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(akane_midorikawa) the 11 of cocks


n0137 2006/06/30
the 11 of cocks

AKANE MIDORIKAWA of the second generation of play magazine exclusive model appears. In this time, it is hard-core that AKANE was played by the 11 of cocks.
I erect only because the thing that various cocks are inserted in AKANE who is lovely as first class model is imagined.

The character and pussy has been destroyed to finally by the hard play more than last time as compulsion fellatio, vaginal cum shot and cum shower.
When AKANE of the second generation exclusive model is taking a picture in the studio, a local devil brute intrudes into and accused to say whose permit is obtained.

And, fellatio is compelled without knowing why. AKANE was made compulsion fellatio service for three canon cocks while cannot understand at all.
The handcuffs is fixed by both hands and the ball gag is bitten by the mouth, and AKANED is bullied her pussy at the open leg pose.

After finger fuck play, the rotor and vibs toy is thrown in to the pussy, the secretion liquid overflows from the vagina and the pant voice that doesn't become a voice from the mouth closed with the ball gag is originated.
In addition, hip meat is spanked at the backing style. After enjoy bullying her vagina by the vibs toy, it peeps into the interior of the pussy by Cuzco against her will.

Then, lascivious labia appear and appearance of labia that wriggling is so wonderful. In addition, inside of pussy has a tinge of red further by violent play and however, insult escalates without mercy.
It is compulsion PISS SHOT with to open the pussy. AKANE uplifts her face and a large amount of urination is spouted like the fountain shamefully.

The next, fucking begins on the sofa at the bending posture. It will be desire in the scene that semen drips down from vagina just after made vaginal cum shot.
Devil brute do not merciless to AKANE who begins to be paralyzed sense of pussy. Therefore, second cock is inserted in at once. Still more, two cocks attack AKANE who is violently poked by various postures as missionary, doggie back and so on.

AKANE poked from the under with the canon cock at the backward woman on top posture is making a compulsion fellatio service for the other two cocks.
And it is the vaginal cum shot after long time fucking to her pussy that immediately before collapse. Vagina of AKANE looks like broken completely and the semen flows backward at a dash.

Though semen sticks to the cock that still keep being inside of pussy, the villainy cock is pulled out from the pussy momentarily and inserted again.
And, semen pushes back in the vagina. Dignity as model of AKANE collapses along with a violent insult to the pussy, she just becomes a public toilet only of making the vagina dirty.
The raw fuck continues to AKANE who can not be endured insult more than this. Total 11 vaginal cum shot are made to AKANE who was able to express only the pant voice like tearful voice while getting wet the crotch.
The pussy violently bullied with the cock greatly opens the mouth. AKANE who turns into a public toilet with thick semen shows the amazed expression.
Last is rohto is installed in the pussy at the lift hip up posture and the group cum shower of the threat starts and ten splashed semen flows into her vagina deeply.
AKANE shows the pussy without the fault as semen treat slut as exclusive model of Cum Cum. Pussy that contains the enough semen as smell of it can be felt is stirred by the finger.
And, it ends by a disgrace scene where it begins to squeeze out the semen. The appearance of AKANE who watches the dropping semen with the pupil for which the focus is not appropriate is impressive.
The process that a fresh beauty type exclusive model becomes a public toilet is more exciting image to see the World Cup. My cock will be stiffening to see the slut whose character is destroyed like AKANE.
Applaud for cruel of TOKYO HOT that made fucking though the pussy breaks.

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(momo_kitagami) the gangbang


n0136 2006/06/25
the gangbang

It is second appearance of MOMO KITAGAMI who was became popular by the violent fuck with lovely face. Her pussy was violently attacked more than last lime by the devil fucking play.
The vicious men gathered from nationwide various places are 39, their dirty cock inserted into her pussy one after another and made vaginal cum shot.

This is a pussy that the originator queue can do. When her vagina is on earth destroyed by the cock and turn into the slut pig?? It is too cruel to be going to pollute MOMO with semen by complete.
How wonderful TOKYO HOT that challenges the limit of the pussy is! The cock is suddenly inserted into MOMO at the woman on top posture at the beginning.

At this point, the smile is still shown whole saying I love fuck and how feeling good. After made first vaginal cum shot at the woman on top posture, the following cock is inserted at once.
In addition, another cock intrudes into and it begins the gangbang party. The mouth is closed with the cock while inserted by the backing posture.

The plural cocks that erected by the fellatio gets excited and the piston attack starts continuously in her vagina. The ten semen shots in rapid succession are poured in the vagina and it flows backward from the pussy.
Her pussy is slippery by the semen and love juice of MOMO. Her sensitive labium is enlarged by pouring the large amount of semen and showing more lascivious movement.

It rushes into the real battle fucking at the missionary posture from backing posture. It is inserted by the canon cock as it tearing up her crack one after another and after it violently pokes it, and made vaginal cum shot.
When the excited cock is pulled out from the pussy the appearance with which the cloudiness semen begins to overflow in her vagina is so lewd.

A violent piston rubs her pussy and the inside of the vagina does part on the brink of ruin. It gets excited by the mercilessly gangbang party of vicious cock.
Though MOMO went to the toilet once here, brute does not miss it and force fuck in the rest room. MOMO ejaculates to the violent cock attack as thought that the pussy breaks at the standing back posture.

Then, semen is splashed as it is in the vagina. Semen is already overflowing in full. The vagina jar keeps semen that newly injected internally at the moment, the semen of two or more people drips and is thrown immediately.
Next is raw fucking on the sofa and it is vaginal cum shot. MOMO who peeped compulsorily in the vagina in Cuzco afterwards is told the existence of semen to which the womb blows the bubble and trembles with shame.

A thorough insult attack continues further to send more vicious brute. The cocks surround MOMO and gangbang party beginning. Brute make vaginal cum shot one by one while vicious brute looking down MOMO.
The vagina jar collapses at the same time as having already exceeded to the tolerance of semen and beginning to break also her character and turns into the meat mass only of service as the meat slave.
Semen is injected and what MOMO can do now is just say thank you. Pussy of MOMO is immediately before the collapse by the injected total 22 semen in the vagina.
The vagina is never close and the smile has disappeared from face of MOMO. The last service as meat slave is cum shower party.
The semen splashed to the face is collected and our original latest equipment that transmits in the hose and everything flows into the hole is installed between groins.
Her face is covered with semen by the total 17 cum shower. And that?fs semen is poured with the latest equipment in the vagina. MOMO who is an energetic, lovely girl is a type of my ideal.
Nevertheless, my cock has stiffened though I did not understand what I may already believe as for being made confusedly by particular many people men.
The stiffening cock is decided putting in the pussy. I want to pour stinky and bitter semen with a sense of existence as one of the groups in the third content.

> > (momo_kitagami) the gangbang Continue

(miho_nakatani) a slave woman


n0135 2006/06/20
a slave woman

It takes the video with concept as made acme till get to heaven and taking a video to which the compromise was not permitted.
It is the viewpoint that where does our villainy really drive recklessly and the woman even where becomes a slave and treat semen.

In order to get the highest game, I have gone to business trip to local area and have found it.
When thinking that my radar of dynamite tits is quickly reactive as soon as reaching my destination, MIHO NAKATANI walked in the town while shaking dynamite tits.

Being able to meet such a man of exceptional talent in the provinces, how lucky I am ! It is necessary to teach to a local woman immediately what the woman whom semen suits well says now that it is the most fashionable in the city.
Well, please enjoy this, we will made MIHO to serve until the character collapses by semen reaches the brain. MIHO who came as it is said by vicious staff of TOKYO HOT is bullying pussy with open leg posture in the sofa.

When a thick vibs toy is inserted in the vagina, the inside of pussy where is lasciviously red is increase red further, the secretion liquid from the vagina drips one after another and the stain is made in the sofa.
Next is compulsion finger fuck on the bed. Appearance to gush white solid secretion from vagina and to writhe is so lascivious. In addition, the finger is put in the anus and MIHO ejaculates violently.

She gives a loud halloo to violent play by the backing style and she reacts. Then, raw fucking is starts. When the pussy is pushed up from the under without mercy by woman on top posture, She wiggle whole body while shaking her dynamite tits.
The first vaginal cum shot was made at the woman on top. The semen that has dripped from her pussy is just a little, apparently, the semen might gone back the uterus.

The continuing scene, fucking party by three canon cock start to MIHO who put on the erotic body stocking suit that open the pussy part.
After the compulsion fellatio, it peeps into the inside of the vagina in Cuzco, the interior is became pasty by the semen that splashed ahead.

MIHO has approached the woman whom semen suits well by one step. Pussy of MIHO spouts the secretion liquid that becomes cloudy to a violent poking of cannon cock in play with the continuing bed scene.
The cloudiness liquid increases the stickiness and it is so excited to the appearance in which the string is pulled in the joint part.

Other cock appears at the time of being pushed up by backward sitting posture and 3P play starts. The piston is repeated by various postures and vaginal cum shot was made.
Her labium is full length by the rubbed violently many times and the surface of the vagina is red of the excitement. Pussy of MIHO blows the bubble by the mass of semen.
The second cock being insertion while pushes back the semen to the interior of the vagina further. The semen that splashed by the second vaginal cum shot is quite a lot and when the cock is pulled out semen drips from her pussy at once.
In continually, third cock is inserted. Semen flows from the inside of the vagina at once after third vaginal cum shot. The excitement cannot be concealed in the gush of a large amount of semen that far exceeds the capacity of vagina of MIHO.
Inside of pussy became pasty by the secretion liquid from the vagina and semen. The reality is actually strict though MIHO thinks to reborn to a completely fashionable slut.
At the same time MIHO become slave who always floats semen smell, the vagina will be engaged in a new role as final treatment place of semen.
The last is compulsion PISS SHOT in Japanese-style toilet taken with document. Her freshness is transmitted from the screen and it gets excited by the ashamed appearance.
As development in the future, in order to find the slut who falls a prey based on our concept as raw, vaginal cum shot and uncensored, I want to handle a regular business trip for a local slut who is be ignorant of the world. Please expect it.

> > (miho_nakatani) a slave woman Continue

(riko_ara) a cute girl


n0134 2006/06/18
a cute girl

RIKO ARAKI, cute slut whom school costume suits well is our sacrifice in this time. The true color is a slut though RIKO has atmosphere of a bright, energetic as usual young girl.
She got the pocket money to catch man to fuck. Though RIKO was going out after get some pocket money by the fucking play with street brute, it is a devil Corp of TOKYO HOT which the world boasts that waited.

The TOKYO HOT is never accepting the slut who got the pocket money by the joinable fucking play. To become a straight adult, she is preached and trained incidentally.
RIKO who brought to the place like the deserted house is surrounded by four brute men and fellatio service is compelled.

Three thick cocks are made fellatio simultaneously and an especially fat cannon cock is inserted into the throat deep and she became a half cry at the end.
RIKO is made to sit on the chair by the open leg pose. In addition, various toy twists in the vagina starting from huge vibs toy after the pussy is violently fingered with the finger.

Though it is a pussy of RIKO who has sucked many cock of dirty brute's cock by fucking, she groans and ejaculates to the attack of the toy that gets wrong loudly.
Additionally, joy juice begins to ooze out from the inside when stirred with the toy in the vagina. The hole is cornered to a violent attack that deviates from common sense immediately before destruction.

It is a procedure necessary to correct the current rotted character though her character is immediately before the collapse and reborn as the honest man.
After RIKO moves to the bed, raw fucking is begun. When the cannon cock is inserted by the standing back posture, the joy juice spouts as if the vagina had broken, and the uniting part enters a state damp by love juice.

Even if a large amount of slippery liquids gush, the cock doesn't become weak power, the extending pussy is violently poked and RIKO reacts to it in the expression that seems to cry.
After made vaginal cum shot, it gets excited by the scene where semen that began to be squeeze from the vagina is bedaubed around pussy.

TOKYO HOT gives the life in the future to RIKO who did the decision to stop to get pocket money by the fucking clearly by the vaginal cum shot once and adequate advice is given to engage in alive the volunteer work as a meat urinal.
And, it is cum shower party aiming at RIKO who lies in the bed by the continuing scene as the man toilet.

In addition, the PET bottle is installed in the pussy and the vagina toilet set of the mechanism that the launched semen flows in the street vagina in that is installed.
The face of RIKO is covered with semen and tears with a cruel treatment to disregard human rights. In addition, the pussy forgets to shut for a large amount of semen inflow in the vagina and the injected semen flows backward at once.
The next is raw fucking by the three brute. RIKO shakes the whole body and writhes to violent insertion that doesn't give the leave to which the pussy shuts.
Her pussy throws away selfish directionality such as fucking in order to get pocket money for this three continuous vaginal cum shot, and a splendid pussy where the cock is held in one's mouth is undergone a transfiguration free of charge.
The correction menu to our honest man was effective and RIKO was finally reborn to the meat urinal and the vagina toilet. RIKO is conscious that it will be necessary to use the pussy for useful more for the good of the public and brute in the future.
The young woman who is doing fuck in order to get pocket money is only to do more than they are able to do, and it was learnt from TOKYO HOT to become obedient at once and to become a meat urinal if insert an adult smell cock.
Therefore, when I saw a young woman who was shoplifting and smoking in the town, I decided to note it to them without any hesitation. I will add the punishment of the meat urinal to a young woman who says a saucy thing.

> > (riko_ara) a cute girl Continue

(mai_kawana) the number one


n0133 2006/06/11
the number one

MAI KAWANA, the nymph who might be the number one in the history of TOKYO HOT was made to perform in this time. She is a girl with a perfect sexy body in looks at the talent level.
The insult tension of our brute team is hard more than usual for the appearance of such a too dazzling nymph. Semen of vaginal cum shot is also heavyweight class.

MAI is fucked more than other slut because she was born to the nymph and has a hard time as vaginal cum shot finally. It is only TOKYO HOT that a erotic image from which such a lovely child is made vaginal cum shot is seen.
MAI is cohabiting with the boyfriend. They make love before goes busily to work. MAI is directed to sit on the sofa and taken off the clothes.

Finger of brute inserted into her pussy that appeared at the open leg posture.
She misinterprets a lovely face and pants for the sudden violent finger fuck and a large amount of joy juice from the vagina drip by becoming of the finger clamminess immediately.

It is very lascivious image that the expression to seem to be going to begin to weep at any moment and the pant voice is given. However, MAI is having a love affair.
MAI makes a fellatio service to other guy while boyfriend gone out and received semen splashed on the tongue. The boyfriend comes home by the next scene and he suddenly inserts his cock at the back posture.

In addition, fuck continues as woman on top, missionary posture and made vaginal cum shot compulsorily in the vagina of the MAI who entreat to say ?gPlease do not splash inside?h.
In the continuing scene, MAI who is come out secret love affair was made fuck by three brute as like punishment. Three brute surround MAI and the cock is compulsorily inserted in the mouth.

The following of the cock attack are the vibs toy attacks of shame. The interior of pussy that inside of vagina is strongly stirred is red congested and tells violent of the toy attack.
A thick vibs toy is inserted in the pussy by the backing posture after they move to sofa and the congestion of the interior of the vagina becomes crueler.

Next is fucking on the bed. MAI licks another stick while putting the joy juice that becomes cloudy enough on the cock.
When the stroke of the cock increases the speed, MAI who react with attractive pant voice for insertion from backing shows a painful expression.

The villainy insertion and the compulsion play may make paralyzed cranial nerve of MAI, and she receives insult in the same expression from beginning to end.
After first vaginal cum shot was made, the second one immediately inserts. The semen splashed in the vagina flows violently like the waterfall after the cock is pulled out.
Make vaginal cum shot to any other party is TOKYO HOT though MAI strongly refuses the vaginal cum shot.
The surface of the pussy discolors in dark red for three compulsions vaginal cum shot and the inside of the pussy is filled with the mixture liquid of semen and her joy juice.
MAI who is half cry to vaginal cum shot against her will is became lift hip up posture and watering pot was set, yes it is start of cum shower party.
The semen splashed to the watering pot doesn't remain and it is poured in her vagina. If semen of total 7 is poured into the vagina interior, pussy of MAI generates the bubble of semen in the vicinity of the vagina.
Semen sticks widely to the vagina wall and the originally red surface is an appearance of the white impurity in the pussy. In addition, MAI is held by the urination style and semen is exhausted in disgraceful pose.
And last is PISS SHOT. It may the aftereffect of violent fuck received, the urine that the compulsion exhaust is done from the urethra is a small amount.
MAI who is much talked about as number 1 nymph on the TOKYO HOT was made vaginal cum shot until the bubble was blown by the many of insult menus and became bubble blow idol.
When the nymph is captured, it is rewarding to the hard work of the scout though the stress and semen is kept more than the normal person.
I want to register to the Gold member of the TOKYO HOT by using the extra allowance in which the nymph is scouting.

> > (mai_kawana) the number one Continue

(rio_sakaki) a slender model


n0132 2006/06/06
a slender model

The slut who fall a prey in this time is RIO SAKAKI of slender model. The dream of RIO is to become a Race Queen and to give everyone the dream.
It is photo session of Race Queen today. RIO is enthusiastic because she wants to become a famous when making one's name a household word by the photo session.

She answers the supervisor's lascivious order with a smile. However, our brute team surrounding her with put out the cock before she is aware.
She thinks that it is important to make everyone is pleased and therefore RIO fits in our trap and suck cocks.

Such a serious girl becoming the saucer of semen, TOKYO HOT, there is limit for the villainy! Moreover, the final type human urinal of our new weapon is dared this time.
Hat was taken off to the act that looks down dignity of human in the hell. RIO is surrounded by four cocks during photo session and begins compulsion fellatio.

The cannon cock is inserted in the interior of the throat and making fellatio while a large amount of saliva is dripped. The play of puzzled for the unexpectedness situation gets excited.
In addition, RIO is ordered that entertain an active racer now and is compelled fellatio service. Even if she receives a large amount of semen on the tongue, she doesn't root out the smile.

Then, various vibs toys are inserted in her pussy by the continuing scene. There is the length of 1m or more and the ostium of the vagina extends surprisingly greatly.
RIO ejaculates when the clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine while the toy put in the vagina. The pussy after the toy is taken out keep to open greatly and joy juice that becomes cloudy has dropped from her pussy.

The cloudiness joy juice overflows further in the vicinity of the womb entrance when it peeps compulsorily into the inside of the dripping vagina.
The scene is changed to the sofa and raw fuck start at backward woman on top posture. RIO utters the pant voice to ejaculate by insertion at the standing back posture for a long time and vaginal cum shot was made as it is.

At the moment when semen flows from the pussy, her ejaculation stops and RIO stares into vacant space in the expression made a blank surprise.
It is a momentary event that RIO falls from beautiful slender Race Queen to the slut of saucer of semen. The race queen costume may unnecessary for the slut of saucer of semen, they moved to the bed and start fuck with nothing on.

In addition, the villainy of two brute joins and her mouth is closed with the cocks and it is three continuous vaginal cum shot. The ability of her pussy exceeds a critical point by the continuously of violent raw insertion.
It seems that the muscle in the vagina lose power to shrink while expanding, a large amount of semen injected in the vagina keeps staying in the vagina.
The pussy loses the function to exhaust the semen besides the vagina, and RIO became to slut only of the acceptance of any splashed semen.
RIO gets to know herself who falls to the final type human urinal of new weapon only for semen at the same time as studying road of the slut of semen saucer thoroughly.
Last is cum shower party, RIO is covered genuine urinal on her head as like human urinal. The toilet has already turned into a part of body though RIO tries to smile at the disgrace situation.
Semen of total 13 is splashed on the face of RIO in the urinal. The final type human urinal utter the word "Thank you", "Please make me beautiful" every time semen scatters to the face.
The lid of the urinal is closed with the face made dirty by semen and it ends. Though I often think in the rest room, I do not know why but the cock is erected only at such time.
If it is this final type human urinal at such time, semen is immediately processed. Though it seems still to be a prototype, everyone might be pleased if it is completed. It is more useful than the Race Queen.

> > (rio_sakaki) a slender model Continue

(hinako_yoshikawa) the campaign girl


n0131 2006/06/04
the campaign girl

It is appearance of the campaign girl while a probationary period. HINAKO YOSHIKAWA, she receives the lesson at the belonging office because of becoming the campaign girl loved by everybody.
The world of the campaign girl that seemingly looks gorgeous is important the lowest social life. Though HINAKO starts becoming independent early with making an effort hard, the cock has been inserted in the pussy when noticing.

Moreover, it is in a notorious office called TOKYO HOT office that she belongs. There is being sure not to end only by it.
After all, TOKYO HOT that thinks that the campaign girl is only a vagina hole, HINAKO is inserted a lot of cocks in the vagina and will get to the inside of the body the injection of a large amount of semen.

Because the possibility of a timid person that the cock is scared is high to a super-pungent content, so please take care by yourself.
She has received the lesson for campaign girl after changing costume at the belonging office. HINAKO is taught to follow the instruction of the client and begins fellatio immediately.

She sucks the cock while making the lascivious sound. The scene where her saliva twines around the cock is so erotic.
At the end, HINAKO receives high cohesiveness semen on the tongue and hung down it in the palm, and instructed to make gallery can be amused.

The next, the campaign girl with a lot of work in outdoor is necessary to make the body so that may make PISS SHOT anywhere, compulsion PISS SHOT was made.
HINAKO who was change the clothes to animated costume was inserted the various vibs toys into vagina. The joy juice gushes out from the inside of the vagina and a stronger toy attack continues to a profusely wet pussy.

HINAKO ejaculates when the vibs toy is pushed into the vagina and the clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine. The place is moved to the bed and brute team of TOKYO HOT appears.
Four cocks surround HINAKO and fucking begins. When the cock is inserted and the vagina wall is stimulated at the bending posture, HINAKO gives a loud halloo and pants.

Back and standing back posture, fucking is non stop and her ejaculation becomes more violent. HINAKO felt shame in an irregular posture to which the leg is lifted and the pant voice in rapid succession.
The expression becomes hollow when fucking continues as woman on top and sitting posture and there is already no distinctive character as the campaign girl, and the role as the vagina hole doll is completed.

Then, first vaginal cum shot was made at the missionary posture. The second meat pillar pushes back the semen that drips while blowing the bubble in the vagina further.
When four worth of semen is injected into the ostium of the vagina and it peeps into the inside of the pussy in Cuzco at the end, a high cohesiveness semen that makes the mass in the opening of uterus like the solid wriggles.
And cum shower party is waiting next. The woman who was splashed semen of total 11 in the face is immediately before the panic for a large amount of semen.
It felt a professional spirit in the appearance to try to show to smile as campaign girl though she can not open eye.
It was not a campaign girl but a vagina hole doll that completed after the villainy lesson had ended though would be able to be said that our cruel lesson was effective.
HINAKO will start in life by the business operation using the hole in the future.Though I often like to buy the photograph collection in which a lot of campaign girl are published,
I do not think that I can not reach beauty and good style lady because of existence on the cloud and therefore just talk to them in the photograph with delusion as for a lascivious thing.
If the campaign girl is being generally offered as a vagina hole doll, everyone has the chance. Please get them by all means.

> > (hinako_yoshikawa) the campaign girl Continue

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