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(Serina Natsui ) Samurai spirit


n0109 2006/02/28
Serina Natsui
Samurai spirit

Sorry for keeping wait longtime. In this time, it is appearance of the best insolent slut in the history of our company. SERINA NATSUI who has skillful English conversation is 21 years old.
The high-handed is felt from the appearance. I love such slut who has much pheromone though the favor divides. The atmosphere not allowed an unskilled brute will invite more excitement.

The brute should be the one who want to bully such slut especially. Though SERINA said that she likes intelligence man, she was made to be laughingstock by the devil brute team who has not any intelligence at all.
SERINA who wear black suit works as a manager in the foreign company is in the affair with the director. The director came to SERINA who just came back from work in New York after a long time and the love affair started.

When it begins to peel off her tits from the sexy black brassiere, how wonderful it is, pierce has put on to the nipple. The sensitivity of the tits seems excellent and a bold pant voice leaks when violently massaging it.
He touches her hip with good touching feelings and rub it after put off the panty. After they touch each body, SERINA is made to sit on the chair and boss is ordered her to show masturbation while touching her leg.

When the panty is taken off, pussy that shaves the hair is exposed, and her leg is widely opened and clitoris is violently stimulated emphatically.
Then her love juice overflows from the pussy little by little. After a few minutes, it is next instruction to SERINA who reached acme.

Director orders SERINA to suck the cock of new staff. The skillful suck of SERINA who was grown foreign country is must see. The deep throat starts when her erotic mouth sucks the cock.
The lewd sound of sucking cock is sounded and it is very lascivious. SERINA who was not able to endure while making fellatio gripped cock of new staff and inserts it to her pussy at the backward woman on top posture.

It is good to see that pussy holding the cock fully. When the stroke is made violently at the standing back posture, it seems that her lewd mode was ignited and she calls indecent word repeatedly.
The new staff was not able to endure and made vaginal cum shot. Please pay your attention for the semen that drip from her pussy. The director who did not think it is satisfactory called other staff and orders SERINA to make fellatio service to them.

Here it is lascivious 120% as well. The following instruction is toy bully play. SERINA get down on all fours and a lot of toys are inserted in the pussy while sucking the cock.
SERINA is attacked by the electric massage machine continuously at the M-leg posture and got acme. Then it is uterus check afterwards, please observe the interior of the tied meat wall.

And it rushes into fucking time after she made female ejaculation. Raw fucking attacking is beginning to SERINA who affects a foreign life and have tattoo on the hip.
Hat is taken off to SERINA who violently voluntarily shakes her hip at the woman on top posture while sucking the cock though it becomes a 4P promiscuous sex.
She calls slang repeatedly in English while sucking the cock. Japanese samurai will lose face if they are loose here. Cock is stabbed in her pussy and attacks it one after another.
Then continues vaginal cum shot is made. It is very pleasure to see that the appearance where thick semen of four people makes pussy of SERINA dirty.
Not only this but also please stare at the end of a high-handed slut who finishes becoming dirty with the semen shower to her pussy and facial cum shot by a devil cum shower team.
It may preserve their honor as a Japanese samurai if they did until here.

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(Shizuka Kiriya ) 3 holes skewer play


n0108 2006/02/21
Shizuka Kiriya
3 holes skewer play

The sacrifice in this time is SHIZUKA KIRIYA who is lovely and has dynamite tits. SHIZUKA is very recommended slut for the man who have frustration for poor tits slut.
Moreover, she is so lovely. SIZUKA has been bullied by devil brute who appear in nakedness. Not only the insult play course of TOKYO HOT but also how a special 3 holes skewer play has done.

Well, it should be done like that if we call special. The story is a story of the teacher who has gone for one's post to the high school in Tokyo.
SHIZUKA of a new teacher wears a pink suit to the body and introduces herself with renewed vigor. However, the student at the most foolish high school in Tokyo doesn't have what SIZUKA was talking.

Their aims are only one. It is the body of SIZUKA. The school gang leader takes the lead and the subordinate puts meddling. SHIZUKA is perplexed every time her talk is interrupted.
And, SHIZUKA hears their hope in order to hear her talk to students. They jump at the body of SHIZUKA to take advantage of this and new teacher SHIZUKA's nightmare started.

Even if it is the nightmare, she has not put brassiere under pink suit. The thing bullied by students might have been imagined. The school gang leader who promptly saw through begins to rub Shizuka's dynamite tits.
Though ?rSHIZUKA do not bear a child when pick up a nipple, white liquid jumps out for some reason. When she was turned over backwards and skirts turn up, SHIZUKA does not put on the panty under stocking.

As for this, it is possible to think only provocation. Juvenile delinquents who have gotten excited have made SIZUKA to do compelled masturbation because of it.
SHIZUKA who approved unwillingly opens her pussy at the M-leg posture on the teacher's desk and begins to stimulate from clitoris. The rotor toy comes out and SHIZUKA's masturbation becomes more violent.

Her pant becomes big by rotor toy that insert to her pussy violently and she went to heaven. Then, Juvenile delinquents who get excited shift to the group compulsion fellatio.
Sucking while she is sobbing is so wonderful even if it sees at anytime. It makes pussy insult foreign substance play at the lift hip up posture starts when the fellatio with serious student is shown.

Especially, the Spirit Stick thrust in the pussy and the place where the pussy open widely after stick is pulled out is must see. Moreover, foreign substance put into anus hole at same time and her two holes are so exhausted.
The scene of attack to clitoris by close up cannot be missed. After showing PISS SHOT scene, the gangbang party starts from standing back posture.

SHIZUKA who ejaculates every time thick cock goes in and out and writhes. All brute get excited and participate gangbang because they see the scene where one person is making fuck and her tits is rubbed and fellatio service was made for them.
The cock is forcibly inserted in the anus hole and the anus fuck starts when one brute enjoy fucking at the missionary posture. SHIZUKA sucks cock avariciously by upper and lower hole.
Brute who confirm the well-set condition of the pussy while bullying her by the word attack each other execute the three holes attack simultaneously.
There is deep impression that a brute who turns into the devil inserts the cock while laughing into pussy of SHIZUKA who struggles. The end of fucking is continuous vaginal cum shot of our familiar.
Four brute made cum shot to her anus, pussy and face. The cum shower student team splash their semen to her lovely face as they want afterwards.
The author who saw this content has recalled the teacher who has dynamite tits in his junior high school.
It thinks whether it is a thing that a very happy campus life was able to be sent at that time when it is possible to become a devil brute like this content.
It doesn't come to regret it even if it thinks now.

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(Saori Takamiya ) Semen cocktail


n0107 2006/02/19
Saori Takamiya
Semen cocktail

SAORI TAKAMIYA who has amorousness atmosphere is appearance by the bartender. Though she is appearance with the black tight miniskirt with net tights, it will invite much excitement to everyone.
Our special team attacks such sexy SAORI, cock was sucked and the our recent normal course was satisfied as the group compulsion fellatio, raw fuck, 4P gangbang, vaginal cum shot, cum shower to her tongue and etc.

There will be no time to have the rest for the cock by the fascinating appearance of SAORI who got acme many times. The stranger customer comes to SAORI of new bartender who working there still two days.
Master of the bar was absent and therefore SAORI takes order of this customer but he makes very incomprehensible order that has no recipe.

Customer enjoying to see her puzzled face and went into the counter to start training of something. SAORI who has meek character is at their beck and call and put off the clothes on the counter.
SAORI who is weak to pressing then expose her pussy. Then customers start mischievous to SAORI as one of service. When the finger is put in the pussy and continues the attack, SAORI begins female ejaculation.

Her love juice is put in the glass and mix with cola, then new cocktail is ready. And, SAORI is made to drink this cocktail.
Well, how about the taste of a new cocktail with love juice? Cock that gets erected is held in her mouth and licks by a skillful technique by the use of the tongue.

The hard fellatio scene comes skilled. The semen that splashed into her mouth put in the glass and mixed with the soda, yes, it completes the second cocktail.
Then SAORI ...... The third cocktail is a cocktail with PISS. Her piss is put directly in the glass and SAORI take amazing action with this new cocktail.

The fourth recipe is this time taught to SAORI who remembered a new cocktail. Make her to sit on a sofa and after shaving her under hair, various kind of alcohol flow into her vagina directly at the lift hip up posture.
To stir it with the muddler and new fourth cocktail of orange color come out from her pussy. Well, how does the fourth cocktail become it? It rushes into the bully time for her after new cocktail was made.

The lotion is painted on the whole body and vibs toy attack starts. SAORI is made crawl on all fours and vibs toy is violently going in and out into attractive hips.
It gets excited for SAORI who writhes while shaking the hip every time her poked. Her pussy is attacked until SAORI gets acme by the various vibs toy.

Love juice comes out from her pussy after SAORI got acme. SAORI who put on netlike body suit serves to four guests' cock. She seems love fellatio and rush into a lewd mode.
SAORI who make fellatio with lascivious face is so wonderful. Then, it is long waited fucking time. It starts from M-leg posture on the sofa.
Cocks insert to her pussy one after another and SAORI gives the writhe rejoicing every time inserted. The mercilessly cock attack to her pussy makes her faint in agony.
It becomes woman on top posture, cock insert from right and left, and it rushes into the 4P gangbang party. SAORI voluntarily shakes her hip violently and enjoy cock much.
The excitement level is 150% in her lewdness. The obscene sound that violently thrown the pussy and her pant voice call brute's soul. Devil brute guests play with her always close pussy and the mouth with their cock.
It is feeling to which the state playing increases her lewdness degree. There is continuous vaginal cum shot and mouthful cum shot at the end.
Semen that begins to be flowed out from pussy at the back posture is must see. And, don't miss the semen check that splashed into vagina by four brute.
Final approach is splashing the semen on the tongue while stimulating her pussy with the electric massage machine. Semen cocktail is ready and the last trial waits SAORI.

> > (Saori Takamiya ) Semen cocktail Continue

(Asuka Shima ) Don't be saucy again!


n0106 2006/02/14
Asuka Shima
Don't be saucy again!

This is the second series of ASUKA SHIMA of the show model who appears in the cover of the last magazine of Cum Cum.
ASUKA became appearance again though she has experienced full course as raw fuck, gangbang, vaginal cum shot and cum shower at last time, may be she could not forget pleasant.

Was last time not strict enough ?? Our brute who reflected calls out the cum shower team of follower and dares the play that not possible to imagine.
Poor saucy ASUKA, she was made not stand up anymore. In this time, ASUKA is a performing of the office lady who works for the financial shop.

Even at the time of working, ASUKA make delusion to be bullied by the masher at the train. Two brute touch the leg of the boast, panty was put down while being rubbed tits and the pussy is groped by the finger.
And, make female ejaculation with acme at the end. It was ASUKA whom such a delusion imagined.

When ASUKA working at the office alone, the delusion is written up, and the pink rotor toy concealed in the desk is taken out and masturbation begins also in the office.
The employee who comes back there discovers masturbation of ASUKA and is taking advantage of this and approaching her. ASUKA who is annoyed if he comes out her masturbation is under his thumb.

The change is gradually seen in her reaction when beginning to attack her body with the rotor toy. The panty is taken off and when the clitoris is emphatically attacked, then her love joy juice drips from pussy as exploding in one go.
When inserting a tampon and stimulating her pussy with vibs toy because of her love juice drips much, though eyes are closed and the attack is endured, tampon was still getting wet.

After he moderately plays with her pussy, then her upper body was wrapped by wrap and make he to serve cock of brute by her hand and mouth.
Brute get excited and hold the head of ASUKA who sucks cock as the face having a cramp and make deep throat. Slaver drips and falls from her mouth.

Next, fellatio and hand service is compelled and she is making hard job.
After making cum shot by the hand job, she is made to sit on the desk at the M-leg posture and it rushes into the scene that is exposed the opening of uterus in transparent cuzco and bullied by a brute.

Standing backing Brute insert cock at the standing back posture and it begins the fuck. The lewd sound that is made by the piston movement is sounded, and she begins to groan.
The cock that go in and out from the pussy that the hair was beautifully shaved can see lasciviously well. The piston attack begins without mercy to ASUKA who groans every time cock goes in and out to the pussy.
The scene to which the major labia suck the cock and clitoris is erected is so erotic and wonderful. He enjoys going of cock in and out with the shape of crouch at the woman on top posture.
ASUKA likes to be pierced from the under, and distorts the face and pants. At the modified side posture, brute bully her as they want.
One more brute participate there and attack her by irrumatio at the bending posture. Then, it starts 5P gangbang party and ASUKA is in the state of frenzy.
Brute who attacked her much starts vaginal cum shot one after another. Especially, the vaginal cum shot at the back posture is seen well as semen drips and drops from the pussy should be seen.
After fucked her violently, ASUKA is became lift hip up posture and original vagina opener inserted into her pussy. And, cum shower brute team appears and semen is splashed one after another to vagina of saucy ASUKA.
Moreover, semen is incidentally splashed to her face. Even ASUKA is made a fool till this, she never take a saucy attitude anymore. Well, feel refreshed !!

> > (Asuka Shima ) Don't be saucy again! Continue

(Mimei Morinaga ) A Mature Meat Urinal


n0105 2006/02/12
Mimei Morinaga
A Mature Meat Urinal

This content is a series of Meat Urinal that forgot to be edited in the content that had been taken before.
MEMEI MORINAGA who performed office lady of the frustration was exhausted and it held out. Our devil brute team who play the part of worker make insult play as much as they can think and make her to screaming and exhausted.

Even if MIMEI is made to tattered only by the child with very good character, the thing that the smile is kept is recalled. MIMEI boldly starts masturbating in the offices where no one there.
Recently she is falling into the frustration because there is no boyfriend for one year or more. MIMEI who requests a considerably pungent thing voluntarily exposes the tits though she is an office and the nipple is stimulated.

MIMEI who cannot endure takes off panty stocking and remove the panty to right to exposes pussy, and is absorbed in masturbation.
MIMEI becomes pleasant feeling if the finger is put in the vagina and the piston is done violently and the pant voice begins to leak.

When the full voice is raised with a lewd sound and the vagina is stimulated at high speed, then MIMEI goes to heaven. The first brute who peeps quietly into the site there appears and fellatio is forcibly compelled.
MIMEI who starved holds erected cock in her mouth and make the deep throat. When MIMEI firmly satisfied the cock, mouthful cum shot was made at the end.

The second brute who heard of the rumor of fellatio service appears to MIMEI and makes compulsion fellatio to her. Then other brute participate there and fellatio party was begun.
Though it is accepted if it is one cock, but four cocks gives her some fear. The cock is pushed into the interior of the throat and a violent fellatio starts.

Cock is held in her mouth one after another though she sobs and her mouth is made the substitute of the pussy. It turned into the whirlpool of the ejaculation in the pussy toy play that started here.
Vagina is enhanced by the finger and is stirred at the M-leg posture, and the pussy is played with vibs toy and other various toys. MIMEI was turning into the lewd pig gradually when she was insulted with raised screaming voice.

A large amount of love joy juice splashed when it rushes into female ejaculation time after MIMEI is played with the toy. Then fucking is just begun.
Two brute intrude into suddenly and the modified 69play is seen though it starts from 69 play. Two men rush into there to close her mouth while MIMEI is enjoying fuck at the woman on top posture and 4P gangbang party starts.

Both of her who is turning into the female pig hole is closed by the cock of brute. It is scenery exactly suitable for the meat urinal.
The piston is done violently while sounding a wonderful sound in hip meat at the back posture. It is not understand well what she says because the mouth is blocked with the cock and the hard cock of brute are inserted in the pussy one after another.
Brute seem only not to have inserted the cock thinking the pussy to be a public lavatory. After the pussy is tasted in the with one's own way, the vaginal cum shot is dared in groups of one.
The tremble vagina after made the vaginal cum shot is very great. It is sure that it is the not the end because this is a meat urinal series.
Instrument is inserted directly in her vagina and cum shot is made directly to womb at the lift hip up posture. Even if MIMEI ask please forgive to them, brute make vaginal cum shot without mercy.
Look at the scene that heroic extremely! The place where the semen mixing urinates for the last standing piss shot is so wonderful.

> > (Mimei Morinaga ) A Mature Meat Urinal Continue

(Akane Midorikawa ) Everyone's Madonna


n0104 2006/02/07
Akane Midorikawa
Everyone's Madonna

AKANE MIDORIKAWA who fell a prey this time is a lovely slut who has been scouted by our capable scout man. It is a blow of a satisfaction after a long time.
AKANE has the lovely face and style, moreover she does not lose her modesty, she is such a great 19 years slut. Our great devil brute bullies such AKANE again in the group.

Moreover, the things such as gangbang party, continues vaginal cum shot, cum shower party and so on is able not to be seen. AKANE who is the class president is everyone's Madonna.
Of course she is an intelligent and plays the piano. The juvenile delinquent appears to well-behaved AKANE and he invents a pretext for a quarrel.

The thing that is no reason was happen and it makes puzzled to her. Brute who likes her from the beginning begins to grope the body. AKANE who disliked it reacts the body in unconsciously.
Lascivious major labia of the pink color and a big clitoris appear when pussy is exposed. When AKANE is beginning touched, though the face has a cramp but AKANE begins to feel it while shake her body.

The finger was inserted in the vagina, a faint groan voice was heard when violently putting it in and out, and the love juice begins to have overflowed.
A juvenile delinquent who has gotten excited makes AKANE upper-body nakedness and begins to rub her nipple and tits of the enchantment of D cup.

The other brute intrudes into to there when the fellatio starts in the place where the cock is erected and the group compulsion fellatio starts.
When the cock is pushed into the interior of the throat, AKANE enters another world by the sob and slaver. The cock is sucked and the end is a settlement without mercy that pushes two cocks into the mouth at the same time.

Two people expand her both leg next and one person begins lick her pussy while rubbing her tits when playing with by fellatio. Juvenile delinquents are overjoyed for AKANE who feels it though it is thought it is unpleasant.
And, it rushes into the toy insult play with she made to stand. Even if an incomprehensible toy is inserted in the pussy, she may be felt by shame, her nipple is erected and the body is shaken.

AKANE is made to keep backward and an incomprehensible toy is inserted one after another. Then, it is entering toy play to make her pussy wet and the pussy is enhanced at the l-leg posture.
The lot of toy play shows variously expression of her beautiful pussy and it will make much excitement. They make emphatically attacking to her clitoris by the electric massage machine and being made her to get acme at the end.

Please satisfy the PISS shot play with the urethra entrance full view at the brake before fucking. Then fucking is start from standing back posture.
The lewd sound that is knocking against meat and meat each other is sounded. Two cocks appears at the woman on top posture and they make 4P gangbang play, she make fellatio for two cocks while being poke from the under.
At the back posture, her both mouth is closed and AKANE leaks a lovely pant voice every time poked. Cock will get excited only to see that AKANE who writhes.
Then, it is start of gangbang party of continues vaginal cum shot after they enjoyed her pussy moderately. Please stare at the technique in the head of the house.
AKANE is made to stand with four men semen in the pussy, and the excitement is not to be able to conceal for the stirred female ejaculation technique of real thrill.
And, it rushes into the group cum shower party scene. The lovely face of AKANE who writhes while attacking the pussy by the electric massage machine was covered by the semen of dirty brute and this will make much satisfaction for semen mania.
It is so enviable things, let me make same ! Not only to participate cum shower team but would participate for more enjoyable play.

> > (Akane Midorikawa ) Everyone's Madonna Continue

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