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(Nao Teduka) The Announcer


n0226 2007/05/29
Nao Teduka
The Announcer

NAO TEZUKA of new announcer became the prey. The announcer is one of the popular occupations. Though a lot of students try out for every year, only several students are able to become an announcer.
It is considerably difficult only even to remain in the final interview. The woman passed the examination of the obstacle and remained in the final interview. However, an insult sexual harassment final interview was waited for NAO.
It gets excited by the appearance desperately endured even if the body is made tattered. In addition, insult sexual harassment continues after she becomes an announcer.

Even it seems a colorful and happy world, actually it is an unexpected world to which the joy juice and semen scatter.
The directors including the president attend at the announcer's final interview. Suddenly after interview begins, it begins to grope body of NAO. After compulsion deep kiss is made, NAO is put finger in the panty and is stimulated.
However, NAO cannot oppose because it is an interview. The finger fuck is made while being stimulated the clitoris by the open leg pose, in addition, the cock is inserted in the mouth and it is compulsion fellatio.

Then the president inserts the cock from the front of NAO who is hold by director and section chief and made an open leg in the right and left.
After this, the powerful piston is made at the standing back and back posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy blots.
Fucking is continue at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture, and NAO who is strongly pressed uterine ostium crooked face and faints in agony. NAO seriously opposes for the vaginal cum shot though she manages endure desperately.

However, president made cum shot against her will. Thick semen flows backward slowly. Then, the second one is inserted at back posture immediately. NAO ejaculates while pouring away semen from ostium of the vagina.
The vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture though she opposes again. Moreover, the third is inserted to NAO who makes semen flow backward and is exhausted after the fact.
And then the vaginal cum shot is made again after hard piston is made at missionary and bending posture. After the cock is pulled out, NAO shakes her body with keeping open leg.

Then, it is PISS SHOT from pussy that trembles still afterwards. NAO is a brink of collapse in shame that semen and urination drip at the same time. Pitifully NAO wipes the polluted floor with toilet paper and is made to do settlement of urination.
As result, NAO passed final interview openly. In addition, NAO greatly selects the exception for the chairperson of the program. However, there is staff's cruel plot.
Directors plan the project that attempts the audience rating improvement to take up erotic in the program. It is a plan that the audience rating is taken by body of NAO. Directors suddenly attack NAO.

It is made taking off the panty by force and she is made finger fuck and attacked by rotor toy. The clitoris is violently stimulated with two rotor toys and NAO got the acme at the last.
When the Cuzco is inserted in the pussy, large amounts of cloudiness joy juice adhere to surroundings in the opening of uterus. NAO determines the resignation to the reckless driving of director.
NAO who shouts "Quit" is surrounded by the director including the president. And, the president shouts "It is a woman who resigns anyway, fuck her thoroughly" and fucking party is begun.

Cock is inserted at the missionary posture after compulsion fellatio. Then, cock stabs deeply one after another and at the lift hip up posture and the pussy is enhanced.
Then, it is vaginal cum shot at the back posture after violent piston is made at woman on top, backward woman on top and side posture. The second cock thrust in the pussy that drips and throws semen at missionary posture.
The second vaginal cum shot made at bending posture with opposes in vain. Then third one inserted immediately and made vaginal cum shot again at the bending posture after piston at the woman on top an missionary posture.

In pitilessness, the fourth is inserted in the pussy that is made dirty with semen and cloudiness liquid that flows backward. Then, staff such as AD, technologies, and stage settings is gathered while she is piston.
Then, vaginal cum shot is made by force while being seen by all the staff of company. And, last is the compulsion semen pour at the lift hip up posture. Semen of seven fills it in the vagina.
The immediate aftermath, she is hold in the arms and semen excretion is made. Semen flows backward mightily with a lascivious sound.
In addition, semen of eight is splashed into the face and it is painted on all over the face at the last though she is opposes seriously. The company decides this image to be broadcast at prime time.
NAO is made a complete change from the star announcer of TOKYO HOT television and would be exposed to the whole country as a public toilet where everyone was able to be used.

> > (Nao Teduka) The Announcer Continue


(Sayuri Kanzaki) a Campaign girl


n0225 2007/05/25
Sayuri Kanzaki
a Campaign girl

The prey of highest level was caught. SAYURI KANZAKI is ideal beautiful woman as like model who has beauty leg, dynamite tits and tall height. The aim of SAYURI in the future is to enter the entertainment world.
SAYURI who first aims at campaign girl as the first step applies for the campaign girl of TOKYO HOT swimming ware. However, the examination was the thing which was severe so as not to be able to imagine it.
SAYURI of a preeminent style appears in front of the judges who are going to devour a woman's body by examination. The stage of the bully examination was completed.

Please enjoy the state that the body of SAYURI is teased thoroughly, and is forgotten. SAYURI appeals that the model of nature as to be seen the audience for the judge. Even if masturbation is compelled then she obediently follows it.
SAYURI became open leg and the finger is deeply thrown in to the pussy and it moves violently. She got the height is seriously while dripping the joy juice that becomes cloudy.
When examine of swimming wear is finished, it is criticized severely that amorousness is insufficient though SAYURI got acme in front of judges. When it is necessary to get to know a man more to put out amorousness, the judge compels fellatio.

Three cocks are thrown in to the mouth one after another. Then, it is found by young son of president who has suddenly entered hall. The young son promises to recommend the president SAYURI as a campaign girl.
The condition is an offer of body of SAYURI. SAYURI who wants to pass immediately begins fellatio. To licking the ball bag and concentrated caress to the head of cock are repeated as directed.
Then, mouthful cum shot is made after rub service by the dynamite tits is made. The semen of the mouth is hung down in the palm and it returns it to the mouth again. And, it vomits in the palm again.

In the next scene, it is second stage of examination to wear another swimming ware. At this moment it is come to light that foolish young son have not any authority for this examination.
However, SAYURI takes heart and makes the pose again in front of the judge. The vibs toy is thrust in the pussy of SAYURI who makes standing backing style. The hole is soaked immediately.
In addition, the clitoris and the vagina are attacked with the vibs toy. In continues, the other two judges join the examination, and the dynamite tits and the pussy of SAYURI of the open leg pose are caressed.

Then, vibs & rotor toy appear there. The rotor toy is inserted rudely in the vagina interior and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time. SAYURI is made labia going into convulsions and made acme compulsorily.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes enough and stays at vagina jar is seen when Cuzco inserts into pussy. The examination proceeds and it is the final examination. The judge inserts cock in the pussy of SAYURI who takes standing backing pose.
It is fuck while satisfying the beauty leg. It is very lascivious appearance that heavily laden with dynamite tits is swing.

SAYURI is violently poked at backward woman on top and woman on top posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes and doesn't stop. The cock that covers with joy juice is pure-white.
At the back posture after missionary, the piston is making while it is showed by force to SAYURI who hates. And semen is compulsorily injected though SAYURI opposes much.
Then, second and third vaginal cum shot is made immediately after heroic piston. The third cock is pulled out immediately before the ejaculation and splashes the semen aiming to ostium of the vagina that greatly opened.

The semen that spills outside the vagina is pushed into the vagina interior by the finger. SAYURI who got up afterwards is made to expand labia meat for myself and to excrete semen.
Semen flows backward with a lewd sound from the vagina jar from which a large amount of semen is invaded by a continuous vaginal cum shot. It was an adoption as the clerk that it had been reported to SAYURI who drips semen slowly in exhausted expression.
The dream of campaign girl and enter the entertainment world are broken and scattered. However, TOKYO HOT is not a demon.

SAYURI was admitted to do the work of clerical work especially with swimming wear of T-back so that even a feeling had become campaign girl.
The content of work that little different from general clerical work starts from tea service, copy taking, finger cock, and after lunch break there are afternoon fellatio, compulsion insertion.
T-back costume got good evaluation by the man employee because the cock can be easily thrust from the back.

> > (Sayuri Kanzaki) a Campaign girl Continue

(Aki Yada) An Idiot Teacher


n0224 2007/05/22
Aki Yada
An Idiot Teacher

AKI YADA of a shameless beautiful teacher was knocked down in this time. It is a super excitement content that insulted to rebuke AKI scathingly by the simultaneous attack of pussy, anus and mouth.
AKI makes the behavior of the impudence at the school as compels students to attend the class with nothing on and made masturbation to stay behind in the classroom. AKI puts non-opposes students on the venom fang of bully.
However, the bullying of AKI comes to principal's knowledge at certain day. The principal violently scolds AKI. The revenge play is begun with bullied students. Dignity as the teacher was broken to pieces by a lot of merciless attacks.

AKI who puts on tight miniskirt makes schoolboys of pure innocence sit nakedly and makes lesson as she like as play wit nipple, pour the lascivious words and so on.
Two students are called to the staff room after the class and masturbation is compelled in front of AKI. One student is made the pose of crawl on all fours and the finger is inserted in the anus.
Then, two cocks are made hand job service at the same time and the ejaculation is made compulsorily.

The splashed semen is tasted deliciously and the way of idiot is demonstrated. Bullying after school is that one student is made to standing in front of the platform and she played the young body.
Next is she extends over the face and violently presses between groins. The six nine starts from the compulsion careful licking service. AKI sits astride cock and cock is inserted in the pussy voluntarily at m-leg woman on top posture.
It turns with having inserted cock and shifts to a backward woman on top posture. After vaginal cum shot is made at the back and missionary posture the semen overflows from the pussy and goes out.

AKI takes the semen that remains in the top of cock and the ostium of the vagina and licks gladly. It is full in head of AKI to tasting a young cock every day. However, one day, students advise the idiot play received from AKI to the principal.
AKI is made cross examine by the principal is reconciled oneself to a fact. In addition, AKI is threatened to dismiss it and is under principal's thumb. The principal begins insulting with students.
AKI is bound to the hand in the back and is made to become open M-leg pose on the desk, and the pussy is attacked. After she is made shudder by the rotor toy, vibs toy is inserted in the pussy. In addition, the toy is inserted also in the anus.

AKI who is made crawl on all fours pose ejaculates for the following two simultaneous holes attack of pussy and anus. Then, fucking starts at the missionary posture on the mat.
AKI is made piston at the bending, side and backward woman on top posture and a large amount of joy juice that become cloudy overflow. AKI faints in agony to a violent piston when the cock is inserted in anus at the back posture.
The rectum juice drips and drops momentarily at the time of pulled out the cock from the anus. AKI cannot conceal the expression of the pain in the continuing anal fuck.

She is inserted in two simultaneous holes at woman on top posture and in addition, state of skewer of three holes. The body is stiffened so that a voice does not come out to the attack simultaneously by three holes.
The simultaneous three holes attack continues at the backward woman on top posture and first brute insert cock anus at the bending posture after tastes the pussy at missionary posture.
Then, semen is injected into anus after AKI ejaculates and faints in agony at the piston. The second will be inserted in the pussy at once and large amount of semen scattered in the vagina.

The third one was inserted into pussy at the missionary posture, too. The students who received a lot of idiot play gathered when anus fucking is curry on at the bending posture and they begin facial cum shot one after another.
Semen discharge into anus immediately after semen of five people was poured on face of AKI. Many students are sets in a tired out woman. Many students are coming together to AKI who is tired out.
The semen pour is forced to two holes of AKI who became lift hip up pose. Thick semen of 14 is poured in two holes that extend miserable and greatly.

The semen that is overflowed is pushed by the finger by force and compulsion semen excretion is made at the last.
After semen is raked out, AKI who is open leg greatly is inserted Cuzco into the pussy and a large amount of semen stays in the vagina and it waves when peeped inside of vagina. It gets excited greatly by the pool of semen.
Though AKI who is infringed on mentally and physically will keep working as a teacher, she will be made to teach while making fuck as students' playthings in the future.
Let's have idiot AKI who played with a lot of students complete the mission as masochist slut.

> > (Aki Yada) An Idiot Teacher Continue

(Ikumi Higashiyama) A Wanton Wife


n0223 2007/05/18
Ikumi Higashiyama
A Wanton Wife

The young wife IKIMI HIGASHIYAMA with plump body was captured this time.
Anyway, the young wife cannot be managing the free time. After the husband is sent off in the morning, she has nothing to do. In addition, if the husband goes to a business trip, free time is increasing more.
IKUMI also has a secret love affair as well as a lot of examples of a free young wife. The opportunity is an online dating Web site introduced by the friend. However, secret love affair is found by the husband and IKUMI is on the horns of a dilemma.

The husband who raged put IKUMI under house arrest and a hard insulting including the SM play is carried out. A lascivious plump body collapses cruelly. The virtuous young wife who is insulted is completely changed with the slave of meat mass.
IKUMI is a young wife who cannot manage the free time. The husband makes business trip for four days from today and IKUMI becomes alone.
IKUMI who cannot have managed the free time gets acquainted with a young man in the online dating that introduced by the friend.

Though IKUMI is puzzled to the first secret love affair, she is guided to man's home after meets on the road SEX starts immediately.
IKUMI who gets excited in the deep kiss positively caresses man's body. The nipple is violently licked and fellatio begins afterwards. IUKMI goes into raptures and the sucks the cock while dripping a large amount of saliva by standing fellatio.
In the next, man inserts his cock into her wetted pussy at the missionary posture after she is made careful licking service and finger fuck.

IKUMI is made the piston at the bending, missionary and back posture and the joy juice overflows from the vagina. In addition, posture shifts from side to missionary and vaginal cum shot is made by force to IKUMI who is strongly opposes.
The vagina that slowly makes semen flow backward is stirred by the finger. The scene is change and it is home of IKUMI. She is not forgotten the thing of a man of online dating system and starts masturbating in the sofa.
IKUMI recalls a rendezvous with man and violently fingers nipple and pussy. Then IKUMI got acme finally. Though secret love affair is done repeatedly with a man afterwards, it is found by husband at a certain day.

The husband shows off the evidence photography of secret love affair and scolds IKUMI. Though IKUMI tries to cheat, she is bound in the hand in the back with the rope by the husband.
In addition, IKUMI is hung from the ceiling and the compulsion finger fuck is made. Though IKUMI denies having a love affair with determined, man of love affair is brought there and everything is disclosed.
Husband's anger to the woman who kept denying having secret love affair is terrific and two men were called in order to add more violent insulting. Men attack IKUMI with vibs and rotor toy.

A large amount of joy juice gushes for the attack of the pussy and the clitoris simultaneously. Then, it is stimulated between groins with the electric massage machine and IKUMI is made acme compulsorily.
In addition, cock is inserted at the standing back posture compulsorily. At the same time as the cock is being thrown in the vagina one after another, mouth is closed by the cock, too.
IKUMI who was untied rope afterwards was moved to mat and raw cock is inserted at the back posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes to a violent pushing up from the under by backward woman on top posture.

The piston continues at woman on top and side posture and the vagina wall is dyed in red. Then vaginal cum shot is made at side posture. It begins to ooze semen out in the ostium of the vagina that goes into convulsions.
The husband immediately inserts cock at the back posture. The spectacle that the semen that flows backward and the joy juice that becomes cloudy adhere to the cock at the piston is so lascivious.
And the semen compulsion injection is made at the end of violent piston. When the cock is pulled out and labia are expanded by the finger, it is stirred compulsorily in the vagina.

The third cock inserts in the pussy that trembles with shame and vaginal cum shot is made again at the missionary posture.
The ostium of the vagina in the state of greatly extending to continuous play is stirred by the finger by force and IKUMI is made to excrete semen. However, husband's anger has not been calm down yet.
Many men are called and the compulsion facial cum shot is forced to IKUMI. Total 16 brute splashed semen to IKUMI who greatly open mouth and sticks out her tongue. IKUMI is directed to paint the semen that splashed on the tongue on own body.
Her body becomes muddy by the semen. It is the moment that young wife degenerates to the lewd slut. It is necessary that the woman who betrayed a man should abuse thoroughly and beat down to bottom.
Please contact the TOKYO HOT when there is a joking woman. Any woman is rehabilitated immediately. We let them promise to live as an obedient meat jar throughout the life as slave.

> > (Ikumi Higashiyama) A Wanton Wife Continue

(Rubi Aiba) A Delusion Slut


n0222 2007/05/15
Rubi Aiba
A Delusion Slut

The slender slut RUBI AIBA who loves fucking is captured in this time. She always thinks about lascivious things. A lascivious delusion whirls in the head at the time of flirting with the boyfriend.
On today, her head is fully occupied by the delusion that she is made sexual molester in the commuter train. A boyfriend makes a trick to insult such a lascivious RUBI. Boyfriend's friends intrude into while making fuck.
RUBI is attacked by cocks of stranger. The spectacle that woman who dislikes it is played by force is the highest no matter how it sees.

The lascivious delusion is made occupy the full in the head of RUBI though RUBI is sitting on a sofa as well as the boyfriend. RUBI is made sexual molester by the brute in the train.
Four men are surrounding RUBI who has the hanging on the strap and stands and make caress. In addition, RUBI is made taking off the panty and is made compulsion finger fuck. The cock is thrown in the mouth and compulsion fellatio is made as well.
Then, cock is inserted at the standing back posture. The violent piston is made at the backward woman on top, woman on top and carry woman in the arms posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is oozed out in the ostium of the vagina.

The next is vaginal cum shot, it is made after men makes piston at the missionary and bending posture. The thick semen that tinged with yellow flows backward freshly.
The delusion continues and men make sexual molester again to RUBI who stands in the appearance that put on the panty stocking without panty in the train. Three sticks attack RUBI and they are thrown in to the mouth one after another.
In the next, RUBI who is made open leg pose is made finger fuck on the seat and the sticky joy juice gushes.

In addition, the pussy is attacked with the rotor toy. In the next, RUBI is inserted the vibs toy in the vagina and faints in agony to a violent piston.
The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy while vibs toy is inserted into the pussy and she is made acme compulsorily. The pussy of just got the acme is violently poked with the toy and it is made acme again though she violently opposes it.
Then, RUBI wakes up from the delusion and flirt with the boyfriend is begun. The violent finger fuck is made after deep kiss. A drenched pussy has gushed the joy juice further. Then the fucking starts after skillful fellatio.

The boyfriend's friends intrude into there to fuck her while she is poked from the under at the backward woman on top posture. RUBI is inserted a cock from the under without any time to be puzzled. In addition, the cock is inserted in the mouth.
RUBI is fucked also by the stranger at the back, side and missionary posture and joy juice that becomes cloudy drips from the pussy. Then the vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture and the sticky semen flows backward.
The second cock is inserted at missionary posture immediately. Pitiless semen compulsion injection is made to RUBI who really dislikes it. Semen flows backward slowly from the ostium of the vagina that extended greatly.

The third cock is inserted at the side posture. The compulsion semen injection is made further to RUBI who is continuously injected semen of men excluding the boyfriend and shows to oppose violently.
The fourth pushes back semen that blows bubble and flows backward into the vagina at backward woman on top posture. The excreted semen is pushed in again by the finger in the vagina. Men's insulting escalates further.
Other friends are called and the compulsion semen pours in the vagina starts. Semen is splashed one after another to the pussy of RUBI of the lift hip up pose. Vagina jar is full up by the semen of total four.

The semen that leaks to the outside is pushed by the finger in the vagina. Then, it is compulsion semen excrete. A large amount of semen drips from vagina immediately after lascivious sound. It is extremity of the shame play.
Next, the face of RUBI becomes the target of the ejaculation. Ten consecutive facial cum shot is made. RUBI is made dirty from the hair to surroundings of the mouth with semen and is directed to wash the face and the body with semen afterwards.
Men promise to be going to come the next day and dissolve. RUBI can not utter the voice to a cruel treatment. RUBI who was ruled the head by the lascivious delusion was confusedly fucked.

RUBI would be destroyed not only the pussy but also in the head also by continuous vaginal cum shot that did not give the anytime to delusion. The woman is a tool to offer the vagina jar for the cock. It is not necessary the idea of anything.
Many of faithful females will be proliferated in the future and men in the world are satisfied.

> > (Rubi Aiba) A Delusion Slut Continue

(Yui Fujikawa) Semengiving Day


n0221 2007/05/11
Yui Fujikawa
Semengiving Day

The slender beautiful slut, YUI FUJIKAWA with attractive dry long hair was sunk. Every human holds suffering. If it is a young girl, there is many sufferings that cannot be said to the person is natural.
The friend calls out YUI who depresses it in the classroom for the suffering. And, YUI is introduced the fortune teller who will be solving any sufferings. YUI put on the fortune teller's hint willingly becomes the prey of insulting.
The spectacle that a delicate body is violently treated is too miserable! YUI visits the fortune teller according to friend's recommendation.

The fortune teller emphasizes to solve the worry thing by having the gratitude all and liberating the mind and body in addition. At the beginning, YUI is directed to comfort the body by the fortune teller and begins masturbating.
The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy after the pussy is fingered in the open leg pose and she got the acme. The young guy appears continuously.
YUI who is directed to remove the young person's worry and to liberate the mind and body immediately begins fellatio. And he inserts his cock to YUI at the standing back posture on the sofa after the six nine play.

A large amount of cloudiness joy juice gushes for the pushing up from the under by woman on top posture. The posture is shifted to missionary and semen is injected into YUI at the same time as make acme being made.
YUI expresses gratitude for having been made vaginal cum shot. However, fortune teller, young guy and the friend who introduced the fortune teller gathered in another room. So, to tell the truth, the fortune teller was fraudulent.
It was frame-up in order to insult YUI. They plan "Thanksgiving Day" further to cheat YUI. She will be thoroughly made vaginal cum shot. In the continuing scene,

YUI who doesn't know anything and is convinced to be liberated from worry is sat on the sofa at open leg pose. Her pussy is already soaked wet by the large amount of joy juice. The rotor and vibs toy attack starts.
The toy is inserted momentarily at the time of cloudiness liquid spouted to ostium of the vagina and YUI is made acme by strong stimulation.
In addition, the huge vibs toy inserts at the backing style. YUI is made acme again while drips large amount of joy juice. Then, Cuzco is inserted in the hole immediately after that. The large amount of cloudiness joy juice stays in the vagina.

After this, the vagina that swells up in red by violent attack is made tattered more cruelly by vicious attack. In the next, they move to the bed and the cock is inserted in the pussy.
The violent piston is made continuously at the missionary, side and backward woman on top posture. In addition, the cock is thrown in the mouth of YUI by force while being poked at the back and woman on top posture,
then vaginal cum shot is made at the last by missionary posture. A large amount of semen flows backward from the pussy. The second cock is forcibly inserted in the pussy where keeps to extending.

After a strong piston, semen is injected deeply into vagina. A continuous launching stimulates her small pussy more than the expectation and the vagina wall flushes with excitement further.
However, the third cock immediately begins fucking in villainy. YUI is already faint. But vaginal cum shot is forced at the missionary posture to the pussy of tragic situation in which it gets exhausted.
To complete the Thanksgiving Day is compulsion facial cum shot. YUI solves men's suffering by receiving facial cum shot. Therefore, men who have suffering are gathered. YUI will pour total 18 semen people on a face.

YUI is turned her face to splashed direction and declares thanks at the ejaculation. She seriously dislikes the scene that receiving two ejaculations at the same time. Information that new slut were caught is arrived there afterwards.
Men immediately make retreat from there and move the place where new prey is caught. Unnecessary slut is left there with polluted by semen. The scene of photographing caught with another camera at the end of main content is collected.
It gets excited by the spectacle to which face of YUI is painfully distorted by scattering a large amount of semen. One foolish slut was buried again.

The play of this time that suffering of woman was skillfully used is the best method to entrap a woman who likes fortune-telling.
After this, YUI who holds new suffering that excitement of vaginal is not cool down visits the fortune teller, and is fucked in every case. However, the excitement keeps going on rising. The suffering will not be solved for the time being.

> > (Yui Fujikawa) Semengiving Day Continue

(Rumi Nagase) Erotic Dream


n0220 2007/05/08
Rumi Nagase
Erotic Dream

RUMI NAGASE who has much pheromone became a sacrifice again. It is not unusual that office lady appeals physical ailment and leaving earlier than usual.
RUMI who is well known in the company also appeals to the director that she want to leave office earlier than usual because of the toothache. However, a company is not such an indulgent.
Many of the inspection and treatment that bullies body of RUMI waited there, though director who doesn't admit leaving earlier than usual is made permission under pretense of love by RUMI to go hospital.

The body of RUMI is a crisis situation to hard play to surpass the former work. It is a cruel content that recognizes the danger of continuous vaginal cum shot again.
RUMI begins pretense of love from deep kiss to the director who doesn't admit leaving earlier than usual. RUMI sucks the cock after licking director's nipple. Next, the director made finger fuck to RUMI who became open leg pose.
Then the cock is inserted in the pussy where already wet much. Fucking is currying out at missionary, standing back and backward woman on top posture and lascivious sound come out from joint part.

Then it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture through woman on top posture. After the cock is pulled out, it inserts again with semen hung down to the cock head. And, the semen of the remainder is injected.
The director takes the RUMI's leaving earlier than usual as a tradeoff of vaginal cum shot. The scene changes and it is consultation room in hospital. The doctor binds RUMI who is having a pain in teeth below in the consultation seat with the assistant.
Here is a latest hospital that does all the inspections and treatments with the cock. The cock is thrown in to the mouth of RUMI who opposes. In addition, the assistant sit astride on the face of RUI and thrusts the cock.

The cock is thrown in deep in the throat and RUMI is painful. The doctor inserts the cock in the vagina without condom in the next. Treatment with the cock starts. RUMI is poked the opening of uterus at the bending posture and ejaculates.
And, the doctor made vaginal cum shot in vagina where wet much by the joy juice. "Semen medicine" is injected. The cock is pulled out and semen flows backward mightily. The result of treatment is hospitalization. It seems to gnaw at the brain the bad one.
This hospital..... There's more to what doctor said than meets the eye. In the next scene, many of man's hand extend to the body of RUMI who is sleeping in bed of sickroom.

RUMI is suppressed and gets the compulsion finger fuck though wakes up and rages. Then, RUMI is made acme compulsorily by the next toy attack.
A doctor concludes that it is a fantasy to happen so that it is undermined a brain about the event the next day and the treatment with the raw cock is immediately begun. After compulsion fellatio,
cock is inserted at the missionary posture and it spreads at banding, back and woman on top posture. The ostium of the vagina swells up by the strong piston from the under by the backward woman on top posture. And it is semen compulsion inject.

Then the second cock is immediately inserted by backing and made vaginal cum shot after violent piston. The third cock is immediately inserted and it is vaginal cum shot again after stirs in vagina.
The fourth one immediately inserted at missionary posture and semen that flows backward is pushed again in the vagina. Then, vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture. The semen of the amount that far exceeds the capacity of the vagina jar is injected.
Immediate aftermath, the fifth cock is inserted. Labia meat is enlarged and semen is injected again into the vagina of the brink of collapse. However, the doctor diagnoses that the medicine is still insufficient.

Thereupon, men are gathered in order to give semen medicine. The pussy of RUMI has been expanded by the finger at the lift hip up pose and men pour the semen medicine there. Semen of eight is poured one after another in the vagina.
RUMI is took up in his arms and stirred inside of vagina by the finger and made to excrete semen compulsorily afterwards. The doctor recommends long-term hospitalization to RUMI who keeps faint while making dirty by the sticky semen between groins.
At that time, RUMI wakes up in superior's voice. RUMI has slept in the desk while working and it ends in RUMI's expression that seems to be sleepy. RUMI is scolded the doze and receives superior's insulting.

She is diagnosed by the checkup of the company as the sleep disease and is hospitalized compulsion afterwards. Presently, the semen medicine is administered to her every day in the isolation ward.
The men go to hospital and back to home after made vaginal cum shot one after another on the pretext of sympathy visit. How if you also save up the semen and pay a sympathy visit? The sickroom where semen stinks is her room.

> > (Rumi Nagase) Erotic Dream Continue

(Miyuki Nakagawa) semen smell C.A.


n0219 2007/05/04
Miyuki Nakagawa
semen smell C.A.

This is the third series of air attendance that you are waiting impatiently for. The air attendance who fells a prey this time is slender slut MIYUKI NAKAGAWA with beauty tits.
The relation between the air attendance and the captain is very intimate in any airline. It is a current state that it is too intimate and the air attendance who has a deep relation with the captain is not unusual either.
The lover appears newly though MIYUKI also has continued the relation to the captain long. However, it comes to light to the boyfriend with a new relation to the captain. The boyfriend who raged makes a cruel punishment to MIYUKI.

Unexpected insult play that is not possible never to stand up not to mention love affair is hard as want to avert one's eyes.
After the flight, MIYUKI is called in captain's room. The captain who is jealous for MIYUKI who has the boyfriend suddenly caresses the body of MIYUKI who sits on a sofa by the uniform appearance. MIYUKI is put handcuffs on and is blindfolded as well.
In addition, hips are had in the spank by the backing style. More over, after violent finger fuck, the vibs toy thrust into her pussy and MIYUKI was got acme compulsorily.

Next, MIYUKI is directed to drop the waist on the vibs toy that turns and towers ceiling by being set up on floor. The vibs toy is buried in the vagina. MIYUKI ejaculates to violent stimulation, and the joy juice drips and drops.
Then, a lascivious sound echo and MIYUKI got acme. In the next scene, MIYUKI begins to lick captain's body. She starts from deep kiss and licks his body down to start fellatio. The entire stick is licked while hanging a large amount of saliva down.
MIYUKI licked cock carefully from top to bottom while hanging a large amount of saliva down. Moreover, ball bag and anal is licked stickily. Then fucking starts at the woman on top posture.

She was violently poked at the back posture after backward woman on top and she is made acme. In addition, she is violently poked at side and missionary posture many times and it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture at the last.
The cock is pulled out while ejaculating and semen is discharged into labia meat once, then, it throwing in the vagina again and semen injection is made compulsorily.
In addition, the semen that remains in vagina meat is pushed into the vagina by the finger. The scene changes and MIYUKI who comes home is flirting with the boyfriend.

Boyfriend reacts in a smell of captain's semen that stayed in a vagina at the moment that he opens a crotch of MIYUKI, and got closer to a pussy. MIYUKI is pressed for the answer by the boyfriend confesses the relation to the captain.
The boyfriend who raged begins to call two juniors and to be punishment coming to the MIYUKI together. MIYUKI is thrust vibs toy into pussy by the open leg pose. Then, it is compulsion fellatio after hips are spanked by crawl on all fours.
Three cocks thrust into her mouth many times. In the next, fucking starts at the missionary posture. MIYUKI is violently poked by bending, side and backward woman on top posture and ejaculates.

The cock is pulled out by backing at the time of fucking and semen is splashed aiming at the anus. A cock is inserted in a vagina again just after that and second vaginal cum shot is made. After the cock is pulled out,
semen makes noise and flows backward. Then, another cock is inserted at the side posture. It is a compulsion semen injection in the vagina where overflows with semen and joy juice.
The boyfriend inserts the cock immediately after that and made vaginal cu shot after stirring in the vagina. MIYUKI shakes labia meat and semen is discharged from the vagina. However, boyfriend's anger has not been calmed down yet.

In addition, other juniors are summoned and cum shower party begins. MIYUKI is made to expand labia meat by her self at the open leg pose. Five people splash the semen for there one after another.
The semen that leaks outside the vagina is raked up with the vibs toy and injected in the vagina. In addition, semen is launching into the mouth compulsorily. Semen of four is discharged into the mouth and it is made to drink compulsorily.
Afterwards, semen of five is launched to the mouth and is shaking by force. After vomiting semen in the palm, it returns to the mouth and she is made to swallow it compulsorily again.

Afterwards, MIYUKI is deserted by the boyfriend who is dumbfounded at the appearance of the ugly MIYUKI made dirty with semen.
Though the relation of vaginal cum shot to the captain continued, MIYUKI is dismissed because she has semen smell every day and a lot of passenger complaint it. MIYUKI is looking for job every day while becoming boyfriend's juniors' slave now.

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(Aoi Kohinata) Always part-time


n0218 2007/05/01
Aoi Kohinata
Always part-time

It is second content of air attendance series of well popularity. AOI KOHINATA fall a prey in this time. Most of air attendance is a contact employee in the present time. AOI is a contract employee of the small salary, too.
AOI is doing model as the part-time job, because life is hard only in the air attendance. However, the cameramen who get excited in the model photo session where the AOI appears with race queen costume drive recklessly.
They are warrior who drove in every model to disposal. The body of AOI is made tattered without an interval to oppose. There is no escape way to AOI who pushed down to dire situation. AOI who finishes the flight comes to home where the boyfriend waits.

The boyfriend approaches AOI who just sat down in the sofa and he begins the caress. The boyfriend rages at the story of AOI that the guest touched her hips during the flight.
Both hands are bound with the scarf that got togged up and AOI is made finger fuck at crawl on all fours. In the next, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy by the open leg pose and the clitoris is attacked with the rotor toy.
The pussy immediately gets wet. Then, it is fellatio. It is the skillful fellatio that licks from top and side of cock politely with lascivious sound. They move to the sofa and made fuck at the missionary posture afterwards.

AOI is violently poked from the under at the woman on top posture and the love juice that becomes cloudy gushes.
The inside of the pussy is congested in red when posture is shifting to backward woman on top afterwards and the cloudiness love juice increases the amount further. Of course the finish is vaginal cum shot at the back posture.
AOI is made ACME and ejaculates at the same time as injecting semen. AOI is immediately stirred vagina by the finger at open leg pose and it begins to grub semen. The scene changes and AOI appears with costume of race queen in the photo session place.

She is working part-time as a model on the day without the flight. Camera kids who crowded take a picture with the camera of the cellular phone. AOI who is an unnamed as the model is completely held in derision.
AOI is made to take off one's clothes gradually by men who say that popularity doesn't go out if she doesn't take it off. The pussy is exposed at crawl on all fours in an instant. In addition, the pussy is fingered in the open leg pose.
Immediately a large amount of love juice gushes from the pussy. In continues, the clitoris is intensively attacked with the vibs toy. In addition, the rotor toy is inserted in a drenched vagina.

It is toy attack with super thick vibs toy after shame play that labia meat is sucked by the toy. AOI is made acme again by violent stimulation and it is female ejaculation at the moment. A large amount of joy juice gushed!
Then, finger fuck is made at crawl on all fours to the pussy that greatly opened. When Cuzco is inserted in the pussy afterwards, the love juice of great amount stays in the vagina. The opening of uterus repeats the slack shrinkage.
Then, three cocks are thrown in to the mouth of AOI and it is compulsion fellatio. After fellatio, fucking starts at the missionary posture. Pussy spouts more love juice at the each piston. Fucking is carry on at the M-leg woman on top,

backward woman on top, back and side, and it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture afterwards. Immediate aftermath, second cock made insertion by force. And it is vaginal cum shot again after violent piston that pushed up opening of uterus.
Semen that splashed in the vicinity of vagina entrance scatters outside the vagina and adheres to labia meat. The third cock inserted in to the pussy that became muddy by the semen and vaginal cum shot is made again at the bending posture.
Then, semen is raked out by the finger immediately. Last is a compulsion semen attack. Other camera kids are gathered and semen is splashed to hair and face of AOI one after another. In addition, she is licked cock after ejaculated by force.

AOI became muddy by the semen of total 13. Though pose of race queen is compelled at the end, AOI has not already had the thinking ability and only standing up is what she can do for a while. Camera kids drive recklessly further afterwards.
Not only the photo session but also camera kids are thronging in great force at each flight to the airplane that AOI takes and compels the fucking.
An airline that number of guests increases in unexpected effect of AOI runs extra the flights which she appears.In addition, it has been decided that the guest is made to fuck play other contract air attendance to increase the number of passengers.

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