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(anna_fujisawa) high class night club


n0189 2007/01/26
high class night club

This is the second series of tall slender slut ANNA FUJISAWA. The stage of this time is the super high class cabaret club. A woman who doesn't serve drink like a general cabaret club but offer high-level serves by super-high-level slut.
ANNA came to the cabaret club that only adopts high level woman to receive the interview. The realities of super-high-level service gradually clarified.

The TOKYO HOT never lets prey that catch once go though ANNA tries to run away extreme serving service. ANNA is receiving the interview of a super-high-level cabaret club.
ANNA is made to take off clothes according to the director's instruction in charge of the interview. In addition, it is violently caressed between groins at the same time as tits is being fingered by a man in the shop.

Next, ANNA who became open leg pose is held from back by a man. The pussy is voluntarily expanded by the finger and she is made to introduce herself disgracefully, saying that "I am ANNA".
In addition, it is compulsion finger fuck is made on the pretext of the sensitivity check. Pussy of ANNA immediately gets wet and makes a disagreeable sound.

Then, next is checking her mouth. Two cocks attack and compulsion fellatio is made. The cock that stiffened deeply inserted into the throat of ANNA by the standing fellatio pose.
In addition, hand job service made to another cock. And ANNA has a fit of coughing during the fellatio at the great painful. In continues, ANNA is pushed down to the sofa, and the director's fucking begins.

Piston is made mercilessly to ANNA who oppose loudly as saying "I don't hear this". It gets excited by a lascivious sound that the uniting part rubs against each other.
Fucking continues from missionary to bending posture and mouth of ANNA is closed with another cock as well. In addition, the piston is violently made by standing back posture and a large amount of joy juice is gushed from the pussy.

The joy juice is a fall slowly dripping and make to wet under hair. She is violently poked from under at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture and it shifts to missionary posture.
The oppose of ANNA who ejaculate "Don't putting out" is ineffectual, the vaginal cum shot is made. A large amount of semen flows backward from the hole mighty.

Due to too violent piston is made, pussy is cramped after the cock is pulled out and other cock is inserted there at once. ANNA entreats again to avoid vaginal cum shot but it is made heartlessly.
It drips slowly below after the semen that flow backward stays in the ostium of the vagina. And, it is decided to adopt ANNA and she will work immediately from tonight.

The first work is public lavatory play only of a super-high-level cabaret club.
ANNA is put on original panty of TOKYO HOT that made especially for pour semen and cum shower party of guests is start to ANNA who is becoming lift hip up pose and semen of total 5 is poured in the vagina.
ANNA removes the special panty and next cum shower party is made ANNA who voluntarily expands pussy by the finger. Semen of eight is splashed for the pussy.
Then, pussy is expanding by finger at the standing posture and semen compulsion excretion is made. ANNA who trembles in shame is compelled to show the smile with saying" I am looking forward to waiting your next visit".
In the continuing scene, ANNA who dressed up is appeared and fellatio service to the customer begins. The customer made cum shot to the tongue of ANNA who makes skillful service.
However, customer may not get satisfaction and make the complaint and punishment is given to ANNA. It is a toy attack to the pussy of ANNA who becomes open leg pose and she is got acme by force.
When it peeps into the inside of the vagina in Cuzco the joy juice that becomes cloudy adheres to the opening of uterus. Next, ANNA entertains two customers of the highest class in the bed.
3P play curry out at various postures as missionary, bending, backward woman on top, woman on top, back and bending posture. Large amounts of joy juice that become cloudy begin to blot from the pussy.
ANNA is made to say ?gPlease put out semen in inside?h and first vaginal cum shot is made after powerful piston. Then, other cock inserts immediately and made second vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
ANNA who finally got up while being made the pussy dirty with semen gives a reward to the customer by hollow eyes. The realities of the super-high-level cabaret club that only some rich people were able to use were clarified in detail.
Because the hostess who working in super high level cabaret gets a basic thing that feel semen thankful and express her gratitude for vaginal cum shot acquired, it is very popular also with privileged classed.
It is necessary to renew the principle that the woman is a living thing that serves to a man to all women except a hostess of super-high-level cabaret club and to persist.

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(ai_tanaka) Slender and dynamite


n0188 2007/01/23
Slender and dynamite

Slender and dynamite slut AI TANAKA, this is the second series of her. AI is the model who has the dream to become active talent. The belonging office is also small and weak and cannot disobey powerful man such as cameramen and producer in the TV station.
However, lascivious men of the show business industry demand excessive body entertainment. Is AI made tattered before she is marketed? At the beginning, it is a scene of the taking a picture of the swimming wear of AI.

Of course, it is taken by the famous cameraman. The cameraman who gets excited directs the assistant to caress dynamite tits and pussy of AI.
The popular cameraman's demand cannot be refused though it is NG for the gravure model of AI. In addition, fellatio is required. The stiffening cock is deeply inserted in throat interior of AI.

A large amount of saliva overflows from mouth of AI in violent fellatio and splashed semen on the tongue of AI at the end. It is full of semen in the mouth.
The scene changes and manager and AI are on the bed. AI is persuaded to endure conversely though reports on the cruel thing made a cameraman to the manager.

However, AI confesses that she got excited by the compulsion fellatio and finger fuck on the other hand. AI tempts that she wants manager to calm down her flushing body and thick play with the manager starts.
There is a video camera in manager's line of vision and it can enjoy the presence like the HAMEDORI play. AI licks manager's nipple and make skillful fellatio afterwards.

AI leads the stiffening cock to the pussy at the woman on top posture. The pussy got wet much before inserts it. AI who ejaculates violently stimulates the clitoris by herself.
In addition, it is backward woman on top posture. The spectacle that dynamic hip is closed up and cock pierces deeply in pussy is a masterpiece.

AI gets excited because the uniting part is deliberately seen and ejaculates as "Look at here" "It so nice". Then the vaginal cum shot was made at the missionary posture.
It seems to have satisfied it with the red heat though it was AI puzzled to the vaginal cum shot that not anticipated. AI gets making to appear the pussy by the backing style in the continuing scene.

Next parties are producers in the TV station. The body of AI is demanded contingent on putting it out to the program. Her pussy is opened by the finger fuck and makes toy attack there.
In addition, the attack of the toy continues by the open leg pose. The pussy is already become like the flood. The clitoris and the minor labia that obstinately stimulated are miserable congested.

When the attack with the electric massage machine starts, AI ejaculates with making ugly faces and clenching her teeth and she was made to get acme many time.
Producers'cocks are super erected to that?fs spectacle. Then, raw fucking starts after they moved to the bed. Fucking is made at many postures as missionary, bending, back, woman on top and backward woman on top.
The mouth of AI has been closed with another cock while it is repeated for a violent piston to the pussy.
The first semen inject from the under at the backward woman on top posture and second cock is immediately inserted, then second vaginal cum shot is made deeply into her pussy at the banding posture.
Moreover, other vaginal cum shot is made at the back posture. Thick semen flows backward from the pussy slowly after a continuous vaginal cum shot.
Last is a gathering of fans. It is an important event that expresses gratitude for the fan that has been assisted up to now. AI who puts on the swimming wear shakes hands with fans who gather.
Moreover, AI makes hand job service to their cock and caress ball bag as well. Then, it is fans'group cum shower party. Semen of total 13 pours down over her face.
The semen of the face is voluntarily bedaubed to the whole body and it ends with a smile of AI who advertises CD put on the market this time.
It is the birth of fucking idol. It has approached the star of the show business that dreams by one step. However, this business world is full of ups and downs.
The woman who lose the consume date and popularity is made local tour and let her make fucking performance at each place. Let her drive hard as no time to put on the panty and intends to leave her unattended somewhere.

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(miki_takahashi) a cabin crew


n0187 2007/01/19
a cabin crew

This is the second series of MIKI TAKAHASI of beautiful slender slut. She appears as cabin attendance in this time. Only the person who is clever and good looking is fit for a cabin attendance.
It calmly corresponds to any trouble under the flight. However, the guest is made to have scary time by this flight. Additionally, the airframe of the airplane shakes because of air turbulence and there is injuring in the guest.

It is not possible to permit though MIKI apologizes to the guest after flight. MIKI will receive several cruel times or more the treatment feeling of the experience of the guest scary.
The scene starts from where boyfriend urges make love on MIKI who tries to go out to work. The boyfriend caresses her tits from the back.

In addition, the finger is inserted in the pussy and he asks her to make love. MIKI says "Let me service by mouth" and skillful and polite fellatio starts.
It gets excited by the gesture that MIKI once rested the service in the middle of fellatio and asks "Is it pleasant?" with smile.

A large amount of semen is launched on the tongue at the end and MIKI hangs the liquid with the viscosity that saliva mixes with semen down in the palm.
At the next scene, MIKI has been surrounded by four men who are the passenger of the airplane. A man who had scary time when the airframe shakes widely because of air turbulence blames MIKI and attacks her.

MIKI is bound the tits with the rope without any time to resist it and is made hips exposed by the backing style, and gets the spanking hip.
In addition, fucking start at the back posture, and hard piston is done at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture and the love juice that becomes cloudy begins to blot.

Moreover, she was violently poked at the bending posture. Man shouts "It is time to vaginal cum shot", and MIKI strongly resist for it, however semen is injected deeply into the vagina.
In addition, the other three men also attacking MIKI and compel fellatio. The mouth of MIKI who sits down in utter amazement while dripping the semen which flowed backward from pussy is opened with the cock by force.

Then, it is attack of toys after fellatio. Not only the upper-body but also the leg is bound and MIKI is put into the state that the body cannot be freely moved.
A sharp umbo made of plastic and thick wooden toy are deeply inserted in not only the pussy but also the anus hole.

The clitoris is obstinately stimulated by the finger while being inserted various toys in the pussy and the between groins become like flood.
MIKI is made acme compulsorily after she is made to say "My pussy got crazy" and ejaculate. She seriously dislikes shameful play that the vagina wall where adheres the love juice that becomes cloudy enough is peeped by Cuzco.
Next, gangbang party start after moved to the bed. They enjoy the party with posture as missionary, bending, back and backward woman on top and she is violently poked from the under at the woman on top posture and ejaculates much.
Men get more excitement because they see the appearance of MIKI who seriously resists it. MIKI is exhausted to a violent piston into which the physique is bewilderingly changed.
Then, the first vaginal cum shot is made at the back posture. Other cock inserts at once by the backward woman on top posture and vaginal cum shot is made by force.
Another cock inserts her without an interval to take a rest. MIKI is made a piston with a painful expression earnestly from beginning to end.
The spectacle which semen stays in the vagina beings to overflow from the joint part is an impact. Then third vaginal cum shot was made.
In continues scene, other boarding guests gathered. Yes, it is the time of cum shower party. Total 11 people ejaculate to the pussy of MIKI who is became lift hip up posture.
In addition, semen is pushed in the vagina. MIKI is lifted up and made compulsion excretion of semen at the end. The finger is forcibly inserted in the pussy of MIKI who turns her face away to cruel play and semen is raked out.
The end ends in the expression of MIKI who lost energies. On the way of procedure of play, the bright expression shown by fucking with the boyfriend disappeared.
It is great satisfy to take the expression of MIKI who darkens gradually and the appearance seriously disliked. It is impression on the image of the model that the woman who is destroyed by insulting becomes a mere fucking tool.

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(haruna_serizawa) a banana eater


n0186 2007/01/16
a banana eater

The prey this time is HARUNA SERIZAWA of the office lady.
She started part-time job because she cannot live only by the office lady. After all, the standard of the part-time job of the office lady is night job though it is variously even if it is said that it will work part-time.

The office lady who begins to work with a sexy club is not unusual either while working part-time in the shop in the night club etc. It is a cabaret club that she chose.
Though HARUNA might have thought that money was able to be earned easily, but would is not so sweet. New Club The TOKYO HOT Night club make a full lesson to the lady that the lady becomes independent as a hostess.

The content of the course is super hard play of TOKYO HOT standard. It is likely to be destroyed before she becomes a night club hostess.
Opening scene is the love play of HARUNA and boyfriend. The boyfriend caresses tits of HARUNA who speaks to boyfriend that part-time job of cabaret club is started from back.

It is beautiful tits that seem to be soft. In addition, it is high-speed finger fuck at the lift hip up posture and pussy immediately gets wet.
Then, it is fucking at the back, woman on top and missionary posture. A large amount of love juice that becomes cloudy overflows from the pussy.

The boyfriend forcibly make vaginal cum shot though HARUNA refuses it. And, semen in the pussy is raked out by the finger. It is a cabaret club where HARUNA visited to get part time job and the interview starts.
The owner ask lascivious request such as turning over the skirt and put off clothes to HARUNA. The owner shouts, "Here is a high-level cabaret club" and pushed erected cock to the mouth of HARUNA who dislike it.

Besides, two men also join and HARUNA is made to suck three cocks. Next, the course to go out in front of the guest is started. The first course is an attack to the pussy.
The finger is put in the pussy and the attack of the word such as "Enter in where" is made, too. In addition, the vibs and rotor toy attack continues.

HARUNA stimulates the pussy with the vibs toy, the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy, and she is made making acme compulsorily.
HARUNA is made to say indecent word such as "The clitoris has been stimulated" and "Please put the toy in the pussy" for a long time while she is attacked.

Next, it is a fruit of a cabaret club standard menu that appeared and a fat banana is inserted in the pussy. In addition, HARUNA is made to eat the banana that taken out by force from pussy.
Parts of banana that broke on the way remains in the pussy and it is compulsorily vomited by the power of pussy. It is the tasting of the owners that made following of a hard course.
It is a necessary procedure before putting out a perfect commodity to the guest. They move to the bed and make fucking suddenly. Other staffs also join and they close mouth of HARUNA by the cock.
A hard piston continues at the missionary, side and backward woman on top posture. Two cocks are alternately thrown into mouth of HARUNA from right and left at the backward woman on top posture.
When become woman on top posture, pant voice of HARUNA grows further. The uniting part is closed up on the screen and a lewd sound sounds.
In the next scene, the piston is severely done at the back posture and HARUNA is made acme compulsorily. In addition, the cloudiness love juice begins to blot from the pussy at the woman on top posture afterwards.
When the owner says that he will put it out as it is, HARUNA desperately resists to saying that Please don't put it out in inside. However it is vaginal against her will and other cock immediately insert her at the back posture.
In addition, vaginal cum shot made at the missionary posture as well. However, play doesn't end by this. The regular guest is gathered and the group cum shower party is begun.
HARUNA is made to expand the hole voluntarily by the pose of lift hip up. Semen is naturally splashed for the vagina jar that filled with a large amount of semen by a continuous vaginal cum shot.
Semen of total 11 is poured on the pussy that congested in red and seems painful. The banana is thrown in to the pussy and she is hold by the arms.
It is a compulsion excretion of the banana that mixes with semen in the vagina. HARUNA who endured hard play was happily adopted and became going to work from tomorrow.
By the way, the reward is paid by the semen though forgot to be said by the interview. The semen that is paid as reward will be increase more if number of vaginal cum shot increase on the work.
Let her have working by not having to receive vaginal cum shot by the boyfriend.

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(kaori_shimazaki) by hypnotism


n0185 2007/01/12
by hypnotism

Slut who is getting in this time is KAORI SHOMAZAKI who loves lascivious things and semen. Whether how many worth of on earth a sperm finally splashed to the face and pussy, it was quantity as it did not guess.
However, it is not from the beginning that she loves semen. In fact, it is spoken that she never done raw fuck either vaginal cum shot in sexes other than a favorite person by the opening interview.

Why did KAORI become a woman with loving the raw fuck, vaginal cum shot and semen? KAORI has become a lascivious slut who devours semen and goes mad by the skillful trap of the TOKYO HOT.
KAORI is sitting on the chair of the table and there a doubtful man of the mask in the next. In addition, doubtful men who fitted a mask are behind.

There is the coin hung on string I the hand of a man of mask. It begins to shake it right and left, yes it is hypnotism that comes to like semen.
KAORI who is hypnotized says "I want cock" and springs on surrounding men while making the pupil enriched. Then, fellatio begins immediately.

She voluntarily takes off clothes and ejaculates as "Put in cock". Another cock is inserted from backing to KAORI who keeps fellatio and she cries out "It is pleasant! Make vaginal cum shot!
It fully puts it out!" and it is vaginal cum shot at the backward woman on top posture.

Then, another cock is immediately inserted. Two cocks are thrown in to the mouth of KAORI who shouts, "Want more semen!" The cock in the vagina makes vaginal cum shot after a violent piston.
KAORI is made mouthful cum shot while semen is vomited from the pussy. After second vaginal cum shot, other cock is inserted and made vaginal cum shot at once, however KAORI drives recklessly further wile shouting "Want semen, Put it in inside".

The semen of five is splashed continuously in the mouth of KAORI afterward. KAORI who says "I love semen and it is delicious" joyfully swallows semen that collected in the mouth.
In addition, fourth vaginal cum shot is made to her pussy. However, her favorite sperm is not settled even so. KAORI intrudes into to the men's toilet and she suddenly attacks the man who was there.

Then KAORI begins fellatio and cock is inserted at standing back posture afterwards. In continues, cock is inserted to KAORI who widely open the leg and was sat down on the table in lavatory.
And it is vaginal cum shot after strong piston by the cannon cock. Though it is sure to be filled in the vagina jar with the semen, she says "I want more semen" and it seems not to be able to satisfy yet.

It is not filled at all in it though she starts masturbating. Ten men or more gather there. KAORI gets greatly excited by a lot of cocks, too.
Men's hands expand the body of KAORI who lay down on a bed and one of them insert to KAORI at the missionary posture. And KAORI begins hand job service and fellatio to another cock.
The cock inserted by the missionary posture made vaginal cum shot at once and other cocks are inserted one after another and make vaginal cum shot.
KAORI ejaculates as "Put out inside, I want more semen" still even if she is felt that semen is splashed inside. The hypnotism of the TOKYO HOT has completely driven the KAORI mad.
More over, fucking is continue at the back posture after three continues vaginal cum shot was made at the missionary posture and it is four continues vaginal at the back posture.
Then, it is vaginal cum shot immediately afterwards. The hypnotism of KAORI who still shouts as "I want to more" is solved here. KAORI who hates vaginal cum shot recovers to consciousness and keeps aghast.
However, KAORI who dislikes it is suppressed by men and fucked.
Though KAORI changes completely some time ago and withstand vaginal cum shot, man made it after enjoy fucking by many posture as missionary, back, standing back, backward woman on top, side and missionary.
Meanwhile, KAORI keeps withstanding with saying "Don't make vaginal cum shot". Next, group cum shower party is begun to the face of KAORI.
The semen of total 7 is poured to the face, the mouth is expanded compulsorily in addition, and the semen is pushed into the mouth. On the other hand, the pussy is closed with another cock and vaginal cum shot is made immediately.
Hypnotism is put again to KAORI who mutters as "I do not like semen, hate vaginal cum shot". Then, KAORI changes suddenly again and said "It smells like the semen.
I love cock". The woman loves semen and hates semen. You may make fucking according to feelings on the day. It is still hypnotism of the experimentation phase.
It was not actually understood whether it is in a hypnotic or it had really crazy at the end though it was likely to become crazy in the side effect.
Even if one or two women become crazy, it is only capture another woman again. There are plenty experimental material of sweeping and throwing away. (This is a complete fiction.)

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(akane_matsubara) a loan shark


n0184 2007/01/09
a loan shark

AKANE MATSUBARA who fall a prey this time is a girl who is devoted her father very much. She came to the office of TOKYO HOT Loan Company that famous at high interest as she was said by father.
Father was taking out heavy loans there and he was not deeply in debt and presented the daughter. Though it is the one that there are cruel parents in the world, the more cruel one was a violent insulting of the TOKYO HOT loan done to AKANE.

AKANE who came to the office though she is not made hearing anything is requested to offer the body to the mortgage of the debt of father.
The president of the office compels masturbation. AKANE begins to finger the pussy reluctantly in the expression to be sulky.

In addition, the beautiful shape tits is made demonstrative and the love juice with the viscosity gradually begins to blot from the pussy.
Then, three cocks appear and circumference of AKANE is surrounded and fellatio is compelled. Mouth of AKANE is closed with one cock and hand job service is made for the two of the remainder.

The president inserts the cock that stiffened by the compulsion fellatio at the standing back posture. When the cock is deeply inserted, AKANE violently resists.
However, the piston increases violent further. The fucking is continue at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture, the joy juice that becomes cloudy adheres to all over the cock.

The vaginal cum shot is made mercilessly though AKANE refuse s to ejaculate to the vaginal cum shot in poked deeply at the bending posture.
Your eyes are glued to the spectacle that cock is pulled out and semen flows backward comparatively after a while and appears to ostium of the vagina.

AKANE shows an expression that seems to be sad to the fucking and vaginal cum shot of compulsion for the debt of father. Anyway, to make fucking and vaginal cum shot to the woman who resists is so wonderful.
AKANE is made change of clothes to the school uniform in the continuing scene. It may be hobby of director. AKANE who was made open leg pose in a sofa receives insulting of vibs and rotor toy attack by two men including a director.

The pussy is enhanced with various toys and a king of vibs toy is inserted in the vagina. In addition, two rotor toys intensively stimulate the clitoris.
The joy juice gushes from the slippery pussy one after another and there is the deluge. It is peeped to the interior of the womb in Cuzco after the attack is added to the pussy by the backing style.

The cloudiness joy juice adheres in some places of the inside of the vagina where faintly discolors to the pink color and it is lascivious.
The cock is violently inserted in the AKANE after moved to the bed. AKANE is made to say, "The cock is pleasant" and another cock is thrown in to the mouth of AKANE who is made the piston.
It is closed in the mouth with another cock while it is repeated for a violent piston as back, backward woman on top, woman on top and missionary posture.
Then, vaginal cum shot is forced to AKANE who shows the resistance immediately before it. The semen of the vagina is raked out by the finger and another cock inserts immediately.
A painful expression with resignation mixes of AKANE who shows it at piston is impressive. After vaginal cum shot was made at the bending posture, semen flows backward with noise while blowing the bubble from the pussy.
In addition, she is made to say, "Please put out inside" immediately before fucking at the back posture. Semen to stay with a violent piston in the vagina is raked out to the outside and the uniting part is slippery and it is vaginal cum shot.
Female ejaculation is made compulsorily at the same time as semen's being raked out by the finger. However, it doesn't end by this, next insult is cum shower party.
Rich men who may pay money for AKANE are gathered. AKANE is installed original pants of TOKYO HOT that is automating pure semen into vagina and became lift hip up pose.
She is made to say, "Please put semen in my pussy" many times and semen of total 14 is poured in the vagina. And it is semen compulsion excretion at taking up in his arms.
The fact is that AKANE is a daughter of not the daughter of father who has the debt but the chairman of the TOKYO HOT loan comes to light at the end and it ends.
A woman is only an object of vaginal cum shot even she is the daughter of a chairman. It is necessary to let woman learn that it be likely to give semen like giving food and man is owner of woman.
(This is a complete fiction.)

> > (akane_matsubara) a loan shark Continue

(mami_asada) the lovely girl 2


n0183 2007/01/05
the lovely girl 2

This is the second series of MAMI ASADA who has pretty face and has dynamite tits in surge of popularity. In this time, in order to be annoying MAMI seriously and insult thoroughly, she was called out to cheat and confined.
The confinement place is one room of dim ruins. Three men attack MAMI who is frightened by strange atmosphere. An uneasy expression that extends to a young face passes enough to erect a man.

Please satisfy the pleasure as much as you like that is creaking and opening the vagina of the woman who shudders and is benumbed with fear by the cannon cock and thrust deeply.
Three men surround MAMI with erected cock and make bullying in the one room of ruins. MAMI is thrown in the cock to the mouth and make hand job service for the other cocks.

The cock is skewered into mouth of MAMI who is lie down and back of the head is suppressed and it is compulsion fellatio in addition. MAMI shows the expression that seems to be vomited to cruel painful.
Then, men who stiffened by the compulsion fellatio begin the raw fucking. MAMI ejaculates as to say" I hate raw fucking" when one man takes aim at the pussy.

However, the cock is freely inserted in the small pussy of MAMI. The joy juice with the viscosity begins to blot from the vagina in play that lifts one leg high.
In continue, they move to bed and make fuck at the missionary posture.

MAMI seriously dislikes raw fuck and ejaculates here, too. Violent fucking continues at the side, back and missionary posture and MAMI who felt the man's ejaculation resists loudly to say "Don't splash in inside".
However, vaginal cum shot was made against her will. MAMI shows resistance momentarily at the time of felt the shot of semen in the vagina.

Cum shot while enjoy the expression to hate is so wonderful. MAMI to whom all semen is splashed in the vagina is stupefied and the sticky semen is vomited from the pussy.
Next, MAMI is made to change clothes to high school girl's uniform and receives insulting. She is made to take off a school uniform and the dynamite tits is caressed.

It gets excited by the spectacle from which dynamite tits that seems to be soft is violently fingered. In addition, the pussy is completely opened by the shameful pose and attack with various toys starts after the pussy is enhanced by finger fuck.
The pussy immediately becomes slippery. The amount of joy juice increases further when the clitoris is stimulated with the vibs toy and another vibs toy is inserted into vagina.

The spirit stick of original of TOKYO HOT also appears and MAMI is made acme compulsorily by the attack for a long time. Afterwards, when it peeps into the interior of the vagina in Cuzco, semen adheres all over the vicinity of the womb entrance.
Next, MAMI begins rub cock service by her dynamite tits according to the instruction. Dynamite tits that elastic in abundant wrapped the cock.
Then, gangbang beings. MAMI is violently poked at the missionary, side and back posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy.
In addition, she is violently pushed up from the under at the backward woman on top posture. The appearance to react whole the body to shake the dynamite tits is so lascivious.
Though MAMI perceives man's ejaculation and shouts to escape from vaginal cum shot, the vaginal cum shot made against her resist. The semen that flows backward stays in the vicinity of the vagina entrance.
The second one inserts at missionary posture to return the semen in a vagina more and made vaginal cum shot again and semen flows backward while blowing the bubble.
In addition, men's junior joins bullying. MAMI who is made lift hip up posture is made to wear original pants of TOKYO HOT that especially made to pour.
The juniors' cum shower party that aims between crotches is begun. Semen of total 8 is poured in the pussy where is greatly opened. MAMI is took up in the arms and semen effuses in the vagina to the compulsion excretion and it doesn't stop.
After she is get off on the bed, the pussy keeps excreting semen. The last is PISS SHOT. MAMI excretes a large amount of urination as the expression that she hated.
And she is given meal after this. After it bullies and it fills in the vagina with semen, it fills in the stomach with food and it is made to be obediently.
After the woman is trained to the vagina that swallows a large amount of semen, sell her away to the dilettante. The number of dynamite tits slut that appears on the market is little and it has dealings by high price.
It is alchemy of TOKYO HOT style that sells slut who picked up in the roadside high value. (This is a complete fiction.)

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(anna_fujisawa) a slender slut


n0182 2007/01/01
a slender slut

The beautiful slender slut ANNA FUJISAWA was got. She is always keeping smile when speaking and good feeling woman though she seems to be affected.
She seems to laugh when she is strained. Moreover, when making love, she seems to become considerably bold.

The monitor is left beside the bed in the first twining though it is Tokyo heat this time when it started in a usual AV style like an opening interview.
The purpose is to show off a bold appearance of her to ANNA. However, trice that TOKYO HOT prepared is not only that. It is only a beginning that she can laugh.

The first scene started from easy interview. It starts from the deep kiss and actor makes politely caresses to whole body of ANNA like usual AV.
He made hard careful licking service, and make fuck after fellatio and 69play.

The pussy that already becomes slippery by the love juice gush the love juice that becomes cloudy soon when the cock is inserted at the missionary, woman on top and back posture.
She ejaculates as "Cock is inserted" when the scene from which the cock has been deeply inserted in the pussy at back posture is projected onto the monitor.

Then, she shouts "Please make it" immediately before being vaginal cum shot. She is a considerably bold slut. The pussy that makes semen flow backward is not close and it takes a picture of this scene with the cellular phone.
When it shows to ANNA by force, she seriously dislikes it whether it is shameful greatly. ANNA is bounded both hands on the head with Race Queen costume in the continuing scene and three actors attack her.

After play that licks the nipple by two actors from the right and left, the attack concentrates between crotches. The attack of finger fuck and vibs toy attack start.
The huge vibs toy is inserted in the slippery pussy with the love juice and ANNA is made acme compulsorily. When interior of pussy is peeped by Cuzco after toy attack, circumference of the opening of uterus is red congested.

She seems to have gotten excited because the attack with the toy was pleasant. Then, they move to bed room. Four cocks attack ANNA who sits down on the bed anxiously.
ANNA makes hand job service for two cocks while other cock thrown in to the mouth is sucked hard. The cock that stiffened is inserted at the missionary posture to ANNA who is rolled in the bed.

The vicinity of the vagina entrance is congested red when violently pierced at the side and backward woman on top posture.
In addition, due to violent piston pushed up from the under at the woman on top, it is stimulated the rectum and the anus hole keeping to open widely.
Then he said "I am coming" at the missionary posture and ANNA ejaculates to say "Put out much in inside!" Then, the other cock makes insertion at once.
ANNA shouts to say "Put out in inside" again immediately before the vaginal cum shot. ANNA who doesn't understand what is going on by continues hard play entreats vaginal cum shot from herself.
The appearance of the semen that flows back cling to under hair falls below is so lascivious. Another cock is continuously inserted at the missionary posture and more a large amount of semen is splashed to the pussy where semen is already poured much.
After cock is pulled out from the pussy once during the ejaculation and ejaculates besides the pussy, it insert again. The circumference of pussy and the inside are covered with full of semen.
When taking a picture of her dirty pussy with the cellular phone and showing it to ANNA, she turns a face away and show expression that seems to be shameful.
The groups cum shower party attacks face of ANNA after this.
Semen of total 13 pours not only a face but also from the top of a head. Eyes of ANNA are not opened with semen and cannot be seen it though the face covered with semen is taken a picture by the cellular phone.
ANNA who is laughing for some reason even if made dirty with semen seems like a crazy slut. The last is PISS SHOT. ANNA seriously shame and made urination of unexpected amount with her head down.
Meanwhile, ANNA shows the expression that seems to be foolish that she laughed at from beginning to end. TOKYO HOT was cornered until one slut became an idiot.
The rehabilitation into society might already be impossible. She will be made to concentrate on the work to be made vaginal cum shot in the future. The woman is useful for the world only by the vaginal cum shot.

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