a wrong transaction but the place where the anus is attacked aiming is villainy When the condition of Anus is confirmed a little, then thick cock inserted in her pussy to make MIKI to pant at the Bending, modified side back and side posture,
and made MIKI to screaming at the doggie back, monkey back, face to face woman on top and backward woman top posture.
At the end, MIKI was poked violently at the missionary posture, and the brute who was half killed put the grudge and made facial cum shot to the MIKI.
After thick cock brute also made facial cum shot to MIKI then another brute insert his raw cock to MIKIHe made the vaginal cum shot at the end while seeing her face that becomes pasty by semen.
After all, the punishment means vaginal cum shot on the TOKYO-HOT style? It is cruel, because nothing is secured even if getting pregnant by this.
The scene where MIKI made confused is taking shower at the end is feeling that cannot mean indescribable. The case of prostitution involving high school girl and brute of MIKI SAKAI is settled by this !

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