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(yuko_miura) A neat college student


n0130 2006/05/31
A neat college student

A neat college student YUKO MIURA appears in this time. Though YUKO went to shopping today, however YUKO who have no sense of direction loses her way, and she was being abducted by three men when noticing.
These three men is devil brute team of TOKYO HOT that fearful enough to silence a crying child. YUKO who was abducted and confined has become small while trembling with the smell of the male that men discharge in the state immediately before the faint.

However, bullying also even of such a woman who seems to be pure and innocent and making with semen dirty are TOKYO HOT. It is very anxious that whether the color with very wonderful soup that gushes from the vagina jar of an obedient woman.
YUKO who was taken into the basement is inserted cock into her mouth against her will and hand job service is forced as well.

In addition, when the cock is inserted up to the interior of the throat, YUKO was choked and eyes are congested and it becomes an expression that seems to cry.
The testicles of men who saw the face receive stimulation and invite the result of manufacturing more semen. YUKO who is made to sit a sofa is expanded her pussy and gets to the vagina jar throwing in the vibs and rotor toy.

She makes the body twisted for insult which the toy with a too strong stimulation is inserted in the vagina interior and resists. YUKO is made to crawl on all fours and the compulsion service with a further toy attack and the mouth continues.
YUKO is driven in immediately before the faint for the attack of the electric massage machine and the vibs toy, and the liquid that becomes cloudy drips and is thrown from the vagina jar.

YUKO doesn't have the done way in the act of shame from which the mass of a large amount of soup that sticks to the opening of uterus is peeped in cuzco either.
Then, fucking starts on the bed. While fucking is made at the missionary, bending, back sitting posture, YUKO was forced compulsion fellatio for other cock at the same time and 4P play show can be seen here.

The inside of vagina that catches a glimpse while the cock is put in and out to vagina jar, the pant voice that seems to cry is so erotic and insult level is increased.
Her vagina jar to the vicinity of the anus was fully wet by her love juice by the violent fucking at the back and missionary posture, and the amount of her love juice doubles further when fucking continues.

YUKO seemed to have managed to understand present circumstances that confined without understanding and love juice is thrown compulsorily dripping.
Then, new devil brute appear at that time and vaginal cum shot is carried out by continuous fucking. The cock is inserted one after another with no moment to puts out the semen injected in the vagina and made high speed piston movement.

Then the menstrual blood comes out from the pussy, YUKO seems to be a physiology. But fucking continues, and the liquid that mixes with menstrual blood, her love juice and semen drips from the inside of the vagina.
YUKO who doesn't understand what happened to her vagina becomes meat mass that to be made vaginal cum shot as like as demon brute want while dripping mix juice from her pussy.
In the continuing scene, the miserable appearance of YUKO who is made to lift hip up posture was inserted rohto into her vagina jar is seen.
As final of insult play, brute cum shower team atomize their semen to rohto.
The large amount of semen drips into vagina jar through rohto and the semen that seems to gush from the jar is mixed with the stick and pushed into the interior of the jar further.
Semen is poured in a menstrual pussy further. In the vagina jar, it is the chemical reaction is caused and the passage of the vagina is completely destroyed.
And, her pupil of eyes becomes impure as having died. The end is the compulsion PISS SHOT that completely denies human dignity.
The TOKYO HOT seems to be stalking along the street while always looking for the catch to confine a lovely girl who was the appearance in the town.
I who wants to make vaginal cum shot to a lovely girl, though I who wants to make vaginal cum shot to a lovely girl applied to the execution force of the confinement, it seems to be only a position of driver who is empty now according to hearing.
Our staff might also observe traffic regulations at the least. I began to commute to the nearby car driving school to acquire the license now because of this.
Because there is a confinement target, it is likely to be able to hold out. ---- This story is fiction.

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(rio_agawa) a young slut


n0129 2006/05/28
a young slut

The slut fall a prey in this time is RIO AGAWA with lovely face. In order to get the pocket money, RIO get the brute in the town to make fucking and get classmate in the school to make fellatio service.
She is such a juvenile delinquent. However, defective behavior is found by the teacher and RIO was corrected the sweet idea said that getting pocket money with fucking, and the life guidance is done.

Of course, life guidance was made by special punishment guide of TOKYO HOT. To destroy vagina jar in order make pussy always drip love juice, our special punishment brute does strong punishment.
RIO will have to shoulder disease called pussy failure in the future through life by this powerful punishment. How cruel TOKYO HOT is to ruin the life by defective behavior at the moment!?

RIO gets 50,000 yen by brute who was caught at the street corner and made fucking.
RIO is violently poked by meat pillar and reacts while dripping her pussy love juice. Finally brute made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after taste her body at woman on top and back posture at the sofa.

In addition, RIO made fellatio service for classmate for 3,000 yen in the school. And, a large amount of semen is caught in her mouth.
The scene changes radically and the demon teacher's punishment begins. After compulsion PISS SHOT was made, RIO who put on the bloomers is surrounded by three insult punishments brute and the lotion is hung down for whole her body.

When the interior of the pussy is stirred with a few vibs toys, inside of the vagina jar that became loose beginning to see on the outside and it is so erotic.
A large amount of cloudiness soup in the state to blow the bubble gushes when it peeps into the interior of the vagina in Cuzco. The following, four punishments brute surround RIO who put on the school uniform and start compulsion fellatio.

It is thorough guidance to make other cock serve by the hand at the time of fellatio and raw fuck on the bed.
Though RIO enjoys the fuck to drip the love juice at the prostitution with brute, she reacts?@the extraordinary insult of punishment brute in a painful expression.

Her pussy loses afford to drip any love juice and reacts it is transfigured to the organ that reacts to the insertion of the pillar in discontinuity.
RIO realizes that a current idea was sweet by these play, she may consent to live life in the future as slut of dripping pussy juice.

Her body that completely worn out by the first vaginal cum shot and sees it only with the great void hole is so impressive.
The insult play is continuing as facial cum shot and more vaginal cum shot. The face turns into the saucer of the semen with the vagina jar closed at the missionary posture and the punishment of semen pours down one after another.
When semen of 11 is poured in the face, RIO with young looks face is changed like another person. The cohesiveness of a large amount of semen begins to melt the face as if the medicine.
The voice is not generated from the face that came in succession semen with strong viscosity like the stratum any longer either. The last is vaginal cum shot again.
The vagina jar may be destroyed to insertion, when the pussy of RIO that swallows a large amount of semen and does irregular movement is completely opened by cuzco, the mass of semen stays and it wriggles.
The semen that splashed into her pussy is a thick liquid as the vagina jar is invaded. At the moment, RIO stops prostitution and slips out the degenerating life that earns pocket money by vaginal cum shot,
RIO was to have sworn to complete the life as a meat hole to serve to a man.It is bright in the future as true meat hole slut.
Though I also have paid useless money to a lot of women up to now and have made fuck, when the mouth and the vagina jar were closed with strong semen of erosive as melting body, I learned by TOKYO HOT that I do not have to pay any money.

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(remi_oomiya) a saleswoman


n0128 2006/05/21
a saleswoman

The target of insult in this time is REMI OOMIYA of sexy sales lady of insurance. The contract of insurance cannot be taken as thought though externals are erotic atmosphere.
REMI who has not get good results for the business was received guidance from her supervisor who asked REMI to use her body to get contact, however, faced destination was a den of insult, called TOKYO HOT Corp.

Though the contract was to have been taken by the taught technique, she was fucked by the brute who save up semen and her character is destroyed.
If semen is not refreshingly discharged so that the customer may consent to sell the commodity of high priced, it is useless. The devil brute of TOKYO HOT Corp say not carrying insurance if there is no privilege, and compels insult play to REMI.

Both legs are bound after compulsion masturbation and many of brute's fingers are pushed into vagina hole. In addition, the finger is pushed also into anus hole and REMI only groans for hoot of brute like forgot to get contact of insurance.
The wall in the anus rubs obstinately by the anus attack with vibs toy, and the vagina jar stir and also clitoris attack with rotor toy was made, She is looked down in the woman who has act only as for the reproductive system and erogenous.

In addition, the strange, disagreeable color love juice has begun to blot from the pussy and the anus in the attack with a fat vibs toy.
In addition, the toy attack to tow holes by the vibs toy while hips meat was slapped at the crawl o fours extended over a long time.

Next, after the vibration of the electric massage machine overcomes the clitoris that a lax attack, female ejaculation is drained off by a high-speed finger fuck.
The muscle the inside of the vagina and in the anus slackens like having become no use and finishes expanding a violent two hole attack that goes out of the ordinary groove.

It is the compulsion fellatio that bound to hand in back in the next scene. Four men surround REMI and cock is inserted in the mouth by turns.
It gets excited by the appearance sucked hard though the throat seems to be closed by a fat cock and to be suffocated. In addition, REMI was made fucked while rubbing wet vagina meat in urine after it compulsion urinates.

The attack of the vibs toy and the electric massage machine might be effective, vagina jar reacts to the piston of the cock as rubbery elasticity. The pussy discharges mucus into consecutive insertion.
A large amount of mucus discharged by the pull of the string to the cock are the proofs of the learning of making a man pleased by the body and the progress of the technique as sales lady of REMI is shown.

However, the anus attack by the backing style begins because the service of the anus is still insufficient. The three cocks are inserted in the anus one by one.
Whenever it feels humiliation in abnormal Anal fuck and the cock is pulled out, the waist is dropped to the floor and she is not drawn up the knees, brute compulsorily completely opens the anus and the anus fuck continues.
The mucus that became cloudy began to blot from the anus hole though REMI ejaculated to insertion. In continuously, they moves to the bed and fuck at the woman on top posture.
Then it is vaginal cum shot after backward sitting, and missionary posture. After semen of three is injected in the vagina, then they made cum shot directly into anus by anus fuck.
In addition, the love juice compulsorily blown became impure yellow. It is glaring as human dignity collapses. The last is cum shower party.
Semen of total 13 is discharged into the mouth, in addition, the semen is collected with the injection syringe and gives a compulsion enema.
It gets excited greatly for anal of REMI who blew the bubble of semen.
Though REMI was success to contract by the pussy, anus and the mouth in this time, it will expect it in the future of REMI who finds the new land as the vaginal cum shot slut at the same time as knowing something about the world.
I will cancel insurance in which it is joining now and apply for the insurance of the high priced one as pussy/anus simultaneous type insurance of contract all one's life.
The chest and cock swell with the expectation from now on.

> > (remi_oomiya) a saleswoman Continue

(rena_moritaka) the Race Queen


n0127 2006/05/16
the Race Queen

What on earth occupation is the Race Queen? They bathe in men's glances in the racing circuit and the photo session, and the photograph is taken by a shameful pose.
Even if they are shameful, they endure it because the Race Queen is made a street point of step up, and they want to take an active part as an actress and a talent in the future.

However, a man who is taking the photograph gets tired and is not worth only by taking the photograph, thinking wanting see the chance, the take-home of the Race Queen to the house, and the confinement is usual.
The slut collection team of the firearm of TOKYO HOT that burns to the mission of deeply clarifying the race named the Race Queen takes advantage of feelings of the Race Queen who wants to become famous,

they caught RENA MORITAKA who has good looks and style, insulted her and made her to one of their slut collections of them.
RENA who is taken photograph by the photo session is made to take off the costume one after another according to the cameraman's demand.

Fellatio and rub service by slender leg is compelled and RENA shows an unsatisfied expression with a villainy demand different from a usual photo session.
However, the mania team sees the expression of the woman and increases the villainy degree further. After compulsion mouthful cum shot was made, it rushes into gangbang play according to the invitation of cameraman's as "Drawn out your charm more".

The vagina jar is obstinately attacked with various kinds of toys and joy juice begins to ooze out in the vicinity of the entrance of the vagina jar.
The clitoris is stimulated at the same time with the electric massage machine and the amount of joy juice increases further. The sticking joy juice that becomes cloudy adheres to the uterus and it is so erotic.

When RENA is made female ejaculation compulsorily by the continuing play of finger fuck, power doesn't enter and she is in the state of the whole body laxity.
Two meat pillars attack RENA who put on black race queen costume in the next scene. After simultaneous fellatio service, RENA is inserted at the standing back posture.

Her beautiful leg is highly lifted up and the mucus that becomes cloudy adheres to the cock put in and out in the state of an open leg.
In addition, appearance that the other leg highly up to over head likes the player of the taking rhythmic gymnastics on the head and made insertion is a one of viewpoint.

It moves to the bed and the raw fucking is continuing while changing posture as back, side and so on.
The labia of the congestion feeling is expanded right and left greatly, even if the meat pillar is inserted deeply into inside of vagina,
the pupil is hollow though she tries not to forget work as the race queen and to correspond by the pose that she is looked beautiful.
The blood of the whole body had to concentrate on the vagina and to have been discharged as joy juice. The first cum shot is splashed besides the pussy and the meat pillar rushes into again.
The second cum shot is vaginal cum shot and large amount of raw semen was injected in the vagina. RENA lies on the bed as like as sealed while fully open her leg for the powerful vaginal cum shot and its appearance is exactly slut body collection.
The second one inserts in the pussy that keeping greatly opened. And it is vaginal cum shot after violent piston.
The mixture milky juice of semen and her secretion liquid of vagina jar is a little high liquidity, and it gushed from the inside of the pussy at once when the cock was pulled out, and fell down.
Then third cock inserted from the back. The first cum shot was made beside vagina and cock was returned to the vagina jar at once and semen of the remainder was injected into the interior of the vagina.
In addition, after vaginal cum shot of forth cock, it is the powerful and disgrace finger fuck play as shape of pussy is transformed. Last is group cum shower play while attacking the pussy by the electric massage machine.
The last scene is RENA who was poured cum shower of 13 brute to the face and tits made a standing pose as race queen. TOKYO HOT adds a superlative class race queen to the collection and satisfies it.
To tell the truth, though I go to trip to see the body collection of the boast where race queen are mainly gathered, surely drinking beer might be delicious with body collection as dish.
Spreading as a new poetic event of Japan among dilettantes and being acknowledged socially are not far either.

> > (rena_moritaka) the Race Queen Continue

(yoko_sakashita) THE KINBAKU 6


n0126 2006/05/14

The neat and dynamite tits holder of YOKO SAKASHITA appears as office lady in this time. The superior's obstinate sexual harassment is repeated in the company every day though it is natural because it is an attractive dynamite tits.
Though YOKO who has become accustomed to the sexual harassment of the boss recently, the insult play of TOKYO HOT is more than sexual harassment.

Our elite force that takes charge SM play especially in our company made polluted her body perfectly with a strong SM attack and a large amount of vaginal cum shot.
The excitement level is an at a dash power-up to the appearance of the elite force that tries to regenerate all women as a masochist domestic animal.

YOKO became tired very much after she returns from work to home and clothes is changed to sexy lingerie and sleeps at once in the bed.
However, she has a nightmare to the bad dream every day and wakes up. YOKO who is suffering from insomnia visited hospital confesses that restricted with the rope in the nightmare and being insulted by the SM play.

However, Special SM team that waited in the hospital and YOKO is restricted as much in the dream. YOKO is made it sit on a chair by the open leg pose and gets the pussy bullied with the finger violently.
Both legs are bound with the rope hung from the ceiling and it is not shut in own power.

The toy attack to the pulsing vagina by a sudden bullying is repeated Furthermore, compulsion female ejaculations of disgrace by finger fuck attack that violently stimulates mucous membrane wall of vagina.
Following, two meat pillars appear in front of YOKO in the state bound to the hand in the back and compulsion fellatio is started. YOKO is hold the head and just like as ultra fresh doll.

The attack of the meat pillar is more violent than the expectation and the interior of the throat is hit directly, then YOKO sometimes shows a painful expression.
Thick semen is splashed to the tongue that hung down sloppy from her mouth. YOKO who was filled in the mouth with the semen remembered one art where it lived as a masochist domestic animal with the face without the expression like the mud doll.

YOKO still restricted by the hand in the back is defeated to the bed in the next scene and she is inserted by backing.
Breeding is continued to YOKO who is no freedom of both hands and most no freedoms of the body, and three people violently put in and out meat pillar to her vagina jar one after another.

YOKO having been untied afterwards receives the attack of three pillars by various postures like woman on top, side and so on. The mark of the rope remains in red in her skin, and it is fresh and gets excited.
After first vaginal cum shot was made, a lustrous semen begins to powerfully overflow from her vagina jar and the surrounding of the vagina was made dirty.
The second cock is inserted at an instance. The second cum shot is facial cum shot, the semen is splashed to face of YOKO who fell to one of masochist domestic animal that only pant intermittent.
The third cock is inserted from the back. Meat pillar is put in and out in the pussy where filled with compound of semen and her joy juice with powerful stroke, and made vaginal cum shot as it is.
The semen that overflowed from the pussy flowed without becoming interrupted and dropped because extremely high cohesiveness semen was injected.
The appearance that YOKO excretes the semen is the proof of the masochist domestic animal's slut. The fourth cock made row insertion at the missionary posture and made facial cum shot afterwards.
The cock after it made cum shot is inserted in her mouth by force and semen of the remainder is poured into her mouth. It is a closing phase of the manufacturing of the lust masochist domestic animal.
Last is expanded the pussy by the cuzco and made raw fucking. After the inside of the vagina that discolors in red like telling violent is exposed, it ends by the scene that pours the white milky juice with which semen mixes from the head to whole body.
It was heard that the masochist domestic animal ranch where the female office worker and the college woman had been gathered was in Japan though one woman made in one masochist domestic animal by this again.
I will think that I will go out to travel with to drag the swollen ball bag by semen and searching for the ranch tomorrow.

> > (yoko_sakashita) THE KINBAKU 6 Continue

(miyo_kasuga) A maid's tragedy


n0125 2006/05/07
A maid's tragedy

MIYO KASUGA with cute looks is waiting for master's return with the housemaid clothes. In addition to naivet? atmosphere, MIYO has owner of the character that thoroughly devote anything if a man is pleased.
It is the one that the woman of the lovely neatness type made fashionable with the housemaid clothes being insulted gets most excited.

The brute devil team increases their level more than usual in this time and extraordinarily cruel fuck has been done. Housemaid MIYO breaks the mirror that the master values.
The master is angry to MIYO and she entreated to say "Please forgive me, I will do anything you want". And, having been called was our brute team.

The cannon cock of brute approach MIYO and she is made compulsion fellatio for three cocks with housemaid clothes.
Three cocks powerfully approaching to MIYO, in addition, vibs toy inserted deeply into vagina jar of MIYO who became crawl on all fours at the sofa.

Sticky her love juice begins to overflow from the interior of the vagina by the various kind of vibs toy attack. Labia of pussy are enhanced with apparatus and she faint in agony by the insult plays that uterus in the interior of vagina being peeped.
In addition, it is female ejaculation was made compulsory by ginger fuck. In the following scene, MIYO who put on the housemaid clothes of the pink color is fucked at the standing back posture.

The piston of the cannon cock with changes the posture as woman on top and backward woman on top and is put in and out extends over a long time.
MIYO underwent a transfiguration the mass of the meat only of originating the groan for the strong insertion that cannot be known to be an end when.

Then it is the vaginal cum shot after violent cock made enough pistons at the bending posture. The second cock is inserted on the bed.
The master of the woman who was looking at the appearance is asking to make my friend pleasure as well and made insertion. Then it shifted to 4P play to such simultaneously two other villainy cocks.

When she was fuck at the posture, her white milky love juice drips from pussy of MIYO who became a meat jar that serves to a man.
The second cock forces insertion disregarding the movement of such a vagina though the peristaltic motion of the vagina jar starts pushing soup out to the outside after vaginal cum shot was made.

When MIYO was violently poked from back, her smile of opening scene vanishes completely and it change to angry brow.
After second vaginal cum shot, the third one rush into at once then made cum shot into service vagina jar of MIYO at the back posture.
When the villainy cock in the state of having kept the erection after made cum shot pulled out from the pussy, a large amount of semen of three mightily flowed from the vagina jar and dripped down.
A fat cock of the fourth person inserts it in the vagina jar that became empty after semen is poured away. MIYO was became lift hip up posture after injecting a large amount of semen into the service vagina jar.
The groups cum shower start toward the vagina jar that enhanced with apparatus. The powerful semen of total four brute poured in the vagina jar while making it stand from steam and it disappears.
Did feelings remain in MIYO who had become the mass of the body only of service? MIYO has clouded the face by seeing such demon appearance.
The last is cum shower party to her face. MIYO who was not able to permit the cracking mirror not to have returned to the origin is made cum shower to her face by the maniac brute team.
Her face is covered fully by the thick semen that maniac brute patient to ejaculation for long time.
The end of MIYO who was able to put the semen of eight total people from not only the face but also the head is painted a large amount of soup on the face and neither the face nor the vagina jar are discernible.
Though I am generally admitted to be mania as most of the salary is used for the housemaid caf? there is no housemaid who carries out even here to the master in the housemaid caf? of my resorting.
The housemaid cafe of the future is the one that it wants to put meat jar & semen jar in the black menu.

> > (miyo_kasuga) A maid's tragedy Continue

(yui_aizawa) meat slave


n0124 2006/05/02
meat slave

YUI AIZAWA who remains innocence is serious vocational school student. However, YUI is fascinated in a lewd thing. YUI mimicked that the friend is doing and she also access the online dating Web site today.
Though a thing happy to meet handsome might have been expected, however it is not sweet so much at the world. The brute team cannot wait very much there when YUI went to house to meet handsome of mail.

An inexperienced daughter body has the insulting effect. YUI is flattered and is made taking off clothes, and the photograph is taken.
She becomes squat by the men's inducements and inserts the vibs toy that put up in preparation for on desk into her pussy. She is a state with which there is only fascinating in a lascivious thing, and her joy juice overflows from the vagina meat at once.

YUI is made to sit a sofa by the open leg pose, and toys of various shape are inserted in to pussy that expanded greatly by the finger.
It is very lascivious to see that big labia move as cramp. The part around the clitoris is violently stimulated with the electric massage machine, the vagina jar is made violent by the finger fuck in addition, and YUI made female ejaculation.

The play of brute continued further and made female ejaculation many times though YUI ejaculates by the surprise and shame. YUI who ties to the collar and became a pet slave sequentially make fellatio for the cock of two people on crawl on all fours.
A ferocious cock rages, the interior of the throat seems painful and saliva always hangs down from the mouth and the cock is covered with saliva.

The cannon cock rushes into from back posture in the continuing scene.
The milky love juice begins to drip from the vagina jar of YUI who receives merciless pushing up attack of cock at the backward woman on top posture, and her love juice adheres to all over the cock.

YUI shows the expression that can be taken either ecstasy or shame, In addition, her vagina hole is in the state in which it enhances to its maximum, and even the shape of the anus is transformed to a violent pushing up attack by changing posture.
YUI becomes a hollow expression in the following posture of bending and the glance sees the distance much. It is a moment when YUI reduced to the new kind of pet as called pussy doll that always opens the vagina jar in front of the cock.

Then, they move to the bed afterwards and it begins raw fucking with cannon cock. Fucking is continue with changing posture from missionary, woman on top and back, then other cock come to force fellatio service to YUI and the gong 3P play is just rang.
The first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. The semen that has overflowed from the pussy stays for a while between the vagina and the anus afterwards and doesn't drip below easily.

The soup of the strong viscosity pushed back in the vagina again by the insertion of the second person. The joint part gets wet further by the violent cruel villainy insertion in the vagina jar and it is vaginal cum shot again at the missionary posture.
A large amount of semen stays in the vagina. Insertion of cock of the third person beginning to the vagina jar that opens greatly and semen was splashed powerfully after violent poke.
It inserts in the vagina again before everything is ended completely and semen is sent back to the womb. Next, the pussy is enhanced at the lift hip up posture.
The semen splashes force begins to make cum shower aiming at the vagina jar. Semen of three to ejaculate around the vagina is raked up and it is injected again in the vagina in a cruel thing.
Her pussy that saved up a large amount of semen received the stimulation of the electric massage machine, and the group cum shower was executed aiming at a faint face.
Her face was covered cruelly by the total ten cum shot at the end. The woman will be bred as a meat doll in the future and owning the meat doll with a good condition of the pussy becomes status.
The spectacle where it walks putting on the collar to the pussy slave in the town might become general. Isn't it a little bright in the future of Japan? Let's honestly save small change to own pet of meat slave in the future now.

> > (yui_aizawa) meat slave Continue

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