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(Makoto Amano ) Pregnant or not?


n0103 2006/01/31
Makoto Amano
Pregnant or not?

The slut we present this time is MAKOTO AMANO who is a little amorous and slender beautiful woman. Her private sexy clothes will bring more excitement.
To tell the truth, MAKOTO come from local area and was a woman who had had the idea of old-fashioned by contraries though her looks are showy.

Favor of man of such MAKOTO is a little fat man like a bear. MAKOTO says that she dislikes handsome man and it can have the more good feeling.
It is thought it is good when it is only a woman of such an idea in the world. MAKOTO such as high feeling level has been bullied by our devil brute.

As usual, devil brute love to bully and beat. How does the end become to a brute who turn into the beast. Several men come near to her sudden in the train where MAKOTO goes to the office and they begin to grope her body.
She cannot say anything to this sudden event and is groped by devil brute as they like. The hand is put from stockings by the panty while being rubbed tits and it plays with their own way.

Even more, pussy is bared at the end and brute enjoy it as much as they would. However, the thing that is the delusion of MAKOTO where the frustration had collected recently is needless to say to it.
She imagined such situation as she like because she was tired the life of simple work of every day of the office lady. Her boyfriend suddenly comes to the office and make a pass at MAKOTO when she working to wiping the desk as usual in the office.

He comes to threaten MAKOTO because she tries deserting him in order to become girl friend for son of president.
The attacking pussy is made without mercy though she apologizes to him and he calls the devil brute friend and rushes into the group compulsion fellatio.

The cock is pushed into her mouth by force and piston movement is made. MAKOTO who makes ugly faces and supplicates pardon is made to irrumatio.
MAKOTO is sobbed continuously brute make to do as they want. Next, it is recollection scene. President's saucy son order for MAKOTO to make fellatio service and made cum shot on the tongue by the hand job service at the end.

Afterwards, brute including him put various toys in her pussy and begin to play with.
Please fully enjoy the scene that various things as stick, vibs toy, muddler, glasswork and etc inserted into her pussy while she sucks the cock and pants though she comes to fear.

When attack the vagina and clitoris with pink rotor toy and the electric massage machine, MAKOTO ejaculates and got acme.
When peeping the uterus that widely opened by the transparent cuzco, it is very impressive to see inside that wait to receive the semen.
Then raw fuck is starts. The piston action with a violent cock and pussy knocks against each other, and lewd sounding sounds. The pant is seriously felt or it writhes in a lascivious voice every time pierced though it doesn't know.
Other brute participates when entering to Woman on Top posture and 4P gangbang play was started. Even if the pussy is pierced, lewdness as mouth is sucking cock makes overjoyed.
The recommendation point here is 4P play at backward woman on top posture and the monkey backing posture, it is very lasciviously and wonderful.
After satisfied pussy suitably, it is continuous vaginal cum shot and facial cum shot as usual.
They made two mouthful cum shot after made two vaginal cum shot and the semen that entered the mouth is made sob up with the injection and MAKOTO is made to become lift hip up posture.
Cruel play that pours the soup in the vagina is executed. Devil brute unabashedly really do a cruel thing. Nobody care about she got pregnant or not, and please walk on a mean road like that in the future.

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(Miki Hirota ) A big tits slut


n0102 2006/01/24
Miki Hirota
A big tits slut

The content presented this time is a same old story that the super tits slut who fell in loves with a foolish man prostitutes her body to the security for a loan.
Such a woman id easily falls in love with a man who is more foolish than a wise man because the maternal instinct is abnormally strong.

MIKI HIROTA who performed this time is neat slut and is in blissful ignorance of the world. TOKYO HOT that makes such a neat slut play as raw fuck, gangbang party, vaginal cum shot and Piss shot is really wonderful.
Please satisfy the work of hard-core of the erection rate 120%. MIKI is a miss who commutes to a famous women's university. Because of she is inexperience unhappily makes a foolish man a boyfriend.

A serious story is suddenly done on a certain day from the boyfriend when MIKI flirt with boyfriend. He is up against a wall by money borrows from the senior and entreated MIKI.
Though her parents are rich, MIKI doesn't have money by can be burdened with a large sum of debt. The embarrassed boyfriend asks MIKI to make repayment by her body to his senior.

Though it dislikes if it is usual, goodness MIKI who fall in love with a foolish man accepted what he said by most willingly. Then, our devil brute corps who plays the part of senior appears there and attacks MIKI who dislikes it.
The one that man's physical strength cannot be won no matter how it resists. Her F-cup tits is violently rubbed and the erected cock is held in her mouth suddenly.

Seniors who get excited are satisfied to her lovely mouth one after another of throwing in the cock. Irrumatio must see in the group fellatio.
It is very desire that cock is inserted as cover to the mouth of MIKI who struggles. Next is the compulsion masturbation. MIKI exposed her pussy while touching tits in front of seniors and masturbation is shown by the stark-naked.

She becomes bold further in the lewd word, too. A disagreeable sound is sounded by two fingers and MIKI reaches acme at the end.
Seniors who get excited because it sees the scenery hold keep down MIKI and attack the clitoris and the pussy with the electric massage machine.

MIKI also rises the screaming to the attack not stopped until reaching acme and it ascends to heaven while writhing and female ejaculation start.
Her love juice splashed up with lascivious sound. MIKI who got acme three times becomes a pig that obediently obeys seniors' instructions and suck the cock that lies in the bed.

There is tit massage and deep throat and he made mouthful cum shot less than no time. Next, it enters the pussy toy attack. The ten-odd kinds of toys such as vibs toys are inserted in the vagina and it play while confirming her condition and reaction.
There is the first PISS SHOT at the end of the toy attack, the place in which it urinates while make fellatio is very fresh and erotic.
Then, raw fucking starts. Her pant voice rise up while she writhing every time the cock pierces the pussy her pant.
The waist is violently shaken while voluntarily massaging the tits at the woman on top posture, and a neat appearance has not been seen any longer and turns into the slut pig.
3P gangbang play begins the participation of another brute at the doggie back posture. The scene to which her dynamite tits widely shakes whenever pierced might be a scene at which the dynamite tits mania is overjoyed.
When the pussy is moderately played with, it enters to the continuous facial and vaginal cum shot play at the end. Semen is splashed one after another aiming as for the face and pussy of MIKI.
The place where the pussy is convulsive after last vaginal cum shot is must see. However, woman changes in lewdness if a neat woman has been fucked once. How foolish woman who think about the thing by the uterine is!!

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(Aika Sakurai ) A female gymnast


n0101 2006/01/17
Aika Sakurai
A female gymnast

AIKA SAKURAI who performs this time is a slut with a soft body that did rhythmic gymnastics at high school. It may say that it is the one of highlight to challenging in raw fuck with an unexpected physique.
AIKA who knock our gate for money is made fellatio, and has tasted a special dinner as gangbang party, vaginal cum shot and so on by our devil brute.

It was not because of knowing deciding life usualness to be fished by money and to become such an ungraceful thing.
AIKA who stalks in the town putting on a uniform of air attendance set foot in one room of the apartment house on devil men's dens fished by money.

It is devil men's boss that waited there. AIKA answers it while laughing though an indecent question is done by the interview form. Stockings and the panty are taken off and the pussy is opened by V character.
The small oral of the pink color waits in the interior of the major labia that got black a little. She seems to be very fresh slut because of her eyes' swimming a little shamefully and masturbation is shown while stimulating the clitoris.

Even if two fingers violently enter to the pussy, the voice is not raised for shamefulness and the tension at all, but it will be fresh as well.
Then she is made to stand and the boss begins to bind her with the rope. AIKA to whom the hand has been restrained becomes boss's toy.

The groan voice leaks when the nipple is picked and the pussy is opened. Pink rotor toy is inserted in the vagina and then cock appears for AIKA who writhes and fellatio begins.
Her head was hold and the deep throat and he made cum shot on her tongue. To stimulate pussy of AIKA who sit on the sofa at M-leg posture and attack violently in order to make female ejaculation.

Her love juice drips out while convulsions after her love juice blowing from under. The following attack is the toy play with binds the leg.
Please enjoy various expressions of the pussy as tear by hook, vibs toy that deeply inserted into pussy made piston movement violently.

Especially, the place where AIKA became sideway and the pussy bullying by the vibs toy and etc is so excited. She has a cramp and the face has a cramp because of the pain and the shake.
And, pussy attack by the verruca vibs while she sucked the cock and, then, externals that turn into an avaricious lewd pig that tries to obtain pleasure while voluntarily moving the hip can be seen.

The fucking scene watches the first in this work. Raw cock is inserted at standing back posture. And, Biellmann fuck that must see. It is wonderful to be able to do such a posture.
Moreover, it is not acting. And seriously feels it by this posture. After standing back posture, hand is tied and violated from the doggie back.
Devil brute appear there when they enjoy at the woman on top posture and rush into gangbang party. She turns into lewd pig more and more when pushes up from under while two cocks are sucked.
The gangbang play that devil brute insert the cock in the pussy one after another and cock of the other brute sucked gets excited whenever it sees.
A violent piston action is impressed by lewdness that the pussy doesn't separate the cock. The last is continues vaginal cum shot at the L-leg posture.
Four cocks splashed semen to pussy and face of AIKA by the non-stop. The place where semen begins to overflow from the pussy that shivered at the end is full of pleasure that conquers the woman.
Do not overlook the place where the situation of semen is clearly confirmed with the Sakurai type speculum.

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(Yuri Manaka ) A money tree


n0099 2006/01/03
Yuri Manaka
A money tree

Though the stomach is tired because of the drinking too much of sake at the New Year, but please hold out until the hand is tired to see TOKYO HOT's insult video.
The victim who appears this time is YURI MANAKA of single purpose actress. We played with YURI who put on the Race Queen costume of our familiar.

Though she is amateur even if she is single purpose actress, raw fuck and vaginal cum shot of basic of TOKYO HOT is unchanged. Of course YURI receives our basic present without exception and playing in addition with the toy play and gangbang party.
It is the highest that devil brute spoil this wonderful body. First of all, her boyfriend pesters to YURI who sits on the sofa to show masturbation.

YURI who follow any thing what he says start masturbation. Stockings and the panty are taken off and the clitoris is stimulated while rubbing tits.
The movement of the hand gradually becomes early and a lewd sounding sounds. YURI who got ecstasy when she was seen is absorbing in her world and got acme.

The next is masturbation play with rotor toy at doggie back style. Her long and slim leg will make more excitement. The rotor toy push to pussy and YURI got second acme while faint in agony.
Then boyfriend ask her today's main topic that he want to make some return to his senior who has sort out boyfriend's scandal in the company sometime ago and he ask to YURI to make it with fellatio service.

Lascivious slut YURI starts to lick from ball bag without any hesitation. The senior is satisfied her skillful fellatio. YURI seems to have the technique that will embarrass professional and he made cum shot on the tongue of her at once.
Boyfriend's demand escalates by using YURI who hears any thing what he says. Though YURI is disturbed by the sudden appear of naked brute, but she holds out upon his demand.

Service begins to sucking brute's dirty cock fully. It gets excited much by the appearance of YURI who was writhe while sucking cock to using tip of the tongue.
Devil brute insert cock in the interior of the throat and are satisfied the fellatio service. The boyfriend who studied the taste in which money is made by handling YURI raises the voltage of the demand further and will present her pussy to devil brute.

The finger fuck attack starts in compliance with the demand because of the boyfriend. Then, the female ejaculation begins in the place where her love juice has come out and she was screaming and splash love juice much.
The following, when the electric massage machine appears and the pussy is stimulated, YURI writhes much and faints in agony. A lot of toys are held in the pussy at the M-leg and back posture in the toy attack play.

Then, fucking is begun so that the boyfriend may calm YURI because she was bullied. He enjoys touching in the body by the standing pose, and inserting his raw cock from back posture.
When boyfriend's cock is inserted into her, YURI shows pleasure by the voice and the body. Her pussy that held cock in and not leave it is so erotic.
When they enjoy fuck at the woman on top posture, brute rush into there and start gangbang party. To see YURI who hold cock in the both mouth and not leaves them at the doggie back posture is so wonderful.
After make YURI shudder by the several posture, it is continues vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. Her body stiffens when feeling it too much and it has a hard time though brute ejaculate.
Please see the end of a single purpose slut who became tattered at the end. After all, it is these kinds of things at the end of the woman handled to be good for the boyfriend.
When it is made to fall in love is win ! The woman is your funds ! Let's have the woman who becomes your money !!

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(Akemi Kyono ) A night club slut


n0098 2006/01/01
Akemi Kyono
A night club slut

A Happy New Year for everyone. TOKYO HOT will be more powerful in 2006 as well as 2005, please expect and enjoy yourself. The first content in 2006 that present from New Year's Day is insult content with performed by AKEMI KYONO.
As she was born in the country side, it is very fresh that AKEMI speaks with an accent. Also this is debut content of AKEMI of amateur.

It succeeded in making AKEMI who was working at Night Club perform by the roll of notes.
It seems that a sensational event without what received by the life of 20 years is experienced as compulsion masturbation, fellatio party, raw fucking party and vaginal cum shot and she will be as a splendid meat slave in the night club hostess.

Due to the recession though the management of the night club is also severe, AKEMI also works hard at serving as a good service mind for the customer.
AKEMI was ordered that cannot be in the club is done from the customer, when she get nomination from the customer and works hard. She thought that sales were lost and it was restructured by her when the guest was made angry here.

AKEMI was taking off the panty and showing her pussy in a secret promise to the club. The guest of great joy trifles with her pussy and stimulates the tits.
The guest takes out the toy and takes advantage of the extension to begin playing with AKEMI who was becoming sleepy eyes. She voluntarily holds the rotor toy to clitoris and is absorbed.

In addition, it is inserted in the vagina and AKEMI got many acme while pants with radical voice. The manager who was stealing a glance at the site thought about unsavory things.
The next day, the manager gets the money more than market price from the regular customer and sells AKEMI to him with condition that he can make anything as he want to AKEMI.

And, the first guest suddenly compels fellatio. AKEMI insists that doesn't hear it, but the manager tells to her that don't forget the mind of service and deceives.
It feels admiration for the frivolity of AKEMI who easily undertakes it. After all, foolish slut is best of woman to play. Then, AKEMI starts licking service with wonderful skill that the seen one is matched feeling of the virtual experience the taste.

The guest delights completely to AKEMI who making fellatio service while touching the pussy. And make mouthful cum shot finally. Next, AKEMI who was change to erotic and lovely clothes will be played with by regular customers.
Apparently, this night club is no more drinking place but has replaced a good old-fashioned sexy shop. The under hair that protruding from the panty is shaved and the pussy is exposed.

Then two customers stir her small pussy. Then, rotor toy appears and the tits and the vagina are attacked. Moreover, vibs toy is added and insert it to her pussy violently.
The hand of the pursuit is not rested to AKEMI who pants and rejoices. The muddler appears and the tear her pussy, G spots stimulation Vibs toy appears and the tremble of her pussy as well.
The end is seen the opening of uterus with the SAKURAI type speculum and ends. At this occasion, the club is transfigured further and becomes a more doubtful shop.
Then, AKEMI appears with red lingerie and suck the cock of customer (cum shower team) who put in the prison one after another. AKEMI managed to suck the cock of four customers who paid certain money in order to make fuck with her.
While four guests have inserted the cock by various posture and made vaginal cum shot one after another, the other guest who pays less amount makes her face dirty with semen one after another.
The world of hard-core played by non-stop. Please enjoy seeing this scene that pattern different from current TOKYO HOT. It was AKEMI by coming to the club without understanding too much well and doing a valuable experience.
AKEMI, you hold out well and 15token will be given to you.

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