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(yuki_ozawa) the charm of money


n0165 2006/10/31
the charm of money

The girl with a beautiful leg was captured. YUKI OZAWA of the model figure who walks in the town with hot pants stands out because the leg is beautiful.
She is put on scout's suitable praise word and it is brought to the model office of TOKYO HOT. YUKI who was shown roll of notes in presence by the president of office begins to take off clothes for the charm of money.

She seems to weak to money. However, it makes the big mistake when thinking that money is easily obtained.
It is necessary to inculcate by the body the importance of earnings of money by violent insulting of TOKYO HOT in YUKI who easily takes off clothes just to have watched money.

In addition, YUKI who is shown a roll of notes by the president of office in the door of office begins to take off clothes and in addition, she makes fellatio for his cock.
A white love juice drips immediately form the pussy of YUKI who dislike careful licking and finger fuck. Then, the stiffening cock of president is inserted by standing back posture.

It is just less than ten minutes after she was hunted on road. Yes, it is still very fresh pussy. The employee in the office comes back while president making fuck at the missionary posture.
And the employee begins tasting her. YUKI knit her brows and looks unpleasant expression. A beautiful leg is lifted high and vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture.

Then, semen drips slowly and drops from the labia that dyed in red. The scene changes and YUKI is sitting on a chair by the undergarment appearance.
Yes, it is start of taking adult video. The supervisor makes violent caress to YUKI while asking "How does sensitivity become it?" Then, he inserts his cock at the standing back posture after make her to suck his cock.

YUKI who was not able to be standing with a strong piston is made to sit on the chair and make more violent piston in addition. And vaginal cum shot was made at the bending posture on the sofa at the end.
The cock is pulled out once and it inserts again more deeply. The semen that flows backward is pushed back into the vagina deeply. However, taking a picture has not started yet and it just tasting of the supervisor.

Though YUKI who thought it is ending by this amazed, it is not concerned with a feeling of the woman whom is flattered and was brought easily.
And 3P play starts with two brute. Two brute bullies the pussy from both side and attacked by the rotor and vibs toy. The all the rotor toy inserted into the vagina and YUKI ejaculates for the extreme vibration.

It is pushed in by force that the rotor toy tries to be exhausted from the inside of the vagina. Then, vibs toy is inserted at the lift hip up posture and it is moved violently.
The supervisor ordered to AD becomes actor because only two actors are not satisfied to him. YUKI is attacked by three actors who add AD.
AD fucks at the first after fellatio play. However he made cum shot at instance. Then other actor makes fuck her. The violent piston was made at the back, woman on top and bending posture.
Other actors are called at this point and surround YUKI at the time of fucking. YUKI is surprised for the spectacle that many of actors squeeze their cock through their hand at the side and dislike it seriously.
Then, cum shower party starts at once after vaginal cum shot was made at the bending posture. The pussy of YUKI has been expanded by the finger at the lift hip up posture.
Semen is splashed one after another aiming at pussy where covered by dirty semen by the vaginal cum shot. Semen of total 11 is poured in the vagina.
When it peep into the interior of the pussy with the penlight afterwards, the spectacle that semen overflows whether the dam collapsed will make your excitement.
The president escapes with the guarantee though all taking a picture ended. The woman who understands she cannot be gotten guarantee and is embarrassed is left and the crew of taking a picture withdraws.
Last is the PISS SHOT, she expands the pussy by the finger while having sat on a chair and make piss shot. Mass urines that are mixing with semen are excreted.
The woman does anything for money. Though it says that money is all in the world, it is a bad morale trend of the age. TOKYO HOT captures such a slut and let them to be corrected.
It is needless to pay the money for the slut, it only has to give the cock instead of money.

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(moe_ohsawa) in the sports gym


n0164 2006/10/29
in the sports gym

MOE OHSAWA who's charming point is dynamite tits appearance again. She challenges tennis and golf as it is in the autumn of sports. A man sees the girl who does sports by lewd eyes unconsciously.
However, TOKYO HOT is not only looking naturally. Of course, it will make fuck if felt lascivious. It is the demon coaches who waited for MOE who came to the sports club to the admission without knowing what will be happen to her.

A figure of MOE that is destroyed pussy by a severe lesson and discharges love juice. At admission of sports club, MOE received several lascivious questions by the owner as "When the first experience and number of guys she has fucked with".
MOE who puzzled to the question that not is related to sports at all is suppressed by two coaches and the aptitude test of the sports club style starts.

MOE cannot move while fixed with the appearance that opened a foot greatly by handcuffs and fetters and whole body of MOE is groped with the tennis racket and the golf club.
It has already gotten wet when the finger is put in pussy and it is expanded right and left greatly. Pussy is violently stimulated with various toys after pussy and clitoris are stimulated with the toy at the same time and it is deluge between crotches.

Then, love juice that becomes cloudy spouts the bubble and effuses from the vagina when pussy was violently stimulated by the electric massage machine.
Much love juice has collected in the opening of uterus peeped at in Cuzco after the attack of the vibs toy for a long time. The owner who saw it declares, "You are tennis".

It seems to understand sports that suit the woman in the state of the pussy. It is a cruel lesson of TOKYO HOT sports club that waited for the MOE who was changes clothes to the tennis wear.
By the way, the appearance of change of clothes was tightly put in the hidden camera as an image. There is no slip in work of TOKYO HOT.

The devil coach advised to say "Your grasp of the grip is not good" to MOE who swing the tennis racket and make her to grip the cock and compulsion fellatio starts.
In addition, brute coach says "There is no core on the body, I will put the core" and fucking starts at the standing back posture. Cloudy love juice with viscosity clings to cock and makes a lascivious sound.

Though MOE seriously dislike for the acute pain of the Cuzco insertion but he suppresses her by force and inserted it.
An owner looks at the scene which love juice sticks to on a damaged vagina wall and he says "Tennis is not fit for you but golf might be suitable for you!" and MOE change into golf wear this time.

MOE is mentioned to learn how to treat the ball and she sits astride a face of a man becoming horizontal and sucks a cock and he made the mouthful cum shot at once.
MOE obeys instructions of the metamorphosis that she lets semen in a mouth go outside and paints to the ball with reluctantly. Then, they move to the bed and gangbang party of devil coaches begin.
The first vaginal cum shot was made at the side posture after enjoyed missionary, back and woman on top posture. Before finishing the backflow of all semen, the second one is inserted and made vaginal cum shot as it is.
The third and forth vaginal cum shot was made continuously at the missionary posture.
The semen that flows backward from the inside of vagina makes dirty whole the crotch and the spectacle where the semen that remains in the vagina has gone up to the vicinity of the vagina entrance is a so wonderful.
Next is group cum shower party by the students of club. MOE is tied both hands to a golf club on the back and she receives nine mouthful cum shot while being violently stimulated pussy with vibs toy at the back posture.
And, it is poured in the vagina with the original watering pot of TOKYO HOT though semen is vomited from the mouth in the glass. And it is PISS SHOT at the last.
Anyway this TOKYO HOT sports club was a slut training school.
A wonderful slut who swallows much semen in the vagina and made piss shot in public is completed by just only made a lesson at the TOKYO HOT sports club to slut who doesn't obey what someone said.
After the lesson ends, if stroll outdoor in nude with putting collar on, it will be more effective.

> > (moe_ohsawa) in the sports gym Continue

(miyo_kasuga) SEMEN WORLD SERIES


n0163 2006/10/22

Small stature slut MIYO KASUGA with 153cm height was destroyed by the black cannon cock. It is a foreign force of one white and two blacks that appeared.
They are such a strong brute who take an active part all over the world and, up to now, have fucked many woman and destroyed pussy. They who came to Japan had made cute MIYO to the first target.

The scene that a small pussy is stirred with cannon cock cannot try to be pitiful. In addition, MIYO is just immediately before the faint for the merciless fucking play.
The vagina was expanded pitifully and the pant voice changed into the scream. MIYO who put on the school costume is flirting with the boyfriend.

It starts from deep kiss and nipple is caressed. When boyfriend's finger reaches to the lower half of the body, boyfriend's junior comes there.
The junior who gets excited because it sees twining of two people joins and 3P play starts. Though MIYO dislike to the sudden intrusion of junior, pussy is completely opened and the toy attack was made.

Then, 3P in the bed is begun. The junior brute made vaginal cum shot first before senior brute after enjoy the fuck at missionary, woman on top and back posture.
A large amount of liquid semen drips from the inside of the vagina if the cock is pulled out and the semen pond appears between hips and the sheet.

What a lascivious spectacle it is! In continuously, boyfriend starts fucking and made vaginal cum shot after violent piston action.
Though the adhesiveness semen of boyfriend is strong, and a countercurrent from pussy is less, semen with a strong viscosity that scatters to the surrounding makes between groins dirty.

When a 3P play is over, and MIYO and a boyfriend plop themselves down in a sofa, one of foreign force of friend of boyfriend and a friend are intrusions and MIYO was suddenly kidnapped.
He is an owner of the cannon cock of 25cm in length 6 cm in the diameter. Two remaining brute are not inferior to him in the size either.

It is a crisis of pussy of MIYO. Three people carry MIYO who is made change of clothes to school swimming suit to a bed forcibly, and a gangbang play begins.
Foreigners attack MIYO by licking from the school swimming suit and groping it by the finger. And compulsion fellatio is beginning at once.

MIYO who makes three cocks in her presence at a time fills her mouth though she hesitates in the cock of the black that has a black luster.
It gets excited by the scene where three cocks are sucked at the same time. Next, MIYO step over his black canon cock and skewered from under.
The black of one another firmly suppresses body of MIYO though she makes ugly faces and tries to move her body to the pressure feeling of a thick cock.
The cock pierces to the deepest part of vagina, and other two cocks are sucked as well. The pussy of MIYO that is became a close-up by bending posture is a cruel situation.
The pleat of pussy discolors red to a rapid pulling out of the cannon cock. Pant voice of MIYO changes into the cry gradually as dislike seriously.
Then, one of black made the vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. The semen that flows backward and is collected at the entrance of the pussy is forcibly returned by black's finger in the vagina.
In addition, other black starts to fuck MIYO. The piston that the body moves of black like the spring of the overflowing as for a wild taste destroys the pussy still more.
And it is vaginal cum shot again. A large amount of semen seems to have stayed in the vagina interior. The white made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture at the end.
A large amount of semen flows backward as if all things that had been collected as soon as the cock was pulled out had flowed backward.
The last is cum shower party to the MIYO who becomes lift hip up posture. MIYO is installed panty with hole that original of TOKYO HOT.
Semen of 13 is poured in the vagina ! It is the moment when it show off the real ability of the Japanese semen which is not defeated by a black.
Semen flows like urination at compulsion discharge by holding body and discharge that expands the pussy by herself and it is so wonderful scene.
TOKYO HOT saved MIYO who was faced dangerous got pregnant black's child by pouring Japanese semen in the group. If her child is a girl, TOKYO HOT abducts and make vaginal cum shot.
If it is a boy, it still abducts and train as cock corps. TOKYO HOT is generous.

> > (miyo_kasuga) SEMEN WORLD SERIES Continue

(megumi_morita) Foam at the pussy


n0162 2006/10/17
Foam at the pussy

MEGUMI MORITA who has slender body and leg is re-appearance. President Miss's MEGUMI lives in the large estate.
Though MEGUMI has a quiet character as young miss, to tell the truth, she is the owner of a tight character and if the cleaning is insufficient, the employee is scolded.

On the other hand, she is a lascivious lady who masturbates quietly while seeing the magazine. I want to make to treat a saucy miss like the slave and tattered.
TOKYO HOT achieved such man's wish. There is no other scene to make erection that woman who is usually domineering exposes a tragic appearance and asks for the permission.

MEGUMI may has gotten excited while seeing the magazine, she starts masturbating after ordering the employee the re-doing of the cleaning.
MEGUMI raises the pant voice to violent masturbation stimulated the pussy with not only the finger but also the rotor toy. However, it is found by the employee.

The woman who was seen hard masturbation and pussy that has less hair is in the situation to follow employee's word as" I shall help masturbation".
The compulsion fellatio is made at the same time as pussy being fingered more violently by the finger and the rotor toy. Then, employee's cock is immediately inserted in the pussy and the cloudiness liquid with cohesiveness gushes from a slippery pussy.

And the forced compulsion vaginal cum shot was made to MEGUMI who refuses the vaginal cum shot as say don't make it inside.
The standpoint such as masters and employee is completely reversed and the woman is made to promise to follow what the employee says.

And, three cocks are arranged including the employee to make young miss pleased and MEGUMI is made to suck three cocks sequentially. MEGUMI can barely be sucked in large cocks more than the imagination.
It is excited at MEGUMI who is surrounded by three sticks while getting nervous. In the next, toy and vibs are arranged in order to attack pussy.

Megumi was overwhelmed and cannot resist in abnormal heat of men who are enthusiastic about to make tatter elegant pussy of young miss.
The appearance only as for waiting is impressive with an expression as if she is frightened what it is done next. The pussy is slippery in the attack of the clitoris attack from which two toys are put in pussy and the thick vibs toy.

In addition, the toy is thrust deeply into pussy at the lift hip up posture. Consecutive cum shot starts in the state ! Semen is shot to the yawning pussy one after another.
In addition, it is pushed into the interior of the vagina with the vibs toy. Semen blows the bubble from the ostium of the vagina where semen of four people is pushed in and it gushes.
Bubble semen appears in the opening of uterus at which it peeps in Cuzco. It is the dirty-looking scene which it cannot think to be a hole of a dignified young miss.
Then, it is gangbang fucking after shower scene. It is an ulterior motive said that it will enjoy launching after flush semen in the vagina by the shower to make empty pussy.
MEGUMI is fucked at the various postures as missionary, back, backward woman on top and woman on top by men. Last is the four continuous vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
The following cock pushes the semen that flows backward into the pussy again. The mixture liquid of semen and love juice that spouted in the middle of piston blows the bubble and makes crotch of MEGUMI dirty.
MEGUMI scram as "It goes out ! It goes out !" for the continuous piston without while it takes a rest. Consciousness seems to fly by blurting out such an unknown word though what goes out is not understood.
The stomach is pushed and MEGUMI is made to vomit semen in the vagina after continues vaginal cum shot. In addition, pussy is grubbed with the finger and semen is raked out.
Megumi of a pitiful appearance doesn't have any young miss dignity. Pleasure that sinks the woman who is domineering becomes a habit. It sinks it again when sinking many times and having floated.
To sinking the woman many times until she can conscious as the meat slave. It is a recipe of meat slave production to come down to TOKYO HOT for many years.

> > (megumi_morita) Foam at the pussy Continue

(erina_mizuki) A doll to drink cum


n0161 2006/10/15
A doll to drink cum

Young slut ERINA MIZUKI who can drink semen though she looks pure and innocent by the idol face appears. ERINA came to be able to be trained by the teacher in the school days and to have drunk any man's semen.
She stalks in the town with showy clothes after graduates though she is a lovely girl before graduates. What was happen to ERINA ? ERINA who walks a town in showy clothes as a miniskirt and tank top meets a teacher again by chance.

The devil's temptation stole up to ERINA who had grown up. You will be dragged into the world of a living hell beginning from here.
In a school day, ERINA is brought to the rooftop in the apartment house by the teacher who was waiting as soon as having gone out of home and fellatio is compelled.

Another cock is presented in front of ERINA who suck the cock reluctantly and two cocks are licked while she is perplexed. And, semen splashed on her tongue.
Cohesive and thick semen has agglomerated in the mouth and ERIAN is made to swallow it by force. In the continuously, they move to the emergency staircase.

ERINA who is made taking off school uniform and tied up both hands with a scarf of school uniform is stimulated a nipple and pussy with rotor toy.
The cloudiness liquid begins to blot when the rotor toy is inserted in the pussy by the backing style and, in addition, it begins the compulsion fellatio.

And semen is splashed on the tongue again. ERINA is surprised at the power of the semen that flew to the vicinity of eyes. ERINA who graduates high school is walking in showy in the town.
The teacher found such ERIAN and she was hunted by the two friends of teacher, then she meets the teacher again in the brought room. The insult by three people starts from a word of teacher's "This slut will hear anything said".

ERINA put on nothings at all under the showy clothes. ERINA is bound both hands with the rope and is made open leg posture at the sofa.
Pussy gets dripping wet by the violent finger fuck and made female ejaculation by powerful finger fuck at the last. In continues, it is attack of rotor toy and vibs toy between drenched crotches.

Additionally, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and the spank of hips. A large amount of love juice and joy juice are gushed and the yawning pussy and hips dyed in red are miserable.
Then, the fucking starts. Vaginal cum shot was made with saying that "Put it out to the inside because it met after a long time" at the bending posture through woman on top and standing back posture.

Though ERINA who dislike seriously and tried to escape from vaginal cum shot, she becomes obedient and stupefies it for a while after vaginal cum shot was made.
The spectacle that the semen that flows backward stays in the vicinity of the vagina is lascivious. ERINA is making of the lick semen and is liberated from lose consciousness.
And, the cock with semen is pushed into her mouth by force. Next, simultaneously play by three brute starts after move to bed. The mouth is closed by the cock during fuck at the missionary, back and standing back posture.
It get so excited for the appearance that the love juice begin to blot from the pussy that closed with the cock. The second vaginal cum shot was made after pushed up from the under.
ERINA is painted the semen that flows backward on the tongue and licks the semen that dripped on man's belly. In addition, the cock after cum shot is sucked and scooped all semen and swallowed up at the end.
The semen that flowed backward after third vaginal cum shot is painted on the tongue and everything is swallowed. The last is cum shower party to ERINA who does not oppose to swallow semen.
Semen of total 14 is splashed to the face and the place where ERINA drinks up splendidly is so wonderful. It was power of semen that made ERINA who was a serious high school girl change into showy slut.
It knew that the power of semen was important to make the woman obedient and slave. TOKYO HOT has absolute confidence for the power of semen so as to make all the women of the world a slave.

> > (erina_mizuki) A doll to drink cum Continue

(miku_fukuoka) Fucking Machine


n0160 2006/10/08
Fucking Machine

The Race Queen who is not only got man's glances but also has a possibility that can be active as a talent is an occupation of woman's yearning.
Therefore, there are many girls who want to become Race Queen. MIKU FUKUOKA is one of the girls who also yearn to the Race Queen. However, it is reality that there is a lot of unknown Race Queen while there is some popular Race Queen.

In such world, it is the rumor that there are a lot of girls who want to be a Race queen and unknown race queen in whom is cheated and abducted and was inserted cock.
It was at many of the unbelievable insult that had immediately jumped into eyes of me who had run to the spot. MIKU who has beauty style and receiving clam impression has received the interview.

The question that seems that quite unrelated to the Race Queen asked from the mouth of interview one after another. MIKU who wants to become a Race Queen absolutely starts masturbating as said to interview.
The labia of pussy is shut and opened by the finger compulsorily according to the instruction of interview.

In addition, when it strips off her shorts and violent masturbation that the inside of the pussy and the clitoris is fingered is started, it gets damp between groins.
Though MIKU gets a temporary adoption because violent masturbation may good, three men appear to confirm whether there is race queen's nature and fellatio is compelled to MIKU who was change costume to race queen's one.

MIKU is suppressed back of the head and the cock is inserted in the mouth by force after simultaneous fellatio for three cocks. One person made mouthful cum shot to MIKU who became cry face by too painful.
The thick and gelatinous semen makes dirty in the mouth of MIKU. The interview continues and the aptitude her crotch will be measured.

The labia of pussy is expanded right and left by the finger at the open leg pose and the various toys are inserted in MIKU one after another.
As the toy attack to the clitoris made, the entrance of the vagina was closed with the love juice that became cloudy having begun to blot from the inside of the vagina.

The sound with obscene air that remained in the vagina is made and it gushes mightily. MIKU is peeped at to the interior of the pussy by Cuzco with feeling humiliation for disagreeable sound that is far with the image of Race Queen.
The love juice sticks to the vagina wall that discolored in white. Next, it is our original strongest electric toy that exchange the point of the electric drill for the toy appeared.

MIKU is made acme compulsorily many times by the unbelievable high-speed and powerful piston action. And, it rushes into the final interview.
Yes, the raw fucking starts at the standing back posture in order to check condition of pussy. If MIKU qualified this fucking, then she gets proper adoption.
Anyway fucking is continuing at standing back, backward woman on top and missionary posture. It gets excited by the scene where a white love juice begins to blot from the joint part.
Then it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture. Although MIKU who was injected a large amount of semen into vagina thought it is possible to become Race Queen by this, it is the gangbang party by three men in the office.
The compulsion fellatio continues while being fucked and it is first vaginal cum shot at the back posture. And, a large amount of semen makes a loud noise and it flows backward.
The second cock is inserted before a countercurrent is completed and vaginal cum shot again. Eyes of MIKU is half open by continues vaginal cum shot and it is out of the focus.
And third one made vaginal cum shot again at the missionary posture. The last is our original compulsion pussy open pants installed to MIKU and cum shower was made to pussy of immediately before the collapse.
It is impressed by a detailed spectacle that uterine ostium swallow and exhaust semen powerfully. MIKU is taken up in his arms and made exhaust semen compulsorily after her pussy swallow semen of eight.
MIKU wastes away in the amazed expression. It was TOKYO HOT Race Queen Team that insulted the girl who wish to become Race Queen. When I who was there noticed, I inserted a cock.
And I came to be entrusted to a second careful licking service interview now. It is the thing which does not understand where the chance is waiting on the life.

> > (miku_fukuoka) Fucking Machine Continue

(miyu_oh) Former teachers


n0159 2006/10/01
Former teachers

The stage is school in this time. Beauty slender slut MIYU OHTA was made a sacrifice at the school that would be the place of study.
MIYU visits the school which graduated after a long time and holds the greetings that finding employment was decided on to the teacher who was taken care of her.

Insult to MIYU of teachers starts starting with it. Teachers' cocks remembered the taste of pussy of MIYU. The body of MIYU that increases the taste further in four years is the one that there is a insulting effect.
MIYU suddenly receives the teacher's caress in the staff room. Teacher's cock is in the state of the erection for the pupil who grew up completely.

The compulsion fellatio at the standing Deva Kings pose is immediately begun. MIYU obediently follows the demand of rubbing the cock by the hand while licking the ball bag.
The seriousness of MIYU according to the teacher's instruction is transmitted even though she has already graduated. And, the teacher made cum shot on her tongue.

Because of it is too a large amount of semen, it overflows from the tongue and drips outside the mouth. The spectacle that semen takes time to slowly drips is so exciting.
MIYU says that she wants to see the classroom because she is missing it for after a long time. MIYU who goes to the classroom receives another teacher's caress.

Another teacher deeply sticks to a pussy of MIYU. The finger fuck for long time explodes and a cohesive love juice overflows from among the vagina.
And, the fucking starts from standing back posture. The liquid of cloudiness gushes from the inside of the vagina where filled enough with the love juice every time pull out the cock.

In continues, she is made to the skewer at the woman on top posture. The appearance where her joy juice has clung to the cock fully is so lascivious.
The end is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture on the desk. It doesn't fall below easily though the mass of semen drips from the vagina several times.

It is fairly high cohesiveness semen. Then, another four teachers intrude into. MIYU is groped her pussy that widely opened with the rotor toy.
The various toys are inserted in the vagina and the pussy gets wet enough and MIYU is peeped inside of the pussy by cuzco. The spectacle of astonishment to which the liquid gushes from the hole in the vagina interior develops.

It moves to the bed and four teachers begin the gangbang fucking party. Other cocks are inserted in the mouth at the same time as the piston's being violently made at the missionary posture.
The other two cocks are compelled fellatio at the woman on top posture. The liquid drips from the vagina that is put a fat cock in and out many times and is enhanced completely.
The last is vaginal cum shot at the back posture. The lascivious sound is made in the vagina and semen gushes after cock is pulled out.
The following cock is inserted while not exhausting all the semen by the vaginal cum shot outside from the vagina completely and made fuck at the missionary posture.
And it is vaginal cum shot again after a powerful piston. When the cock is pulled out, semen flows from the inside of the vagina in one go in this time.
The vagina that had been bullied violently seems to have lost power to keep the semen internally completely. In addition, another cock inserts.
The cock is sticking in the vagina many times from on and pussy loses well-set completely and vaginal cum shot was made. MIYU becomes painful, has a fit of coughing, and becomes a watery eye by the continuous vaginal cum shot.
The following scene, the student at the school is gathered and the group cum shower party begins. Semen of 13 is poured one after another on the face and the mouth of MIYU who inserts the toy in the vagina and is masturbating.
The lovely face of MIYU is covered with thick semen. MIYU contains the cock further after cum shot by the mouth which full of semen stays and is made to lick.
The last is PISS SHOT to which pussy is expanded by finger. The power for urination to fly to the outside does not remain in the overworked pussy either, the excreted urination makes wet whole crotch and falls below.
The teachers told it that they called MIYU after having found a job and wanted to make vaginal cum shot at pleasure. Though it is thought that there are a lot of dangerous men who has the delusion to fuck with the pupil, there is no taboo at TOKYO HOT.
Anything is executed without fail !

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