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(youko_ku) a trainee teacher


n0151 2006/08/31
a trainee teacher

Endeavor to masturbate every day !? There might still be a person during summer vacation, too. The prey in this time is Youko Kudo who visited the TOKYO HOT technical high school by the practice teaching though summer vacation recalls the school days.
Such a lovely teacher comes in the practice teaching recently. The students have nothing to do with class. Moreover, here is a notorious technical high school where deviation value is 35.

Students hear that the beautiful woman teacher comes and were waiting with erected. What cruel story do it become ? Well let?fs see with enjoyment.
Though Youko tries to call the roll in the classroom, students do not answer seriously. The age might not change too much with the student and students make light of Youko completely.

Students who erected already attack Youko who neatly tries to advance the class. Youko who is made taking off clothes is taken on the platform and pussy is played with.
Three stiffening cocks point to Youko by students and compulsion fellatio service starts. Youko might have some sweet idea that if she follows what students say then students will follow what Youko says, and therefore Youko obediently follows it.

Youko is really very optimistic slut. It is unpardonable that such slut teaches in the class. A foolish and optimistic woman only has to be engaged in work to use the body as a servant.
Three cocks are inserted in mouth of Youko who is held head and cannot move one after another. The scene that hangs saliva down in the simultaneous fellatio is so lascivious.

The compulsion fellatio continues and one of the students splashed semen on the tongue. The second cum shot also splashed in to her mouth powerfully.
Youko becomes a cry face for the sudden mouthful cum shot. The appearance to hang semen down in the palm from among the mouth is set fire to students' sexual desire further.

And, students have taken out the various toys. Her pussy is thoroughly played with by using them. Youko screams for the violent treatment such as super thick vibs toy and bottle of the lemonade inserted into her vagina deeply.
However, inside of her pussy is unexpectedly beautiful. Then, it is true worth of TOKYO HOT that to insult beautiful pussy. Violent play to which she ejaculates is developed after this.

She draws the wrinkle to the middle of the forehead and looks dislike it seriously for the simultaneous attack for the clitoris and inside of vagina.
It is confirmed that a white liquid begins to blot in the opening of uterus when peeping in speculum. The gangbang party by students starts continuously.

Youko shakes her whole body at the standing posture while one of her leg was lifted up. Then 3P play that Youko was sucked other cock compulsorily into her mouth while receiving powerful piston at the raw fucking after moved to the bed.
Other two cocks appear and close her mouth at the woman on top posture and 4P play starts. Youko who has extended the pussy to fucking mercilessly begins fellatio in a hollow expression.
Many men crowd around Youko when noticing. Students and school servant gather and they probably be hurting Youko. Then, four vaginal cum shot was made to Youko while many people related to the school being stared.
The PET bottle for the pour is installed in the vagina as for last and men's semen is poured in the pussy one after another. Afterwards, soup is compulsorily vomited from the vagina where 13 vaginal cum shot were made.
Youko who watches a large amount of semen that makes the sheet dirty doesn't have the shine as the person who aims at the teacher. Youko loses the confidence to do as a teacher by the continue disgrace act and moreover she made standing PISS SHOT.
Youko is in the state in which not only the teacher but also shame disappears and the road as the woman has been missed. It is wrong that the woman tries to teach the person the thing.
Because the woman is a toy to erect a man ! TOKYO HOT makes fucking party the beautiful female teacher in the whole country and make vaginal cum shot ! Meanwhile, a wrong way of life is corrected !

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(natsumi_sawa) a college student


n0150 2006/08/27
a college student

Hello everyone, I am the new scout of TOKYO HOT. In this time, it introduces NATSUMI SAWADA to whom I did the scout for the first time.
Nature or the character is different for a moment from the girl of the retreat now though it is a beautiful woman as you see. Though there is a religious organization of the topic now, she seems to belong to such organization.

Anyway, it is a religious girl. However, such a girl is easily caught unexpectedly. We managed to say "It was possible to become happy" and brought her to office of TOKYO HOT.
The villainy staff will cherish NATSUMI afterwards. NATSUMI who believes villainy staff to be religious parties concerned is very obedient for the staff because it is religious.

She follows cheerfully the villainy staff' disagreeable demands such as put off the clothes, open the leg and etc. In addition, doubtful men who were covered of the mask appear and it joins the attack.
Though she complain to say that she is not been known such things and wants to go back home with showing a helpless expression,

however mask men shouting that theme of this time is erotic and eroticism is insufficient for the expression and make careful licking service to NATSUMI.
Then, three cocks appear. First one is made fellatio and other two are made hand job service. NATSUMI obediently follows it as said though it dislikes.

No matter how it is painful, NATSUMI endures it though the head is suppressed and the cock is inserted up to the interior of the throat, this is a technique to be able to believe in.
Her pupil is completely congested and the expression that erects the cock is so amorous. It is pleasure to insult by force the woman who shows the disliked expression.

In the continuing scene, cock is inserted in to the mouth of NATSUMI who made to sit and face up.
The spectacle of which a large amount of saliva drips while blowing the bubble every time the cock is put in and out by the mouth is perfection of lasciviousness.

Then, it is fucking time, the cock is inserted mercilessly into NATSUMI who entreat to return to home by half cry. NATSUMI is violently pierced by standing backing and is a continuous piston at the woman on top and missionary posture in the sofa.
The sticking liquid blots from the inside of the vagina and it goes out. The first vaginal cum shot was made to NATSUMI who seriously dislikes putting semen out in the vagina.

It gets excited greatly by the scene that semen that injected into her pussy flow over when she strains herself. NATSUMI is fixed to the chair in the state of an open leg by the continuing scene.
Special SM apparatus is installed in the mouth and the mouth is not shut.
In addition, the glass stick and the thick vibs toy are inserted in the pussy mercilessly, and it is congested in the attack lasting for a long time and congested in the color the vagina.
Vagina congested to lascivious color to the attack lasting for a long time. Then, fucking party by three men starts continuously. Men play her body by the dictates of their desire.
The men's tongue attacks attack whole body of non residence NATSUMI. Then, raw fucking begins after they moved to the bed. Violent of the raw fuck of the place by which the pussy is damaged is patent of TOKYO HOT.
The limit of the pussy is very limit in the cock that attacks her pussy one after another. However, the cock is obediently inserted as ever before in NATSUMI who believes fucking party to be an initiation of an important sexual.
After NATSUMI who is fucked as they like poke violently, the ceremony of three continuous vaginal cum shot ends. A large amount of semen gushes from a damaged vagina by rubbing.
The woman who believes the injected a large amount of semen to be "Holy" liquid from a very welcome founder of a religion is obedient to the last minute.
And, the shout of joy as "Good job FUYUMI SAWADA" goes up with applause from the villainy staff at the end. Apparently, FUYUMI SAWADA seems to have been mistaken for NATSUMI SAWADA.
However, it is a part of the villainy play of TOKYO HOT when revealing the trick. The trap was not told to me of the scout apprenticeship.
However, NATSUMI is a religious and obedient slut. She permitted such mistake of others easily. On this occasion, hope she convert to "Vaginal Cum Shot Protestantism" in the future.

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(megumi_morita) a slender model


n0149 2006/08/20
a slender model

Do you like slut who is saucily, but become obedient slut just only in front of you?? MEGUMI MORITA is just like that slut, and moreover she is the beautiful and slender model.
A common dream of the man to insult such a model was finally achieved in this time. Though she takes affected pose in front of the camera usually, TOKYO HOT never accept in such things.

All the thing was took the camera mercilessly until MEGUMI was destroyed by the semen and love juice. MEGUMI is associating with a man younger while associating with a rich president as double dealing.
Today, MEGUMI calls younger one and though it was good until they flirting and make fellatio play, lover and mistress's presidents enter there.

So, double dealing was found out, and anger president beings unbelievable cruel punishment to MEGUMI. At the beginning, her leg is opened against her will and play with her crotch.
Though a little under hair that deliberately maintenance as model is to be felt, the president attacks between such crotch with various apparatuses.

The strange liquid that becomes cloudy gushes from MEGUMI's vagina that stimulated for a long time with the electric massage machine. The pride of the beautiful woman model been made much of up to now by a man is destroyed.
MEGUMI makes the body twisted and reacts for it and finally white of the eye is peeled off and ejaculates. MEGUMI who is having been photographed for disgrace spectacle has looked up at the sky in the expression that cannot be said as the model.

It gets super excited by the spectacle in her vagina where a large amount of sticky and cloudy soup precipitates. The violent of the insult of TOKYO HOT increases further from here.
MEGUMI is looked down thoroughly as it is not possible to have worked any longer of the model. The president who is affair and anger is not clamed down threatens MEGUMI as said lick men's cock otherwise you should leave from me.

Three men who were called by the president compel fellatio. In addition, MEGUMI is made saying having to give the cock to pussy a shameful word compulsorily.
Continuous raw fucking starts here. The stiffening cock is inserted in the vagina and MEGUMI pants. There is no look as the model in the appearance that the cock is inserted even in the anus and become the slut who is inserted only.

MEGUMI who entreat as saying please make cum shot out side tries the final stand against a man who tries to make vaginal cum shot. However, vaginal cum shot by force is a policy of TOKYO HOT in the woman who dislikes it.
Four vaginal cum shot are continuously executed. Her pussy after the cock is pulled out is completely congested and cruel. Semen is poured in the pussy tragically damaged never to have an affair.

Semen is poured with a pour machine in pussy of MEGUMI who becomes lift hip up posture. MEGUMI is injected a large amount of semen of 11 total people in the vagina, and dislikes it seriously.
As for last, MEGUMI is took up and semen injected into the pussy is discharged. Her pussy gushes semen while making a sound coming to want to die shameful done if it is a usual woman.
At the same time, the appearance where the anus that prolapses by the anus fuck moves freshly is so erotic. Though MEGUMI completely dislikes, the physical strength is consumed originating the voice.
MEGUMI who was not able even to stand up did not have the shine of the model and negative energy had been filled as vaginal cum shot slut who had accepted the reality.
However, make precipitates for any woman. After all, the woman is a pussy though I also am doing the work of the scout for many years.
It seems to be noticed that I am a meat slave only after any beautiful model is fucked and vaginal cum shot many times. At that time, I think of the work of the scout to be good.
I do not care about life of woman who was look down afterward. Make vaginal cum shot and scrap, it is a merit of the TOKYO HOT.

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(riko_araki) Riko, THE KINBAKU


n0148 2006/08/15

Hello all the fun of TOKYO HOT. I love the lovely young girl much more than adult beauty that is popular in the adult video, therefore I have not interest for any adult video for my masturbation, but, only the video of RIKO ARAKI is different.
I have super erected deeply to see her last video of Meat Urinal and have fallen into love with RIKO. And, such RIKO ARAKI appears again gladly this time.

A lovely smile is alive and well. If you recall it, I have desired last time only in lisp way to talk.
RIKO calls at the office of the TOKYO HOT though she received to the treatment as the meat urinal and said with feeling shy that she can not forget the matter what happen to her last time.

What the matter with recent young girl ?? If it is it, our staff willing with great enthusiasm to bully her pussy more than last time by hard play.
How immediately RIKO will ejaculated by tied play! My cock is forward, too by enthusiastic violently. Insulting to RIKO starts at the beginning.

She looks like different from last time and appears with dress like adult. RIKO opens leg widely on the sofa after the hip was spanked.
In addition, RIKO open her labia by her self and compelled masturbation with rotor toy. One of the charms of RIKO is a pant face that seems to cry.

My pre spam drip down little to the scene that RIKO was said that she want cock with cry face. Three men tickle when thinking what is going to RIKO who bound in bed.
Men emphatically attack the back of foot and the armpit. Though RIKO was laughing because it is ticklish at the first, it seems to cry and coughing by because of persistent play.

Next, the pussy is stimulated with the finger and the electric massage machine and a white liquid with the viscosity gushes from the vagina.
The cock swells further with the appearance of RIKO who seriously dislikes it. Then, it is tied bullying scene of RIKO who put up lascivious red lingerie.

RIKO is hung and the SM apparatus to which the mouth is not shut is installed and also pussy is stimulated with the toy as well. RIKO is ejaculating while dripping a large amount of saliva.
It is red congested the bound wrist ahead, and it is painful and the expression that seems to cry makes the movement of the cock active.

RIKO who moved to the bed is tied to the hand in the back. Then, raw fucking beginning to insert cock to pussy that RIKO greatly opened.
RIKO who loose freedom body due to tie cannot refuse any posture even it is abnormal. Cannon cock is inserted into RIKO who dislikes it and will destroy the pussy.
Finish is a vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. The cock that too thick for young RIKO is pulled out and the appearance where the labia is convulsive is must see.
The last scene is gangbang party by four brute. RIKO who has received considerable damage lie down on the bed and is in only the state of the insertion of cock.
Mean while raw fucking is continue, other brute make facial cum shot. RIKO vomits the semen that was splashed into her mouth by facial cum shot in the glass.
The whole body is covered by the semen that exceed the limit of the jar with continuousness three vaginal cum shot and several facial cum shot.
The semen collected in the glass is poured in vagina of RIKO who became lift hip up posture by original weapon of TOKYO HOT. She dislikes it while fluttering hands and feet and crying.
The scene that RIKO is suppressing will make much excitement. RIKO has no reaction for the question that men asked when she will come back.
It seems to have lost the voice by sublime play. In order to achieve my dream that takes RIKO for the work with fixing the collar, I want RIKO to be going to become a female dog next time and to be exhibited in the shop of the pet shop.
Dear TOKYO HOT, please make my dream come true.

> > (riko_araki) Riko, THE KINBAKU Continue

(rq4_pa) THE RACE QUEENS 2


n0147 2006/08/13

Sorry to have kept you waiting. The second series of Race Queen Gangbang Party release in this time. It is an extreme image more than part 1.
I keep running after Race Queen for 20 years and busy myself with various events for the Race Queen and am spending busy every day. It was TOKYO HOT to have jumped into my eyes of such a mania.

I shamefully masturbated by disappearing of semen in part 1.
I fully eats food that keeping energy in this part 2 in order to appreciate without semen withering to the last minute with wish to express our gratitude to the god for meeting a wonderful image.

It starts from the envied 3P play which RIO and YOU twine with one of sponsor. The sponsor who has made the compulsion fellatio to them begins raw fucking at once.
The canon cock is put in and out many times to YOU following RIO. They are fucked alternately and love juice of RIO and YOU mix in the vagina.

The sponsor made vaginal cum shot to pleasant at once and pussy of RIO is made dirty with sponsor's semen. Yes, RIO learns with body the Race Queen is an occupation that is inserted the cock and is made vaginal cum shot.
The scene is a change recollection scene. RIO and HITOMI appear the place where owner's son is persuading a favorite MAI KAWANA. RIO and HITOMI attack brute sun.

Also MAI join it and 4P play is just started. Three race queens sit astride on his face and he makes careful licking service for each of them.
In addition, fucking is made one by one at the doggie back posture. Finally he made vaginal cum shot to HITOMI. A large amount of semen that becomes cloudy falls down from her pussy.

HITOMI taught that it was most important work of Race Queen to satisfy the sponsor by using the body. However, sponsors whom the TOKYO HOT prepared are not satisfied on superficial business service.
They are only consent after the woman is treated like the toy and the pussy is seen to be destroyed. Three sponsors made fucking party with YOU who thought sponsor is easiness if it is made to be pleased to fuck for a moment.

Three stiffening cocks are immediately before the accidental discharges. The cock is inserted in the pussy and two remainder cocks are inserted in the mouth by force.
The posture change many times from missionary to back and the liquid that becomes cloudy begins to permeate through the pussy. To the appearance where contents of the vagina violently get rolled up feel violent of the piston.

Sponsors' purposes are destroying the pussy from the beginning. Three cocks are inserted many times by turns and inside of vagina of YOU that has only general strength is an already crisis situation.
Insulting to the pussy from which it keeps not taking a rest invades not only internal of vagina but also spirit of YOU. YOU gradually forget she is a Race Queen and becomes the existence only of the loud voice pant as the queen of the semen processing.
The menstrual blood and semen that was made vaginal cum shot mixing in the vaginal and spill down from pussy. It is a moment when the pussy was exactly destroyed.
Then, another cock starts to make raw piston. Pussy is bullying further and it is vaginal cum shot again with large amount of dirty semen.
To give YOU who was destroyed pussy a finishing blow is raw piston after all. It is a deliberate, powerful play that rubs up the entire vagina.
Even power to which the vagina shrinks doesn't remain in the vaginal cum shot of last, semen remaining in the vagina. YOU whom motivation and pride as Race Queen vanish, too was a person only to begin to expose the appearance as the semen queen.
Though I usually save money and am eating the savings rice, I spend all the semen even reserved one in this time by this wonderful content.
It wants to collect semen in a preliminary tank fully in the next gangbang Race Queen Party and to face it. RACE QUEEN is SUPER !! Cheers for Vaginal Cum Shot !!

> > (rq4_pa) THE RACE QUEENS 2 Continue

(sena_egawa) an obedient slave


n0146 2006/08/08
an obedient slave

However, it is embarrassed that the woman is saucily recently.
Because I am man of the old-fashioned temperament and therefore I am very anger for the woman who doesn't neatly put up a man.

For instance, if my superior is a saucy woman, I can not think what I should do and might put out the cock to the woman's presence.
In this time, saucy woman superior who just think that staff is just tool to make up business is appears. I will believe that it is TOKYO HOT to knock down and dump such a woman as like dust cloth.

Please satisfy the desire of a melancholic man so that work from tomorrow may hold out. The snarl of a saucy woman superior of SENA EGAWA sounds in the office.
The subordinate of a useless man who has only little hope in the future has been scolded at the meeting. However, subordinates are not keeping silence and not endure it.

Subordinates who have collected dissatisfaction from usually lose their temper and gradually approach and surrounding SEAN and force fellatio.
She is frightened due to an unexpected event. The scene that the woman who is always looking down on the person fill her mouth with cock while tremble with fear is so wonderful.

After all, it is a woman, SENA is in a flurry for power of five subordinates. She should be submission to man from the beginning, but she got such treatment because she is arrogant due to misunderstand.
The pussy of saucy SENA is played violently. However, subordinates' anger is not calmed down only by the pussy and finger thrust into her anus hole.

It is the most effective in such a woman that the body and the spirit are gradually destroyed in a disgrace way. She is blamed the vagina and the anus by the subordinate who was looking down on and feels extraordinary disgrace.
In addition, fat wood and the toy are inserted to anus and superior's dignity is blown off. Anyway, insult of subordinates to vagina and anus is persistent.

It seems to tell how dissatisfaction had accumulated up to now. A translucent liquid appears in the vagina when pussy and anus is violently played by the rotor toy.
Then, rotor toy that was put in the anus is pulling out as like bowel movements. SENA shows the expression that seems to cry because of shamefulness.

I am sick of woman because of this. When she becomes disadvantageous, she changes radically from a saucy attitude and it begins to weep suddenly.
Such rotted character was disliked. Such a woman should give damage as it is not possible to crawl up by fucking. She congests the pussy in red and ejaculates for the fucking on the sofa at the office.
An expression that seems to be great vanishes completely and she turns into slut pig that is pierced with the cock and raises the pant voice.
Then, it is the vaginal cum shot mercilessly though SENA entreats as say don't make cum shot inside" while crying. The vaginal cum shot is special in the life to a saucy woman.
However, subordinates' anger has not been calmed down yet. A further attack is begun in order to train thoroughly and to make SENA to the slave.
Fucking party continues and the cock is inserted even in her anus hole.
The lower half of the body of SENA who is receiving hard attack as two and three holes simultaneously and cum shot into anus that causes abnormality to spirit is full of semen and love juice.
Finally, it is the cum shower festival, the large amount of semen is collected into the pure machine of our original and it is injected into vagina.
In addition, the first in TOKYO HOT appearance, it is an impact image. The urine of the urination of one subordinate in the pour machine and it just was poured in the vagina.
Urine hits face of SENA directly, too. This is a meat urinal of genuine. The vagina and the anus are destroyed and SENA who became a meat urinal doesn't remain power to open her eyes either.
The end is PISS SHOT on the desk. It is the urine seems to be the meat urinal as urine mixed with semen.
I would flush high pride of the woman superior in my company by strong and smelly urination in order to make her to be reborn meat urinal and wants her to work as an obedient slave.

> > (sena_egawa) an obedient slave Continue

(mai_kawana) Mai, THE KINBAKU


n0145 2006/08/06

How do you enjoy in this burning summer. I love the TOKYO HOT in which the actress is bullied much and enjoy it in hides myself from wife and children.
Please associate a little in sentences of erotic writer. MAI KAWANA who is first exclusive slut of TOKYO HOT challenges super-hard SM in this time.

MAI appears with a lovely school costume. Moreover, actors are keeping silent from beginning to end that will bring more excitement to mania.
The fear expression of MAI hits between groins directly. MAI is fascinated in the SM play of the inexperienced and a lewd dream was embraced for a moment.

MAI is called by a man on the road at such time and he said he can make her dream comes true. MAI thinks it seems to be little interesting and follows readily to him and is bound in an instant.
A man bare her school costume and SM play begins. The pant voice seriously disliked from her mouth leaks to the spank and the rotor toy attack of hips.

The cruel one is done later this. The mysterious group of four people that wears a black stocking to the head appears there. MAI trembles to the great fear and can not say anything.
The group of the mystery plays with the whole body of the stiffening MAI and makes her being made reach to heaven. And harder SM play started after they had left there.

Saliva spills down from her mouth when the pussy is violently attacked with the toy while apparatus bitten by the mouth. MAI makes ugly faces by the acute pain of the mouth and the stimulation to the vagina.
Poor MAI, perhaps she doesn't understand what is going on. My cock has stiffened by the next scene. What's a great, cock is inserted into her mouth that apparatus is fixed.

It is already torture when doing till here. By the way, a man is keeping silent from beginning to end by this play. This man is a dangerous man who is prepared by TOKYO Hot especially for SM play.
A man who continues compulsion fellatio even if cock is inserted in mouth by force and MAI sobs. The trickle of tears spills from her eyes with saliva.

In continuously, MAI is fucked while bound to the hand in the back and was made vaginal cum shot after violent play. Then, men who wore stockings to head attack MAI of stupefaction.
They bully MAI to using vibs and rotor toy. Pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine while bound so that the leg is not shut and MAI is made to reach acme compulsorily.

MAI shakes her whole body like a broken toy. It seems to have exceeded the limit that human was able to endure. This is considerably dangerous.
However, the attack from here becomes harder. MAI ejaculates to 4P play of the attack of angry waves. This brute just only thinks to make vaginal cum shot.
One person begins fuck at missionary posture at once. Other men make the cock stiffen and bully her whole body. Men enjoy pussy of MAI one after another and made vaginal cum shot.
In no preparation for contraception, they are demon and real brute. Cock will be erected much because it is too sad that there is danger of bearing children of guys who do not understand the feature.
Last is the cum shower party, semen of 14 is collected and is poured in the vagina of partial destruction. It is close up scene of crying face of MAI by swelling up of the vagina by semen and sadness for inevitable fertilization and the end.
The sexual desire has been improved well due to be encouraged by MAI who proved that the dream that did not know its place ruined itself.
It was my wish to drink Sake with relish of scene that girl who put on the school uniform is fucked and broken.
And therefore I have tried many times to kidnap girl and run away without restraining my desire up to now. Please deliver the image of the best before I commit the crime in the future.

> > (mai_kawana) Mai, THE KINBAKU Continue

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