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(megu_aso) Race Queen appears


n0075 2005/08/25
Race Queen appears

As we have noticed, MEGU ASO who is companion and Race Queen appears in this time. How again TOKYO HOT did a wonderful thing ! It is real Race Queen.
MEGU dares a super-hard taking a video of the TOKYO HOT by her first challenge. MEGU challenges raw fuck of real battle and continues vaginal cum shot as well as insert substance.

Moreover, she was made PISS SHOT. May there be such a thing ! It is not so interesting if Race Queen of MEGU put on the leotard. Then, it dared to set her to the flight attendant.
No matter what she dresses, the beautiful woman still suits. She was very pleased with this costume not to know bullying our style that would happen from now on.

After she took the flight, she was done sexual molester by a man who combined in the elevator on the way to her home.
Moreover, When MEGU drunk like irritated feelings, she was hunted persistently by the brute and also hunted on the way to home, she is really sick for it.

On such a day, MEGU is told by her boss that the employee was reeducated because the trouble of the company continued and reeducated was done later by the president directly.
She has started masturbation because she bored it until the time of the flight afterwards. And, it is found by the copilot such a shameless appearance.

Though she was forced fellatio in order to keep this secret, but it was found by the other crews. They mentioned that loosening of such a nature will be caused the accident and insult was begun.
At the first, MEGU was sucked four cocks one after another while dripping hanging slaver down. It is a thing that the woman who is affected was a lewd woman and cock lover of in fact peeling off, too.

After the copilot is served wonderful fellatio, pussy insult by captains is begun. Her pussy makes already a wet much by her love juice and lewd sound sounded because it had gotten excited by the masturbation and fellatio service ahead.
Therefore she made female ejaculation as soon as she was insulted. As for the toy play, it starts from the vagina opening by the hook, and bully the pussy such as the golf balls and muddler for the knowledge of entertainment.

And, the vibs toy is used for the important sensitivity development of the pussy for the most important entertainment at nights and the end is peeped at to the interior of the interior in the vagina by the illuminator.
Again she made female ejaculation again then. When female ejaculation is made so frequently, it seems to get dehydration. Then the raw fuck starts from standing back posture.

The lascivious sounding of the cock and pussy sounds and it is very lewd feeling that is mixed the sound that the iron-barred window knocks against the prison in an educational room.
Please pay attention to the pussy of MEGU who hold on the cock and doesn't detach at the sitting posture. Afterward, they move to the mat and 4P play was started when cocks of other crews appear.
MEGU enjoy this 4P play very much such as Doggie back, Side, Doggie back again and Woman on top posture. MEGU looks seem glad every time the cock appears.
And the lastly, it is 4 continues cum shot as two facial cum shot and two vaginal cum shot at the end. Then Sakurai type speculum appears, pussy in which the cock is inserted severely is enhanced.
It can be seen that the semen of just the discharge into the interior of the pussy still remained.
It is likely to get pregnant if remaining in the so much !? There is PISS SHOT scene that use two cameras at the end, please satisfy and enjoy this wonderful scene.
The race queen who putting on the special costume being made much of by everyone is this state. The TOKYO HOT is really the professional of insult!

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(kurumi_aizawa) Erotic police lady


n0074 2005/08/15
Erotic police lady

It is appearance of KURUMI AIZAWA whom the shape of the policewoman of Transport and Communications Division suits very much. There is rarely a slut to whom the word lascivious applies like this.
Especially, amorousness of KURUMI after begins to lick the cock is excitement level 120%. By this content, Raw fucking, fellatio service for four cocks, 4P play as promiscuous sex and 2 vaginal cum shot at the end were shown.

A very firm occupational category might be policeman in the national government employee. KURUMI also graduated from the junior college, worked for Transport and Communications Division and worked seriously.
When KURUMI crackdown against illegal parking on the certain day, she encounters a strange man.

KURUMI who had doubted would investigate, and rush into from the object that the man had had to the world of insult that exchanged the head of lascivious police station and the criminal.
Please enjoy her super technique of fellatio that made instruction of head to KURUMI who begins to sucks the cock by the body check for a suspicious person.

Semen was splashed into the mouth at the end and it was made to confess.
Though the head of police station who thought that KURUMI has detective's nature tries to have it arrange three suspicious people at once and confess by the fellatio, but brute of tough guy are not made to confess by fellatio like this.

The head of police station who get impatient for it made her sucks his cocks. And three tough guys thrust their cocks into her mouth in the confusion of the moment.
The expression that sucks the thrust cock one after another while dripping out slaver from the mouth doesn't seem to have had policeman's dignity.

Already, she turns into mere lewd pig. After all, KURUMI who was not able to compete by three brute will be made to reeducate. First of all, finger fuck was made by the head of police station and her boss.
The pant voice leak when the finger violently inserted into the vagina and the joy juice drips down from the vagina meat that opened greatly, and it is very lascivious.

The insult plays with using toys start after made female ejaculation. The clitoris and the vagina are bullied with a lot of vibs toys, the kaleidoscope and the test tube are inserted in the vagina, and the meat wall is observed.
Also uterus mouth was clearly shown by the illuminator. The raw fuck was start from standing back posture. KURUMI was in the ecstasies when canon cock of head police station inserted into her pussy deeply.

The head of police station who gets excited by the voice to writhe tastes her pussy while confirming the condition of it by a lot of posture.
Two more boss participate at the woman on top posture and rush into 4P play. KURUMI who enjoy avariciously two cocks while being pierced from the under became sex machine.
The head of police station who was satisfied enough her pussy made hard piston movement at the missionary posture and made mouthful cum shot.
After the subordinate violently poked in succession, then vaginal cum shot was made. Third one made a mouthful cum shot after he plays her at the irregular posture and she clean his cock to use mouth.
Fourth man who is reprehensive of suspect insert his raw cock and made vaginal cum shot without endure. The appearance of semen of two vaginal cum shots flow out from her pussy and dripping down to hip is so wonderful.
Still more, that's semen is stirred and her pussy became sloppy. It does not know whether Japanese police really can do such things or not, anyway, let's assume it is good.
At he last, there are two piss shot scenes, one is that can see piss very clearly at the M-leg posture and it so wonderful, also other piss shot can see continuously.
How does the result of head's giving to KURUMI who holds out until now ? We may be give the police superintendent prize to KURUMI who hardly holds out.

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(kaho_aida) Fuck the slender idol!


n0073 2005/08/10
Fuck the slender idol!

The lovely slender slut Kaho Aida appears in this time. Her profile is H165cm/B80/W57/H82. Though such Kaho should have been photo session of swimming ware, but she was cheated by the wicked manager and fall a prey to camera kids.
It adds to various insult play as raw fuck, toy insult play, promiscuous sex and 3 continues vaginal cum shot, and inject the semen into the vagina that opened greatly at the end.

I want to participate once when it is such a photo session. Moreover, camera kids are equally cruel bunch in the staff of TOKYO HOT even the compulsion piss shot scene is made.
It became excellent content for the user who favorite slender slut. It is the trifling matter that the guarantee of talent earns at the gravure photo session and the best job is photo session because of guarantee is so good.

Camera kids are feelings little bad for a moment, but the guarantee during a day enters considerably as long as it is endured.
It starts from the corruption manager sold her to four camera kids 30,000 yen (it is cheap) each when Kaho goes to the photo session on a certain day.

Naked camera kids intrude into the photo session and suddenly force fellatio to her for four cocks. Though Kaho must disturb to be cheated and sold by the wicked manager but her switch of lewd mode seems to turn on when she begins to lick cock.
After all, Kaho is a lewd slut though she has such a lovely face. Let's insult such lewd slut together with. Next, it is special training of hand job service and fellatio.

In the first, made to irritate while making the tongue crawled gently, and hand is gradually used to make up and down movement as piston.
Then thick semen is discharged into the mouth with a super-high-speed piston at the end. The camera kids have gotten excited, they suppressed Kaho and the compulsion acme is begun by the hard finger fuck.

A lewd sound sounds, and her love joy juice drips out from her pussy. The brute who began to persist in the pussy begin to bully the pussy with a lot of toys.
At the first, labia major was opened by the S character hook and the rotor toy is inserted into vagina. Wondering she may get the so pleasant feeling and the toy insult play escalates to Kaho who reacts so excessively.

It is only technique of TOKYO HOT that inserts something to the pussy even the tool that not only the tool used usually as the vibs toy, kaleidoscope and so on but also the gourd and so on usually use in life.
Due to use new weapon of speculum that is illuminator speculum, the situation in which the opening of uterus greatly opens the mouth and the semen is accepted is clearly seen.

The world of a mysterious image is only shown in microscope of another new weapon. The fucking start from 69play, and the fellatio is served the grasp of two cocks by the woman on top posture on the face version.
It is the on parade of fuck scene not to vomit breath from raw insertion at the woman on top with M-leg posture. A starving camera kids bully her body too and it is state of sexual promiscuity.
The end is three continues vaginal cum shot of angry waves disregarding the word "Don't put out inside, stop it !" of the Kaho who entreats.
The appearance where semen and love juice are blended and bubble like the whip is simply a word of the best of best.
Moreover, attack the routed enemy, one of brute give her finishing blow to splash his thick semen enough into pussy of Kaho who became lift hip up posture.
Four worth of the semen poured into the interior of the pussy is discharged with a shameful fart. Because the camera kids is interested also for the PISS SHOT scene, and Kaho was took to the bathroom and taking PISS SHOT image neatly.
The expression of Kaho that to be at a disadvantage was very impressive.

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(riona_konishi) The pot of the semen


n0072 2005/08/05
The pot of the semen

Sorry for keeping to wait for everyone. It is appearance of RIONA KONISHI while the topic becomes heated. Wonderfully, the woman who is entering in the racing team as a Race Queen at the certain team revealed everything in this TOKYO HOT.
Though only a provocative Race Queen's appearing in nude to having lewd costume gets excited, it shows to the inside of pussy deeply, and surprising things are done as Raw Fuck, Promiscuous sex and so on.

Moreover, there are three continues vaginal cum shot and 20 continue cum shower to her pussy. The private life falls into disorder really though the Race Queen must be a woman of man's yearning.
RIONA making a pose one after another according to rhythmical music. REONA appears to the photo session without knowing taking a picture with the hidden camera when entering the rest room at the beginning.

It is the one of very important task for Race Queen to appear in the photo session by the nerd who took the photo only from low angle while keeping smile.
And, another is entertainment to the sponsor. Only serving with sake cannot satisfy the sponsor. RIONA entertains to use her body as well to the sponsor one after another so that she may also take new job.

Without having an unpleasant face even if groped in the body and pretending to feel it also her obligation. Also, to maker hand job service and suck the cock that is not washed and stinky is important job.
RIONA was keeping smile even she was made mouthful cum shot after made violent stroke repeatedly, yes, it is the regulations that Race Queen is always answering in the smile.

Next, RIONA licks politely and sucks four men's cocks in her mouth at the same time. They were very pleased with this. Moreover, there is a sponsor who loves masturbation appreciation in business that uses the body, too.
When the pussy was exposed, though she cares about under hair for costume, under hair was beautifully shaved at all. And, she pants with a lovely voice when she bullies her clitoris and vagina at the same time by the rotor toy.

Four sponsors who were touched off and got excited crawl their finger to her pussy and start mischief. It escalates gradually from the finger to vibs toy for RIONA who reacts sensitively.
And, it begins to insert other toys that never put in the pussy. A free contracted vagina accepts a lot of toys.

The opening of uterus to which is greatly opened with the Sakurai type speculum and disposal speculum is shown and meat wall & love juice in the vagina is made to be appreciated in the microscope of the new weapon at the end.
Then, raw fucking was started at the standing back posture. The cock is deeply inserted in the pussy and a violent stroke is done and a lewd sound resounds on a full screen.

They move to the bed and knocking against meat and meat each other is played from missionary posture to bending posture. Two cocks appear even if changing posture from setting into woman on top and block up her mouth.
The end of fucking is three continues vaginal cum shot of angry waves. This scene shows uncensored and please look staring at this real fucking battle.
The thick semen of finishing blow splashed to her vagina that opened greatly by the lift her hip up posture after three continues vaginal shot and stirred it.
The manager is surprised for contemptible play, too. RIONA who puts it away is model of race queen because have done such things in order to get the job.
Moreover, it is not the end, there is violent semen shower of 20 nerds to the pussy of RIONA who became posture of lift hip up at the end.
RIONA who says appreciative words every time sprinkled semen may say that it will be sponsor's high sensitivity NO.1 for the future. However, doing to here also for race queen to take work shall not be work to be harder than the sex industry worker.

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