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(Yumiko Shaka ) Miss Look-Like Y.S.


n0116 2006/03/31
Yumiko Shaka
Miss Look-Like Y.S.

The woman who appears in the content presented this time is just like well-known actress's debut of those days. Yumiko Shaka, even the name is just like.
The expression sometimes has shown looks like her. Yumiko is more pretty, young and erotic rather than such actress. The devil brute made a hard attack to Yumiko who is spread well and bright and made cum shower to her face at the end.

Her face was fully covered by them semen. No one can win exactly to TOKYO HOT who walks in devil royal road. Yumiko desperately teaches studying to a foolish classmate who has lower grade level of primary school.
It is useless of the effort that no matter how YUMIKO teaches for the foolish boy who pays no attention for her lesson. Then, why does YUMIKO teaches to this foolish boy ? It is because he has the cannon cock.

Anyone would have some merit even if he is foolish. The boy who just thinks only fucking while YUMIKO is teaching begins to take off her panty.
Her pussy that was shaved exposed and clitoris is already erected and his tongue is approached there and stars caress. Serious YUMIKO collapses little by little and made female ejaculation of our favorite at standing position from finger fuck.

There is something to feel the glimpse of lascivious for the volume of love juice that drip down from his hand. Then YUMIKO who exposed her tits starts fellatio.
YUMIKO smiles and begins to suck the cannon cock. Head of cock is stimulated by her skillful tongue technique. It is impressed much by lewdness that suck the cannon cock while hanging saliva down.

Then it is fucking time in the place in which cannon cock is erected. It is inserted into YUMIKO at the standing back posture. The voice to groan is heard, and the cannon cock is violently move as piston.
Fucking with appearance of school uniform gets excited whenever it sees. When making fuck at the backward woman on top posture on the chair, tiny pussy that hold the cock feel pleasure while hangs love juice down and feel the pleasure.

The scene that her hip meat is griped and cannon cock putting in and out is so wonderful. Please enjoy seeing YUMIKO who satisfied the cannon cock to shake her hip voluntarily.
Then brute made vaginal cum shot as it is after enjoy the fuck at sitting, bending and missionary posture. Now then, foolish boy starts the boastful talk to his devil classmate.

Devil classmates who hear a happy story send foolish boy on an errand and have insulted YUMIKO during it. First of all, it begins to play with her pussy by the various toys.
After it kept attacking the pussy with the toy, fellatio is compelled in the group by surrounded YUMIKO. The cannon cock is grasped by her both hands and tongue is extended to the cock and sucking it.

The third brute cannot endure and semen is splashed onto her tongue. It is possible to laugh in the expression of YUMIKO of the absence of mind.
Devil brute who cannot conceal getting excited begin raw fucking. Two cocks participate even if becoming entering woman on top from missionary posture and 4P gangbang party starts.
YUMIKO who seriously feels it while hanging love juice down from the pussy at the backward woman on top posture can be seen. They violently push up YUMIKO at the doggie back posture and four continuous vaginal cum shot was made at the end.
Then it is appearance of devil brute junior as cum shower party. They made vaginal cum shot one after another. Devil brute juniors who get excited to see that begin cum shower to her face one after another.
Please appreciate enough YUMIKO who is covered her face by semen and fucked. After all, YUMIKO supposed to teaches study to foolish boy, but finally YUMIKO was taught health and physical education by the devil brute conversely.

> > (Yumiko Shaka ) Miss Look-Like Y.S. Continue


(Momo Kitagami ) a lovely girl


n0115 2006/03/26
Momo Kitagami
a lovely girl

Moreover, we have scouted the wonderful slut of MOMO KITAGAMI who has the lovely face. Such a slut having still remained, world is still so wide.
Anyway, our devil brute make punishment to this MOMO. Well, what will be happen to MOMO?? The teacher calls student council president MOMO who neglect study recently and preaches.

MOMO seems to cry with distressed face because her promotion is in just borderline. The teacher who saw such MOMO starts sexual training that called education.
When masturbation is compelled, MOMO responds obediently. When the panty is taken off and the pussy is exposed, yes, she has no under hair.

When major labia are opened, the oral of the pink color greatly opens the mouth. MOMO gets wet little by little while panting when just touching clitoris only.
Though it was thought that MOMO was a virgin, however it was proved that MOMO is little lascivious girl. The enlarged clitoris swells when the finger is put in the vagina and it begins to move it violently.

The lascivious sound is sounding and she got the acme. Next, other teacher appears and fellatio play starts. The erected cock is grasped dearly and MOMO lick it from head with her skillful tongue.
The scene that MOMO suck the cock till root is excitement level 95%. Why do you sometimes feel the guilt with a smile of showing toward the screen? Then it is mouthful cum shot after violent piston.

The teacher who cannot conceal the color of the excitement calls other teachers and it rush into group fellatio party. Three cocks are sucked and push into the interior of the throat and slaver dripping down from her mouth.
It is hard teachers' cock attacks to MOMO who requests permission. It is excitement level 100%. Devil teachers who get the switch on mode do not satisfy only fellatio and starts pussy training to use toy.

At the first, split bar inserted into her pussy at the lift hip up posture and juice bottle and vibs toy inserted afterward. They insert toy into vagina without mercy at the lift hip up posture and clitoris is attacked emphatically at the M-leg posture.
MOMO keeps enduring teachers' severe attacks though she faints in agony. However, when MOMO is attacked with the electric massage machine, she ejaculates and reaches acme.

Then cock attack is waiting after female ejaculation and transparent cuzco play. At the first, raw cock is inserting at the standing back posture.
When the cock is inserted in the pussy, MOMO made a sweet expression unlike the toy play. It goes in and out so that the cock may run over and tear the pussy and is very erotic.

Two more cocks rush into and they occupied her both hand and 4P play is started. They treat MOMO as their toy and enjoy her as like as they want at the back, banding and lift hip up posture.
And then, the end of the fucking is continuous vaginal cum shot. Each one splashed semen into vagina of MOMO at the missionary, doggie back, modified side and monkey back posture.
The scene of the continuous vaginal cum shot that seen by the non-stop is must see. Hat is taken off to cruelty that stirs the semen by the female ejaculation afterwards.
Someone who does not think it is satisfied by this, yes, there is some more. Of course, it is cum shower party. Cock is squeezing and semen makes MOMO to become dirty as bedaub to the face.
MOMO is intoxicated with semen packing that contain much protein might have the silky skin and becomes a beautiful skin nymph. It is only semen packing that creates beautiful skin after all.

> > (Momo Kitagami ) a lovely girl Continue

(Kokona Kawai ) THE KINBAKU 5


n0114 2006/03/21
Kokona Kawai

When the current content was arranged, an unpublished content was excavated. This content took last summer and stocked in the warehouse.
KOKONA KAWAI, young and pretty slut with 171cm tall performed for this content. Moreover, the costume that prepared by our side is smaller than her body and her body line can see lasciviously.

The brute supervisor ties her body that has F cup dynamite tits, bullies much, raw cock is tasted and continuous vaginal cum shot is dared.
Semen is splashed whole her body at the end and KOKONA has been played with. The image scene starts from taking a picture on the outside.

It will be one's heart beating with excitement for KOKONA who worn the super miniskirt. And, they enter the room to start the interview, KOKONA replies with a smile to the lascivious question.
When thinking that there was a thing concerning bind in the question, bind brute appears suddenly and he begins to bind her hand. Though the question is continued further, KOKONA answer the question with smile though bound.

When her both hand and leg bound and hanged, interviewer's attack for tits starts for KOKONA who was not able to resist. Dynamite F-cup tits is exposed and brute enjoy to bully her tits and pussy by the rotor toy.
When the panty is stripped off and the pussy is exposed, a big clitoris erects. When the huge clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy, KOKONA begins to pant in a painful voice.

Hands and leg are made to struggle when the pussy is emphatically bullied without mercy and KOKONA ascends to heaven. They are not sure to permit KOKONA by having acme once, the toy with wart is inserted in the vagina this time, and begins to mix it.
And, it ends in the place in which KOKONA reached second acme. Next, KOKONA is splendidly tied by the professional bind brute. Her dynamite tits became more powerful by the tortoise shell bind.

Bind must not stop only in it, bind the leg, and the one leg hanging. KOKONA who lost her way fall a prey of professional bind brute. It starts from the pussy attack by the toy and shifts to the finger fuck attack.
In the angle seen from the right under, it is happy to observe the expression KOKONA that mixing pain and pleasure. KOKONA got the third acme with scramming when vibs toy appears there and the piston is made to her pussy violently.

The vibs toy attack becomes more violent and KOKONA got fourth acme in an instant. Then, KOKONA who is half killed entreats to want cock.
Fucking begins from back posture while saying the argot in the finger attack with the hand bound. KOKONA pant loudly and writhes to his violent attack.

At the woman on top posture, piston attack is made violently and the lewd sound that meat against meat is sounding. They make KOKONA who turns into slut pig to became addicted to cock by the various kind of posture.
The reaction as how many times got acme is not understood might be the best toy as the slut pig. KOKONA becomes avaricious for the devil brute who make fucking to change various postures while inserting cock.
The end is cum shot on the tongue from modified side posture. When the whole semen is beautifully licked, the following cock appears and made vaginal cum shot.
The third cock appears when still her vagina is convulsive and made cum shot on her tongue at once. And fourth cock made vaginal cum shot.
As the result, four brute enjoyed 4P gangbang play. Then cum shower team appears and they made cum shower to tits and face of KOKONA who put on the net tights whole the body afterwards.
Whenever you see the fascinating of the young slut made dirty by the semen is so wonderful. However, how many acme KOKONA got? She was really lascivious slut.
Though time passed from then, what is KOKONA doing now? Let us have any information, if some one has.

> > (Kokona Kawai ) THE KINBAKU 5 Continue

(Maya Tsubaki ) Adios! Maya


n0113 2006/03/19
Maya Tsubaki
Adios! Maya

The originator saucy slut of MAYA TSUBAKI whom our company excavated will leave this business world at last. And therefore, she will decorate the retirement with our company at her earnest request.
The end of MAYA who becomes most appearance in the history of TOKYO HOT attaches to a heroic word. The cock is inserted in the hole of all holes and MAYA was drank the all the semen that splashed.

The self-conceitedness attitude that performs first have gone to where ? Because the thing to make the saucy slut is made to surrender is natural things of TOKYO HOT and therefore it is can not be helped.
MAYA perform woman doctor in this time. In the beginning, as for the retirement commemoration of MAYA, SM play that she wanted to do is shown.

MAYA put on wigs and insult for the principal. Though it is a pattern that the slut who doesn't seem to be TOKYO HOT bullies a man, it is erected to have a mind M only by seeing this scene.
The man who has masochistic mind will be got much excitement by seeing this scene. Though, it may be irritated little for the MAYA who perform lewd slut as to make spanking to the hip, tear off under hair and make cum shot by the hand service,

MAYA drink the semen that principal splashed on his belly and lastly and make smile at the end.
As TOKYO HOT was made enough farewell gift of the retirement, then setting changes to the hard bully time to MAYA. It starts from going rounds to the patient.

The devil patient gives a sharp word to MAYA who came in the sickroom dashingly. Brute who took advantage MAYA who shakes instantly calls other devil patient and begins to attack MAYA.
One brute begins to bind her body and MAYA who was not able to take moving is rolled in the bed. When hips are groped and stockings are taken off, MAYA put on the panty with hole that can see her labia fully.

Devil brute who get excited utter the argot and insert the vibs toy in the pussy. Because they are not satisfactory only the pussy, vibs toy is inserted also in the anus hole, and they got desire for the appearance that she writhes.
The toy attack is continued to MAYA who banded hand and leg at bad side and was became M-leg posture. MAYA faints in agony for the rotor toy that put on the tits and vibs toy that inserted into pussy deeply.

Then, cock is rush into there and pushed into her mouth, and MAYA got acme by the electric massage machine. After finger attack was made at lift hip up posture, she splashed her love juice much and made screaming while pouring love juice by her self.
Her pussy is getting well wetting condition in order to insert cock. Her pant voice escalates with a lascivious sound with which meat and meat are violently hit each other, too.

The mouth of MAYA who writhes too much is closed with cock and 3P play starts. When the pussy is bullied at the back posture, cock is inserted in the anus hole.
Another person participate anus fucking at the woman on top posture and two holes are skewered. There is more space, her mouth is still opened and it is closed by the other cock.
4P play continues even if becoming backward woman on top posture and both hands and the pussy are attacked by the cock. And, three holes are skewered again when becoming woman on top.
It is the hard play as her pussy and anus hold cock while make fellatio to frown. It is harder than usual because it is the retirement commemoration.
However, what is white juice that comes out from her hip?? After enjoyed gangbang party, it is the well known continues vaginal cum shot.
The semen is also splashed into anus as well. Please pay attention to the scene where semen swims in the vagina that can be seen by the Sakurai type Cuzco.
Next, she shows standing piss shot and it rush into cum shower party as last. Please see while masturbating the heroic ending scene that MAYA licked and drunk smell semen of brute.
Please fully enjoy the real last content of MAYA TSUBAKI.

> > (Maya Tsubaki ) Adios! Maya Continue

(Miyo Kasuga ) a lovely slut


n0112 2006/03/14
Miyo Kasuga
a lovely slut

MIYO KASUGA who is the best selection of in this month is appears. Even she is young Fellatio is shown from the beginning to the classmate in the locker room at the school.
Moreover, her sucking is so lascivious. It gets excited by the appearance to suck the cannon meat cock violently while sounding a lewd sound.

It is made the suck teachers' dirty cock in the group at the classroom and it gets excited again. Moreover it get excited for the appearance of MIYO who put on school uniform and is put raw cock and writhe.
And then, MIYO was made continues vaginal cum shot at the end. It is jealous for the brute who handles such a lovely slut like the toy.

MIYO perform modern high school student who behave serious student but actually she is naughty student. Even the school, MIYO called classmate to place where is not popular and start lick play.
Cock that has been erected is sucked by MIYO who sit upright with her legs folded under her. Head of the cock is violently sucked up and keeps licking deliciously.

It will invite excitement that MIYO turn her eyes to camera sometime while sucking the cock. At the end, it is interesting when she urged kiss to the brute who just made cum shot onto her tongue.
When the teacher who connived at the site afterwards calls MIYO in the classroom and ask her to suck his cock. MIYO who wants to avoid suspending from school begins to suck as hearing what the teacher says.

It is a so impossible thing in the reality that such a lovely slut sucks a different cock at once. Cock is erected to this unreal situation.
And, a few cocks participate and the fellatio party starts. MIYO services to suck the teachers' dirty cock eagerly. When MIYO made fellatio for all cock in general, then it is time of masturbation show.

When he caresses her tits and exposed her pussy then rotor toy is inserted in the vagina and then MIYO violently shakes the body and is absorbed in pleasure.
Other teachers who saw it get excited greatly and begin to play with her body. When her tits is rubbed and pussy is attacked by the finger, her voltage goes up, too.

They insert various kind of toy one after another into her vagina and enjoy to see the reaction of her pussy. The place where tiny pussy hole is shivering by the big vibs toy is must to see.
The female ejaculation begins when pussy is dampened moderately. Her love juice drips and falls from hips. The teachers can not off their tension against MIYO who reflected some tune into the demon.

Then they insert cock to her pussy at the standing back posture. In order to get self pleasure by them self, they made hard piston against MIYO who raises the groan voice momentarily of inserting.
Cannon cock is inserted to MIYO who is in agony for it at the sitting posture and condition of pussy was checked.
Because her body is small and light, fucking with lift her body is no so difficult and hip meat is violently gripped and her hip is made piston up and down.
Though MIYO is screaming every time trusted, devil teachers fuck her while laughing.
One more cock participates when putting down a mat and becoming woman on top posture and 4P play in which two more cocks participates starts at backward woman on top posture.
It cannot be without desire for MIYO who was sucked two cocks in the same time while frown and to pant. The devil teachers enjoy their pleasantness to close her both hole by their cock at the doggie back posture.
The end of fucking is continues vaginal cum shot. Four devil teachers splashed their semen to her pussy by the non-stop. It is impressed by semen which swims in the vagina seen with Sakurai type of cuzco.
The play for the final is continues facial cum shot party. MIYO is made pouring the smell and dirty semen on the face and has a cramp the face.
After all, exact punishment is necessary for the slut who is making light of the people. I think that she also lives honest life by this.

> > (Miyo Kasuga ) a lovely slut Continue

(Suzuka Kobayashi ) a simple country girl


n0111 2006/03/12
Suzuka Kobayashi
a simple country girl

The target in this time whom our local scout has found is RYOKA KOBAYASHI of a slender slut. She is a simple country girl who spoke with a local accent a little.
RYOKA has fallen a prey this time on fitting in to the art of talking of the scout. She is brought to the some place as incomprehensible and has received baptism of our brute.

RYOKA has been made doing it unexpected at the end. The setting is a country girl who came to the trading company in Tokyo to receive the interview and she is made to sit on a chair and it begins the interview.
RYOKA answered with smile face for the interviewer's malicious question. Her tits is shown obediently though it is thought that it is amusing when she is hearing that there is a body check to find employment.

Pink nipples have erected when taking off her coat. Two interview people participate and it begins the check. They begin to play with by pushing and touching the nipple.
The expression of RYOKA who thinks it is something amusing at the time of being touched is very interesting. RYOKA reacting obediently for the word of interviewer as take off the panty and expose her pussy.

She engagingly answers for interviewer who continuously said argot while being touching tits. She begins to feel it though she looks uneasy when is in the finger attack.
Next, whether female ejaculation can be made is checked as the first examination to confirm the condition of the pussy. Whether the condition is not satisfactory because of being strained? The second interview is fellatio check by five interview people.

Interviewer is overjoyed in polite tongue use though RYOKA has an uneasy face and begins to suck the cock. It is good impression in RYOKA who licks cock desperately.
When five people surround RYOKA and the cock is turned to the face, her shaking face is good again. Fellatio of interview starts sitting straight after it finished sucking each erected cocks.

Mouthful cum shot at the end is made to RYOKA who licks obediently as said. When interview orders to drink up semen that went out to the mouth, and RYOKA drinks it up.
Next, PISS SHOT check on coming. RYOKA sits on a sofa at M-leg style and, labia are peeled off to make PISS SHOT. The expression after PISS SHOT is a check necessary.

The third interview observes the condition of the vagina and her reaction by pussy toy attack. Interviewer is inserted in her surprised for a lot of toys without mercy.
RYOKA incontinence and reached acme by the vibs toy attack at the end though pussy is played with. The fourth interview is a real battle raw fucking by interviewer.

Cock is inserted from backing and begins the stroke. RYOKA who kept silent has become pleasant and begins to make a small groan voice.
When another brute put cock in the mouth that has become empty, RYOKA sucks it deliciously and 3P play is begun. Interviewer changes the posture as side, backward woman on top and checks the well-set condition of pussy.
In addition, two cocks participate and it becomes 4P play. Four people play with RYOKA and rushes into a continuous vaginal cum shot of customary at the end.
Plaintive expression of RYOKA after of each puts out semen to pussy in the with one's own way that seems to be burns into eyes. The final interview is mouthful cum shot attack by interviewer.
Mouthful cum shot is made one after another while RYOKA being attacked her crotch by the electric massage machine. And, please look at pitiful RYOKA at the end.
However RYOKA may think that TOKYO is really scary place where doing a cruel treatment like this for the country slut who just comes up to city.
No, it is not for TOKYO city but may be for TOKYO-HOT !!

> > (Suzuka Kobayashi ) a simple country girl Continue

(Ai Ookubo ) A slender slut


n0110 2006/03/05
Ai Ookubo
A slender slut

Slender slut AI OOKUBO appears this time. It seems that she was broken when embracing closely is unbearably good feeling. AI is made to Race Queen and the entertainment world of the horrible society was taught.
Please see the reproduction of scary insult play of TOKYO HOT just like always as raw fuck, fellatio party, gangbang, vaginal cum shot and so on.

The pattern that the idol of the B\C class goes into raptures at beginning make much of by surroundings when popularity begins to appear a little and there is not having ability either and is conceited is abundant.
AI is the typical example of this. In the place where taking a picture ended, AI puts up her anger very much in the manager who do not work well and complains to the president of the office.

The president who was calming her first gets anger at her arrogant attitude and the law of the show business world will be taught. The president who became naked surrounding AI with staff and fellatio party is dared.
AI who was doing with an air of superiority also entreats scary of the president and the staff and starts to suck their cocks.

Though it is a prohibition that puts out the hand to the commodity in the show business world but the named training of guidance is another matter.
The president oneself tries to forge the commodity. The president and staff who turn into the brute insert their cocks into her mouth and guide the fellatio technique while ordered her to not put up tooth.

Afterwards, it is a start of president's individual guidance. He touches her tits and bullies her pussy by the finger. AI gradually wets the pussy though she has a cramp the face.
One of the staff challenges the standing female ejaculation and her lover juice scatters splendidly and one of the staff orders AI to make mouthful cum shot by fellatio.

Her head was hold and forcibly pushes cock into the interior of the throat and make hard piston action as his masturbation. And, he made cum shot on to her tongue at the end.
The following staff lays AI down in the sofa and starts raw fuck. A cannon cock is inserted in the pussy of the bristle and made vaginal cum shot as it is.

It is a crucible of the excitement in the dropping semen from her pussy. And two staffs start toy pussy insult play with various toys to AI who became crawl on all fours.
Being surprised here is that the walking stick is inserted in the pussy and bullies her pussy. It is not possible to say anything for AI who panting and reacting to such a stick.

When AI is made M-leg posture, chopsticks are put in the pussy, and clitoris is picked, the pant voice is heard. It runs in the additional blow and it stimulates with the electric massage machine.
Do not forget when you can see a beautiful opening of uterus in a transparent cuzco. Guidance after the toy might be still the cock and cock of president inserted AI at standing back posture.
It is a quite common thing that guides the law of the show business world with the cock while confirming the shutting condition of pussy.
It violently attacks by backward woman on top posture at the sofa and the technique for making the cock of two brute pleased at the same time is guided at 3P play by the back posture.
Then, they shift to 4P play to suck a right and left cocks at the backward woman on top posture again and enjoy gangbang party. AI is bullied by president's irregular technique at the side posture and it enters to continue vaginal cum shot for the final.
Each staff puts the desire in her pussy and semen is splashed into her pussy. Laughter has a lump in one's throat when a large amount of semen is shown to come out from the vagina.
AI is already no value as the commodity though guidance ends by this. AI was put Meat Slave's label and road of Race Queen was completely shut.
AI will go through one's life as a staff and a meat entertainment worker in the future. As she has no skillful ability at the show business world either, the end that got self conceited is really scaring.

> > (Ai Ookubo ) A slender slut Continue

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