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(mari_hibi) a weather forecaster


n0173 2006/11/30
a weather forecaster

There is a weather forecaster in a popular occupation as well as the announcer. Of course the knowledge of weather is required but also should be must be neat and clean.
However, it is insufficient only in it. What is necessary? It made close report to MARI HIBINO of the weather forecaster wish by the new employee in the TOKYO HOT TV station to search for it this time.

MARI was called by a notorious director who had enslaved a lot of new employees.
What will begin, erected just to have imagined it. MARI is said by a director that capture work by the body if she wants to become weather forecaster and the body is suddenly fingered.

In addition, MARI is ordered to do masturbate voluntarily and starts masturbation mainly on the clitoris. MARI greatly opens the leg and get acme by an improper appearance.
Then, she is ordered to make fellatio for director's cock. A director strongly presses down the back of the head of MARI and cock is inserted deeply into the throat.

Then, the cock that stiffened by forcible compulsion fellatio is inserted at the back posture.
MARI is asked "what is inserted and how the feeling" by the director and she reports on the spot relay style as said "cock is in, it is so wonderful" together with an obscene word.

It is a content objective though the cock is put in the vagina. She is poked at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture on the chair, and violent piston movement continues at missionary posture on the desk.
MARI cannot do the real condition when putting the cock in and out becomes more violent and she just only pants. The love juice that becomes cloudy overflows from the pussy and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.

The scene that once the semen that flows backward to the entrance of the ostium of the vagina sinks in the vagina interior gushes outside the vagina again is must see.
After that, three AD is called. AD has made MARI to suck the smell sweaty cock under the pretext of program. MARI seriously dislikes smell cocks of AD who have not stepped into a bath continuously of staying up all night.

But the mouth is broken open by force and cock is inserted. MARI is made to suck three cocks to attack without an interval to take a rest in turn.
Then, toy and vibs toy attack begins to her pussy. The pussy is stimulated with the rotor toy and MARI splashes a large amount of joy juice.

The inside has discolored red because of the stimulation when it is peeped in the vagina in Cuzco. AD who does not satisfy moves MARI to the bed and begins gangbang.
MARI ejaculates when cock is thrust mercilessly to the pussy that swells up red by the toy attack. Another cock closes the ejaculating mouth.
In addition, she is fucked at the back posture and is made to say, "I love the dirty cock" by force. MARI distorts the face and endures the shape of the shame inserted from the under at the backward woman on top.
Then, it is vaginal cum shot afterwards. The large amount of semen gushes with obscene sound. Another cock inserts at once and made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after made violent piston.
The pussy completely extends to a violent piston after third vaginal cum shot. The last is cum shower party, the staff of stage setting, clothes, and art are gathered.
MARI is put on original semen pour pants and made lift hip up pose. Then, semen of total 15 is splashed. Semen drips mightily into the vagina greatly expanded.
It suddenly flows backward to the ostium of the vagina according to the movement of the vagina at the next moment. It gets excited by the appearance of the pour clearly caught.
Afterwards it is compulsion exhaust of semen by holding both legs up. After this, work that MARI is given is not a weather forecaster but it was work that entered the doll of the character.
Needing it for the weather forecaster is erotic. She whom erotic was insufficient will work as a slave as staff's plaything. In case of becoming the caster, she goes up on stage and will become a plaything only for the director.
It is a plaything of vaginal cum shot after all either at woman's life.

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(mami_asada) the lovely girl


n0172 2006/11/26
the lovely girl

Sorry for keeping you wait ! A wonderful young slut with dynamite tits was captured this time. MAMI ASADA, the lovely girl whom the school uniform suits well.
MAMI brought the rotor toy though it was now natural that the student brought the school the game machine and the magazine. The teacher rages if the toy cannot be overlooked indeed.

MAMI is taken on the knee and punishment of the spank in hips is made to her. Not only the tits but also the hip is good and cute shape.
Is the pretty student reborn as an independent woman or does she crash to the bottom in the hell? It is development that cannot take its eyes off.

MAMI is punished for the matter of the rotor toy by the teacher, and she is sulky and goes directly to boyfriend's house. MAMI make fellatio immediately to the boyfriend who has lied down on a bed nakedly.
The act of hanging saliva down enough in the cock is lascivious though hand job service is made several times during fellatio. In addition, cock is scrub by the dynamite tits.

To uses the tits of preeminent elasticity seems to be comfortable. And he ejaculates by hand job service at the end. The palm of MAMI is slippery by the semen.
The scene changes and is a school again. The teacher is angry again for MAMI to bringing three toys in this time. MAMI is rolled up school uniform and rubbed dynamite tits as punishment.

In addition, the skirt is rolled up at the backing style and it is stimulated between crotches with the toy. The love juice gushes immediately from the pussy.
It is very lewd that love juice hangs down along a thigh below. She is not possible to stand in violent stimulation and MAMI cannot endure and sits down.

In continues, MAMI is made open leg posture and pussy is stimulated with the vibs toy. MAMI is got acme compulsorily and cloudiness joy juice overflows from the vagina.
A cruel punishment of the teacher continues to MAMI who is made change of clothes to the sweat suit that emphasizes her dynamite tits.

The teacher shouts as "Spirit is crooked, spirit stick inject in !" The spirit stick is wooden vibs toy of one-meter in length of TOKYO HOT's original.
The spirit stick rushes into the pussy at the backing style. The pussy is violently stirred and more a large amount of cloudiness liquid gushes.

The scene that a tongue of MAMI lick up the tip of a cock carefully at king standing fellatio is took scrupulously and must see ! The cock that has erected by the sticky fellatio inserts in the pussy at the standing posture.
And it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture on the desk after woman top posture. The semen that flows backward is injected again by teacher's finger in the vagina.
Punishment is not over in this and four other teachers are called and punishment is escalating more. A large amount of lotion is painted on the whole body of MAMI who was change of clothes to the school swimming suit and gangbang starts.
She is violently poked by a lot of posture as missionary, back and woman on top and cloudiness joy juice gushes from pussy. The joy juice mixes with the lotion and makes a lascivious sound.
The first vaginal cum shot has made at banding posture. Semen began to blot comparatively after the cock had been pulled out. The second brute immediately inserts at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made again.
Semen flows backward mightily in this time. The third brute also made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. Semen blows the bubble and it gushes.
When Cuzco is immediately put in the pussy, plenty of semen with high viscosity stays in the vagina interior. Last is a cum shower party of familiar.
OB of teachers' universities was gathered. When many men surround the circumference, MAMI shows the expression that seems to be uneasy seriously.
Semen of total 13 is splashed between crotches where is widely opened. Semen is raked up with the vibs toy and injects in the vagina, then vibs toy is switched on.
And, it ends by the scene where MAMI is made to acme compulsorily by the violent vibration of toy. Punishment of teachers coming must be hard because of the ruin of the education is called out.
Though the student whom punishment succeeds and is splendidly reborn as the woman visits, then make her to be a laughingstock and encourage her by injecting semen and let her back to home.

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(saya_namiki) Happiness of a woman


n0171 2006/11/21
Happiness of a woman

When SAYA NAMIKI often goes out for a drink with boyfriend, she brings him to her house. However, boyfriend gets drunk and sleeps in advance and it is always the circumstance that SAYA who expected make love is left alone.
Naturally, the punishment is necessary for the slut who drinks every night. It must teach to her that the life is severe by the violent insult that spoils her pussy to be swollen up red.

And, a true woman should lead happily. The boyfriend who gets drunk sleeps in the bed though SAYA brings to her home. SAYA takes down pants of boyfriend and plays with cock and begins fellatio.
It is really lascivious fellatio which cock becomes sticky by a large amount of saliva. Then, it is hand job service after fellatio and boyfriend ejaculates by the violent hand job service.

SAYA who gladly serves cock that greatly erected is disappointed at the ejaculation. SAYA said it is trivial and starts masturbation in the sofa with a rotor toy.
Another day, SAYA who has the frustration brings another boyfriend to her house. However, this boyfriend also sleeps in the bed. SAYA immediately takes off his trousers and starts hand job service to his cock and suck it that became cannon.

Boyfriend awakes in the middle of fellatio play and he begins to be angry. A man who was angry makes the taking off clothes and spank her hips at the back style and make finger fuck at the same time and her hips swell up red.
SAYA is turned up and play becomes more violent and the cloudiness liquid gushes from the pussy. Then, the stiffening cock is thrown in to mouth.

SAYA who is strongly suppressed back of the head and pierces by cock in interior of throat and stuck shows a painful expression. And, the cock is inserted in the pussy where made dirty with the cloudiness joy juice.
She is violently thrust at many postures as missionary, sitting, woman on top and back and the vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary by the end.

The semen that flows backward drips slowly from the ostium of the vagina and drops. The scene changes, SAYA is bound to the hand in the back and hung from the ceiling.
In addition, boyfriend called the three brute of TOKYO HOT corps to make more violent insult. Brute corps spanks hip and make finger fuck immediately and the vibs toy is thrust from the under.

Furthermore, a word of insult as "where it is inserted?" is poured. The movement of the vibs toy becomes more violent and SAYA is got acme compulsorily.
They move to the bed and punishment coming continues further. Cock insert to the pussy at the missionary posture. SAYA who is lewd slut as make fellatio from herself draws the wrinkle to the middle of the forehead and she reacts to play painfully.

It is because the inside of the vagina was beaten up by extreme punishment. In addition, two cocks are thrown in to her mouth during fucking.
The piston is strongly done at many postures as back, woman on top and backward woman on top posture, a thick cloudiness love juice drips with blowing the bubble and vaginal cum shot was made.
Another cock inserts to the pussy to pushes the semen that flows backward and drips to the vagina again. And vaginal cum shot again after a strong piston at the bending posture.
A large amount of semen flows backward from the vagina. Then, the third cock is inserted at once. The third one carries out vaginal cum shot to SAYA who seriously dislikes continuous vaginal cum shot and resists violently.
It is said, "Do not end by this", and men are gathered around SAYA who is gripped face and was made a face at distort and cum shower party is started.
SAYA is suppressed face from back by man and is compulsorily made to turn in the direction of the cock that ejaculates.
Semen of 14 is splashed to her face, and the semen collected in the mouth is injected and it is injected into pussy by the injection syringe.
It is a moment when SAYA became everyone's public lavatory. TOKYO HOT makes a naughty favorite slut lascivious thoroughly by our insult fuck.
Incompleteness does not permit. It continues until the woman becomes a public lavatory. Afterwards, the woman is left in the street corner and she is a forced piston with the unspecified number of cocks.
Happiness of a woman is that kind of thing.

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(miki_takahashi) Semen storm


n0170 2006/11/19
Semen storm

MIKI TAKAHASHI who is very sensitive and preeminent style was got caught in the trap in this time. It seems that MIKI has considerably confident for her style, she is done reader model of the fashion magazine though she is a female office worker.
In addition, the magazine staff is called to the company where she works and taking a picture of the magazine is started. The president of the company rages for it during working.

Such a woman who behaved like a baby should be scolded severely and necessary to have hard painful time by hard punishment. TOKYO HOT undertook this punishment.
Taking a picture of the magazine in the company is found by the president and MIKI receives the scolding. MIKI is blindfolded while standing and three colleagues who fitted a mask made to take off clothes and compulsion fellatio starts.

In addition, the joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed from the pussy when finger fuck is made from the under.
Then she puts to sleep on the desk and made female ejaculation for the violent finger fuck, what a sensitive slut she is ! And, fucking begins at once.

MIKI ejaculates to a strong piston at the standing posture to put the hand on the desk. MIKI is made to acme compulsorily keeps being fucked at the woman on top posture further.
The whole body goes into convulsions several times while fucking. It gets excited by the seriousness in which the whole body is flushed in red in every case.

And it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture on the sofa at the end. After vaginal cum shot was made, MIKI is violently stimulated pussy immediately by rotor toy.
In addition, three colleagues made cum shot toward the bust of MIKI to whom the compulsion masturbation was ordered with the toy. She gets the acme many times by the violent stimulation with rotor toy after compulsion masturbation.

The president who marked down sensitive body of MIKI decides it to the use of the body as the entertainment post to the client. Later, two clients visit office and teases MIKI.
She is made to sit on the sofa and is stimulated the pussy by the finger. Also pussy was attacked by the rotor toy and was shuddered. The cloudiness liquid stays in the vagina interior when the pussy of MIKI who pants loudly is peeped in Cuzco.

A lot of folds stand out in the vagina wall and seems that it is an owner of an excellent hole wrapping up a cock comfortably. There does not know that an intense piston as a fold wears out is developed afterwards.
Then, the open leg pose is made and semen is splashed aiming at the pussy that expanded by the finger. Semen of five is splashed and it is pushed with the toy in the pussy.

MIKI goes into convulsions as soon as she wiggles the while body for the piston of the toy. And she is made ejaculation and acme though she is rejecting.
The cock is made raw insertion to the pussy where reverberations of the toy stimulation remain and vagina fold still moves.
MIKI is made acme while going into convulsions while she is fucked at the bending posture and it is vaginal cum shot simultaneously.
And, semen mightily drips and drops from the pussy. Later, two new client visit and MIKI serves them. The client who already erected moves MIKI to the bed and the gangbang starts.
A sensitive pussy is already wet. The love juice that becomes cloudy is gushed when inserted cock at the back and backward woman on top posture.
The stimulation of the pussy that has well folds cannot be endured and first vaginal cum shot was made while piston was made at the woman on top posture.
Then, the second cock inserts at once. MIKI goes into convulsions the whole body again at the bending posture and made acme.
In addition, the employee who is working overtime is gathered while MIKI is fucked at the woman on top posture and the group cum shower party begins.
Semen of total 13 is splashed to her face and tits. Fucking continues meanwhile and the cock pulled out from the pussy make mouthful cum shot at the end.
And it is finished with close up of a face of MIKI who cannot open eyes by the full of semen. She seemed finally to have noticed her foolishness due to the face is made dirty by semen.
She is better to stop the model of the fashion magazine in the future in order to take steps in the right direction,
she will become a nonresistance further for the thing that likely to become in the presence of insertion of the cock in the pussy and to be made vaginal cum shot.

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(mai_kawana) gentleman's taste


n0169 2006/11/14
gentleman's taste

It is the latest content of MAI KAWANA who is a star actress of TOKYO HOT. It drew charm of MAI to heart's content to think of by the real face this time.
The scene that exchanges the start interview develops from self taking a picture of not standard play of TOKYO HOT but the lover style.

There are many the scenes where MAI shows a joyful smile unlike a conventional work, and her fan should not miss. Nevertheless, brute intrudes into in the middle of a harmonious taking a picture and insult starts.
MAI smile becomes a face that seems to be sad to change radically. After all, it becomes such development, because of TOKYO HOT. The camera approaches MAI who sits on the bed nakedly, it is taking a picture of self taking style.

It takes a picture as like the camera licks body of MAI. MAI feels shy because she is said that right labium is a little smaller. It is the very good atmosphere as MAI invites to ask to put in the cock to pussy from herself.
MAI ejaculates as "How goodness pussy" by the fucking at the missionary posture, and it is vaginal cum shot at the after woman on top posture.

Then it begins to grub the semen that remains in the pussy with the finger. The continuing scene starts from the interview.
After speaking story of the experience of the lost virgin and where sensitive and etc are, MAI changes clothes to body conscious style.

Many toys appear there and MAI is pleased to move the some. The actor appears there and pussy of MAI is stimulated with the toys. Pussy is violently stimulated with the toy at the open leg pose.
MAI hangs love juice down and reached to acme with pants loudly. It peeps into the inside of the vagina in Cuzco and the cloudiness liquids remained in the vagina interior is shown afterwards.

In addition, MAI confesses that she likes fellatio more than she is licked. One cock is prepared to make MAI pleased and fellatio is begun.
Three men intrude into there with erected cock and try MAI to make fellatio. Men are the notorious villainy army corps of TOKYO HOT. Of course there are no feelings of making MAI pleased at all.

MAI who is frightened by merciless violent development is filled cocks her mouth as they like. Men get excited by the appearance that MAI dislikes it and begin fucking after MAI is lie down on the bed.
MAI shouting "I don't hear" but cock is inserted by force though MAI seriously dislikes. MAI ejaculates sadly. The harmony mood a little while ago changes completely.

Men who try to fight ahead to insert cock in pussy surround MAI who has been fucking. MAI is fucked one after another by men and cock is inserted in the mouth as well.
Though MAI refused while ejaculating to a man who tries to make vaginal cum shot, man ignore it and make vaginal cum shot. Another cock is inserted in pussy where was covered by semen that flows backward.
Another cock skewers at the missionary posture again to MAI who exhausted after made vaginal cum shot at the back posture. MAI resists again but vaginal cum shot was made emptily.
The cock stayed for a long time in the vagina after it ejaculated and discharged semen to the last drop. It got excited by the scene of which semen of three flowed backward with making the lascivious sound.
The last is familiar cum shower party. Men of some were gathered to make MAI hated more. MAI is installed latest pour machine to the vagina at the lift hip up posture.
Semen of 14 is saved up in pure machine and it is poured with the call of MAI as "3, 2, 1" in the vagina. And a lewd sound is made and semen flows backward and it flows along the body to the hair.
MAI turns her face away instinctively. In addition, it ends by the scene where semen is compulsorily excreted at take up in arms. The expression of MAI is sad as for the last after all.
It is made to be pleased first and it is made to dislike. A carrot-and-stick balance is important. It is also effective to give big carrot first because the woman dislikes it more. It is gentleman's taste to bully the woman with big way to dislike.

> > (mai_kawana) gentleman's taste Continue

(miki_horikita) Gateway to success


n0168 2006/11/12
Gateway to success

MIKI is a usual girl who is to be anywhere and still remains innocence.
What is the favorite posture of MIKI who recently begun to understand pleasure of sex ? and where is sexual sensitive point ? MIKI is still on the way for development that even she does not understand such things.

Such a lovely MIKI fell into victim of the TOKYO HOT. The spectacle that woman who is under develop is tasted and fucked by force is cruel.
A lovely smile vanished from face of MIKI through all eternity by insulting made by costume play of three compositions such as school uniform, housemaids and nurse that not is before.

MIKI with school uniform appears at the first chapter. MIKI is in the midst of fucking with the senior on the bed. A man gropes the pussy and inserts cock immediately after made her fellatio.
And he made vaginal cum shot after make piston movement. Then, semen in the vagina is raked out by the finger. The second chapter is service play of MIKI by housemaid appearance.

MIKI seriously follows cruel demand of men of the TOKYO HOT such as "want to have panty puts on and so on. And, pussy is violently bullied with various toys in widely open the leg.
In addition, MIKI who is made taking the backing style gush the clitoris with the rotor toy, and the vagina is stimulated with Vibs toy and a large amount of love juice is gushed.

MIKI doesn't have so much experience for fucking and violently pussy obstinately. The love juice that is far more than the time of sex with man at the first chapter gush.
It is made to reach compulsorily and the vibs toy inserted in a wet vagina is exhausted only by the power of the pussy. The amazed pussy that is keeping open to insult play is enhanced by Cuzco.

The inside of the vagina is slippery by the love juice. The wrinkle of the vagina wall is a large, and it seems quite comfortable pussy.
Then, fellatio is compelled after a man gropes the pussy from the back. Back of the head is suppressed while MIKI is sucking and the cock reached the deep of throat.

MIKI becomes watery eye while saying "I am painful".
And it is compulsion insertion to pussy that gets wet much by the finger fuck. MIKI is made to confirm the cock is on the inside by touching joining part by finger while being pushed up from the under at the woman on top posture.

Then it is vaginal cum shot at the last at standing back posture. It gets excited by the scene to which semen that flows backward along in thigh.
The third chapter starts from the compulsion PISS SHOT scene in the nurse's costume play. The finger of MIKI who has expanded the pussy is wet because much urination was excreted.
It moves to the bed and two men attack MIKI who put on the nurse costume. Men who are already excited start gangbang immediately.
Mouth of MIKI is closed with the cock at the any posture and it is made fellatio compulsorily though the posture is bewilderingly changed as side, woman on top and backward woman on top posture.
In addition, cock is inserted on at the lift hip up posture. MIKI ejaculates and endures abnormal posture without what has been experienced up to now.
And it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture. The vagina that goes into convulsions after the cock is pulled out and excretes semen with lewd sound is perfection of lascivious.
The second person immediately inserts cock and made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. MIKI enhanced pussy by the finger and is made to exhaust semen.
The last is group pure semen play. MIKI wears our original pour pants and semen of 13 is poured in the pussy. The scene thick semen remained in the vagina quickly is strong even if it sees at any time.
The trap that a usual girl is made dirty with semen is set everywhere. It is indeed comfortable work to insult and deprives of energies for the woman who struggles and resists and makes her to do submission.
In addition, thorough training is inculcated in a foolish woman who doesn't understand the right and the left and the loyalty to the giving cock is inculcated. A woman becomes full-fledged only after she passes through insult of TOKYO HOT.

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(mari_ebisawa) raison d'etre


n0167 2006/11/07
raison d'etre

The lascivious slut MARI EBISAWA who scatters the pheromone of the enchantment was captured. Whether she cannot satisfy with the usual fucking, MARI was hunted while walking by dissatisfied desire atmosphere.
MARI was brought to the site before she knew what was happening. And, she has been surrounded by a fat cock when realized. The talk of such a girl who seems not to be by thinking about anything is easy.

It is decided that a pussy gets wet for a swift attack. Fellatio is compelled to MARI suddenly brought to site as it is said by the staff.
MARI makes fellatio hard and hand job service for the two of the remainder while being surprised after an interval of heartlessness of three same times.

After compulsion fellatio, MARI is taken to another room where three actors are standbys. MARI who is lied down on the bed is made stark-naked and compulsion fellatio beginning again.
The head is suppressed at the time of fellatio and the cock of the throat is pushed into throat deeply. In continues, it immediately inserts the cock after finger fuck.

Two cocks of the remainder attack the MARI who is amazed for rapid development. MARI makes hand job service for these cocks, in addition, second one starts fucking.
A cloudiness liquid gushes from the pussy and it adheres to the cock that does the piston. And he made vaginal cum shot after enjoy fucking at back, woman on top and missionary posture.

Though MARI shows the rejection to semen as saying "I can not drink semen", it seems not to have been while it resisted the vaginal cum shot.
After vaginal cum shot, she was said "it takes a picture like this". It was taking a picture of the test. MARI who amazed seems not to have understood the situation well.

It is easy for the woman who doesn't think about anything to do really. Next is the taking a real one at the last. The woman of the secretary post has compelled the getting on masturbation on the desk by president.
The section chief and the chief clerk intrude into there and the gangbang party starts. Three brute grope the pussy with the vibs and rotor toy.

Much love juice gush from pussy where already wet by joy juice. The love juice blows the bubble in the vagina interior when the pussy is peeped in Cuzco after the attack of the toy.
Then, they move to the bed and begin fucking at bending and side posture. The pussy is violently stirred and the cloudiness love juice that remained in the vagina interior gush.

In addition, MARI ejaculates to a strong piston from the under at the backward woman on top posture. The president who was enjoying it increases the power of the piston to pleasant further and just made vaginal cum shot as it is without notice.
Thick semen flows from the pussy after the cock is pulled out and it falls. The second cock is inserted in the pussy in the state of hanging semen down.
Them, it is vaginal cum shot after the strong piston that the vagina pierces violently until the depth. The vagina goes into convulsions after the cock is pulled out, and semen has blow babble and flows down.
Semen stays in the interior of the vagina and a lewd spectacle extends. After the gangbang party ends, MARI is called by the chief clerk and insulted.
It is fucking again after compulsion fellatio. The sticky love juice twines around the cock when violently pierced by standing backing posture after it is pushed up from the under at the woman on top posture and it is vaginal cum shot again.
Thick semen flows backward and it drips. The last is group cum shower party. Semen of nine is poured in the container that thrust into the pussy.
The injection syringes the container ahead and the mechanism that the semen injects deeply into vagina. Semen that blows the bubble flows backward with the lascivious sound from the pussy after the container is pulled out.
In addition, the vagina was stirred by the finger and a large amount of semen flowed to the outside and it fell. It is MARI who seemed not to be by thinking about anything to the last minute after all.
It is the woman who is just only to be inserted and made vaginal cum shot without thinking anything. Because it is reason for being of a woman only that it is injected semen anyway.

> > (mari_ebisawa) raison d'etre Continue

(natsumi_sawada) the special training


n0166 2006/11/05
the special training

This is the second appearance of NATSUMI SAWADA. NATSUMI who wish to become Race Queen come to some office to become pupil.
Though she shows full of fighting sprit to wish to become race queen, she brings on the atmosphere that seems to do anything for any request.

NATSUMI was deceived by the word that it is need the special training to become race queen Of course the content of special training is vicious training of TOKYO HOT.
It is not tomorrow when this trial is not got over to become a race queen. NATSUMI who wants to become race queen will receive the special training as it is said by the president of the office.

At the first, it is the special training that makes sensitivity sensitive. NATSUMI receives the man's caress at the backing style. Special training of fellatio waited to NATSUMI whom it was stirred in a vagina with a finger and cannot stand and sat down.
In addition, cock of a man who has lain by turning up is made fellatio. Cock is pushed into the interior of the throat and large amounts of saliva are hung down and ball bag is licked as well.

And he made cum shot on the tongue of NATSUMI as it is at the standing posture. However, the president is dissatisfied for this fellatio play.
Furthermore, 4 brute gathered and compulsion group fellatio starts as special training will be needed more. NATSUMI surrounded by four cocks makes double fellatio and gives hand job service for two other cocks at the same time.

Although it seemed that some skill of fellatio improved for intense special training, special training of pussy begins immediately. The many of vibs toy and rotor are prepared.
Clitoris and the inside of the vagina are stimulated at the same time and pussy becomes like the flood. In addition, NATSUMI is violently stimulated between crotch with the electric massage machine and she ejaculates.

Then, she sucks the cock presented to the presence. Whether result of special training appeared, cock is erected much in the moment. Next, she gets the special training that to rub cock and pussy and make fuck on the bed with race queen costume.
In addition, the argot is said, saying that "Please give the cock to me" and it becomes 3P play. The lascivious that sound from joint part where NATSUMI pushed up at the woman on top posture.

Cock intrudes from right and left and it develops into the 4P gangbang of fellatio and hand job service. NATSUMI was asked to keep smile and she says "I love cock" while smiling.
She is poked more violently at the missionary posture after the cock is violently inserted at the backing posture and knows the thing that man going to make vaginal cum shot,

then NATSUMI who came to anything obedient resists for the first time to deny for vaginal cum shot.
However, resistance is not effective and it is pitilessness vaginal cum shot. The possibility of getting pregnant before she becomes the race queen increases.
Then, three people are consecutive make vaginal cum shot without mercy afterwards. Much bubbling semen flows backward and it adheres to the vicinity of the vagina stickily.
She enlarges pussy with a finger while standing in order to drain semen but semen is in condition to have been remained in a vagina. It seems that pussy with good absorbing ability was completed by the special training.
The last special training is cum shower. The PET bottle is inserted in the pussy and semen of total 6 is splashed in that. The clear appearance from which semen is poured in the vagina is must see.
Afterwards, semen flows as excretes urination when the pussy is expanded by the finger in stand. And large amount of thick white semen spouts out from pussy with lascivious sound.
This scene is one of highlight and it is wonderful no matter how it sees. It still not satisfies to him, and he mentioned more special training is still necessary, but sad news that the team went bankrupt jumps into the president.
A dream to become race queen disappears, and the scene that NATSUMI keeps standing amazingly is very comical. For the time being, it went bankrupt and it introduced the sex club that was able to work by having race queen costume.
NATSUMI might be got pleasure to have to suck cocks of various men with race queen costume now.

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