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(toy_cusuc) Pussy Toying 1


n0067 2005/06/30
Pussy Toying 1

Pussy Toying 1
Special Edition / Absolutely Uncensored
Mari Yamada / Yuki Shiratori / Rina Shibuya

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(ayaka_kaneko) MEAT URINAL AYAKA Part1


n0066 2005/06/25

It must be also more abundant to remember AYAKA KANEKO who performed a cute high school girl last time. She became a Banny appearance more extremely this time and it appeared as the 5th series of MEAT URINAL (NIKUBENKI).

AYAKA who works for the TOKYO-HOT club will receive the employee education from the manager by the thing with bad reputation from the guest.
Lascivious pheromone hangs in the air. AYAKA was overjoyed when nerd of regular guest beginning bully for her tits under the manager guidance and we who are looking are also overjoyed.

The nipple is erected as soon as the nipple is stimulated. Next, she made good hand job service and fellatio for another nerd guest and mouthful cum shot was made.
It gets excited again to see AYAKA who fiddles with semen vomited in the palm. The following AYAKA challenge four cocks play simultaneously.

She was requested to do her best because a nerd supports Japanese economy in the future is said, the excitement level rises up for the appearance of AYAKA who made hard fellatio service even she was choked.
The crotch part of clothes is torn up, the labium of the pink color was bared, and the vibs toy is inserted there after finger fuck was made.

A lewd sound sounds from the pussy and your cock will be erected by it. The uterine mouth of the pink color seen by the SAKURAI type of speculum is must see.
After pussy was bullied with the toy, the raw thick cock is inserted more and more. It gets excited again to see AYAKA who is a painful expression and pants.

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(hitomi_aizawa) Sluttish Race Queen


n0065 2005/06/15
Sluttish Race Queen

23 years old HITOMI AIZAWA(assumed name) who has acted Race Queen by the some model production for several years ago appears to TOKYO HOT this time.
Actually, she is not adult video model but real model of entertainments, it is always feel admiration for the staff of TOKYO HOT because made such a good slut to appear.

HITOMI has a wonderful long leg and is the slender beautiful lady, but we have bullied HITOMI because only pride of having done the Race Queen is very high.
We made vaginal cum shot, raw cum shot to anus, bully simultaneously by three holes, 4P play, semen shower by the tens of brute and so on for the insolent HITOMI.

This story starts from the place of which HITOMI of Race Queen who belongs exclusively to Super-MAX has made sales promotion to the TOKYO HOT Sports editorial department.
When HITOMI was relaxing in the sofa of the editorial department after her sales promotion has done in general,

she had been to begin to have dozed in the sofa because the one of staff said to her to take a little rest because the manager recalled some business and leave there meanwhile.
To tell the truth, it was plotted that brute sent away the manager and conspire to punish insolent HITOMI. Suddenly the four cocks of editorial department staff surrounded sleeping HITOMI and threaten to suck their cocks.

HITOMI desperately sucks the cock that thrust into her throat deeply and she was forced to make squeeze service by hand afterward.
HITOMI makes an effort as to squeeze cock violently and to make fellatio desperately in order to make ejaculation, that thing might be never thought when she was Race Queen.

The word that he mentioned during squeezed was very unique. The following take off the panty and tinker the clitoris and the vagina by the finger fuck.
The enlarged clitoris is large can call NO1 up to now. And, the finger enters into the vagina that opened splendidly, initially finger was inserted one by one and is surprised for the pussy where five fingers are completely inserted at the last.

HITOMI is such lewd slut who faints in agony with much pleasure when big vibs toy thrust into pussy and anus, and stimulate clitoris by rotor toy.
When the pussy is damped, it is raw insert so that the cock of four people may examine the condition of her pussy. HITOMI who was given rejoice every time thrust, and one brute inserts his cock in the anus hole and poke violently.

And, other staff who get excited also insert their cock in anal. The spectacle that violently made the piston poke while pouring the hoot on HITOMI who pants though it insults gets so excited.
They move to the bed and start 69play after one brute confirm the well-set condition of the pussy at the face to face/backward woman on top posture.
Another person participates to insert his cock to anal during careful pussy licking service was made, and it starts of plural play.
Two cocks are licked while inserted at the woman on top posture, and another brute insert his cock to anal, then two brute make compulsorily piston poke.
Especially, the simultaneously cock bully to three hole as the pussy, anal, and the mouth is seems real hard-core porn. It is what became possible doing play that the woman in Japan is not defeated at foreign countries either.
The scene to compel fellatio to HITOMI who was so exhausted by the devil poke at the doggie back posture is one of the best scenes.
The end of plural play starts from raw cum shot into anal hole at the missionary posture, and more made just as they like as facial cum shot, vaginal cum shot and so on after that.
It is so wonderful that the pussy and anal are cramped in. There is a semen check in the vagina with a familiar "Speculum", too. In addition, it greatly one doesn't end here.
There is tens of sperm shower while made to bully by the vibs toy and etc.
To sprinkle the stinky and dirty semen one after another to HOTOMI who writhes and suffers, and it has a good feeling in it that she utterly loses her face of teacher's career Let's root out conceited slut by the plural play and semen shower !

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(serina_nakajima) Meat Urinal 4


n0064 2005/06/05
Meat Urinal 4

Sorry to have kept you waiting ! It is third "NIKUBENKI" series we present this time. SERINA NAKAJIMA of 22 years who working at the famous company becomes NIKUBENKI this time.
We put her on the police lady costume that is one of the best popular in the TOKYO-HOT. SERINA who performed this time is very tough slut as having six sex friends and very lascivious slut as well.

Moreover, she was a woman who had stayed for a moment primly. Our devil brute made a punishment again for saucy lewd SERINA who loving cock and sexual party.
It is the special course including "RAW FUCK","SIMULANEOUS 4 COCKS FELLATIO", "TOY INSULT PLAY", "4P SEXAUL PARTY PLAY" and "CONTINUES 3 VAGINAL CUM SHOT", also inject sperm into the pussy that was opened by the speculum at the last.

In a long sofa in the chief room of police station, SERINA who works for Transport and Communications Division is quietly doing masturbation with my vibs toy.
The chief appears there in the nakedness without knowing why. The chief has been keening SERINA who stayed primly at the police station and always thought to get her one-day, he took the advantage of this opportunity and decided to bully SERINA.

When took away vibs toy and the pussy is attacked while bullying in the word, SERINA begins to pant. The subordinate participates there and SERINA is played with finger fuck & compel fellatio.
After made a female ejaculation, the chief and three subordinates surrounding SERINA and let her lick four cocks. SERINA who loves sexual party in her private life, she violently sucks cocks gladly.

Then, it rush into fellatio time for one of them and please enjoy her wonderful and skillful service. When there was mouthful cum shot, SERINA suddenly wanted to make PISS SHOT and made it at the M-leg posture.
The shameful expression of SERINA is very impressive. And, it is a start of the pussy insult play with toy. The clitoris and the vagina are bullied with the vibs toy first and the oral is enhanced with the hook as follows.

It will bring more excitement that her sticky joy juice pulls the string and inside of her pussy can see by the close up.
When pussy was enhanced with the muddler, clitoris was stimulated and the vagina is thoroughly bullying with G Spot vibs toy, anus vibs toy and etc. Then, oral was cramped and milky joy juice was dripping out from there.

SERINA is made to say the salacious word when observe her vagina with a test tube and a kaleidoscope, and meat wall and her love juice twine when made a hard piston movement with them.
Pussy mania cannot overlook this scene. The end of the Toy Insult play is to see her uterus that widely opened by the Sakurai Type of speculum.

The fucking start from 69play to lick each pussy and cock, and his raw cock inserted at the backward woman on top posture. Pant voice of SERINA was heated up and lewd sound was echoed when he poked her so violently.
At the face to face woman on top posture, SERINA tastes the cock while voluntarily shaking the hip and rushes into a real mode.
In the place where missionary and doggie back posture was started, 4P play was shown as SERINA suck one cock, made hand rub service for other and others made devil poke.
Even if the cock is inserted to the mouth and the pussy, SERINA who feels that it is pleasant is like erotomania. After 4P play was done, SERINA was reaching acme at the side and missionary posture of chief and vaginal cum shot was dared.
The subordinate inserts the cock one after another into her pussy where still chief's sperm flowed out and made three continuous vaginal cum shot after ward.
You should not overlook this non stop continues vaginal cum shot and please open your eyes greatly. The fourth brute does a cruel thing to pour semen in the vagina that enhanced by the Sakurai type speculum after he enjoy with her pussy.
The finger is put in the vagina afterwards and the semen of four brute is stirred. After all, it is not possible to trust anything !!

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