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(Chinami Kawana ) THE KINBAKU 4


n0091 2005/11/30
Chinami Kawana

CHINAMI KAWANA who has the atmosphere of a neatness young lady appears in this time. The lady who doesn't think the ideas that fuck is shown in the presence of others is made a laughingstock.
The staff of TOKYO HOT is so wonderful as usual. Of course, CHINAMI was satisfied of the special course as raw fuck, gangbang party, vaginal cum shot and cum shower that could not be tasted in daily life.

What is result of last!? CHINAMI faces the interview with putting on the white suit. Moreover, she doesn't know what happens now at all and with a smile laughingly.
The supervisor asked questions in the voice with a low tone and CHINAMI who might growth good, answered crisply laughing for his question.

Two men appear and begin to play for the body of CHINAMI who is tensed up for the feast that starts from now on. Three men violently rub her tits and tears up stockings, and they stimulate tits and pussy that exposed.
One person begins finger fuck to CHINAMI who begins to writhe in a bold voice unexpectedly. Her pant voice becoming bigger when attacks of the tit and the vagina simultaneously.

She ascends to heaven when the pussy is violently attacked by two fingers and the finger is fully covered by her love juice. Finally she got two acme by this stage.
Then it is the fellatio time. CHINAMI sucked their cocks one after another while she is making hand job service for other cock. Cock is pushed into her mouth against her will however she made skillful service to use her tongue though it faints in agony.

And one brute made cum shot on her tongue after made wonderful sucking service at the last.
The scene of the following is vibs toy attack to which CHINAMI who became naked is made to sit on the sofa at the m-leg posture, and both of hand and leg are hardened with the restraint tool.

The vibs toy inserted into pussy of CHINAMI who was made lift hip up posture violently attacked her. A sense of shame lets her flare up still more and CHINAMI got third acme.
The following scene is that CHINAMI who put on the camisole of see-through is bound and the training play starts. The tits and pussy of CHINAMI who was tie down are attacked with rotor toy & electricity massage machine.

The large excitement cannot be concealed for her love juice that dripping from her pussy. And, the raw cock is inserted from back while CHINAMI was lifted up.
CHINAMI get pleasure feeling even if she was bound, because of her nipple was erected. Moreover, her pussy is attacked by a violent piston action.

It is the first bind play and CHINAMI is in the state of the ecstasy. She was inserted at the missionary posture on the mat pulled to the floor, and it rushes into the party play that two cocks intrude into at once and is poked while she made fellatio.
Both of her upper and lower mouth was shut up by the cocks, but she got pleasure feeling while writhing. You should not overlook the scene that fucking at the doggie back with nice plump hip.
As well as the fucking at the woman on top posture, the lascivious scene that pussy holds on and do not separate the cock is so excited and wonderful.
And it rush into the cum shower play while she was fucked at the sitting posture. When semen overflowed from her mouth, then making vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
Next, the second cock is inserted and semen is spread to her face one after another while attacking is continue. Pure and innocent of CHINAMI was broken by three vaginal cum shot and 12 continue gangbang play.
After all, the instinct of woman was discovered to change into the beast if the woman who was showing neatly made nakedly and inserted cock.
We wish to express our gratitude to the staff of TOKYO HOT who drew out woman's nature like this.

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(Yuri Suzuki ) Race Queen


n0090 2005/11/29
Yuri Suzuki
Race Queen

The model to be the Race Queen several years ago has been made to perform to TOKYO HOT again. However, the guarantee of the Race Queen and the model who is not positioned in AAA class seems to be cheap now and therefore negotiation was quite easily done.
Without understanding what kind of hard thing waits at all, cock of a man of the first meeting is sucked and made raw fuck. Moreover, she was treated as like public lavatory as gangbang, vaginal cum shot and cum shower.

It might be a thing not thought about if it is time when she has been Race Queen. Yuri SUZUKI who performs to us this time seems little foolish and surely she never thinks such hard play was waited.
Aiming to the end of the year, it is the common sense that entertainment for sponsor is surely necessary for the Race Queen. The manager takes Yuri and works diligently to the sponsor entertainment at this season.

Especially, because she should be pleased with a rich sponsor in order to become next year's campaign girl, and they waited rich sponsor at the sweet room of the hotel.
Then, waited what can have been obtained by making good use of the body. It gets down to business after the question is lightly received from the sponsor to the beginning.

Stoking and Panty are cut after her body was touched and masturbation is compelled. Yuri became m-leg posture in order to shows off the labia obediently and insert her finger into the vagina.
The lewd sound was sounded and her love juice dripping out from her vagina. Two sponsors stir her vagina by finger to confirm the condition of her pussy.

Yuri has been felt it and request more violently and the vibs toy is taken out to insert it in to her pussy. In addition, the electric massage machine is turned on for the Yuri who requested more and the clitoris is emphatically attacked by it.
Then she ascends to heaven while fainting in agony. And she reached second acme with female ejaculation and starts fellatio service afterward.

Many of cocks are sucked politely. When one sponsor request to make mouthful cum shot by her fellatio service, Yuri desperately sucks his cock.
The masturbation machine wait as follows. The machine that swelling is inserted into her pussy and made her feels heaven many times. Moreover, start vobs toy attack to Yuri who became lift hip up posture.

The sponsor is overjoyed for Yuri who take the vibs toy voluntarily to get pleasure. The pussy toy training starts as it is. Please satisfy the pussy of Yuri enhanced with a lot of toys.
The scene to which the clitoris swells up is must see. After all, it wants to put the cock in the pussy to know what condition of it is after training.

As soon as one sponsor insert his raw cock at the woman on top posture, other two sponsors participate there and its start of gangbang party.
Yuri is pleased to rejoice every time the cock is inserted by turns at the doggie back posture. Then, a continuous fucking party starts after everyone bullies pussy moderately.
Due to fool favors of Yuri, sponsors made vaginal cum shot though it was not permitted by the manager in reality. Of course sponsor delighted completely.
However, not ending only by this is natural. The vibs toy is immediately inserted in her pussy after four continues vaginal cum shot was made and it rushes into the 15 continues cum shower time by the semen splash team.
Thick and dirty semen is splashed one after another to the face of Yuri who faints in agony to pleasant of the toy. Semen fully covered her face only though it is 15 cum shot, but it is very enjoyable.
As it is, foolish Yuri was made model pose at the end. Though they might have looked prim and proper in old times, after all, Race Queen and the model are such things.

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(Megu Aso ) A secretary slut


n0089 2005/11/22
Megu Aso
A secretary slut

The second series of MEGU ASOU who has good reputation is delusion content that she became secretary and was insulted. As she is the companion, the secretary suit is very fit for her.
And, glasses seem to be intellectuals and it is very good. MEGU who is bullied full mode by brute might not have the leave from which the cock takes a rest.

The secretary is a target of man's yearning in the office lady somehow. However, they are only handling simple work to serve to the senior brute and the director and it is not enjoyable.
And, MEGU was handling simple input work to PC today as usual. However, MEGU had the hobby in which no one in the secretary room was done.

MEGU who confirmed no one in the room takes out the rotor toy and started masturbation with audacity.
When MEGU who wearing black tight mini-skirt with lace-up tights put out the tits and is absorbed in masturbation, it is discovered by the president who is the boss of MEGU.

When the rotor toy is taken up and the clitoris is stimulated, MEGU begins to answer in a sweet voice.
The president who cannot be restrained feeling to the appearance of MEGU who writhes called executive director and the managing director and let them see her masturbation.

Directors who get excited by the appearance that MEGU writhes become naked, and have her begin to lick the cock that became erected. When the pussy gets wet and erotic mode of MEGU became high, she begins sucking the cock deliciously.
This invites the excitement again. MEGU suck the cock into her mouth deeply and made her pleasure with lewd sound. MEGU is put on the desk and her pussy was exposed, and her clitoris was stimulated by the electric massage machine.

MEGU loudly called No goodness, No goodness repeatedly while raging and reached acme at the end.
Then, one of the directors puts his two fingers in the vagina and makes violent action for MEGU who has not satisfied yet, and MEGU spout her love juice at the last.

MEGU is not yet satisfied for the suck the cock make the lick and hand job service for colleague's cock and mouthful cum shot was made at the end.
The face covered with semen is very lascivious. Directors shift to the checked play that will be checked how many times MEGU can be get acme.

Various vibs toys appear and they are inserted in her pussy. And MEGU gets into the world of sensuality while letting a body wind. MEGU who has the iron pussy even if it violently moves it by breaking of the pussy writhes avariciously.
Vibs toy move as piston into pussy where clitoris is erected is must see. The goodness of the condition of the meat wall is clearly understood in the womb entrance check.
The fucking starts suddenly hard by 4P play. MEGU suck the cock while voluntarily shaking the hip up and down and is as for pleasure. The cock is held enough in her pussy at the M-leg posture on the desk and the full voice is pleased to raise it.
The camera eye line sometimes shown is very amorously and makes excitement. Everyone continuously puts the cock in and out. It spurs in her pant every time a different cock is inserted.
The cocks inserted one after another into her pussy at the doggie back posture as well. Because of the softness of her hip is so wonderful, lewd sound of meat and meat is sounded and it increase erotic more.
Her dynamite tits is shake every time she is poked by the one fool lift up and back posture and the tits mania is also overjoyed for this.
After a lot of 3P play is done, it is rush into the continuous vaginal cum shot and cum shower at the last. It is one of traditional pattern from which semen was splashed to her face one after another while being poked at the missionary posture.
This is the content of the excitement level 120% again. The last powerful technique scenes that semen drips into her vagina at the lift hip up posture should be seen with open your eyes greatly.

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(Asuka Shima ) A model slut


n0088 2005/11/15
Asuka Shima
A model slut

The woman who belongs to the model production has been fall a prey again. ASUKA SHIMA who has appeared to the fashion show and etc is sexy slut who is tall, slim and has long leg.
This time, we have made very attractive video tat including raw fuck, anus fuck, gangbang party, cum shower and so on. You might surely be desire in ASUKA who writhes to pleasure and the delight.

It is not easy that the model also takes work. Exclusive model Asuka of the fashion magazine that boasts of the popularity that fully becomes a college woman and young girl is also similar,
therefore her manager ask to ASUKA to make entertainment for sponsor in order to get the job.It is defeated at the manager's pressing though it is a woman who disliked it.

Though ASUKA denied it, she gives in to his enthusiasm finally and went to suit room of the some hotel. But the entertainment that waited to her is not drinking one but it is entertainment to use her body.
Three naked sponsors welcome ASUKA, and they play her body as toy while what not being understood somehow. ASUKA is under manager and sponsors' thumbs though she withstand. The crotch is touched while being massaged the tits,

and cock is licked when she squatting down. The cock is pushed into the interior of the her throat and keep sucking sponsor's smell and dirty cocks while drip down slaver with the expression that makes a sour face.
The sponsor who is delighted to her suck appoints ASUKA to their CM girl and bring electric massage machine. The panty stocking of ASUKA who became M-leg posture on the sofa was slashed and her pussy taste violent vibration of massage machine.

The pussy which the hair is beautifully shaved appears when the panty is cut and the pussy is exposed. Due to recent information, most of the model shave the under hair due to put on the T-back panty.
The sponsor who gets excited is overjoyed intend to appoint her CM of their subsidiary company, and they bring big vibs toy and insert it into her pussy.

The female ejaculation condition is inspected in the place where the pussy gets wet by her love juice. A different sponsor checks the tight condition of pussy of ASUKA who just passed female ejaculation test splendidly.
Raw cock inserts and vaginal cum shot was made at once. Next, fellatio service was made to the other sponsor who has not excited much yet.

But he can make mouthful cum shot easily due to her splendid technique. ASUKA should pass many examinations in order to appoint campaign girl.
Then Pussy condition was checked by the toy and the raw fuck is a waiting as final examination to ASUKA who cleared a lot of toys. The manager voluntarily begins raw fuck in front of the sponsor.

Sponsors who are looking on also enter and the gangbang party is started. The fucking escalates, and another sponsor inserts his cock into her anus hole.
Two holes are closed with the cock, and ASUKA utter the pant voice to groan. The cock is held in an upper and lower mouth of ASUKA and sponsors delight to ASUKA who serves by turns.
Finally, continues vaginal cum shot party was held at the missionary posture. The excitement cannot be concealed for semen that dripping from pussy of ASUKA that was made 4 vaginal cum shots and one shot to the anus hole.
The cum shower party by fan club member is made after this. In order to become first class of model, fun should be importantly entertained too.
She should not forget appreciative words even if the smell and dirty semen is poured in the body. It is necessary to clear a lot of obstacles like this to become a first class model.
The model who active with a magazine and TV recently also may have done the same thing !? I want to become a sponsor, too.

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(Rika Asahina ) Punish that slut!


n0087 2005/11/08
Rika Asahina
Punish that slut!

RIKA ASAHINA who sprinkles pheromone of adult atmosphere appears to put on black long dress with garter belt. Every men have become her prisoners captivating it by the amorousness.
However, if it is seen lightly by such a frivolous woman, a man is become obsolete. Then, it came to punish her. It must be getting much excited to the revenge play as insult to RIKA who trifle with men.

It starts from the scene to show the masturbation in man's presence. It becomes not satisfactory and the pussy is stimulated with the rotor toy violently though the clitoris and the vagina are touched by the finger.
A man who gets excited voluntarily inserts his finger in her pussy. A disagreeable sound mixes with her love juice and the pant voice escalates, too.

Female ejaculation beginning in place where two fingers were put in and it gets excited by her love juice that blows mightily greatly.
The day punished by men who were playing with on a certain day visits RIKA. Men who thronged to her house make her to sit on the floor and start compulsion fellatio.

Many of cannon cock is put into her mouth one after another. RIKA accepts these cocks while faint in pain and men push the cock into the interior of the throat of RIKA without mercy.
Slaver is hung down while becoming a watery eye, three cocks are pressed against the tip of the tongue at the same time at the end of keeping the attack, and it ascends to heaven.

It doesn't end by this, and it shifts to the pussy attack afterward. The vegetable is inserted in the pussy it made to stand. First of all, tough the cucumber is inserted, RIKA obediently react to it.
RIKA may have been remembered taste of vegetable and eggplant was inserted next at crawl on all forth posture. RIKA violently voluntarily puts eggplant in and out instead of cock.

When a fat zucchini inserts in the pussy and the carrot is inserted in the anus hole, her voltage become highest. The vegetable attack ends by the radish and the toy attack at the M-leg posture starts.
The rotor toy is held from right and left to the clitoris and ejaculate is made by it. Moreover, clitoris and the pussy are bullied with various toys one after another.

Especially, RIKA is fainting in agony much for the clitoris attack with the electric massage machine. After she reaches the acme, what condition the womb is checked with a transparent speculum.
It gets much excitement for the pink meat wall. Next, it is shown the recollection scene for RIKA to become a sexual shop lady and to have enslaved men.

The technique that the professional is surprised, too is must see. And then the fuck battle starts from 69play. 3P is naturally done and inserts the cock also into anus hole.
It is anus fuck also in TOKYO HOT after a long time. Three hole play simultaneously is a masterpiece. The cock is inserted in RIKA who writhes and suffers and the piston movement is done violently.
Four continuous vaginal cum shot starts in the place where RIKA gets exhausted. There are three continues vaginal cum shot after cum shot was made into anus hole at the first.
Please stare at the vaginal cum shot of out special that presents it uncensored. Men's anger is not calmed down in such a thing of tepid.
The cum shower to her pussy at the lift hip up posture start at the end. The womb directly connected machine appears on the way and thick semen was splashed one after another.
Then applying of studying thoroughly here is that the pussy is expanded directly and one man splashed his semen into her pussy. There is an act of inserting the cock during the state as it is.
It is a scene that can be exactly called vaginal cum shot. Please look at RIKA ASAHINA who became the vaginal cum shot queen of our highest supremacy by all means.

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(Miyu Aoki ) Crush the honor!


n0086 2005/11/01
Miyu Aoki
Crush the honor!

Sorry for keeping you wait. Lovely slender slut MIYU just appears. Because of she has done the ballet for long years and therefore the body is soft and the character is also very good.
Our staff has made such her spoiled naturally. Well, what kind of content made this time ?? MIYU who became popular recently get self-conceited as general.

She is conceited with posing in front of the mirror and enjoying sexual desire processing to using manager who is used like hands and feet.
Nerd who had been assisting in her since the time of the debut that knows such circumstances made punishment to MIYU who got puffed up.

Her body has being reacted to nerd's persistent touching though MIYU was resisting first. Her tits is rubbed and pussy was widely opened then nerd treat MIYU as their toy.
After all, even if MIYU affects, she became the sex slave who fell for nerd's abnormal acts and follow as like they want in front of them.

First of all, the cocks of three men are made to be sucked. Cock is inserted in the mouth and it licks deliberately by using the tongue.
Cock is made to hold to the interior of the throat in her mouth by force, and slaver dripping flows to the sob mixing. MIYU who became absence mind after fellatio play is must see.

Play as the sex slave accelerates further. Though it is made to sit on a chair and masturbation is compelled, however, she is laggard and therefore nerd begins the finger fuck attack.
A beautiful pussy is exposed and an obscene word is said while bullying it in the word. After the clitoris and the vagina are violently attacked, the pussy is attacked with the electric massage machine.

Her expression changes quickly if it applies it to the clitoris and the pant is made repeatedly. Next, she was wrapped around the body in wrap written to make me toy and toy insult play was just started from now on.
The cotton bud is inserted from back into anus hole, and insult clitoris and vagina to using vibs toy and etc. Insult play accelerates more when she became M-leg posture by using various kinds of toys.

The end of the toy play is to check uterine ostium. The uterine mouth that mixed with the physiology right toward is clearly seen. Also please enjoy the PISS SHOT scene that took by two angles, expression of her face and urethra mouth is so great.
The following attack is to use an automatic masturbation machine of newly appeared. The vibs toy is stabbed without mercy in the pussy of MIYU who became squat and it ascends to heaven in an instant.

At the 69play, your heart will be explosion to see MIYU who suck the cock with plenty of saliva and make violent stroke. The raw fuck is start from standing back posture, his cannon cock is inserted deeply into her pussy.
MIYU was exhausted at the doggie back and woman on top posture and the scene is continues to modify side posture where can see cannon cock put in and out into vagina that widely opened.
You may get much excitement for the real battle of his cannon cock and pussy of MIYU. Though it becomes missionary posture there, MIYU who has soft body voluntarily holds both leg and writhes violently.
It is so great !! The end in a continuous vaginal cum shot of customary, semen is injected into the vagina. However semen cannot be seen due to physiology when checking it with the Sakurai type speculum.
The epilogue is a group cum shower attack by nerd. Many of hands extend to the body of MIYU who is bite ball gag and cum shower is made to her as storm.
Thick semen fully covered her face and idol's honor is crushed at all. MIYU who was pure initially get such punishment because of she get self-conceited.
After all, B\C class idol's whole story is these kind of things.

> > (Miyu Aoki ) Crush the honor! Continue

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