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(urination_sele) Urination Select 1


n0071 2005/07/30
Urination Select 1

Urination Select 1 Special Edition / Absolutely Uncensored
Mai Kuramoto / Mari Yamada / Yuki Shiratori
Rika Aoki / Misuzu Takizawa / Hikaru Saeki

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(ayaka_kaneko) MEAT URINAL AYAKA Part2


n0070 2005/07/25

It is long waited part 2 of AYAKA KANEKO, many of raw fuck play can be seen finally. The cock stab into her pussy violently at the Standing Back, Face to Face/Backward Woman on Top posture.
AYAKA received nerd guest's thick cock deeply in her pussy and violently wiggle body, your excitement and erected lever will rise up rapidly with out doubtful.

It moves to the mat and, this time, the thick cock of the boast is inserted by missionary posture so that the manager may have the spirit of service memorized in her body.
And it returns from the doggie back to missionary posture and made mouthful cum shot. Nerd guest inserted his raw cock continuously and made vaginal cum shot.

And semen effuse in the vagina of the pink color momentarily at the time of pulled out the cock and her pussy is convulsive. Such lovely Bunny has been conquered.
Then, Skurai type speculum appears there. Please look at clearly the semen that remains in the interior in the vagina that break opened.

The climax is holding of the cum shower festival by the regular guest. Her hand was bound and surrounded by the squalid naked brute, and thick semen is poured aiming to her face one after another mercilessly.
AYAKA who gives appreciative words every time poured has already been becoming splendid Meat Urinal completely. Her face fully covered as eyes are not opened by the semen shower of 20.
Thus, AYAKA who works for sexual club will be kept as splendid Meat Urinal. Do not you try to visit TOKYO HOT Club to watch Meat Urinal ?

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(riho_matsuo) 25 sperm covered all


n0069 2005/07/15
25 sperm covered all

RIHO MATSUOKA 19 years old who was the high school student just until recently appears. Because she was a student until recently, the school uniform appearance is suited very well.
TOKYO HOT complete reproduces her free and easy school life. The schoolboy who cannot concentrate on study on the coattails of her increase rapidly, an embarrassed teacher witnesses the masturbation of such schoolboy,

and the insult of the name of reeducating is begun. Because this is TOKYO HOT, there are raw fuck and vaginal cum shot can been as usual.
And addition, her pussy was made confused by the simultaneous fellatio for four cocks, hand rub service, insertion of foreign substance,

4P promiscuous sex play, Piss shot, continues cum shot into anus hole from anal fuck and 21 continues semen shower to her pussy.
RIHO who put on the schoolgirl costume is cute and have very lovely face but head is a little insufficient. RIHO starts masturbation in none of classrooms that are at the supplementary lessons time after school.

She might surely have been done masturbation at the toilet during class time in the school days. It is sure to be found out when masturbation is done in the place in which it works diligently to study.
It has been found as expected by the teacher who rounds the patrol.

The thing that her pheromone kept being anxious and the number of schoolboys who were not able to concentrate on study increase between teachers became a problem, and teachers decide to punish her.
When it begins to stimulate the tits and pussy, RIHO begins to pant in a lovely voice. Teachers who get excited make compelled fellatio and push three cocks into her mouth deeply one after another.

And slaver begins to overflow and dripping down. The head teacher of the stark naked appears when playing with by three people and supplementary lessons of the sex education begin directly.
There is no wrong thing that already gets excited by the appearance to suck four cocks obediently. Then, it is a hand rub service and fellatio for the schoolboy who is not popular most in the class.

A disgusted student is comforted by the spirit of the volunteer that followed by the class before. Thick sticky semen is splashed into her mouth by the devoted technique.
Please get excited again by the semen that drips from the mouth. The following are the insult foreign substance insertion time of our special product.

A slightly big major labia was opened and she was absorbed in the insult play as finger fuck and rotor & vibs toy,
and afterward the super close up picture of pussy hair, its hair hole and her joy juice that overflow from her pussy can be seen by the microscope of our new weapon.
It gets excited though what is not understood somehow when even here is large why. When the excitement culminates, the raw cock is completely inserted into he pussy at the standing back posture and bullied violently.
It rushes into 4P play with the cocks in both hands when becoming missionary posture. You may be excited again to see the RIHO who is tasting cock by the pussy while sucking the cock in the mouth.
RIHO does not stop fellatio service even fuck is continuously at the woman on top posture. The head teacher appears there again, and inserts his raw cock into anus hole.
The screaming and the pant come in succession and the excitement level reached max, and he made cum shot into her anus hole. It is wonderful to see the anus hole is cramped with twitching.
The following teacher also thrusts a thick cock into the anus hole immediately, and made violent piston. Then it is second cum shot into anus hole to RIHO who makes ugly faces and faints in agony.
And, there are mouthful cum shot and vaginal cum shot continuously to treat RIHO as public toilet. In the final finish, students made cum shower that aims to her pussy.
It applauds for the devil play that 21 thick cum shower covered her pussy. TOKYO HOT in which a cruel thing is done really every time is so wonderful !!

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(rika_kitajim) Meat Urinal 5


n0068 2005/07/05
Meat Urinal 5

A great new slut appeared again for TOKYO-HOT. Though the raw fuck, vaginal cum shot, and promiscuous sex etc. are natural patterns, RIKA KITAJIMA 20 years old is such slut who drank all the stink and dirty semen of 20 brute at the cum shower scene.
RIKA who has such a lovely face and gulp down semen will be really great ! Please open your eyes wide and look this because you cannot be talked mania of TOKYO HOT if you over look this content.

She put on the black separates costume of Race Queen and starts masturbation at the beginning. The finger crawls from the tits to crotch and the pussy hole is opened.
Her pussy is somewhat rare as minor vagina is downward. Her manager appears in nakedness when resting after she got acme by masturbation and forced her to make fellatio service after all.

She obediently grasps his cock and begins to rub. RIKA sucks cock that grew hard and licks it with very lewd sound. The scene of the recommendation in here is to rub his cock while licking manager's nipple by a lascivious tongue.
It captivates in a very alluring look. You may be beaten by this. Next, camera kids with a lovely face and nakedness who is the fun of RIKA appears, then he starts finger fuck to RIKA who became M-leg posture in order to make female ejaculation.

After that, other camera kids appear, they surround RIKA and four simultaneous fellatio begins. The scene that thrust cock into her mouth against her will and RIKA faint in pain is very exciting.
And toy insult play was started after modified careful pussy licking service. Clitoris and vagina is bullied obstinately by the vibs toy and etc.

RIKA may be very sensitive slut and it is the point of here that RIKA got acme so easily. Please see the world of the estheticism of RIKA who forgets oneself in shamefulness and pleasure deliberately.
In the checkpoint here, there are about two weapons that appear newly. As for one thing that can be said, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the world without seeing before.

Please buy and look at the person who wants to learn more in detail than it. Twining starts from 69 play with the camera kid. The raw cock is deeply inserted at the standing back posture and they combined.
Putting the cock and the pussy in and out is seen in a violent piston action. It can be confirmed and seen that the cock shines with her joy juice in the close up scene and is very erotic.

It gets excited to see that thick cock inserted and poked violently to slender RIKA and other camera kids start to bully RIKA afterward.
The tight condition of the pussy begins to be satisfied by raw insertion to RIKA who grasped cocks by both hands.

Even if RIKA is violently poked and screaming while sucking the cock, RIKA who faints in agony to a camera kids who keeps blaming without mercy.
It enters the missionary posture and bullies the hole in succession as the first camera kid made mouthful cum shot, and second one made vaginal cum shot and third camera kid made mouthful cum shot, and twining was ended.
And, it rushes into the scene written by opening that stinky and dirty semen of 20 camera kids is made to be drunk.
Hands and leg are bound, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy, rohto is held in her mouth, and semen is poured into her mouth one after another.
The scene that drinks semen while screaming and fainting in agony is a scene not been seen up to now by TOKYO-HOT. A familiar label of "Meat Urinal" has been sealed to RIKA at the end.
It will be able to be said that RIKA is a suitable slut for this extremely heroic insult content.

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