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(naomi_akita) a cute idol face


n0144 2006/07/30
a cute idol face

Summer is coming !! But isn't it cheesed with this heat? Such a hot day wants to cheat and confine a lovely girl to blow off the heat.
Only the woman who says as wanting become famous seems to be caught to sweet words easily. By this reason, we get NAOMI AKITA who wish to become model.

She is a cute idol face and a girl of feeling that seems to be pure heart. However, atmosphere that seems to be forgiven anything can be felt.
It is said it will be taking a picture of the swimming ware model and confines NAOMI to studio of TOKYO HOT. NAOMI visited some studio to taking picture of swimming ware.

However, it is TOKYO HOT to wait there. There is no will to take the model picture at all from the beginning, and of course fucking party will be waited NAOMI after suitably take a picture of swimming ware.
It is made change of swimming ware from the bikini to a transparent swimming ware, and water is poured suddenly to swimming ware. The body and pussy of NAOMI is played with slowly.

She may get to be felt in compulsory finger fuck, joy juice drips down and made female ejaculation at the end. When to be sure taking a picture of swimming wear model in begins, it is such a situation.
It spurs in the insult sprits because she is lovely. It got wet from the hole to the anus in soup. Then, Cuzco attacks made to the vagina that got wet from the pussy to the anus in joy juice.

Cuzco inserted deep in the pussy exposed womb that violently stimulated by finger fuck. Exhausted NAOMI turns into men's toys. And, compulsion fellatio of cock that put out in front of her face.
It is standing fellatio play that stiffening cock inserted in mouth against her will though Naomi shows pretense disliked a little. NAOMI begins sucking though she is puzzled to the size of the cock.

NAOMI is made to lick the other side of the ball bag politely according to the man's detailed instruction. Saliva hanging down from the mouth that cocks is pulled out and sloppily opened.
Then, fucking start from woman on top posture. The part between groins of a white swimming wear is rolled up and the cock skewers the pussy.

NAOMI gradually feels it in the cock violently attacked and her joy juice is becoming cloudiness by the piston action. It is an animal that pants feeling it if the cock is inserted even if the woman dislikes it after all.
NAOMI may become pleasant feeling and the large amount of love juice is splashed. NAOMI who felt it too much raises the crying pant voice.

In addition, raw fuck is developed after the spank to hips at the back posture. NAOMI who throws down in the bed has done the humiliating treatment by brute.
She seems to give up and not to have the resisted energy either. Men crowd NAOMI and fuck her as like as they want. She faints in agony to the attack of a violent cock though she made steep expression with disgust sometimes.
Then other fucking is made while get wet in the pussy after toy play. Three cocks that stiffened by the compulsion fellatio are sequentially inserted.
The load to the pussy is the maximum in the continuous piston attack. NAOMI endured it while becoming a watery eye. After made first vaginal cum shot, other cock inserts again no time to catch her breath.
It is tears of gratitude in the labia of swimming wear model with idol face that expansion completely. Then, last is cum shower party.
The semen of 15 men is collected and the compulsions pour in the vagina with the special equipment. Semen is injected into the vagina wall driven in to a continuous piston immediately before destruction at a dash.
Soup that disappears in vagina deeply soaks into the vagina that is damaged.
Though it ends by the appearance to turn her gaze to surroundings by the face covered with semen, how did she become afterwards ? It was prey that might debut as a pop idol in his time.
However, to play, such a woman is significant. It is likely to have become a wonderful bonus in everybody of the Tokyo heat fan. I gripped cock too much in this time and therefore the wrinkle of the cock has been made on the palm.

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(rq4_pa) THE RACE QUEENS 1


n0143 2006/07/23

This is the special version that offering 4 wonderful slut of TOKYO HOT is shown at the same time. MAI KAWANA, HITOMI AIZAWA, RIO SAKAKI and YOU MINAMI, such gorgeous slut formation is co-starring in the Race Queen post.
The beautiful leg and fascination body of the average height 168 cm will be is the powerful enough to make your satisfaction. It is the first time to have a luxury that such four prime race queen being seen.

Perhaps, it is needed the guarantee as a national budget. The great teacher at university says that cock withers early if it doesn't erect by the luxurious image.
It is feeling that my cock also gets the great treat after a long time. I thought to be good because I lived. AOYMA, AIZAWA and SAKAKI are RACE QUEEN of the choice that wins the audition of the high magnification.

They are invited to a large luxurious domicile with the pool of the owner and the announcement party to the mass communication is held.
Having appeared delaying there is KAWANA who is liked by owner's son. Three women who know the circumstances begin to bully KAWANA. They bully KAWANA with the eyes that looked down on her who has 164cm height that is shorter than every one.

The team supervisor save such difficult situation and four sluts change the costume of RACE QUEEEN. Four sluts change costume without knowing they are took snake shot.
This scene makes heat throbs. Having waited for four people who moved to owner's room is four lascivious sponsors who are rubbing their cocks by themselves on the sofa.

It is not possible to act against owner's idea though they are surprised. Then, it is a start of the meat entertainment. Four sluts suck the cocks and it is state of gangbang feast in the room.
In order to be pleased with sponsors, they suck and rub cocks by turns. It is basic of the RACE QUEEN that executing it with a smile even if three cocks are sucked at the same time.

However, sponsors are not satisfied only by it. The pussy with a good condition to be able to answer the sponsor's impossible entertainment neatly is precondition of RACE QUEEN.
After the sensitivity of the pussy is checked one by one, masturbation with rotor toy is compelled to four sluts. Moreover, the toy is inserted violently in the pussy that has become sensitive.

Four people was sat on the sofa by the open leg pose are peeped at the same time in the vagina in Cuzco afterwards. It gets excited greatly by the appearance as the opening of uterus has discolored in red and joy juice seems to adhere to the vagina wall.
All sponsor is strongly aspiring entertainment that inserts the stiffening cock in vagina of Race queen early and make vaginal cum shot.

At the first, owner choice KAWANA and AIZAWA and 3P play is carried out. It is the first time at TOKYO HOT to make 3P play for man against two sluts.
How it envies it! It is man's dream can satisfy two pussy of race queen at the same time. KAWANA is made careful pussy licking service while AIZAWA is fucked at the woman on top posture and AIZAWA licks ball bag while KAWANA is fucked.
Two sluts KAWANA and AIZAWA meet an unreasonable demand to delight a sponsor. Furthermore, AIZAWA violently sucks the ball bag that shakes from under while KAWANA is fucked at the back posture.
The canon cock that sometimes pulled out from the vagina of KAWANA and gets wet by her joy juice is inserted in the mouth of AIZAWA compulsorily at once.
And, the cock is returned to the vagina of KAWANA at once afterwards. The cock is wet much in saliva and joy juice and the piston is alternately done to the pussy of KAWANA and AIZAWA.
After vaginal cum shot was made to KAWANA, the cock is inserted in the mouth of AIZAWA at once soon. It ends by the scene that semen drips and drops from vagina of KAWANA.
One day when I got rich, it is my dream to always make the RACE QUEEN wait to make suck at once when the cock is erected.
It yearns to healthy life to make it do the collar to many teachers of the stark-naked and stroll by crawl on all fours. The content of such wonderful full of play is expected in a next one.

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(mikan_tokonatsu) the cum shower party


n0142 2006/07/18
the cum shower party

MIKAN TOKONATSU appears for the cum shower party at the last. MIKAN is a brightness girl whom summer suits well.
Fucking is favor of MIKAN and she is telling in the interview that it is not possible to sleep soundly if she does not make masturbation before go to bed.

However, TOKYO HOT made her pussy become swollen. In order to make exciting and hard content, 30 un-welcomed and distressed brute gather here in TOKTO HOT.
Hot blooded brute made fuck violently and her pussy is forgetting to close. Her pussy may really be destroyed to too insult.

It is too violent for me who is the worry about high blood pressure recently and is a dangerous image that the load rests upon the heart.
It is confessed that it is not possible to sleep soundly if MIKAN doesn't masturbate every day by the interview of beginning. In addition, we are surprised by the story that the number of experiences has exceeded 4000.

The content in this time is that the pussy that was fucked unimaginable frequency was attacked and made her serious acme, and injects a large amount of semen into her pussy.
It moves to the mat to begin continues fucking party after costume is changed to the school uniform and the pussy is fingered at the open leg pose.

30 or more cock waits and 11 vaginal cum shot were made in succession by various posture as missionary, doggie back and so on. The vagina is an opening with the piston of the canon cock.
The pussy surrounding got slippery in semen and the joy juice. The vagina of MIKAN that swallowed semen seems sometimes to blow the bubble and it is so impressed.

After large amount of semen splashed into her pussy by many vaginal cum shot, surprisingly, the pool of semen appears in the there when it peeps into the inside by the cuzco.
The spectacle that semen and joy juice becomes in complete harmony and waves waveringly tells the cruelty of play. The costume of MIKAN changes into tights in the next scene and continuous vaginal cum shot continues.

It is the utmost in continuous fucking only that MIKAN opens the legs and lies in the bed. MIKAN remains shutting her eyes to the cock inserted in the vagina one after another.
To drive such MIKAN in further, another cock compels fellatio service. Her vagina lose power to close for continues piston and there is not any moment to close.

Power to save up the semen of vaginal cum shot internally is lost and semen immediately drips to the outside after it ejaculates. The semen that scatters around the pussy infiltrates vagina and labia and discolors after pass time.
Moreover, there is a scene where a big pant voice is raised too much and MIKAN has a fit of coughing, too. Brute who have surrounded surroundings in the bed want to insert and impatient to do.
The brute who only want to fuck come in succession up one after another though MIKAN shouts it is painful when cock inserts against her will in a hurry.
It appears to fellows who get excited too much and begin to splash semen at anyway as her face and tits and the sublime spectacle is shown.
MIKAN is poured total 13 semen and was made 6 vaginal cum shot and got excellent acme. After cock is pulled out from her pussy, labia is convulsive and move it self lewdly for violent piston that is the prick of the vagina many times.
Cruel attacks that attack a routed enemy to MIKAN who is destroyed pussy by many cocks and cannot stand up starts. It is an electric massage machine attack to her pussy after made last vaginal cum shot.
MIKAN ejaculates against disagreeable stimulation while drip down semen from her pussy. The end is made to ascend to heaven with violent continues attack to MIKAN who tries to withstand desperately was opened leg compulsorily.
Well, the result of this time is that total 30 cocks were inserted and total 13 vaginal cum shot was made. Additionally, 13 cum shower to her body were made.
It was sublime after all. If she is fucked like this even if MIKAN likes fuck no matter how much, she can not be consciousness anymore. Please enjoy the impact image without reserve.

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(hikari_hayakawa) Become a girlfriend


n0141 2006/07/16
Become a girlfriend

Wonderful body shape slut appears ! HIKARI HAYAKAWA who has an ambition to become dancer fall a prey to TOKYO HOT in this time. If someone get girl friend, she will be the one of best.
To wonder to go to a fashionable club together and wanted to boast of it to the friend, however, the delicate body strengthened by the dance is made confused by brute of TOKYO HOT.

HIKARI should be the erotic and wonderful dancer, but she was bound, fucked and the end became a cruel appearance. This will bring much excitement that the many treatment that are extreme in brutality.
HIKARU wish to become professional dancer who loves reggae will go to the dance school. However, TOKYO HOT dances school there famous for villainy.

Anyway let's see from lesson 1. HIKARI is made change of clothes to disagreeable clothes and dance being compelled at the start, she is made female ejaculation by hard finger fuck while bound to the hand in the back and hung from the ceiling.
In addition, she is attacked with the thick vibs toy and the electric massage machine while being had hip meat in the spank. The love juice drips and drops from the vagina and hip meat swell up in red.

In continues, she was fucked suddenly at the standing back posture. Her love juice that becomes cloudy drips from the vagina when the stiffening cock is violently put in and out many times.
One foot is lifted and a man rots away at once in the pussy by a violent piston action. The place where a large amount of semen gushes at the same time as the cock's being pulled out gets excited.

HIKARI is mounted on the vibs toy that installed on the desk and masturbation is compelled at lesson 2. HIKARI is made the open leg pose in the sofa and the pussy is blamed with two electric massage machines.
A transparent joy juice begins to blot in the vagina and made whole pussy wet and she reaches at acme. As for the last lesson, four vicious teachers made fuck to HIKARI with the cock in inculcating an ultimate dance.

Four canon cocks inserted into her mouth deeply. It is deep impression to see HIKARI who made service while sobs. Teachers insert the cock in the pussy where got wet disagreeable in the cloudiness love juice and opened completely.
The cloudiness joy juice that transmits and dripping from pussy in the anus is the evidence of how she got acme. Then, teachers who get excited begin to bully her body.

As 3P&4P play, Teachers put the cock in the pussy and the mouth and are soaked as reaction of HIKARI is confirmed only in pleasure.
Love juice is in the state of pouring away to a violent piston that changes the posture as missionary, back and woman on top.

The labia pleat roll up violently, expression of HIKARI becomes hollow and the focus of the pupil is not stabilized. Saliva drips down from mouth as well as vagina and cock shines by it.
Then, last is continuous fucking party of fear. A hollow expression a little while ago changes into a painful expression if the cock that stiffened hard is inserted.
The pussy that received total five vaginal cum shots and two facial cum shot are in the state of slack. HIKARI seems tired out and not to be able to move by strong insult.
When it is peeped in the vagina in Cuzco, it was astonished that a large amount of vaginal cum shot semen is remained and overlapped in inside, and to become pure-white.
Be at the end of getting up in the state barely though HIKARI who showed active dance. It ends by the PISS SHOT scene of the extra that urinates while happily standing.
The crotch is swelled much though it is sad that HIKARI became meat slave and her looks was changed. Though it was thought that it passed to the dance school and got close to the girl like HIKARI, it knew that training cock and make fuck is quicker.
Thus, I submit the application to the TOKYO HOT dance school where make meat cock lesson that can make cock stiffen even country boy like me.
And, I want to master the devil way by all means.

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(saki_mikami) a bad boyfriend


n0140 2006/07/11
a bad boyfriend

It is appearance of SAKI MIKAMI who has a preeminent style as model and be sexy. SAKI is said that become an idol from the boyfriend because so lovely and she is determined.
It is a mission given a lovely girl that give all people happiness than it is monopolized by one man. However, the idol office introduced by the boyfriend is TOKYO HOT.

However, an idol was an idol, but it was "a meat idol" that demanded. SAKI is fucked by our devil brute and she was realzed that an idel is physical labor after all.
It is a hard document that brilliantly drew activity as such a meat slave slut of SAKI. It is the debut content of meat slave idol which should memorialize of work that is thrown sperm of all people into the body.

She reposes oneself on a bed in boyfriend's room and is reading the cartoon. Though sex is requested by the boyfriend, she made his satisfuction by her mouth because she is in the menstruation.
There is scene that semen hungs dwon to boyfriend by mouth to mouth after mouthful cum shot, and it is possible to look for ardent love with the boyfriend.

SAKI went to the idol office of boyfriend's introduction in order to become an idol and it was our vicious brute who waited there.
After SAKI is made change of clothes to campaign girl's costume, hands and leg are restricted with the rope in case of the purpose is to educate and masturbation is compelled.

It is the compulsion PISS SHOT by fully open the pussy that gets excited and has become active after it is made to masturbate together with the toy.
Pride of SAKI as idol disappears when transparent yellow urination drips between groins and falls. In the continues scene, SAKI who put on the red body-conscious costume is restricted to the hand in the back and she is treated as a slut slave.

She gets to the pussy inserting in the finger at the same time as the meat of hips being had in the spank by the backing style. In addition, in the vagina and the clitoris are attacked at the same time by the vibs toy and she made to ejaculate.
Then, it is compulsion fellatio for the canon cock while bound. The canon cock that to big to get into interior of the throat is put in the mouth by force and it gets excited by the appearance endured while having a fit of coughing.

Then, raw fucking beginning at the back posture after spank is done many times.
SAKI splashe the love juice that becomes cloudy from the pussy into violent play stimulated the clitoris by the finger while being pushed up from the under with canon cock in the vagina at the backward sitting posture.

At the next posture of woman on top, her hip was spanked violently while pisoton movemen was made and she rise the cry. Then finish is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
The appearance to which semen with the stickiness that adheres to the minor labia slowly drips below is so lascivious. The following scene is a start of fucking by three villainy brute in the TOKYO HOT office.
SAKI to whom work as the meat idol was perfectly driven in is put the cock to the vagina and the mouth by 3P play and writhes.
SAKI has consciousness as the idol only for the semen effluence completely bt the second vaginal cum shot, the mixture liquid of a large amount of semen and the love juice drips down from pussy.
The following cock is inserted before the mixture liquid flows out from the the vagina. The liquid to stay in the vagina is stirred by the piston action.
Newer semen is injected in a vagina where alreay full of the mixture liquid and the tolerable quantity of the pussy is exaggerated. And semen that made vaginal cum shot flows backward mightily.Stillmore, 4th cock was inserted.
Though the scene of insult which the pussy is compulsorily expanded by the finger after vaginal cum shot was made at the lift hip up posture and it peeps into the inside of the vagina continues,
it ends by the image that takes SAKI who doesn't raise the voice vacantly to violent fucking.
The idol mania like me think the attendance at the moment of the meat idol birth to be glad. We will recommend for this meat idol being go out to the tour in the meaning that she expresses gratitude for the fan in the future.
In addition, please plan the fucking party meet like service idol's handshake party by all means. In that case, I want to present my poem which spelled hot thought to SAKI at the same time to pour thick semen in a vagina.

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(aya_sugisaki) A teacher slut


n0139 2006/07/09
A teacher slut

Sometime don't you dream to fuck with disgusting and affected female teacher? The TOKYO HOT achieved such dream. AYA SUGISAKI who put on the red suit wonderfully fall a prey to TOKYO HOT in this time.
Beautiful teacher AYA is very popular among the students. Students can't concentrate their study because of her pheromone is too strong.

In this situation makes a student fall. Teacher AYA, how do you take responsibility? For this reason, AYA is tied, inserted dirty cock and made vaginal cum shot and have made AYA as toy.
A picture of the state that a female teacher falls is content as a cock becomes uncontrollable. Lascivious AYA who has attractive slender body and under hair was shaved is being trained by the principal in the staff room.

First of all, she was bound, blindfold and spanked hip. AYA is compelled to have a lesson with the remote control vibs toy installed. AYA has sunk down in class by the movement of vibs toy.
Hot blooded students know the vibs toy is installed in the pussy make the cock stiffen and begin to train AYA.

AYA is bound the legs by the open leg pose and is stimulated the whole body with two or more vibs and rotor toys and the huge vibs toy is compulsorily inserted in the vagina.
It becomes impossible for AYA who gives a loud voice and reacts to do by special apparatus's is being installed in the mouth when the groan voice is raised.

Next, the spank starts by the backing style and the meat of hips swells up in red in a moment. The students' attacks drive recklessly further and attack her pussy with the electric massage machine.
The joy juice gushes in the vagina to the merciless attack. AYA made female ejaculation by powerful finger fuck, and a bubble joy juice drips and is thrown in the vagina.

It got excited to see the pussy that pulsates after made female ejaculation. In the continuing scene, one of the students compels the stretching exercise and fellatio to AYA who put on the leotard that the nipple and the crotch are transparent.
Other students also intrude into to the place where student's cock is sucked and then the compulsion fellatio party to AYA by four students is begun.

Then, cock of pupil that completely erected by the fellatio and hand job is inserted in her pussy. AYA who was violently rubbed in the vagina by four cocks discharges a sticky joy juice from her pussy.
Though AYA is puzzled to the indecent behavior of raw fucking with students, she tunes into the slat pig and begun to greed for the cock avariciously whether AYA become pleasant if the several cocks are inserted.

AYA is fucked by the students at the missionary and back posture as like as they want. Cock become enlarge and hard attacks in the pussy lasciviously and it is vaginal cum shot.
Her pussy was covered semen by continues vaginal cum shot and face also covered by the dirty semen which made by facial cum shot and such AYA receives the impact of not raising the voice and stupefaction.
Cuzco is inserted in the vagina that temporarily liberated from enhancing with canon cock and the inside of the pussy is made dew. A large amount of semen remained in the pussy and the inside of the vagina has been made dirty pure white.
The last is insult to the face by 13 students of the class and semen is splashed to her face one after another.
AYA who insulted by the semen that scatters to the hair and the hole of the nose alias of semen toy is more suitable than the female teacher.
AYA is to be going to bring the entire class together as not the standpoint of female teacher but toy that get rid of sexual desire of student in the future.
My life had changed greatly, if there was a teacher like AYA when I was a student. It is not play truant school and always concentrates on the class and made vaginal cum shot in the classroom when cock stiffens.
There was not what spent vernal years in the agony either. Who told it to emit by sports in the sexual desire?
The semen that was not able to be discharged at that time is still collecting in the ball bag. It is not too late now, I want to tell to put me in class of AYA by all means.

> > (aya_sugisaki) A teacher slut Continue

(mai_kawana) An Aki-ba Girl


n0138 2006/07/02
An Aki-ba Girl

This is the second series of MAI KAWANA who has been becoming our first exclusive model. You are so happy for the second series to be seen so early.
She appears with the housemaid clothes this time. How pretty she is, the housemaid clothes are the best in a lovely girl like MAI. Additionally, cock gets excited because lisp way to talk of MAI sounds in the crotch.

Even a very lovely slut, TOKYO HOT made the merciless villainy play and it is deeply impressed. It is likely to be surprised for a content from which power is improved more than last time and hard play.
Her pussy is stirred and inside of vagina has been destroyed. The appearance of MAI who endures it though a lovely smile is distorted is the best to see.

MAI is getting the salary at some home of richness as a living in housemaid and hardly scatters smile to her master every day.
From the beginning, the way of talk that just read the dialog and the glance is not decided with the expression of perplexity will bring much expectation and cock is swelled.

Master's sons appear there and they begin to play a trick. The big brother who suddenly occur bully mind to wet pupil begins bullying with younger brother.
The brute brothers are elated and made attack MAI by the malicious bullying. Though MAI who is perplexed consults father, but father who is more vicious than his suns tells MAI beforehand and begins fuck at the standing back posture.

MAI ejaculates every time violently pierced and rejoices. Cock pokes the pussy many times and her love juice is discharged from the vagina.
MAI may be felt the presentment of cum shot because the piston action became violent, she entreats many time to say please do not make vaginal cum shot.

The master may desire due to hear the voice over which she cries and he made vaginal cum shot. It is so wonderful to see the semen that flowing between the cock and pussy.
After throwing in the finger in the vagina of MAI who dislikes it and having begun to grub semen, it is the female ejaculation show. My cock has stiffened to the scene where her pant voice changes into the cry.

The brute brothers made MAI who amazed for vaginal cum shot to begin to suck their cocks. MAI becomes M-leg posture to expose her pussy and to be sucked the cock forcibly and she continues serves though she chokes.
MAI keeps sucking the cock while she becomes an absence of mind for powerful fellatio service. The third younger new-half brother appears there.

He made a mouthful cum shot after compulsion fellatio play and her mouth is occupied full of semen. Attack of brute brothers to her pussy continues further.
MAI was played a trick with various vibs toy and she pants in the voice that seems to cry. It peeps into a wet vagina inside by semen in Cuzco after the pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine and MAI made to go heaven.
The appearance where the joy juice that becomes cloudy begins to blot from the opening of uterus that opens greatly and the vagina wall of the convulsion feeling is fresh.
Then, it is a start of fucking party by the master and his suns. MAI sucks and made hand job service for the other cock at the same time as being inserted at the missionary posture.
MAI is closed the vagina and the mouth by the cock against her will and the expression is crooked. The appearance to follow with submission as housemaid is so wonderful.
The vicious parent and child continuously made vaginal cum shot mercilessly into the pussy of MAI who refuse it at scene of compulsion vaginal cum shot.
The cum shower team appears in front of MAI who became lift hip up posture and a large amount of semen is splashed.
After concentrated cum shower to her vagina, her both legs are held and semen spills compulsorily without stopping from the pussy with lascivious sound and that's scene tells terrible.
However, we shed tears of gratitude for great of TOKYO HOT that dissatisfied only to fuck to such lovely MAI and fills in the pussy by the semen.
It makes a big profit if there is a coffee shop where such a housemaid exists. Please make such a housemaid coffee shop by all means.

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