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(aiko_imai) A New Graduate


n0080 2005/09/30
A New Graduate

For our mania, sorry to have kept you waiting !
This is the time limitation version of special free content of the end of month, Our member will feel profitable for this because normally it will be charged 20token but this is free!! Of course we deliver the high quality content as well as usual.

How TOKYO HOT wonderful is. Here once again we announce you that this is the time limitation version and therefor if you do not become the member of TOKYO HOT at once, you will miss this wonderful content.
The fun who has sadistic mind will be got much excited for AIKO IMAIA who appears this time. The scene that four brute surround AIKO, she shows super and wonderful fellatio technique.

Sadistic fun, don't over look this content, it is the one of the best content of insult scene recently in the TOKYO HOT. The story of this content is that AIKO as office lady doing masturbation with pink rotor toy in the office where no one there.
May be she has much stress for the simple work every day. She took off the panty and stimulates vagina by hand while put pink rotor on the clitoris and rush into heaven mode.

Just she was reaching acme, the manager come back to office and found such AIKO. Then insult play starts as customary course.
She hardly sucks the cannon cock of manager who appears necked and mouthful cum shot was made after she service him as much as possible.

The manager who get slave at the mercy of his command present AIKO to the director for his promotion. After all, the system of the company is a translation to which such flatterer succeeds.
Anyway, directors start to bully AIKO as they want. And poor AIKO was sucked their cocks and became dirty toy. The hell's day of AIKO starts from there.

Directors bully her body in with one's own ways. One director suddenly starts raw fuck at the doggie back posture. When his cannon cock insert into her pussy, AIKO shout "Oh my god" repeatedly without any hesitation.
On the office desk, they continue fucking at the sitting posture while she was observed joint part. The pussy is firmly wet though she made an unpleasant face, and the pant voice escalates, too.

On the bed, he inserts his cock at the missionary posture. It is very lascivious scene of super close up that vagina suck the cannon cock.
AIKO shake the hip voluntary at the side and backward woman on top posture and 4P plays start. The pant voice rises further when the clitoris is stimulated while being poked.

Then it is continues vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture at the end after enjoyed her pussy at back, lift hip up and bending posture.
Directors insert their cock and make vaginal cum shot one after another. Power of the absorbing of her pussy might be strong and semen does not come out from the pussy easily.
Lastly, semen is stirred and female ejaculation was made. Afterward, they enjoy to bully with toy for naked AIKO who was put on ball gag on her mouth with became M-leg posture.
Moreover, her pussy was insulted by many kind of toy. Then cum shower party was started by tens of brute. There is mercilessly storm of semen to AIKO who is stimulated pussy with electric massage machine writhes and suffers.
In the later half of this content, there is cum shower scene that has not been seen before and excitement level will be up to 120%. The content to which insult is done like this might be suitable for calling hit of the satisfaction.

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(yui_yoshii) Cum shower service


n0079 2005/09/27
Cum shower service

The beautiful slut Yui Yoshii who has the wonderful leg line appears.
She put on the flight attendance costume in this time. This is including hard contents as fellatio, continues fellatio, continues vaginal cum shot, cum shower and so on and it make you much excitement.

TOKYO HOT loves to insult for the woman of occupation of yearning. Yui who exists in the captain and the mistress relation put meddling on the sub-captain, because of captain doesn't care Yui recently.
Yui vomiting grumble of captain while she made hand service. Sub-captain's cock becomes hard though he is annoyed by the guilt and semen was splashed to her tip of the tongue at the end.

Crew who discovered such enjoyable scene of Yui who just wreaked her anger starts special training at once. Four crew surround Yui, and the cock that became erected is pushed into her mouth, and moves it violently.
Yui who became a watery eye by the sob and slaver without mercy starts fellatio, and she sucks four cocks at the same time. In the next, Yui who gets exhausted in fellatio service is made to masturbate.

She becomes the M-leg posture and four brute enjoy her body by finger while being poured the hoot. The electric massage machine is presented and when holding between crotch then the panty gets wet time by time.
When holding it to clitoris and pussy directly, Yui ejaculates while writhing and reaches acme. One person who did not think that she get satisfy, starts finger play by having made it standing position is begun.

Then Yui made female ejaculation. It is much love juice on the floor after it. In the following, the education that flight attendance should be originally starts.
At the Pussy toy insult play of our patent, She became M-leg posture and brute enjoys such toy insult play that blame her vagina and labia by pink rotor toy and urethra was clearly shown after finger fuck was done.

The oral is expanded to use the crystal muddler and blame it. Then she became crawl on all fours and is made screaming by using vibs toy and dildo was inserted into her pussy deeply at the lift her hip posture and blame her pussy and clitoris same time.
Please enjoy observing her uterus with the illuminator vaginal speculum at the end. The fucking is start from standing back posture to insert cock of captain after long time.

Captain is violently poking Yui who pant so hard. The close up scene of joint part that can see opened pussy clearly is so lascivious.
It rushes into a lewd mode that sucks the cock in the mouth while voluntarily shaking the hip at the face to face woman on top posture.

The flight attendance is only saying as a hostess of sky and should satisfy the customer. It is necessary to satisfy the customer by using both mouths well and to make the many repeat customers.
After bending posture, it is the final approach to the end and the cum shower party was started from the missionary posture. Four staff splashed semen to both mouths one after another.
Especially, Yui feel woman's pleasure when vaginal cum shot was made, and how to feel it is very different.
It cannot be survive only by the first and business class customer in this hard world, and therefor should make the service to the customer of economy class either.
Therefore, they restrained her hands and leg, and made cum shower service to Yui who is still in agonized.
Please get excited for Yui who expressed gratitude every times received semen. Any air line company, please refer to the service improvement in the future by all means seeing this.

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(kaori_abe) THE KINBAKU 2


n0078 2005/09/20

The TOKYO HOT delivers suitable content for renewal again in this time, the lovely face slut shows from compulsion masturbation to bully play with rotor toy, compulsion gang fellatio, bind rope play and fucking.
Moreover, it is a content of TOKYO HOT that becomes four compositions and is different for a moment from the current. Kaori ABE of 20 years performed.

She had an innocent face but shows very hard job as raw fuck, vaginal cum shot, continues mouthful cum shot and drank that semen were carried out one after another.
Please enjoy it by all means because it is content doubtfully that such a lovely slut really achieves such a great special achievement.

The first chapter starts from to hoot in the group at Kaori who put on the mission school uniform. When uniform was took off, her beautiful tits was appears and pussy was exposed when took the panty off.
The major labium that has lascivious color was shown and when she open it by her hand, oral of pink was exposed. Though Kaori was made doing the compulsion masturbation, however she cannot get much excitement, then rotor toy was provided for such Kaori.

She begin to stimulate her clitoris mainly by the rotor toy and faints in agony violently. The men who had been pouring the hoot may get excited and intrudes into and another rotor toy is inserted in the vagina.
The body is twisted in a moment, and she faints in agony and got acme. The second chapter, Kaori who was put a collar with pink apron style lingerie appears, and ascends to heaven by the gang compulsion fellatio.

Five brute made Kaori who walk on all fours the floor to suck cannon cock and it is so erotic and great! It gets excited by sucking that Kaori serve polite and hard job.
The cock has sensitively reacted to the appearance to suck master's cock though the hoot is poured. The third cheaper, she appears in the nurse costume.

One brute appears and the upper-body of Kaori is tied with surprising swiftness, and the training of the pussy is begun while being rubbed rudely her tits.
It is lifted up and the storm of the screaming happens when the pussy is violently bullied with the vibs toy. Training of toy bully continues to MIYOKI who writhes and pants without mercy.

In a level place that is wet well, the erected cannon cock elbow its way through vagina meat and inserted from the back. Kaori who is tied down her hand with in the back make only pant.
Another cock is inserted in the mouth in the place in which it was violently poked. The appearance of Kaori who tastes the ecstasies with the pant voice that like sob is impressed the one.

Next, raw cock inserts from back while one foot's is being lifted up and having stood with one foot. Intertwining violent meat and meat causes erotic.
After poked for several minutes, then it is vaginal cum shot. The semen that drips dripping from the vagina very impresses too. The following, it begins raw insertion with the hand bound at the woman on top posture.
After it shows by the posture of the several patterns as doggie back, it rushes into a continuous fucking from missionary posture. The third chapter will be ended after it showed mouthful cum shot and vaginal cum shot.
The fourth chapter is gang cum shower into her mouth. While one brute is violently poking her at the missionary posture, men who were confined in the prison make cum shower to her mouth one after another.
The semen mania should see this scene in which she swallows the water at the end. However, still there are a lot of slut who cannot despite in the world.

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(mai_satsuki) 100% Raw Fucking


n0077 2005/09/13
100% Raw Fucking

The beautiful slut MAI SATSUKI appears in TOKYO HOT this time. Well, it is a gem on after a long time for the author. This will make a storm of the excitement because though MAI is slender, she has the wonderful tits and leg.
It is so envies if someone can make hard battle such as Raw fuck, continues vaginal cum shot with such lovely slut! Now be satisfied of the world of hard-core unfolded for 72 minutes while getting excited with your son.

MAI is very well known as beautiful office lady in the company has found something's in the desk that should not be there. MAI who is desired for it starts masturbation at the sofa in the company because there is no one in the office.
MAI who getting just acme was just found by the boss and staffs whom back from business and she shakes it. The superior who wanted to fuck with her once attacks her because she was done such lascivious behavior.

After bullying her pussy with the rotor toy, MAI beautifully cleans up superior and subordinates' cocks by the mouth. MAI fills erected cock in the mouth and sucked up it with lewd noise.
It is wonderful having stimulated glans by using the tongue though MAI suck up it in her mouth.

It is tears of gratitude to the service of MAI who holds many cocks in her mouth though it is pushed into the interior of the throat and it becomes a painful expression.
The invitation of sex entertainment comes one after another to MAI who has been educated as sex slave as this. MAI sucks the cock desperately in hand rub service & fellatio service to the executive and made mouthful cum shot.

The following is to stimulate her crotch in customer's toy test and MAI was got acme with screaming, it digests the thing that cannot be tasted in female office worker life usual.
Especially, a lot of toy start from massage machine bullies the clitoris and pussy in the toy test.

There is a test tube that never put thing in the pussy, and she is compliant though she says that it is not in the one to put it in the pussy, but it is not possible to complain about the action of the superior who stabs it without mercy.
It elbows one's way through the major labia and various toys stimulate her vagina one after another. The pain and pleasure feeling is mix and MAI can not to keep normal sprit in a gradually and its appearance is so wonderful.

The uterus mouth is checked with our patent illuminator vaginal speculum at the end. It is the natural obligation to check what kind of uterus mouth she has.
Please don't over look this piss shot scene afterwards because you may be experienced sham piss flood. When variously inspect the condition of the pussy, then want to try it is very natural way.

Then, real battle of raw fucking starts from Standing back posture. It is the like dream that to insert cock to slut thought roll up the skirt with puts on the pin heel.
MAI move her hip up and down voluntarily and taste cock at the sitting posture after they move to sofa, it will bring much desire after you look at such MAI.
It is the continues fucking battle with superior and the subordinate at the end after MAI enjoy the fuck at bending, side and back posture on the floor.
At the first, the superior made mouthful cum shot while violently poke, and second one made vaginal cum shot within few mins after he inserted his cock, however pussy of MAI absorbed his semen and it is not flow out at all.
The third cock made facial cum shot to the beautiful face of MAI and let her clean up his cock by her mouth, and fourth one made vaginal cum shot again while MAI screaming.
The semen has flowed back from her pussy and it can be seen by the close up. Afterwards, the semen that reaming in the pussy was confirmed by the Sakurai Type of Speculum.
It is not a guaranteed that doesn't get pregnant by 100% even take pills, but like a great content maker that TOKYO HOT is, it is so wonderful. And we like thing extremely very much.

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(ren_hoshikawa) The semen cocktail


n0076 2005/09/06
The semen cocktail

Appearing in the first content after renewal the site is REN HOSIKAWA who has beautiful leg and hip. She just became 20 years old and fall a prey to TOKYO HOT.
REN was made to new experience with play that she never have done before such as four compulsion fellatio, 4P play, and vaginal cum shower party.

REN of super lascivious slut reaches acme many times in this content. REN put on the Race Queen leotard that very suitable for the wonderful body of REN and she made the provocation pose with getting on music.
On the following, it is masturbation scene on the chair. She makes a lewd wet sound by using two fingers in a serious mode considerably and is stimulating the pussy.

The appearance that floats the waist and absorbs in masturbation at the M-leg posture is lascivious as it is not possible to think with the woman of just really becoming 20 years old.
After she reached acme by masturbation, it is the time of fellatio and hand rub service, wonderful technique of REN will be shown here.

REN sucking the cock with hanging slaver down while made lewd sound and it is mouthful cum shot at the end of this scene. Four men afterwards surround REN and it rushes into compulsion fellatio.
REN is looked really lascivious slut who squeezes the cock through her hand while sucking the cock one after another. Men who get excited to see such REN insert their cocks in the interior of the throat with holding her head.

Please pay attention to the expression of REN who cannot conceal pleasing though it faints in agony. After satisfying fellatio time, they made to REN to make M-leg posture on a chair and four men bully all over her body.
Her crotch becoming wet because she just put on the leotard without panty and they try on their cocks there to stimulate REN. When her pussy was exposed after cutting part of crotch of leotard, four men goggle her pussy by their hand.

And then it is female ejaculation time, much love juice spurt out from her pussy when two fingers inserted into her pussy to stimulate and REN got acme.
REN was became crawl all on fours and they bully her pussy, various kinds of vibs toys inserted into her wonderful pussy and anus.

They assumed to insult REN in the first due to insert various toy but she got pleasure feeling against their plan and therefore they change plan to make REN to get acme and insert toy into her pussy and anus violently.
In addition, fainting in agony of REN by the toy with wart at the lifting up her hip posture is must see. REN who voluntarily hold vibs toy to make piston movement violently is really sexual beast and so lascivious.

The scene is changes and REN opened her pussy voluntary at the M-leg posture on the sofa and four raw cocks insert into her pussy one after another.
The close up scene in which the cock inserts her pussy through the crowd the labia major is great powerful. As it is, the raw cock is inserted at the face to face sitting posture and the start real fucking battle.
There is 3P play by the fellatio service though the cock was inserted at the sitting posture, and applauds for her pussy and anus those do not leave cock once it inserted.
She gives a loud halloo to a violent piston action at the back posture and sucks the cock while writhing.
It is possible to catch a glimpse of the world of hard-core as suck two cocks simultaneous while being pierced from the under at the woman on top posture.
The last continuous fuck scene shows mouthful cum shot for first and third shot and vaginal cum shot was made at second and fourth shot.
Then Sakurai Type of Speculum appears to observe semen that remains inside of pussy. Afterwards, make female ejaculation while stirring the semen that remains and made to ascend to heaven with A death of cry.
Bullying without mercy is our law though she might be 20 years old. REN will have the life of wicked mother who will not have husband next year.
Well, it is the life, too.

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