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(mai_kawana) The Black Cannon


n0158 2006/09/30
The Black Cannon

The black actor appears in TOKYO HOT at the last. The insult has been done as much as possible with a fat cock that shines blackish. And, it is MAI KAWANA of popular actress who is inserted the black's fat cock.
It is made to fuck to MAI who seriously dislike while floating tears on a fat black cock more than the imagination though she has been fucked up to now with various cocks.

Of course, it is vaginal cum shot at the end. The regular size pussy of MAI cannot swallow the all the semen and is a deluge for powerful cum shot of black.
Please satisfy the appearance of MAI who is driven in to the limit by unbelievable hard sex. MAI of police woman finds the car of the illegal parking and puts the check with the pen immediately.

Police woman MAI doesn't permit though young guys of owner of car entreated to forgive it. Young guy abducts MAI as soon as understand entreat is useless.
MAI is taken into men's rooms and insult play starts though she resists. The vibs and rotor toy attack starts for pussy of MAI who is made to take off a uniform gradually.

In addition, men violently attack the pussy with many of fat toys. And cock is inserted in the mouth in the place where it has gotten wet between groins.
MAI has a fit of coughing and shows tears for the compulsion fellatio that cock is inserted into throat deeply. A man who desire for the appearance of the MAI who dislikes it starts playing in the bed.

Man enjoy the fucking at the missionary, back, woman on top and made cum shot at the missionary posture at the last. The pant voice that MAI screams is so lascivious.
Their friend's two blacks intrude into to the place where another man tries to make vaginal cum shot. Two blacks go into raptures to seeing MAI who just has been made fuck get excited and abduct her and move to another place.

The blacks of the excitement feeling immediately insert the cock in mouth of MAI. MAI is attacked by the violent finger fuck at the same time she opens a mouth so that a chin seems to come off, and to stuff her mouth with a cock.
In continues, it develops into 3P play that thick black cock pierces from back. After made raw fucking, MAI immediately blots the love juice that becomes cloudy.

In addition, it rushes into 3P play from which another cock is inserted in the interior of the throat while being made from the under to the skewer at the woman on top posture.
Then, they move to the bed and the fellatio is compelled while fucking at the missionary posture. MAI is exhausted and lost power to resist by the blacks' hard sex like the mass of the sexual desire.

Then the accident happens to MAI while making fuck at the woman on top posture. Because the black cannon cock was too large, the opening of uterus is pressed.
However, the cock is inserted by force and MAI ejaculates with crying. Yes, it is carnivorous human race indeed. They will thoroughly bully MAI without mercy until she breaks.
The last is the vaginal cum shot at the back posture. In a moment that black's semen flowed backward from the pussy that extends tragically and another black thick cock insert into her pussy immediately and fucking start at the missionary posture.
It is so lascivious spectacle that the cannon black cock pushes forcibly and expands the pussy of pink color, and insert in and out vagina many time.
The mass of thick semen flows backward from vagina that trembles with convulsion by reverberations of the piston for a long time after the black cannon cock is pulled out.
MAI who receives great stress from mind and body sweat much and is disheveled of her hair. She seems like another person from the beginning.
The last is cum shower party by the Japanese boys. When it leaves pussy that was polluted by a black, it cannot keep honor of a Japanese boy, therefore several semen is injected by Japanese boys.
11 people continuously make beautiful face of MAI dirty with semen. MAI may dislike to be poured semen on her face, she frowns every time semen is pore.
But behavior to hate gets excited. It is very emotional in MAI made dirty with a black, Japanese semen. However, Japanese slut opens the neat pussy very easily when they hang on a black cannon cock.
Well, will think that the slut excluding MAI also insult by the collaboration of semen in Japan-U.S. in the future. Therefore, our company requests the black's cooperation and concludes the Japan-U.
. cock agreement in advance of the government.

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(miho_nakatani) e-massage machines


n0157 2006/09/24
e-massage machines

The content in this time is second appearance of MIHO NAKATANI. The lot of scolding that attack of last time is still sweet was received.
Then, in order to do a harder attack this time, the SM play is forced. In addition, our special force (Mask group of mystery) was turned on so that lewdness of MIHO might create, too.

It is famous to frighten it because the group of the mystery completely breaks the woman. We witness the appearance that her body becomes like the old dust cloth and pussy loses well-set after hard play.
MIHO is made to compel fellatio to the cock of the friend whom the lover called. However, she could not make cum shot by the fellatio.

Therefore, friend's man ejaculates on her tongue by his-self. The boyfriend who saw this scolds and entrust MIHO to TOKYO HOT office. A new sacrifice has been sent to TOKYO HOT office where many woman was be beyond recovery.
It is a mask group of the mystery composed of four people that undertakes the play execution this time. Anyway, it is said that doing is hard.

It is in a dreary basement where MIHO was brought. MIHO is suddenly fixed handcuffs and is made to the crucifixion. The mask group silently attacks MIHO.
The expression is not understood because it is concealed with the mask and the appearance to carry out play silently is eerie. Though MIHO shows the expression that seems to cry to fear, she can not oppose them.

MIHO made a crucifixion is groped the whole body with the toy of an umbo and, in addition, receives stimulation by the finger and the tongue.
After she is opened from the state of the crucifixion, she is made open leg posture and is groped there. The pussy is violently pierced with the finger and the toy.

The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy at the same time and she blots the cloudiness liquid in the vagina.
MIHO who is crucified again was made attack to her pussy by original stimulation of TOKYO HOT that places the dildo between two electric massage machines.

The gushing cloudiness liquid stays in the inside of vagina when it is peeped by speculum. Then, cock is inserted to MIHO who was bound hand in the back at the back posture and gangbang play starts.
Hip is spanked many times on the way, and love juice is gushed from her vagina when MIHO is poked violently at the side and woman on top posture.

It is very lascivious to see that sticky love juice twines around the cock. After posture changes into missionary, the piston increases violently further.
The appearance to which the tits with good shape shake according to the movement of the piston is a superb view. A man is exhausted after made vaginal cum shot at once.
The vagina of a small appearance that greatly opened the hole after made vaginal cum shot accelerates disagreeable. The scene changes and three mask men compel fellatio to MIHO.
Three cocks attack MIHO who keeps sucking a cannon cock one after another and finally it is the simultaneously fellatio. Then gangbang party starts.
It is 4P play as MIHO sucks one cock while being fucked and one another is made hand job service. The first vaginal cum shot was made at backward woman on top posture.
The scene to which semen drips from the pussy and drops at the same time as the cock is being pulled out is so erotic. The second vaginal cum shot is made at the back posture and third one is made at missionary posture.
The semen that bubbles flows backward from vagina. The end is that MIHO who is bound to the hand in the back and the blindfold and the ball gag were fixed is lying and vaib toy attack is made while being spanking hips.
The cock immediately rushes into the mouth of MIHO to whom the ball gag is removed. In addition, it is the cum shower party to the place where the pussy and the mouth are attacked by vibs toy.
The total 12 semen splashed to the face and crotch of MIHO and the semen splashed in crotch is violently pushed into the vagina with the vibs toy.
The extra is PISS SHOT of shame. Mass urination that becomes impure is splashed. It is not only unconfirmed but also whether opened is uncertain whether lewdness of MIHO improved.
MIHO might still be confined in the basement in the office and be working as a semen injection container. I want also to visit the basement once.

> > (miho_nakatani) e-massage machines Continue

(sena_egawa) THE KINBAKU 8


n0156 2006/09/19

It is a convenient world where not only the pizza and the lunch box but also slut of date club delivers by one telephone. One day, the luggage of the mystery encompassed by black paper delivers to the certain office.
The stickers that mentioned (Please keep favorite, It is pleased) is attached on the luggage. When black paper is removed, there is a masochist slut SENA EGAWA who has voluptuous body.

Brute plays SENA as they like and she is far from being pleased and is destroyed and has been buried. Though men surprised to open a black wrapping momentarily, they desire for the sexy body of SENA who was tied and being attack.
SENA is spanked hips and whole body is groped. In continues, the super erected cock is thrown in to her mouth and she made hand job service for other two cocks.

A fat cock is inserted about the throat to be deep and the fellatio continues while accumulating tears by painful. It is very lascivious that a large amount of saliva from the mouth drips.
The pussy and anus attack while bound by the open leg pose is begun. Two toys are inserted also in the pussy at the same time as hips' being enhanced with the finger and the anus vibs toy.

SENA who was put fat toy in vagina and hips raptures to say "it's great" repeatedly. And, apparatus is fixed into SENA who is inserted thick vibs toy in the pussy so that the mouth is not shut.
In that state, it is mouthful cum shot that semen of total 5 disappears in the mouth deeply. Meanwhile, the toy attack continues to the pussy and anus and the stimulation of the electric massage machine is added to the clitoris at the same time.

It becomes the expression of the ecstasy if the semen that scatters to surroundings of the mouth is collected and it is put in the mouth.
In addition, SENA swallowed all semen. Meanwhile, the pussy that keeps being stimulated gets the limit and incontinence at the end. The face of SENA who is coughing painfully because of too much ejaculation is fully covered with semen.

SENA who is doing masturbation after the attack is made to crotch ends is restricted again and the harder world is begun. SENA who is installed ball gag in the mouth and is bound to the hand in the back is hung from the ceiling.
It is unstable shape that the foot finally attaches to the floor. Then spanking to hip and finger fuck attack her. SENA is such lascivious slut who made female ejaculation for that play.

In addition, the one leg is hung high and the vibration of the electric massage machine attacks her pussy that greatly opened. SENA ejaculates while twist whole body and it is second incontinence at the end.
The appearance that thrown urine in the state that floats in the air is must see. Then, the fucking at the standing back posture begins while hung.

Semen flows backward after vaginal cum shot was made. Next is gangbang party. The pussy and anus are attacked and she called "It is great "repeatedly.
All the semen of men who have intruded in succession in the middle of play is ejaculated and drunk up. SENA gush out the sticky liquid from anus for continuous anus fuck at the standing backing posture.
In addition, it is two holes skewer of astonishment that anus is skewered from the under and the cock is inserted also in the pussy. SENA pants violently for the anus fuck by various posture as lift hip up, woman on top and side.
Then it is double cum shot into anus at the end by missionary posture and semen gushes out according to the shrinkage of the constrictor of the anus.
Last is that SENA ejaculates by play that thrusts the cock that ejaculates outside after the piston to the vagina into the pussy again.
Men who meet the demand of sexual desire no need woman any longer. As expected, she is thrown away while made dirty with semen. I learnt that there is the masochist woman's home delivery service for the first time.
It only has to be also easy to throw it away suitably after used. To tell the truth, it was "TOKYO HOT " to capture the excellent slut who found it in the town and to do home delivery service.
It is a convenient world where the high quality vagina hole is delivered by just one telephone. It is not possible to take your eyes off to new development of the TOKYO HOT.

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(moe_ohsawa) Race Queen Moe


n0155 2006/09/17
Race Queen Moe

Moe Ohsawa is a popular Race Queen who belongs to the TOKYO HOT racing team.
She is busy with taking a picture and DVD every day. It heats between groins of fans in the whole country by a sexy body. Her boyfriend always comes when work ends and they flirt in the place.

The boyfriend had the problem though MOE was a woman who had replete with work and the private life. He holds the debt and is being chased by a debt collector.
The boyfriend who cannot return money tries to pay the interest by body of MOE. It was a start of her unhappiness. A smile that seems to be happy and the beauty tits of the boast are thoroughly made dirty.

When the taking a picture of race queen ends, MOE immediately receives boyfriend's thick caress. The beauty tits and pussy are groped from back while having stood.
However, the debt collector comes there and MOE will offer her body as an interest of boyfriend's debt. Cannon cock trio intrude into immediately and compulsion fellatio start.

The cock is thrust out right and left and it is double fellatio while rubbing the cock. Moreover she made simultaneous fellatio for three cocks.
The spectacle with which saliva overflows from her mouth is disagreeable. However, there is no appearance of the boyfriend any longer at this moment.

He left MOE and seemed to have escaped early. After all, MOE was woman of unhappy destining. And, more violent attack waits Moe in a further.
MOE gets to the pussy the insertion of various toys at the backing style. The man try to insert umbrella into her pussy because of it is a parasol as for the Race Queen.

But MOE really dislike it and shouting as "Don' t do it, it is impossible!" however, a man forces it ignoring it. MOE was a woman who put away the pierced foreign body as pleasure.
In addition, the toy attack continues to the enhanced pussy and love juice is overflowed from there. In continuously, finger fuck and the toy attack are made to pussy that greatly opened at the open leg pose.

The pink rotor toy and the thick vibs toy are inserted and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time. MOE calls repeatedly the pant voice to scream.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy overflows enough in the interior of the vagina when it is peeped with the speculum.

The chairman of famous appears with a cannon cock though MOE have already can not endure for the insult play and entreats as to say "Please forgive me".
And a harder attack begins. MOE holds the cock in her mouth hard while hanging saliva down in the compulsion play and chairman made cum shot on her tongue.
It gets excited by bail up of the semen that dripped to the palm again by the tongue. The debt collector intrudes into again later in the middle of fucking at the back posture with the boyfriend though she is opened once.
The boyfriend who has indebtedness easily presents MOE this time again. MOE seems to be destined it not to be escaped from the insult of debt collector.
MOE is fucked by various physiques as missionary, back and woman on top in boyfriend's presence and four continuous vaginal cum shot four was made.
The semen is thick and all of them flow backward from vagina is pure white. However, it is not become interest by this play either and the group cum shower play by a young man begins.
MOE who became lift hip up posture gets to the pussy the installation of our original semen pour machine. The image that the appearance where semen is poured in the vagina is caught clearly with the close up camera is must see.
Semen of total 11 is poured in her pussy one after another, in addition, compulsion stir in vagina with the glass stick is made immediately after that.
In continuously, MOE was took up in his arm violently and exhaust semen from vagina compulsorily. Then, last is compulsion PISS SHOT with Race Queen Costume.
The pussy is expanded by the finger right and left and urine is gushed. It is not relief that finished paying the interest to her expression but the tiredness feeling in which the vagina is overworked penetrates.
Thus, the woman might grow up as man's toy. MOE will become independent toys early if she is being insulted and being made dirty with semen more than make fuck with boyfriend beside Race Queen.
The woman made an independent toy is bought and sold in the black market. It is dealings in which it takes notice of the market in the world. The debt can be paid back at once.

> > (moe_ohsawa) Race Queen Moe Continue

(rika_wakabayashi) THE KINBAKU 7


n0154 2006/09/12

It is heard that there are a lot of embarrassed people who cannot defend even such an easy thing recently though it is common sense in the world to return borrowed things.
Beauty slut RIKA WAKABAYASHI who is sacrifice in this time is not deeply in debt because of a large sum of debt either. RIKA is made to pay the debt by the body.

However, soft punishment coming is useless in the joking woman who doesn't return money. The punishment of TOKYO HOT is real SM ! Violent play continues until her voluptuous body is destroyed.
RIKA receives pressing the debt in the sofa in the office that borrowed money. She is finally made to consent to repay borrowed money by the body by force.

RIKA who was brought to secret basement sees appearance of man who cannot repay debit and is beaten by whip and is scared.
RIKA is made to change clothes to black see through tights as said and compelled fellatio play to the man who was beaten with the whip.

A man made mouthful cum shot and RIKA receives it to the tongue by a miserable cry face. Though RIKA was accepted to leave there by this for the time being, she cannot prepare money on the next day.
Then, the punishment is made to RIKA again. RIKA blindfolds and both hands that is bound was hang from the ceiling. The metal is bitten in the mouth and the storm of the spank in hips.

In addition, the pussy is attacked with the rotor toy and the thick vibs toy. Her pussy becomes slippery by her love juice at once. She ejaculates with hair is disheveled for the attack of vibs toy to pussy while one leg is lifted high.
The spectacle of the astonishment that the minor labia that hangs down sloppy and was completely congested can be seen. RIKA writhes violently as the desire as the enthusiasm when the attack of the electric massage machine leads there.

The power of the whole body was exhausted though RIKA was finally opened after a strong attack.
And, RIKA also is not able to prepare money but also found to the place where money also is masturbated and receives punishment coming of real SM play on the next day.

Play is begun on the whip to RIKA who was restricted to the hand in the back and hung from the ceiling. The projecting breast between the ropes is so erotic.
It whips it to hips at the same time as pussy being stimulated by the finger. In addition, the wax candle appears. A hot row is hung down in the whole body of the body one after another.

RIKA is frenzied when the rotor toy is inserted in the pussy and the wax candle is hung down from the tits to the belly. She is desperately enduring with the look of another person at the time visited the office in beginning.
The projecting tits is dyed in red in a moment by the heat of the wax candle and tightening the rope. It is beginning of the real bullying here though RIKA already starts fainting hard SM.
It is punishment coming start that uses the raw meat stick. Four men throw in the cock to mouth of RIKA and make fucking at the back posture one after another.
RIKA raises the loud voice of becoming of the ear the pain and writhes. The rope is untied and genuine fucking party begins. A large amount of semen of four is injected one after another into a sloppy pussy of RIKA who seriously dislikes vaginal cum shot.
The pussy of full semen is made to open by the lift hip up pose and the wax candle is hung down again. Semen of men splashed one after another between groins of RIKA who faints in agony to hot of wax candle.
And, it is shocking incontinence from groins that covered by semen. The urethra was not able to have been controlled and it seems to have fallen into a cruel attack.
It gets excited by the spectacle that the minor labia get rolled up in the power whenever urine blows. The last is close up scene of RIKA who tries still to borrow money even so.
It is a woman corrupted forever. I think that I with a debt should have been born as a woman utterly, because the debt can be paid by the body.
Woman who has the debt, please visit in TOKYO HOT. The guide with utmost care and kindness is given for the repayment. Because the woman is a living thing after all to which the life is decided the body's how much it evaluating.
A good woman evaluates it by a high value. Please keep it in your head.

> > (rika_wakabayashi) THE KINBAKU 7 Continue

(mika_ijyuin) a flamenco dancer


n0153 2006/09/10
a flamenco dancer

The sacrifice in this time is MIKA IJYUUIN of flamenco dancer who just come back from Spain. The genuine dance is shown lightly by opening.
A lot of students are sure to gather in the classroom where to be fascinating and good instructor at the dance like MIKA. However, the advertisement is insufficient and the student doesn't gather at all.

It is a TOKYO HOT dance school to have proposed forming a business tie-up there. It is likely to finance it if it forms a business tie-up.
However, the TOKYO HOT won't finance it for free. Owner's at the Tokyo heat dance school true purpose is a sexy body of MIKA trained by the dance.

When the contact is made, it is the end. The fate that to suck to the core of her bone waits. MIKA to whom business tie-up was proposed by the owner at the TOKYO HOT dance school inclines to feel after hearing that the student is accommodated.
However, attitude of MIKA is indecisive. It is way of TOKYO HOT in the woman who doesn't clearly to make it inculcate in the body. Then the owner suddenly attacks MIKA as expected.

The vibs toy has already been installed in pussy of MIKA. In addition, MIKA who put on the leotard stimulates the pussy with the vibs toy while having stood and got acme too soon.
The student who witnesses it threatens MIKA and compelled fellatio. A hard fellatio scene is developed and two people made cum shot on her tongue.

Next, it is development of pussy & anus at the crawl on all fours. Moreover, vibs toy insert into both holes after plenty of finger play.
MIKA who has been inserted vibs toy in two holes wiggle and ejaculates loudly. It is a toy attack continuously by the open leg pose. MIKA is inserted various things in two holes and faints in agony.

A fat thing is inserted by force and her anus is enhanced. And, it is first time to see in the TOKYO HOT that a test tube is inserted in the anus and the observation in the rectum.
There is the mysterious world. Of course, the womb mouth observation with the speculum has not been forgotten. Continuously fucking starts at the standing posture as for reward on her continuing the classroom.

Fucking has done with various postures as woman on top, missionary and so on, and then it is vaginal cum shot. The sticky semen drips and drops from her pussy.
It is not such a sweet world though MIKA who thought the classroom to be continued by the vaginal cum shot. It is true worth of TOKYO HOT from here, let MIKA taste a lot of course as gangbang, continues vaginal cum shot and so on.

The owner cuts the leotard that MIKA wears in pieces with scissors and fucking is forced. Students change places one after another and the cocks are inserted in all holes.
Vagina and mouth are closed by the cock, another one enters with a cock at an anus. Sublime three hole skewer play gets excited. MIKA ejaculate with distorting expression to three hole attack simultaneously.
She twists whole body for such a hard play and ejaculate. When all her holes are bullied with the cock, it is a scene that continues vaginal cum shot play as you are waiting impatiently.
The insult play alternately inserted in the vagina and the anus is destroyed her lower half of the body. Semen comes in several levels between her groins and the position of the pussy and the anus already cannot be distinguished.
Last is gathering of students who enter a classroom and cum shower party play. The special pour toilet installs crotch of MIKA. This is a mechanism that the semen splashed to the toilet is poured in her pussy automatically.
Semen of total 12 injects it into the vagina. The scene where the smell semen drips to the pussy is must see. MIKA finally comes to start from the work of not the dance by the new owner under but the cleaning.
It is suitable work for MIKA who perfectly absorbed a large amount of semen. A woman must not do dances impudently.
The work that all any women perfectly absorb semen is given from the heaven. It is one of the works of TOKYO HOT to inculcate the woman one's role through a hard play.

> > (mika_ijyuin) a flamenco dancer Continue

(rq4_pa) THE RACE QUEENS 3


n0152 2006/09/03

This is the part 3 of RACE QUEEN gangbang party and is last program of the series.
Though it is heard that the gangbang is doing between the young rich people, four race queens as HITOMI AIZAWA, MAI KAWANA, RIO SAKAKI and YOU MINAMI shows big gangbang party with sponsors in this time, too.

It is thoroughly made vaginal cum shot. Someone may can't enduring for the continuous fucking and there might be a race queen who becomes amusing, too.
How it frightens ! However, it is so erotic it cannot be without seeing. This is the exactly sumptuous feast. Gladly, to show the feast, TOKYO HOT prepared three cameras to show this gangbang exhaustively.

At the same time as capturing the feast of meat by various angles, it is very clear view at the look down on. Top of the vaginal cum shot, It applauds because of the TOKYO HOT.
Start from scene to which four race queens who became nakedness made a companion standing pose. Sponsors who erected cock were standing by to the place.

Four race queens are frightened because of the heat that sponsors shoot. Sponsors attack four race queens at the next moment, yes, it is start of gangbang party ! Sponsors make prey to race queen of the favor respectively.
There is person who suddenly sticks fast to the pussy, compels fellatio service play and the fucking is developed each on their own way in the various place of room.

In addition, four race queens are made to line up in the backing style. Pussy was bullying by fingers and mouth is closed with the cock.
Next, AIZAWA stands on KAWANA of the backing style and it lines up in the shape of backing. On the other hand, SAKAI line up on the MINAMI.

Two double pilings of the pussy were completed. The sponsor alternately puts it in and out the pussy in the upper row and the pussy in the lower.
Pussy of KAWANA and AIZAWA get wet at once in the love juice. Slipping of the stick getting well and is inserted complete in the vagina deeply.

The play is continuing as sponsors like and they are made to strange dance as well. In addition, the look down camera captures the scene in detail.
The gangbang escalates further, the camera ran after AIZAWA while sumptuous feast play of four race queens were developing. AIZAWA is put four fingers in the pussy at the lift hip up posture and ejaculates.

And, raw fucking is made as it is. SAKAKI is making fellatio while being inserted at the back posture in the side. MINAMI is inserted at the back posture and KAWANA writhes at the sitting posture.
And AIZAWA is skewered three holes at the woman on top posture. MINAMI writhes to skewer two holes also in the side. MINAMI made a fucking on the sofa by a violent piston in backing gets to suck the cock while making ugly faces.
It is craze gangbang with high abnormal extraordinary. KAWANA get the great pleasure at the woman on top posture and roar lascivious words repeatedly.
Then, it is vaginal cum shot at the back posture. The appearance that makes noise by semen that flows backward from vagina and begins to overflow is spectacular.
Then, second cock starts raw fucking and made vaginal cum shot at once. The semen that began to overflow drops from pussy and the sofa is made dirty.
AIZAWA and SAKAKI who lies in a row made raw fuck pussy and anus respectively. SAKAKI is in the insult piston to the anus in the state of giving up though AIZAWA goes into convulsions the body for a violent poking.
The semen that made cum shot into the anus is inhaled about the rectum to be deep. AIZAWA, MINAMI and SAKAKI were made cum shot into anus, too afterwards.
Then, many sponsors appear in last. A large amount of semen is injected into their anus with our original large-scale pour container at the same time.
Semen of total 29 is poured. Their are taken up one by one and the injected semen is compulsorily vomited. Especially, the scene where AIZAWA and KAWANA vomit semen with a lewd sound is must see.
Please enjoy the group pour scene taken with look down camera of the extra. Three cameras also have put out the presence.
Four race queens who wave in the smile at the end, all faces were seen in pussy because of so many vaginal cum shot has been made. This is the power of TOKYO HOT !

> > (rq4_pa) THE RACE QUEENS 3 Continue

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