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(kaoru_amamiya) a lascivious pot


n0123 2006/04/30
a lascivious pot

Atmosphere of lascivious the same as externals will stimulate your cock, it is appearance of KAORU AMAMIYA with great dignity. The tits with elasticity that seems to be soft is attractive.
Though the impression that it seems to like fuck is received from KAORU, TOKYO HOT doesn't have the idea of making the woman pleased by play at all.

The woman is treated as an exhaust container of the semen and there is a significance of existence in the woman's making a man pleased.
The brute team who smelt out smells of vagina and was always requesting new prey began to move. KAORU who is putting on meshes of the net clothes provokes boyfriend who becomes tired on business and is sleeping.

The cock reacts at once by her hand service even if the body is tired. A large amount of semen is slashed with surprising swiftness. KAORU is not satisfied with his ejaculation for a short time and masturbation begins voluntarily.
The scene that KAORU smears her own saliva to her pussy and rubs is so erotic. Boyfriend found such KAORU and she confessed her frustration and man with strong sex is introduced to KAORU without knowing why.

However having been called is our devil brute team. KAORU is restrained by force with handcuffs and the fetter and pussy has been bullied.
It is necessary to inculcate the propriety of sex by the body to such a joking slut. It is man's mission to teach that the pussy is only the exhaust container of the semen and a sweet fantasy of the woman such as the enjoyments by sex is wiped out.

And, the smile disappeared from her expression. Inside of the vagina by the bibs toy and the clitoris is stimulated for a long time with the electric massage machine and the female ejaculation was made by the finger fuck at the end.
Then fellatio service for four cocks was made and four cocks inserted into her pussy one after another afterwards. One cock is made raw insertion and fellatio service made to other three cocks and insult play is continuing.

The place is moved to the bed where a devil brute team surrounds while rubbing own cock and raw fucking is start. The cannon cock is deeply inserted in the pussy at bending posture and the pant voice is raised.
KAORU who showed an expression that seemed to be painful to violent raw fuck at time reduced the vagina meat character that specialized only in the semen exhaust.

Mouth of KAORU is closed with the cannon cock while posture change as side and woman on top and the compulsion fellatio is continued. Insertion is a continuing ten of minutes, a large amount of semen of the first cock is injected into the vagina.
The sticky semen is not exhausted to the outside easily with the persistent stay in her vagina.

The second cock is close the pussy that waits for a little rest while going into convulsions from the back without hesitation and the semen that starts dripping from yawning pussy was pushed and it returned it.
Posture is changing missionary, bending and side, and vaginal cum shot was made. Semen is splashed from the cock just pulled out from the pussy further, and the vicious act of pushing it back to the pussy again with the its cock is impressive.
Then, the third cock is inserted with same posture and vaginal cum shot again after violent fucking. Moreover, fourth cock insert and vaginal cum shot.
Thick semen of four continuously splashed far exceeded the capacity of the vagina jar, and semen dripped and dropped at the same time as the cock's being pulled out from the pussy.
The pussy completed the role as the semen jar to a continuous injection of the raw cock. Then, it is cum shower party. KAORU who was reborn as the vagina jar waits for semen while keeping faint.
And the semen of 13 totals is poured on the face and the hair of KAORU. KAORU raises the queer voice every time semen starts pouring it like confirming the character as the sexual desire disposition slut.
It is so impressed by TOKYO HOT that shows the appearance that one woman falls into the semen disposition tool. I saw this and the interest were lost association with the woman on whom it had depended too much nowadays.
It is thought that all wedding funds that have been saved up to now are invested and it will buy the semen disposition tool complete set now.

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(maya_inoue) a shy slut


n0122 2006/04/23
a shy slut

The sacrifice in this time is MAYA INOUE of shy slut. The costume of air attendance is very suitable. MAYA put her health condition aside and takes care with so that the guest may fly safely.
She held out too much, upset her health, and came to the hospital today. Though it is nothings happen until every part of the body having been checked, TOKYO HOT not make MAYA to return by just only body check.

TOKYO HOT made to insult MAYA who feeling shy and made her not to be able to see the light of the day never. Three thick cocks attack MAYA who sits on the hospital chair while showing shyness.
First of all, skillful fellatio that lascivious sound is sounded in the room is shown and then emphatically sucking one and made mouthful cum shot.

It is so lascivious the appearance to lick the mass of the liquid that vomited from mouth in palm. The following, her loveliness vagina is attacked by the foreign body insertion.
Her pussy opens greatly when it is persistently stirred by the open leg pose. The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and pussy hole grows gradually, the merciless toy attack is made for a sensitive clitoris.

The inside of pussy at which it peeps with cuzco has discolored in red internally in parts by the cruel play. In addition, a big pant voice is raised and made female ejaculation by continuing high-speed finger fuck.
MAYA is half sob for the cruelty play like a little hemorrhage in the vagina. However, cock is inserted disregarding such a thing. The place is moved to the bed for the patient and MAYA is skewered cock from the under.

In addition, the cock approaches from both sides and it begins 4P gangbang play. A small pussy is pushed up from the under at the woman on top posture.
And, another cock intrudes into and 3P play is started. The fellatio is made with holding her head. MAYA was transfigured from air attendance of the yearning to the sexual desire processing toy and became the doll only of waiting for semen.

MAYA may be not experienced such an attack of brute so far, her shameful, embarrassed expression gets so excited and brute rush into the heresy play further.
The end is continuous vaginal cum shot play of the initial experience for MAYA. Fucking with a powerful piston is continued at the bending posture and it is vaginal cum shot.

Thick semen gushes from the inside of the vagina when the cock is pulled out and it bleeds from her pussy for some reason. The villainy of raw fucking is transmitted.
Then, second cock is inserted. After forcible fucking without any relation to her feelings, it is vaginal cum shot again. Future more, third raw insertion promptly though the second semen from pussy flows out.

MAYA is to the meat slave of the higher class every time the cock is inserted. Well wet condition of vagina by the last two vaginal cum shot is to be best condition for the cock and it is third vaginal cum shot smoothly.
The leg is lifted high and MAYA is made lift hip up posture so that the semen of three doesn't begin to overflow. Brute pour away semen in the vagina greatly expanded by the finger like the jar and a large amount of semen of five flows in the vagina.
Then it is the cum shower attack of the end like denying the existence of air attendance. MAYA received cum shower of eight brute to her face and starts masturbation while showing a hollow expression.
MAYA is getting wonderful pleasant feeling and made thick piss shot onto the floor after made female ejaculation.
It is so wonderful that the air attendance that is the occupation of the yearning for the woman and the prize beyond man's reach became semen jar.
Which airline should we take to meet such semen jar attendance?? To our regret, it cannot be told.

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(yukari_sawada) splashes of pussy


n0121 2006/04/18
splashes of pussy

The prey this time is YUKARI SAWADA who is intellectual and has beautiful leg though saucy.
Though YUKARI seems to be aiming at the woman president, it doesn't relate though it might be an employee though it might be a woman president for brute men, yes she is just mass of body.

As if value is decided the woman's how much it being vaginal cum shot, brute made vagina cum shot of angry waves. And, brute is too forward and thick and ripens semen is flow heavily.
Neat pussy of YUKARI was filled fully with the semen bubble and to see the powerful vaginal cum shot immediately before suffocation. The president Yukari who put on the navy blue suit sits on the sofa, folds one's arms, and scolds the employee.

Slim leg that expands from miniskirt, the expression that glares from the interior of glasses proliferate man's anger and sexual desire.
The employee rages at Yukari's utterance, and they changes suddenly to the demon mode. Cock is made exposed and it attacks YUKARI, cannon cocks pry Yukari's mouth open and fellatio is compelled.

And, it is female ejaculation from unscrupulously finger fuck. Brute inserts cock into YUKARI who exhausted from the back with her love juice remains in the vagina.
The place are changed to the sofa, a saucy pussy is violently poked and it is disgraceful vaginal cum shot at the end. The semen flows backward from the vagina and YUKARI rots away.

Next, masturbation is compelled to YUKARI. Brute intrude into with the electric massage machine to the place in which the pussy is completely opened and made masturbation on the sofa.
When the pussy is stimulated by force with the massage machine, YUKARI entreaty to say "please stop it, please". It is our employee's veterans to accelerate stimulation without loosening the hand here.

It goes forward until YUKARI got acme, after she reaches acme, pussy is thoroughly bullied by the vibs toy, rotor toy and the finger. White joy juice stayed in the interior of pussy when peeping at pussy with cuzco after she got acme again.
To the following, it is a start of the raw fucking party on the mat.

YUKARI is made fellatio while other cock is inserting to YUKARI at the missionary posture and YUKARI splashed a large amount of joy juice from her pussy at the pleasantness of the great statue.
The saucy slut become like this when she is fucked by our team. YUKARI who has been used for the men's sexual desire fucking at various kind of posture as side, woman on top and so on, and she got much pleasantness for this attack.

YUKARI might get other acme when she was poked at the missionary posture, splashed large amount of joy juice again. Large amounts of joy juice us blowing to the second female ejaculation further as high as urination.
Time taking a rest is not given to the pussy that is convulsion after female ejaculation and the piston is done violently. A man made a vaginal cum shot while shouting.
The 2nd and 3rd cock gets on YUKARI one after another and the continuous fucking feast play is done. The pussy gets so wet by the cannon cock of devil employee's and they made vaginal cum shot one after another.
Saucy YUKARI will live new life as devil employee's meat slave in the future. The beginning of meat slave life is the group facial cum shower party as a ceremony.
YUKARI is end up receiving thick and smell semen from the 13 employee. YUKARI who became meat slave & meat urinal is compelled to open leg and piss shot on the sofa.
It differs from externals that seem to be intellectual, it is interesting awfully yellow piss describing a parabola. Any saucy slut who is taken in our hand becomes an obedient female pig at the end.
Hope to slip out the base life that variously ordered by colleague's woman every day and keep several slender sluts as special meat urinal.

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(Misako Fujii ) never say no


n0120 2006/04/16
Misako Fujii
never say no

MISAKO FUJII is the popular one of the company that makes the man employee puzzled by a large amount of pheromone.
The appearance to punch the key to the personal computer in the company is fascinating and it is a good reputation, and there are a lot of men who think to want fuck with her at one time.

MISAKO is a female office worker who always takes care with so that the man employee may work pleasantly because the character is also very good.
The character of MISAKO that cannot be said it is unpleasant when it is asked bring the misfortune, MISAKO fall a prey to brute team and to be made continues vaginal cum shot.

MISAKO is compelled fellatio service by brute employee while working overtime. In addition, two brute employee join and total three cocks are inserted in the mouth.
MISAKO who became a watery eye to three compulsion sucks is ordered compulsion masturbation. In the office, a man who gets excited by seeing masturbation injects his raw cock into her pussy.

The leg is lifted by the standing back posture and it is an extreme scene of the uniting part opening completely.
The fucking is continue at backward sitting and sitting posture and brute inject his semen into her pussy and the piston is begun to the pussy of MISAKO who is taken on the desk and he made a vaginal cum shot at the end.

However, cock keeps erecting after splashed semen and it rakes up semen and inserts the cock with semen in the vagina. In the following, hips are turned to the camera and brute?fs toy attack starts to MISAKO who become crawl on all fours.
It violently bullies in the pussy with a lot of toys such as vibs toy made of the bamboo and argent vibs toys.

Furthermore, pussy is expanded with four s character hooks and it peeps at a wet vagina and a sublime bullying continues by the finger fuck and electric massage machine attack.
MISAKO doesn't discontinue the vibration of the electric massage machine and be fainting in agony with struggle. A man doesn't make the permission of it and made her to make to ascend to heaven by the attacking angry waves.

The attack of the electric massage machine will have been impressed by the state that labia began to be seen in the greatly outside of the pussy when ending.
After enjoyed to bully her pussy, fucking starts from back posture. MISAKO pants while shouting it is pleasant to the play of wringing the neck at the side posture.

At the woman on top posture, two more cocks join and 4P play starts. MISAKO who turns into the mass of the lust is in avarice as for men's cocks.
She turns into the lewd pig when MISAKO who was handling work so seriously tastes the cock once. After satisfying close up scene that the vagina doesn't separate holding the cock in one's mouth, the missionary, bending and doggie back posture can be seen.
When the piston moves violently with gripping hip meat, he made vaginal cum shot as it is. When the cock that adheres semen is inserted in the vagina again, the second cock skewers MISAKO.
At the backward woman on top posture, the first semen's dripping and adhering to the cock whenever the cock is put in and out are very lascivious.
It shifts from woman on top to missionary posture, and the piston attack increases further. MISAKO ejaculates, "It is pleasant" and second vaginal cum shot was made.
The third cock forces insertion to her pussy where the semen drips endlessly. The lewdness of MISAKO who continuously accepts cock is increase exaggeratedly and explodes.
Men pour inject semen each in their way to her pussy. Semen flows out from the vagina by a continuous vaginal cum shot. The scene to which semen drips and a drop according to the shrinkage of the pussy is true worth of TOKYO HOT.
The last is cum shower party. Melancholy abnormal men who surrounded MISAKO made cum shower to her face while they are made hand job service.
The expression of MISAKO is in the state of the ecstasy when semen is sprinkled to her face.
The author made the decision to leave the company today and to change the job for the day that met the female office worker who was able to do the fuck as like as we want like MISAKO sometime.

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(Akane Midorikawa ) a nurse slut


n0119 2006/04/11
Akane Midorikawa
a nurse slut

The content presented this time is re-appearance of AKANE MIDORIKAWA who gained popularity of everybody. The school uniform of last time was so lovely, isn't it.
AKANE becomes a nurse this time and in the play such as gangbang, vaginal cum shot, cum shower party and so on, extreme play to which power improves more than last time can be seen.

Please enjoy this 72mins content with excitement. AKANE gets on the desk in the hospital and starts masturbating suddenly. Her pussy gets wet and greatly open.
AKANE blindfolds and attacks a man bound to the bed by the continuing play. A man ejaculated without endure by her sticky fellatio and hand job service.

The appearance to lick deliciously the semen that went out from the mouth is impressive. The expression when sucking is so lasciviously.
The next scene, the mistake of work is pointed out by the doctor, and fellatio is compelled, and insult play starts. They move to the bed and the gangbang with AKANE and 3 brute is played.

A finger putting violently in the pussy is carried out at the same time as her nurse clothes' being gradually picked off.
The color of her joy juice that begins to overflow in the vagina is discolored from colorlessness to white when the caress is repeated with the rotor toy and vibs toy.

AKANE keeps sucking man's cock while being thrown in the vibs toy to pussy from back. Stimulation with the electric massage machine joins the pussy further, and the inside of the pussy peeped by the Cuzco has changed into a good color to reddish.
Next, move to mat and start raw fucking. The nurse costume front is opened and white stockings are left then the raw cock is inserted into vagina that increases reddish.

The cock of a man of one another approach the mouth that put in and out many times and originates a big pant voice, and the fellatio is begun.
Moreover, one more man joins, and AKANE sucks two cocks alternately.

In the raw cock fucking play to change the posture to across on a man in the open leg poses, cock putting to the pussy in and out is considerably violent and her love juice in the vagina adheres to the cock.
The amount to which lover juice adheres at the time of putting in and out increases and a lewd sound is made. Then, two cocks appear right and left, and double fellatio is made while being pushed up from the under.

In twining at the backing style, AKANE seems to feel very much it in not have her own way for fellatio and reacts to putting the cock in and out with the grip the sheet.
Moreover, in the scene where the cock is inserted from the under in AKANE, it is very lascivious to see that movement of pussy that is expanded by cannon cock and the appearance of anus of a little opening.
In the scene immediately before cum shot of the first person, cock and pussy get wet by the each love juice and putting in and out is repeated at the back posture and it is vaginal cum shot.
It is the one of best scene that the cock that just made cum shot is inserted again to her pussy that open greatly and some semen drip while convulsions.
The second man made the vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. After AKANE is violently poked, it is made vaginal cum shot again and splashed semen is powerfully overflows from her pussy.
And third vaginal cum shot was made to AKANE at the missionary posture from modified side. The fourth person inserts raw cock in the pussy where the semen that becomes cloudy of three flows and falling.
The semen splashed out mightily by the ejaculation outside the vagina and it hits her under hair directly. Brute shows cruelty when a wet cock in semen is inserted in the vagina further.
And the last is group cum shower party, semen is splashed aim to her lovely face.
AKANE who reposes oneself on a bed is stimulated her pussy by the electric massage machine and was poured semen of 15 brute to her face, then AKANE went to heaven while twitch with pain at the last.
The mind of the brute spirit was shaken in the last reached extremely heroic.

> > (Akane Midorikawa ) a nurse slut Continue

(Ran Kato ) Gang Bang


n0118 2006/04/09
Ran Kato
Gang Bang

This content is composed of the document touch of 32 vaginal cum shot and direct inject of 8 people. RAN KATO who fall a prey to this unprecedented is charm and has lewd atmosphere.
It exceeds the stage of public urinal that ten's of brute play with her. The color of the excitement cannot be concealed in the vaginal cum shot battle of 40 of the maximum supremacy of TOKYO HOT.

RAN who has entered the office suddenly sucks the cock of a man who is sitting on a chair. His cock becomes bigger at once, too and makes fuck as it is on the sofa.
Her pussy is soaked much by her love juice and ejaculates every time cock is violently put in and out. After a lovely voice of the pant, it is vaginal cum shot.

Semen may injected in the pussy deeply, it takes sometime that sticky semen may flow backward from the inside of the vagina. The following brute appears immediately before going to take shower afterwards and begins raw fuck.
They enjoy the fuck at the standing back posture and made vaginal cum shot. The liquid that semen mixes with her love juice drips down from the inside when the camera catches pussy immediately from the back after vaginal cum shot was made.

RAN scoops it by the finger and licks happily. The scene changes and RAN appears on the bed with black lingerie. Three men who erected cock intrude into there by the stark-naked, and RAN begins fellatio alternately and man inserts cock at once.
As soon as the first brute made the vaginal cum shot, second man inserts his cock into her pussy where semen of first man drips down and made vaginal cum shot, too.

Moreover third man also made vaginal cum shot as it is. Nevertheless, RAN was not satisfied moved to other bed where two other brute wait.
RAN voluntarily touch cock and tempt fuck. He inserts his cock at the doggie back and shift to the missionary. Well-set of the vagina is considerably good, he made a vaginal cum shot in a short time.

The pussy after it is splashed in the vagina has extended greatly the labia and tells violent of raw insertion. Then, another instantly inserts his cock.
A large amount of semen flows backward after the second person pulls out the cock, it goes along in the anus, and the sheet gets wet much.

Fellatio is compelled to RAN who went to toilet by the man who waited her and cannon cock inserted from the back. Semen is splashed into the pussy after a violent piston action.
Semen flows backward from the pussy that is the convulsion after vaginal cum shot and terrific is told. The third scene plays the balloon on the mat with bloomer.

A man intrudes into as usual and it is raw fuck. The pleat twines around the cock and it is so erotic. The second brute insert cock as push backwards semen and made vaginal cum shot again.
The end is a start of a sublime continuous gangbang party. RAN was surrounded by the ten of brute and compelled fellatio service for their erected cock.
After she shows powerful skill, it is the raw fucking time. They showed 4P play easily and brute insert cock one after another to RAN who wait them at the missionary posture afterwards.
The scene of continuous vaginal cum shot of 18 is played. RAN is made to lift hip up posture with 18 semen put in the pussy, and ten brute splashed their semen to her pussy.
It is a surprise at the abnormal slut RAN who voluntarily pours the semen that splashed into the vicinity of pussy in the vagina. The cock is a piercing again to the pussy that semen made full and two more vaginal cum shot was made.
Semen are swimming about abounding than usual when peeping at the pussy that soup made full with SAKURAI type cuzco. Please applause for RAN who was poured semen of total 40 into pussy.
It is rarely content that can not be seen easily. Please add to your collection.

> > (Ran Kato ) Gang Bang Continue

(Maki Matsumoto ) a new employee


n0117 2006/04/02
Maki Matsumoto
a new employee

MAKI MATSUMOTO who performed this time is a slut of self-styled as fifth rank hand job service and first class of fellatio. Many of you may think that it is joke that such a beautiful woman doing desire.
Well, it makes it omit by the seen thing of enjoying it. Anyway, the state from which beautiful MAKI is made dirty by devil brute makes you charmed.

How on earth does it become it at the end?
Though MAKI seems to perform a neat woman but performed a little hussy slut in this time. MAKI who graduated from TOKYO HOT high school and is working part-time in sexual club receives the interview of the TOKYO HOT Trading Co.

Ltd. MAKI who looks like little hussy girl with pose that fully exposed panty answered question of interviewer.
As for this scene, MAKI performed the position that is, and it undertook it very much to the special skill and the motive of the personal history.

MAKI temporarily employed on the assumption of probation and puts away toy etc. that casually put on the desk. She then is finding as for one prototype.
MAKI who desire for it starts to lick for this prototype after she confirmed no one in the office. The panty is moved after licking it and pussy is exposed.

MAKI inserts the toy while voluntarily rubbing tits. MAKI raises a bold pant voice, makes the toy soggy made, and reaches at acme. The employee comes back from business and a toy that soggy is discovered.
When questioning closely to MAKI who pretends not to know.... MAKI who exposed pussy fully at the M-leg posture lies on the sofa and toy insult play by devil brute starts.

Pussy is opened by the finger fuck like the tear and inside of vagina is stirred. Two rotor toys are inserted in the vagina and it is made to ejaculate.
When pull toy with verruca out after it is inserted and moves violently, her thick white love juice comes out from the vagina.

When the other various toy is inserted and she is made to faint in agony, the electric massage machine appears at the end and EXPLODES.
Female ejaculation begins immediately after making MAKI being made acme. It applause to MAKI who scatters loves juice. After that, office life not to understand whether it is her heaven or a hell starts.

First of all, fellatio service is started with office costume. MAKI is made holding cock to the interior of the throat and is a treatment like the slave.
MAKI make fellatio service again when clothes tears up by scissors and became tattered. The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and each company staff's cock is held in her mouth.
Raw fuck begins at the sofa after four people surrounding MAKI and inserting cock forcibly, and making it suck at the end. It enters sitting posture from missionary posture, her love juice drips down from her pussy when being piston by gripping hip meat.
Does it display her skill of MAKI absorbed in the pleasure by the seriousness full mode ? 4P play starts at woman on top posture, it is remarkably understood more and more that the lewdness mode increases.
Moreover, because the piston action is a super-high-speed, MAKI cannot also endure it. COCK is put in the mouth that pants violently and closes it, the appearance in which it enjoys to insult MAKI gets so excited.
There is no interval and a man who keeps fucking dares mouthful & vaginal cum shot at the end. A selfish action that made vaginal cum shot is so enviable.
Because they are the people who do not think it is poor when it gets pregnant at all.
After seeing in a vagina where remain enough semen by cuzco, dirty white semen is bedaubed for her body and keeps attacking until reaching acme with the electric massage machine.
Please see the awful appearance of MAKI who mixed ejaculate, faint in agony, and rejoice. MAKI who was performing a saucy slut by the first interview found no word for this attack, too.
The last miserable appearance is likely there is TOKYO HOT here. PISS SHOT scene of the extra can see the natural MAKI and is very good.

> > (Maki Matsumoto ) a new employee Continue

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