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(Anna Isshiki ) Vaginal cum machine


n0085 2005/10/31
Anna Isshiki
Vaginal cum machine

ANNA ISSHIKI who is to tell the truth serious and pure country girl though seems to be frivolous seemingly appears. She seems to be very natural when Anna speaks with country accent.
She may have not much sex experience and such pure Anna fall a victim to TOKYO HOT. The thing such as Gangbang party, vaginal cum shot, toy insult play and so on put away obediently caused the tragedy and she did not think at all.

It might be a cause to which a curious character caused the failure. Though ANNA is spending a serious high school student life fairly, however the interest in the sex is stronger than others.
One day, ANNA is doing masturbation in the classroom where no one there, however school gang leader found such ANNA. He promises not to say this to anyone and ANNA is made to keep masturbating.

ANNA became M-leg posture on the desk and touches the clitoris over the panty. However it is very trivial to look at the masturbation without seeing pussy, therefore, he ordered to show the pussy and the panty is taken off.
The clitoris is stimulated at once as soon as the pussy appears. Anna who has become pleasant entreats him to lick her clitoris, and beings to be in agony with lovely pant voice when beginning to lick.

The classmate discovers it when she is writhing, then they also participate, and the vagina is stimulated violently by the finger fuck.
The lascivious sound surrounds and her love juice spout from side of her major labia in the female ejaculation. It is decided to give a reward after she got acme.

Then, three classmates including the school gang leader close her mouth by their cocks. Their cocks are pushed into the interior of throat of her who is turn out to be amorous unexpectedly and ANNA keeps sucking though she is a watery eye.
When the pussy is bullying afterwards, then lower student who brought the meal appears and ANNA was ordered to suck his cock as a reward.

He made cum shot onto her tongue and gang leader already treat ANNA as slave. Gang leader called more fellow and ANNA was ordered to fellatio service one after another while toy insult play for her pussy was began.
Pussy was tear by the finger, and the snake of the toy is inserted in the vagina that is opened greatly by the wood hook, vibs toy inserted and spanking.

ANNA writhes while desperately sucking the cock, and the tragic face sometimes shown invites the excitement.
After shiver the pussy with a lot of toys such as vibs toys, school gang leader's raw cock inserts into her pussy by missionary posture, and other fellow participate at once and gangbang party was started.

The scene that the cock is grasped one hand and another cock is held in the mouth while poked violently is so wonderful. To change the posture as acrobatic to back from the lift hip up posture while poking is also beautiful.
Three people are greedy for her pussy in avarice. ANNA is transfigured to a lewd slut who voluntarily shakes the hip up and down when entering woman on top posture from standing back posture and tastes the cock and voluntarily suck the cock.
Moreover, it is extremely acrobatic play that inserts cock while held her at M-leg posture. It continues with acrobatic 4P play as it is and how excited it is.
Anyway, a large promiscuous sex of 3P\4P that never seen before has been so excited. Then ending is a special course of cum shower and vaginal cum shot from missionary posture.
Thick semen splashed to her face one after another and vaginal cum shot as well while postprocessing the cock. ANNA is such a hearty slut who tasted four cocks though the face fully covered by the semen.
However, it doesn't end only by this. Showing at the end pours every semen into her pussy with hose. Please stare at the sublime end.

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(Minami Kitahara ) THE KINBAKU 3


n0084 2005/10/25
Minami Kitahara

Sorry for keeping wait for mania of dynamite tits, young wife Minami Kitahara who has dynamite tits(E cup) appears this time. The wonderful shape of tits and amorousness body, the atmosphere of a neat young wife of 24 years old invites the excitement.
We do insult MINAMI KITAHARA as much as we can by the bind (KINBAKU). It starts from the interview first. Then, supervisor's eyes are the directions in her tits.

The hand is fixed and bound to the chair and the wonderful tits is exposed. When the wonderful tits is flipped, the nipple has already been erected.
A sweet pant voice leaks when the tits begins to be rubbed and MINAMI changes suddenly. Next, the hand moves to crotch and tears off stocking, and stimulates there over panty.

When instantly strip off the panty, the pussy that has used moderately jumps into your eyes. When begin to attack the clitoris by the finger intensively, she feels to heaven with distorted face.
The leg is made to struggle when the finger is inserted in the vagina in the place where the clitoris erects and MINAMI rushes into pleasure.

Then rotor toy appears there and she ascends to heaven easily after clitoris was attacked by it. Next, the KINBAKU MEAT SLAVE training starts in full scale to MINAMI who appeared with a pink camisole.
A splendid tie technique of the supervisor who used the hemp rope is must see. Her upper-body is tied in tortoise shell and lifted up, and then it begins to attack the pussy emphatically.

The vibs toy is inserted in the vagina and please enjoys the appearance that she falls into disorder. One leg is lifted up and the pussy is bullied further with a bigger vibs toy.
The nipple is erected and pussy is beginning to wet though the word of the rejection is called repeatedly. A splendid cock appears there and the sucking service is begun.

MINAMI is crazy about the fellatio to make it think whether MINAMI who sucks avariciously is a long silence recently. She suck the to make noise at the end and keeps sucking ardently while dripping hanging slaver down.
Brute compare the mouth to pussy, and made cum shot onto tongue after made piston movement while holding head to his lower body. Well, it is a turn that MINAMI can get the reward this time.

MINAMI becomes crawl on all fours with the hand bound firmly by the chair and raw cock inserts her pussy that pushed out. When he violently stabs her then her pant voice escalates, too.
The scene from which the cock goes violently in and out while her dynamite tits widely shaking at the backward sitting posture is so erotic.

Her pussy sucks the cock so deeply. Pussy is attacked without mercy at the Woman on top, doggie back posture after they move to the bed.
In the place he enjoy her pussy more at the standing back, side, missionary bending and missionary posture, then made vaginal cum shot.
Another person appears soon to insert his cock and it is start of continues pussy attack. The second person made facial cum shot for several minutes at the time of doing.
In addition, another cock is inserted at instance and moves violently so that another vaginal cum shot is dared. How does the vagina inside become it? Sakurai type speculum after a long time appears and semen is confirmed.
This will make a child surely different from husband's child. It is PISS SHOT is following. How her husband says, when he sees such shameful appearance of MINAMI ? Anyway, it is a splendid PISS SHOT.
The cum shower attack starts after SEX ends. First of all, tits and pussy of MINAMI who put on the see-through dress and leant against the sofa is attacked with rotor toy.
The semen fleet appears when MINAMI get into erotic mode. Cocks are served by her hand and mouth, and they made cum shower to MINAMI one after another.
The toy is stabbed in the pussy and thick semen makes young wife MINAMI's face dirty while she reaching acme. When the husband sees this scene, it might surely be a divorce.
How does the trend of the young wife MINAMI who is invited by money and has performed this ? However, because woman is kind of audacious people and therefore she might insist that it is not me, and she does not know it.

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(Junna Akimoto ) A Silly Girl


n0083 2005/10/18
Junna Akimoto
A Silly Girl

Silly slut Junna Akimoto who just became 19years old appears with high school costume. Junna is different for a moment from the other girls, she is the little strange girl who laughs when she get pleasant feeling that makes her shameful.
Especially, when stimulate her pussy with the electric massage machine, she pita pats hands and foot and goes wild violently.

It was interrupted taking picture by how as whether she writhed or disliked it was not understood to fall into disorder while she called the word "Shameful" repeatedly.
Staff of TOKYO HOT bullied foolish Junna in spite of such an episode. Please pay attention to the expression sometimes shown well. It can do nothing but be business of the road left by such a super foolish woman that uses the body.

Though it is incorrigible if someone is ugly, but with a moderate quality, it is the one that becomes it somehow. It is not possible to go in such business because she of the person the failure point habitually is still a high school student.
The teacher who had thought that training was necessary to put out this foolish girl to the society thought to grow her up as a splendid slave who to be loved by the men in the supplementary instruction.

First of all, she is made to masturbate with a pink rotor toy. The teacher who becomes irritated by Junna who awkwardly handles the rotor toy teaches the usage.
First though she laughs apologetically because of shamefulness when she gets to pussy holding the rotor toy, but writhes gradually feeling it.

Her love juice overflows from her pussy when an elbow one's way through the hair and the pussy of the pink color is exposed. When she was enjoyed then make the service as return is simple manner.
Junna is made for teachers of the subject that gets the failure point to gather and to sit straight and the fellatio is begun. This is also an awkward fellatio and therefore teachers' cocks do not get excited much.

Finally, teachers hold her head and insert their cocks into her mouth as like genitals and made piston movement. The expression that she seems to cry is so wonderful.
The classmate who was looking at her bullied by teachers also takes advantage, he asked Junna to make fellatio service as well and made a mouthful cum shot.

Her eyes became the watery for thick semen. Next scene is that teachers put electric massage machine to pussy of Junna who became M-leg posture and make her faint to agony.
Teachers desperately suppress her leg and make attack without mercy to Junna who rages violently.

You will have no time to catch your breath for this real fights without any act and please pay your attention for face of Junna that took by the super close up.
The toy attack that use many of toys starts after showed female ejaculation and PISS SHOT by two angles. Even here, though it doesn't understand to feel or shameful, please enjoy the gesture and the expression of JUNNA who was faint into agony.
Then, raw fucking starts from standing back posture. Junna is getting feel heaven with huge pant voice and JUNNA look at camera with coquet eyes whenever she was poked.
She made a huge pant voice when cock insert to her pussy at the backward woman on top and face to face sitting posture, make violent fuck at the woman on top posture in the outfit putting on only socks and Lipar shoes will bring you more excitement.
Moreover, it is rush into continues gangbang fuck after they enjoyed her pussy at the posture as side, missionary and doggie back.
It looks that she has the peculiarity to pita pats hands and foot when she get acme, and therefore teachers make facial and vaginal cum shot while they hold down her.
It is desire in the appearance that she becomes tattered. Then, her pussy that was made vaginal cum shot was stirred at the end. It is likely to be able to walk as a respectable member of sexual society if baptized to here.
In the extra at the end of end, there is the Defecation scene that appeared the first time in the TOKYO HOT. If interesting, please look at this by all means.
Such a foolish slut put out excrement with a lascivious sound.

> > (Junna Akimoto ) A Silly Girl Continue

(Yuu Miduki ) A Borrowing Girl


n0082 2005/10/11
Yuu Miduki
A Borrowing Girl

There is often a thing said that it will prostitute the body for the debt of a man for a long time. Yuu Miduki who performed this time is a talk that she is insulted by wicked financial shop to the guarantee of foolish boyfriend's loan, too.
Though such a woman falls in love with a foolish man and to be made her heartaches because the mother's love is strong, however a selfish delusion that this foolish man becomes not better if I am not with him is drawn.

There is no such convenient woman for a man. Yuu who has easily accepted his request was surrounded by brute of wicked financial shop and compelled fellatio and cannon cocks inserted into her mouth suddenly.
Men compare the mouth to pussy and make piston movement violently. The brute ask more fellatio without mercy no matter slaver spills dripping from the mouth, and she was choked, then two cocks are sucked at the same time at the end.

Next, she makes a hand job service to other man, and it is mouthful cum shot after Yuu served him by using mouth and hand hardly. The expression of Yuu who laughs with a smile afterwards is impressive.
Well, it is about the time to want to see her pussy. Foolish boyfriend who was ordered to make her feel to heaven makes her sit on the sofa and begins to stimulate the pussy from over panty while rubbing tits.

The panty is taken off and pussy is exposed in the place where the stain has come out. The meat wall of the pink color wraps boyfriend's finger, and female ejaculation was made in the time when lewd sound began and the wet condition improves.
Her love juice drips below without scattering and drops and it can see in the super close up shot. Then she was asked to begin masturbation at once.

The lascivious atmosphere is caused the fingernail of red and gold. After she got acme by the masturbation, toy insult play starts at the M-leg posture.
At the first, finger of two brute opens the oral and urethral mouth are shown onto the screen clearly. The minor labia of pink color and the clitoris are stimulated with four S-character hook and muddler.

After that, it is made to bully the clitoris and the vagina with various vibs toys and make her to faint in agony. There are lot of other insult scene is including fully to use more toys as test tubes and the glass equipment.
Of course, the illuminator speculum is appeared at the last and please enjoys her uterus by it. After fully enjoy bully her pussy then it is fucking time start from missionary posture.

. Boyfriend make raw fuck with her in front of brute. Though he inserts while apologizing, his cock firmly erects, and attacks her pussy violently.
His cannon cock may make her to feel to heaven, her pant voice gradually grows, too. Then two men rush into the place where making fuck at the bending, sitting and woman on top posture.

Yuu may be not satisfied only in the pussy hole, and she starts to suck two cocks greedily. Yuu does not leave the cock even if becoming backward woman on top posture.
At the doggie back posture, the mark of the swimming suit that sunburned is very fresh and one more guy may be excited to see it and make her to suck his cock immediately.
When make her faint to agony by the missionary and side posture, it rushes into a familiar continuous vaginal cum shot at the end. Moreover, it is cum shower play by the brute who lend money.
Four cocks including her boyfriend treat Yuu as public toilet. Between those, it is a storm of semen to her face without mercy one after another.
And the semen that comes out from among the pussy makes much excitement whenever it sees. Of course, the semen that still remained in the vagina also firmly shows with the Sakurai type speculum.
The place in which she takes shower while looked down at the end cannot be indescribably said. Lesson of this time is that to the plan target when you borrow money ! The thing like this happens in real time.

> > (Yuu Miduki ) A Borrowing Girl Continue

(Rika Kagaku ) Wonderful style slut


n0081 2005/10/04
Rika Kagaku
Wonderful style slut

How do you enjoy the long night of autumn? It is lovely with short cut hair and the wonderful style slut RIKA KAGAKU who is introduced in this time.
RIKA seems like a neighboring beautiful lady and it feeling good. Well, such a woman has fall to a venom fang such as start from outdoor fellatio play to lotion play, toy play, cum shower 4P sex party and so on.

Though it is quite obvious if you see this, RIKA is bullied by a new version of six compositions. Please see this by all means, because a content of this slightly different from the passed one.
RIKA who put on the T-shirt without brassier & short pants suddenly starts the outdoors fellatio in deserted place. It gets much excited when such a woman may do such a thing.

As soon as RIKA suck the cannon cock, she violently cling it while making noise. RIKA keeps sucking the cock while sometimes turning her gaze to the screen.
You may fall into illusion as your cock was sucked. RIKA using wonderful licking skill, glans and the back line are licked to use tongue and cock itself is licked from side and finally mouthful cum shot was made.

I also want to do for myself in the outdoors. In the second stage, her hand is restrained by the sofa and a large amount of lotion is hung down to her.
Three brute pour lascivious words to RIKA while rub her nice shape tits and she begins to writhe gradually.

When the lower half of her body is made beginning a peeled off and the pussy is attacked intensively by the electric massage machine, her voice rises further and go to heaven while she wiggle her body.
In the third stage, RIKA shows double fellatio and her sucking technique explodes here too. This will be one of favorite scene for fellatio mania.

In the fourth stage, dildo is appeared. A dildo that is larger than her face is licked delicious and it might make great satisfaction for fellatio technique of lascivious RIKA who loves cock very much.
Afterwards, it inserts in the pussy and it moves vertically. The pussy that sucks the dildo lasciviously can be satisfied here. In the fifth stage, it is the storm of mercilessly cum shower to RIKA who put on the lascivious netted tights and licks dildo.

Brute splashed semen one after another to RIKA who keeps licking it. In spite of her beautiful face became dirty time by time, RIKA obediently continues licking.
RIKA was made acme by the electric massage machine after a dozen of cum shower are poured. Don't miss this scene. In the sixth stage, it is long waited raw fuck scene.

At first, cock insert from the back for RIKA who put on the white exposure-swimming suit. A painful pant voice begins to leak and attacks her pussy by violent poking as the pussy breaks.
The low angle scene at the backward sitting posture is a scene of the recommendation. After make more attack by various posture as the face to face sitting, bending and missionary, then two more cocks appears and 4P play start.
It is a fullness of the heart in lewdness of RIKA who grasp the cock and not separated though is poked the pussy hole. Two cocks appear again when posture is changed side to backward woman on top.
The face of RIKA who is the expression of the ecstasy increases the excitement level further. Moreover, sex party is continuing, RIKA suck the cock with her upper mouth while she was poked at the woman on top and doggie back posture.
It rushes into continuous mouthful cum shot & vaginal cum shot at the end. Four brute attack her pussy violently as like to broke her pussy and make cum shower to her mouth and vagina just as they like.
The last scene told cruelty that semen could see on the vagina that still convulsion. In the extra scene, it is PISS SHOT. How wonderful it is standing piss shot ! It is our policy to make a slut who seems to be pure and innocent does like this.
Who will be fell to venom hang next ? Begged expectation!

> > (Rika Kagaku ) Wonderful style slut Continue

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