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(Megumi,Risako,Ai,Mariko) THE R.Q. 2007 Part2


n0244 2007/07/31
THE R.Q. 2007 Part2

Sorry to have kept you waiting. This is the part 2 of Race Queen Special that a synonym of sumptuous feast. The competing of the chosen Race Queen was heated up more.
The sponsor and the agency get great satisfy in entertainment that made by body of Race Queen.
The first announcement ended in a great success. The body offer to the owner and the manager of the Tokyo Hot racing also get well evaluation and it was part 1 that overwhelmed by lascivious of four Race Queen.

Part 2 start from the scene from which pussy of MARIKO KONDO that well wetted is violently poked at backward woman on top posture. The pussy of four beautiful Race Queen is more expanded to a variety menu as fellatio, careful licking service and so on.
First of all, it is 3P play scene by the MARIKO, MEGUMI ISHIKAWA and manager that continues from part 1. MARIKO is violently made piston by missionary posture after backward woman on top posture and goes into convulsions the whole body.
MEGUMI who saw that appearance made suddenly deep kisses to MARIKO and she got the acme at the same time as vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the cock is pulled out once and it is inserted again, and all the semen is injected.

In addition, MEGUMI sucks a cock that made dirty with semen and the cloudiness joy juice. She licks it so deliciously. MEGUMI made a deep kiss again to MARIKO who is so exhausted.
They exchanged the semen by mouth to mouth. AI TANAKA and RISAKO MAMIYA are making body entertainment for the two sponsors in another room at that time.
The fingering clitoris is begun after the pussy is caressed. AI and RISAKO are made lift hip up pose side by side. Sponsors made them to become open leg and insert the finger in the pussy after satisfying the beauty leg.

The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from pussy of AI and RISAKO also drips a large amount of joy juice from pussy. In the next, the suck the cock of men who sit on a sofa and cock is inserted by standing back posture.
In addition, AI and RISAKO are inserted cock at woman on top posture by backing in a row. It gets excited by the close up of the uniting part of angry waves.
It also gets excited by the spectacle that RISAKO who is violently poke overflows the cloudiness joy juice. In addition, the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy of AI who is made piston by standing back.

And, after she is violently poked by backward woman on top posture, semen is compelling injected into AI.
Immediate aftermath, RISAKO who is raked out semen form the pussy by finger is inserted cock by standing back posture, in addition, the leg is lifted high and the cock is thrown in to the vagina deeply.
And then it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture. The pussy extends greatly and semen that collected in ostium of the vagina flows backward. In the next, the super body of the four Race Queen behaves to sponsors after the image scene.

Four Race Queen change clothes from a black bikini to white Race Queen costume and appear. The white stockings are also lascivious. Sponsors immediately requested fellatio.
Race Queen kneels down and sits on the floor and sponsors surround their circumference. Race Queen sequentially begins standing fellatio. MARIKO shows the skillful fellatio while hanging a large amount of slaver down.
RISAKO shows obstinate licking to ball back. MEGUMI shows to licking side of cock and glans violently and politely. It is a scene of full of the viewpoint.

In addition, simultaneous attack of three cocks made to them one by one. Next, the taste comparison of pussy of Race Queen starts. Four Race Queen made taking off Stoking and inside supporter and the pussy is fully exposed.
Sponsors start careful licking service to the pussy of the Race Queen of the favor. RISAKO is licked anus hole as well as clitoris and faints in agony.
MARIKO also ejaculates to violent careful licking service to the pussy. Then, Cuzco is inserted to them afterwards. In the vagina that severely licked and the opening of uterus are exposed.

The inside of vagina got wet much with joy juice that becomes cloudy. And, sponsors take a rest by the vice president's signal for a while in preparation for the enjoyment time and went to other room.
Race Queen begin the preparation for the last entertainment. The vice president makes final check for the body entertainment of Race Queen so that sponsors should not have the blunder.
The vice president lies and receives the caress of four Race Queen. It is the start of 5P play. It continues to part 3 of the last program of a series by here.
The competing of Race Queen is approaching to the final stages at the last. Please expect to wait the final gangbang that thrills you with stirring emotions.

> > (Megumi,Risako,Ai,Mariko) THE R.Q. 2007 Part2 Continue


(Mayu Takada) The Dangerous Bar


n0243 2007/07/27
Mayu Takada
The Dangerous Bar

The mood is important more than anything else to seduce the woman. It can be seduced with high probability. if it is made to have a cocktail in a fashionable bar more than it takes it to a noisy tavern.
MAYU TAKADA of new face Office Lady was provoked to favorite bar of director after finished work. She is beauty and slender, in addition, MAYU has beauty attractive leg as most men fascinate.
Though MAYU was to have been drunk happily, she falls in a trap of director and master of bar and sleeps far from getting drunk and she is placed under house arrest.

It is two or more men that waited there who crowd the body. Please enjoy that superior slut is tasted. MAYU arrived little late to the bar where director waits her while drinking at the counter.
It is a special drink of the master making specially that was put out to MAYU. Contents of the drink are the poison cocktails that the director and master poisoned and any woman who drinks is fall.
MAYU is obstinately touched body by the director and opposes. Though MAYU tries to stand up and go home, master calmed her and she is made to dissuade.

And, the medicine begins to work while being looking at the jugglery of boast of master and MAYU faints to sleep suddenly. MAYU is put on the counter and made to take off clothes.
There is no consciousness though the nipple and the pussy are caressed by the director. Afterwards, MAYU carried in a back room where three regular customers of the bar were waiting for a superior woman body to arrive.
Her beauty leg is licked by the director and regular customers and the cock is rubbed against the hair and the face of MAYU. The director thrown his cock into her mouth and also it is inserted her pussy afterwards.

MAYU wakes up and opposes violently at the moment. However, MAYU is suppressed and poked violently at the missionary, bending and side posture.
Piston is continued at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture and a large amount of joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy.
And then it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after violently made piston at the back and standing posture. Though the cock is pulled out after it ejaculates, it is inserted again and all semen is injected.

The director who satisfied leaves MAYU and goes home. MAYU of a black tight miniskirt is seat in the sofa.
Excitements of the regular customers who saw the fuck of the director and MAYU in the presence are in the state of the peak and they begin the pussy attack.
They slowly took off stockings and the panty while tasting the beauty leg and pussy is exposed. The vibs toy is thrown in after the toy attack and finger fuck.

The vibs toy is made piston while being sucked labia meat with the straw made of the glass and MAYU is made acme by force.
Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the inside of the vagina which the cloudiness joy juice overflows and the opening of uterus are exposed. Next, regular customers insert the cock in mouth of MAYU one after another.
Three cocks are sucked at a dash and fucking beginning. It is continuous of a thick scene as fuck while satisfied beauty leg that lifted high and fuck at the back posture while labia meat is expanded by the finger.

Then the first vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture after piston at back, side and missionary posture.
The second cock is immediately inserted at the M-leg backward woman on top posture and made vaginal cum shot after it is violently stirred as like labia meat becomes hypertrophy.
The third one is inserted at the back posture while semen flows backward slowly.

The semen that flows backward is pushed into the pussy again. And third vaginal cum shot is made after violent putting cock in and out as like to destroy the opening of uterus.
The inside of vagina is stirred by the finger and semen is begun to grub. The attack is continued more and VIP members in the bar gather in surroundings of MAYU of the backing pose.
Dirty semen is splashed to the pussy that is expanded by finger and opens mouth greatly one after another. Semen of total 15 is poured in the vagina. MAYU turns her face away many times and dislikes it seriously.
The overflowed semen is pushed into the pussy by the finger. And it is the time of closing the bar. MAYU who gets exhausted and cannot move by tired out is made to stand by force and she is made to return as like the shape made dirty by semen.
The last is PISS SHOT scene. A large amount of urine powerfully turns to the top and gushed from the pussy that expanded by finger at open leg pose. It gets excited by the appearance in urethral mouth when urinating being caught clearly.
MAYU seems to have lost the memory this night completely because the medicine had worked too much.
MAYU is surprised at the cruel state that the pussy where is made vaginal cum shot many times extends greatly and a large quantity of semen stays and consults the director.
However, MAYU is invited to the bar again and will be played. The woman is a creature that doesn't learn by experience.

> > (Mayu Takada) The Dangerous Bar Continue

(Megumi,Risako,Ai,Mariko) THE R.Q. 2007 Part1


n0242 2007/07/24
THE R.Q. 2007 Part1

The most openhearted summer in one year will be here. Though there are various happy events as fireworks, camp, sea bathing in the summer, don?ft forget an annual large event of TOKYO HOT.
Yes, it is the Vaginal Cum Shot Gangbang with the Race Queen of TOKYO HOT. Elites that are chosen Campaign girl of TOKYO HOT racing in this year and wears black bikini to body are four people (Megumi Ishikawa, Ai Tanaka, Risako Mamiya and Mariko Kondo).
Only the woman of a preeminent style was arranged. It is full of all excess excitement scenes with fucking, gangbang and vaginal cum shot.

Please enjoy special version part 1 of competing and a sumptuous feast of four beautiful women who make a large amount of liquid scatter and pant by non-stop.
At the beginning, it is the scene that takes a picture of four people who are change of clothes to black bikini with hidden camera. MEGUMI who is only short and looks as idol draw severe glances of in other three people.
After clothes are changed, they move to another room and four people chosen this year are announced to the mass communication.

Though taking a picture ends with good evaluation, three sluts (AI, RISAKO and MARIKO) rage at MEGUMI who starts standing out though she doesn't seem to be RACE QUEEN.
Though it is complained to the manager, he wheedled them into promote the sales of us to the sponsor happily by four people. After the announcement is praised, four people who were called from the owner suddenly force the body entertainment on sponsors.
Four Race Queen begin entertaining though they hesitate for the appearance of the doubtful sponsor who put on the mask by pants appearance and smile. Men get excited by the appearance of the superior woman and the body is caressed immediately.

Masturbation is compelled after they were mad sexy dance that shaking hip.
Four Race Queen sit on a sofa and begin masturbation at the open leg pose. It gets excited by the appearance of masturbation of MEGUMI who put up the saliva to finger and paint it to anal.
Men stimulate the pussy of Race Queen who masturbates with the rotor toy. MARIKO who is attached labia meat and clitoris was made acme while shakes the beauty leg.

One the other hand, MEGUMI violently stimulates the clitoris with the rotor toy. MEGUMI made the urination for great pleasant. She is hold in his arms and a large amount of urine is excreted.
Immediate aftermath, a small rotor toy is inserted in the anus by crawl on all fours, and the clitoris is stimulated and she ejaculates. Then, the people in the agency arrive.
Sponsors stand by to another room once. The body service to the people in the agency starts. Race Queen starts to suck and hand job service to the cock of agency people who sit on a sofa.

Semen is splashed to the pussy of lift hip up pose at the end. Men made total seven cum shot to the pussy of RACE QUEEN of their favor. The leaked semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina.
Immediate aftermath, it gets excited by the appearance of MARIKO who tries excretion by M-leg open leg pose and MEGUMI who voluntarily expanded pussy and stirs inside by finger and begins to grub semen in the half-sitting.
Following scene, Race Queen are taking a bath to the hot spring with the owner. Though owner gets great satisfaction by surrounded beauty slut, RISAKO and AI are taken for the sponsor as present.

And, 3P play is begun with remaining MEGUMI and MARIKO. It moves to the bed after fellatio in the hot spring and MARIKO is inserted cock at M-leg woman on top posture.
MARIKO who is already get wet reaches acme immediately while cock inserted. Immediate aftermath, MARIKO shyly and seriously dislikes fucking at the backward woman on top posture while uniting part is seeing by MEGUMI.
Then, MEGUMI is made fuck at the missionary posture. A man violently made the piston while his ball bag is liked by MARIKO. Semen is injected in the vagina of MEGUMI who is gushing the joy juice that becomes cloudy.

MARIKO sucks the cock that immediately after the ejaculation and semen is squeezed. In addition, owner licks pussy of MEGUMI and joyfully tested semen that flows backward.
Though the owner who satisfied left there, the manager throws in the cock to the pussy of MEGUMI of seeming not to be satisfied in backing and MARIKO starts to lick the ball bag at once.
It gets excited by play that pushes cock that came off from pussy once into mouth of MARIKO and inserts it in vagina of MEGUMI immediately. Then, cock is inserted in pussy of MARIKO at backing posture and MEGUMI begins to lick the ball bag in this time.
The spectacle that MEGUMI opens hips of man who is just making piston at side posture and licks anus is must see. In addition, MARIKO who is violently poked at M-leg woman on top posture gushes the joy juice that becomes cloudy.
On the other hand, obstinate lick of MEGUMI continues. Though it will continue next time by here, quality of slut level is greatly power-up compared with the last special.
The mind leaps for the dance wildly of sumptuous feast by four beautiful sluts.

> > (Megumi,Risako,Ai,Mariko) THE R.Q. 2007 Part1 Continue

(Mayumi Watanuki) The Best Jeanist Slut


n0241 2007/07/20
Mayumi Watanuki
The Best Jeanist Slut

The model who is marketing makes oneself better known early and it is important to acquire popularity. The one's most charming feature that the person doesn't have is necessary for that.
It was tall of 170cm and slender body for MAYUMI WATANUKI of the new comer model. And, she is one of the hot stock with a lot of work of the gravure taking a picture and exposures to the increasing media now.
In addition, jeans willingly put on from usually get good reputations as well shape for tall body. She is achieved a chosen splendid achievement by best jeanist Prize this year.

The contract with the manufacturer is decided and a major sponsor also backs up completely. However, the great hole is open to the part between groins in passed new jeans.
The disgraceful body service to waiting for MAYUMI who makes pussy exposed from hole of jeans and faces campaign. Let's appreciate as much as you like the appearance that woman is teased thoroughly.
MAYUMI is made to hear that she is chosen as the best jeanist prize at current year and a new manufacturer is hoping for the contract by the manager while taking a picture of gravure.

MAYUMI is pleased with the acquisition of the prize with the authority from which the well-known actress and the model have been chosen up to now and the contract with the major manufacturer.
Later jeans that open hole to the part between groins delivered to the office from the manufacturer. Though MAYUMI immediately puts it on and goes to the campaign, she dislikes participating because of panty is full view.
MAYUMI doesn't try to step out of a car though she is put to the car by the president of the manufacturer and arrives at the hall. The president tears up the panty with scissors and insists that it is basic to put on pussy hole jeans without panty.

MAYUMI gets the pussy caressed in the car and she is compelled to become a mistress instead of declining the campaign and the cock is thrown into her mouth.
Then, cock inserts between holes of jeans at the missionary posture after compulsion fellatio. MAYUMI originates a big pant voice though shame is felt in fucking in the car at the afternoon.
And she is made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after powerful piston is made at the side, backward woman on top, woman on top and back posture.

The next scene, MAYUMI put on the new pussy hole jeans and shows it to sponsors. It is a limited edition model in the summer of height on the knee. Sponsors get excited by the under hair that is pushed up from the hole.
MAYUMI changes clothes to standard pants after she is made variously pose. The sponsors begin to touch around between woman's groins in order to confirm the functionality and the material of jeans.
However, sponsors' aims are pussy. It is toy attack after pussy is opened and clitoris is fingered. In addition, the clitoris and vagina hole are attacked with the rotor toy at the same time and MAYUMI faints in agony.

MAYUMI goes into convulsions the whole body and is made acme. Next, Vibs toy is inserted from the under by the standing pose. The piston is violently made and the cloudiness joy juice gushes.
Afterwards she is made acme again to the toy attack by crawl on all fours pose. In addition, the thick vibs toy is inserted by open leg pose and she is made acme continuously.
MAYUMI is made acme many times and she is an absence of mind. However, she is stimulated between groins with the electric massage machine. Then MAYUMI goes into convulsions and ejaculates much and is made acme again.

Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted. In the vagina and the opening of uterus where the cloudiness joy juice stays are exposed. Sponsors drive recklessly further and begin fucking to MAYUMI.
The cock is inserted by missionary posture after standing fellatio. In the middle of fucking at the side posture, other sponsors hear the rumor of MAYUMI and it gathers.
To discharge semen into the face of MAYUMI who is fucked, men surround around MAYUMI. Immediate after first facial cum shot, it is vaginal cum shot at the side posture.

In addition, semen is splashed to face of MAYUMI one after another at the same time as continuously vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
Labia meat is enlarged by the continuous vaginal cum shot and the ostium of the vagina is polluted with the semen that flows backward. All over her face is also covered by the semen that splashed by 13 facial cum shot.
Last is MAYUMI mounts on the toy that is upward and fixed on desk and it inserts in the pussy. It ends by the appearance of MAYUMI who keeps masturbating.
The set menu as the vaginal cum shot and facial cum shot will continue for a long time for one year with the sponsor of duration of policy. The image of pussy hole jeans of MAYUMI is completely established afterwards.
If she puts on other clothes, the complaint like "The fan was betrayed. ","Appeal by the default of contract" and etc. rushes in from a fan and all of related person.
MAYUMI becomes impossible to put on clothes other than the pussy hole jeans though it was private.
If pussy hole jeans become popular in this condition, the woman who is walking in the town will be attacked and it become a good world where the cock can be immediately thrown in.

> > (Mayumi Watanuki) The Best Jeanist Slut Continue

(Ami Matsuda) The Talent Wannabees


n0240 2007/07/17
Ami Matsuda
The Talent Wannabees

Though the applicant rush in when various auditions like the decision of the lead of movie and the nymph contest are held, being chosen is extremely a few.
The remainders should act whether to keep auditioning or belong to some production office as a talent reserve. AMI MATSUDA belongs to the TOKYO HOT production of major production as an event companion though she is one of such the talent reserves.
However, there is not necessarily work in constant even if it is the major company.

In order to get major task, AMI who will aim at the actress in the future becomes a mistress relation with president of TOKYO HOT production and she avariciously obtains work.
However, the life of the fall had waited since the moment having been thrown away by the president. Please enjoy the content that a slender body sinks to the meat mass for the sexual desire processing.
At the beginning, it is intertwine of AMI and the president. It starts from the deep kiss, and the bust is fingered and AMI is made finger fuck by the open leg pose.

AMI is stimulated clitoris violently by the finger and faints in agony. In the following, cock is inserted in at the woman on top posture after fellatio play.
The clitoris is peeled off while being done the piston by backward woman on top and she pants seriously. Piston is being continued at the back and missionary posture, and the joy juice that becomes cloudy overflows and it adheres to the cock.
Then it is the vaginal cum shot by the bending posture at the end. Labia meat open widely and semen drips and drops from the ostium of the vagina that is the convulsion.

AMI in preparation for work takes the catnap a little. And, the president requests fellatio to AMI who awoke her eyes again. AMI holds the cock in her mouth at the standing fellatio pose.
Then, three employees intrude into there. It called so that the president who got tired of AMI might offer employees the body. And, the president goes out for the conference.
The employees who are given wonderful body go into raptures. The cock is immediately thrown in to mouth of AMI. The cock is deeply inserted by the direct hit of the interior of the throat and AMI is suffering while flutter the leg.

By the next scene, attack to the pussy is begun after image scene of bikini appearance is put in.
She made open leg pose on the sofa and insulting play to which labia meat is picked with chopsticks and labia meat is sucked with the straw made of the glass continues.
Then, clitoris and vagina hole are attacked with the rotor toy at the same time and she is made acme compulsorily. Next, the vibs toy is inserted by standing backing pose.

Furthermore, the point of the cane is deeply thrown in to the vagina. And, the test tube is compulsorily inserted. The fold overcrowded to the vagina wall wriggles.
It is president's mistress as may be expected, it must be a considerable rare hole. In the next, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus where president's semen and cloudiness joy juice pile up is exposed.
The PISS SHOT is in the next. AMI squats down and a large amount of urination is discharged. It gets excited by a detailed urination scene to which urethral openings greatly open.

Men drive recklessly further after urination. They move to the bed and fucking is begun. The cock is thrown in one after another at the missionary and side posture and the uniting part is shown by side posture and AMI dislikes it seriously.
The mouth is closed with another cock and compulsion fellatio is started after M-leg woman on top and standing back posture. In addition, a violent piston continues while she is made to say an obscene word.
The first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. Semen flows backward from the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and made vagina cum shot at the missionary posture after violently stirring in the vagina.
The third one is immediately inserted at the back posture and made vaginal cum shot again into vagina where is full of semen.
The pussy is greatly expanded by the finger by force in the lift hip up pose though AMI cannot get up by the impact of continuous vaginal cum shot. And, new employees are gathered and the semen pour is forced to the enhanced pussy.
Vagina of AMI is filled with the semen of total seven people. Immediate aftermath, AMI is took up in his arms and is made excretes semen compulsorily. A large amount of semen flows and falls with lascivious sound.
In addition, another six new employees make the facial cum shot. Semen is cling to the face and AMI is painted it to all over the face. President's mistress is the 108th person in AMI.
After they are thrown away by the president, mistresses are made employees' sexual desire toys. Women of the sexual desire toy to be covered in semen and playing by employees and becomes the slut for the genital finally.
Such sluts are called by the number and semen is repeatedly injected and they are made to get pregnant. AMI will be called "The 108th" from tomorrow and the life is spent as the sexual desire toy.
This east heat style measures to deal with the effects of the decline in the number of births are admitted by the government and the subsidy seems to be given from next year.

> > (Ami Matsuda) The Talent Wannabees Continue

(Rina Takagi) Young Slut


n0239 2007/07/13
Rina Takagi
Young Slut

It is common things that the make-up suddenly becomes showy and going out at night for pleasure increases when a serious schoolgirl begins to associate with a man.
RINA TAKAGI of the dynamite tits schoolgirl begins also to associate with the boyfriend and her clothes became showy.
Not only the skirt of the uniform shortens suddenly but also tattoo is put in the left arm and the waist as it is said by the boyfriend.

However, school regulations of her school are anyway strict and many students have received the expulsion from school in the past. RINA whom clothes turned into suddenly is called by the teacher.
RINA is at a teacher's beck due to escape the expulsion from school. RINA who turns into meat slave is trifled by devil teachers. At the beginning, it is intertwine of RINA and the boyfriend.
The boyfriend fingers the pussy of RINA of the open leg pose after he caressed her tits from the back. Large amounts of joy juice that become cloudy gush to violent finger fuck.

Then, fellatio is begun afterwards. After the cock rub service by dynamite tits, cock is inserted at the missionary posture.
The powerful piston is made at the woman on top, back, M-leg woman on top and back posture and it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. Semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina.
RINA receives a severe warning by the teacher about a tattoo, color of the hair and short skirt later. RINA is threatened the expulsion from school, and cock is thrown in her mouth.

Back of the head is suppressed by standing fellatio and powerful piston is made. The other three teachers gather, too and mouth of RINA is closed with the cock one after another.
Also three cocks are thrown in to the mouth at the same time following the double fellatio. Then, RINA is made to suck class president's cock continuously.
RINA licks glans by the tongue while making hand job service and it is mouthful cum shot at the last. A large amount of semen is shot on the tongue. All the leaked semen besides the mouth is absorbed, too and it is vomited in the palm at the end.

The continuing scene is a thorough insulting to the pussy. RINA sits on a sofa and exposes the pussy in the open leg pose. RINA is sucked labia meat and the clitoris with the straw made of the glass and writhes to shame.
Then, it is attack with the rotor and vibs toy. After she ejaculates to the rotor toy attack to the clitoris and vagina, vibs toy is inserted into the pussy and she is made acme.
Immediate aftermath Cuzco inserted compulsorily after the test tube is inserted in the vagina hole and the vagina wall of the pink color is peeped and the opening of uterus is exposed.

The next scene is PISS SHOT. Labia meat is voluntarily expanded by the open leg pose and it gushes at a dash. Then it is fucking at the standing back posture after the insult play of the PISS SHOT.
One leg is lifted and powerful piston is made. Vagina meat sticks to the cock whenever the cock is put in and out at the woman on top posture. It might be superior vagina jar and seem a very pleasant pussy.
In addition, the cock is inserted on at the lift hip up posture. Labia meat is enlarged and the vagina hole is greatly open by the hard piston by the back, side and backward woman on top posture.

Then first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. The man is excited so as to hate though RINA opposes for the vaginal cum shot from beginning to end.
The second cock immediately inserts and made vaginal cum shot at the back posture while enjoying fully vagina meat sticking to a cock. The third cock inserts in the pussy where drips semen at the missionary posture.
The third vaginal cum shot is made after violently stirring the vagina that full of semen. It is urgent staff conference afterwards. All teachers gather and right or wrong of the expulsion from school of RINA is discussed.

RINA has been expanded vagina at the lift hip up pose. The teachers who agree the expulsion from school splashed semen one after another to her pussy. Total 9 cum shot is made and they are poured into the pussy.
She immediately takes up in ones arms and semen is excretes compulsorily. A large amount of semen flows backward when the vagina hole is stirred by the finger.
Then teachers against the expulsion from school splashed semen to the face of RINA. Total semen of seven covered her face. The principal appears there and announce the urgent report that the school is amalgamated by the TOKYO HOT high school.
Though all students become the expulsion from school, teachers can work after amalgamates. The appearance of RINA from whom the whole body is polluted with semen is miserable in contrasting with relieved teachers.
Last is PISS SHOT of RINA who changed the school uniform of the blazer to the white suit like adult and put on the high-heel. She sits down and excretes urination while expanding labia meat.
Impure yellow excrement describes a parabola. It gets excited by the appearance of RINA to whom focuses of eyes are not decided by shame after excretes.
After this, RINA is highly evaluated her super pussy and escapes the expulsion from school as special measures is decided to be exhibited on the passage at the school after amalgamates as object.
RINA becomes playthings to not only the board of education and parents who visit school but also teachers. Though it was miserable day such as the nightmare, but nobody knows what fortunate it.

> > (Rina Takagi) Young Slut Continue

(Kyoko Takigawa) A Reader Model


n0238 2007/07/10
Kyoko Takigawa
A Reader Model

KYOKO TAKIGAWA is a slender beautiful woman who floats adult amorousness from the whole body. KYOKO sometimes does the model of the magazine though she is a student normally.
However, she is not only been exposed nakedness in the presence of others but also not appeared in the Adult Video. My endurance soup begins to blot more than usual in the best model's appearance.
It starts from an easy interview and progresses to cruel villainy play at dash. Staffs who get excited insult her intently at the end. First of all, it is interview by the bikini appearance.

When she is answered shamefully to a lewd question and is made to say the argot by force, it is very freshly and excited for the scene that swims line of vision and answer in incoherence.
Even if masturbation is compelled, she is not possible to become serious by the shamefulness and the tension. Interviewer's man gradually stimulates the clitoris with the rotor toy.
The clitoris is peeled off by force, and the pant voice grows gradually when the rotor toy is inserted in the pussy. Then, it is finger fuck and fellatio after she is got acme in the presence of others.

She licks cock from glans skillfully by the standing fellatio and the camera eye line gets excited very much. The appearance to suck the cock with lascivious sound while hanging saliva down is also the highest.
Two men appear continuously and labia meat is picked with chopsticks at M-leg pose and finger fuck is made. The pussy immediately drips the joy juice. Next, pussy and clitoris are stimulated at the same time by small two rotor toys.
In addition, it is toy attack at the backing style. The clitoris and the pussy are obstinately stimulated and a large amount of joy juice gushes. In continuously, leg is greatly opened on the sofa.

KYOKO is made to faint in agony with the electric massage machine while being finger fuck. Kyoko is made acme while whole body's going into convulsions.
KYOKO who exposed to make a fool of her twice in the presence of others is exhausted. The test tube is immediately inserted in the pussy and the vagina wall that just got acme is exposed.
Also Cuzco is sintered and the opening of uterus is exposed. Then, it is fucking time and it starts from standing back posture.

The joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed from the pussy after fucking is been made at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture. The expression of KYOKO becomes hollow by continues violent play.
More violent piston is made at back, missionary and bending posture.
Though KYOKO violently opposes to worry the pregnancy immediately before the vaginal cum shot at the back posture, a man doesn't care and inject semen into the vagina interior and taught the severity to her.

Then, three men begin gangbang to KYOKO who was change clothes to costume of Race Queen. After compulsion fellatio, it begins to test the condition of the pussy by three men.
They enjoy the piston while being said an obscene word at the missionary, bending, woman on top and backward woman on top posture. The first vaginal cum shot is made by backing though she opposes it.
The second vaginal cum shot is made immediately at the missionary posture and also third vaginal cum shot is made at the backward woman on top posture by force.

The cock pulled out once after it ejaculates is inserted again and the piston is done violently. When it begins to squeeze all the semen of the remainder, KYOKO seriously dislikes it.
Next, exhausted KYOKO in continuous vaginal cum shot is fixed by lift hip up pose and the compulsion pour is begun. The semen of total five is splashed on one after another into the pussy where greatly expanded.
The KYOKO is made open leg pose. The cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted to the pussy one after another and it explodes by accident in the vagina.

After compulsion excretes a large amount of semen from the pussy on the tray for tableware on the way, injection is restarted. Total six men poured semen into the vagina.
It is perfection of the devil play. Immediate aftermath, two men splash semen into vagina where already covered with semen. The cock after ejaculates is rubbed against the pussy.
Semen that is made to excrete to the tray is rubbed against the hair by force at the end. The amount of semen only became tens of times at the end though KYOKO was absorbed in and performed to tens of time magazine model guarantee.
The woman of the reader model has grown up to the model on one rank by the cruel villainy play.
Afterwards though KYOKO repeats fucking and vaginal cum shot in order to rank up, when KYOKO is noticed the vagina jar is polluted with semen and she might be complete changed to sink to a simple public toilet from model.

> > (Kyoko Takigawa) A Reader Model Continue

(Yukie Yamazaki) Haughty Slut


n0237 2007/07/06
Yukie Yamazaki
Haughty Slut

The number of woman who go into society has increased overwhelmingly by the development of legal systems of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law and Recognition to the gender-equal society also is generalized.
Therefore, woman who is the boss is not unusual. However, it is it in the thing that the improvement of the position of the woman multiplies an egocentric woman on high-handedness with impertinence.
The typical case of this is YUKIE YAMAZAKI of president. Employees cannot say anything because they scare the woman president though YUKIE is throwing her head back importantly and make employees sweat.

However, the grudge that employees accumulated explodes by a certain opportunity. Then, the body of YUKIE becomes the prey, and it is torn up into pieces.
YUKIE orders the massage with the other two employees while smoking after today's schedule is confirmed to man's secretary. It is the greatest that the authority of woman president.
The employee who was scolded unskillful of the massage kneels on the ground immediately and apologizes. YUKIE shows way of dictator in the planning meeting in men's inner.

YUKIE takes off pants that two boy employees are putting on by force and abuses them. In addition, she rages at the cock without vigor. YUKIE begins fellatio and hand job service in order to make it energetic.
Employees masturbate voluntarily and ejaculation to palm of her hand at the last. YUKIE sees its semen and abuses "It is dirty" and stands from the seat.
In the next, one employee is called and made him to serve of whole body caress. After emphatically licking the pussy from the thigh, it is woman on top on the face by force.

Then, it is the fucking time at the woman on top posture after six nine play on the bed. The employee made piston at the back and missionary posture by lead of YUKIA, and the employee made vaginal cum shot according to the demand of YUKIE.
Semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina. Later, customer's president jumps into the place where YUKIE is having employees massage.
The president rages because the all the commodities of her company are all defective goods and he said to return the all of them.

At the beginning, though YUKIE is overbearing to the last and attributes it to employees, she is a sudden change the behavior when understand that the client is an origin of financing of her company and begin to apologize.
However, client request to YUKIE to take the responsibility and begins to violence suddenly. In addition, employees also join it. After exposing the pussy by the open leg pose, it is compulsion finger fuck play.
Moreover, the clitoris and vagina are attacked with the rotor toy at the same time. Then, two rotor toys are inserted in the pussy.

YUKIE is stimulated the clitoris with the rotor toy at the same time as the vibs toy being thrown in to the pussy and ejaculates. In the continuously, two thick vibs toys are inserted by the back style.
A large amount of joy juice gushes. In addition, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated violently with the electric massage machine and YUKIE is made acme again with ejaculates greatly.
Her consciousness is almost lost and expression is also hollow. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is mercilessly inserted in the pussy deeply. YUKIE seriously dislikes to the play of the womb entrance exposing.

Next, YUKIE are restrained both hands and hang from a ceiling. Employees attack YUKIE who cannot move and start finger fuck. And she is made female ejaculation at the last.
Then cock is inserted at the back posture. Employees' cocks are buried under the vagina one after another. In the following, it moves to the bed after compulsion fellatio and fucking begins.
Piston is made at missionary, side, back and backward woman in top posture and one another cock is inserted in the vagina where the cock is buried in woman on top posture by force.

The pussy is greatly enhanced to two insertions simultaneously, and the ostium of the vagina become full length and is miserable. YUKIE gives a loud halloo and shows the vigorous oppose while fainting in agony.
Next, president of client made vaginal cum shot after enjoy the piston at the missionary posture. Labia meat is greatly enlarged to a violent piston.
The employees are following to president and make seven continues com shot and semen is injected into the loosening pussy. It was not only an employee that had the grudge in YUKIE.
Part-timer gathers too, and the semen compulsion pour is forced to the pussy of YUKIE who became lift hip up pose. Semen of total 18 is poured. In the next, it is semen compulsion excretes as keeping lift hip up pose.
The all what she can do is just only get up. And it ends in the expression that distorted to insult. YUKIE is recalled the president and she is demoted to a person in charge of complaint processing afterwards.
When there are some complaints, she will go to apology and try to solute the claim by offering the body.
Disposal of YUKIE has been decided with the mountain of the stock of defective goods, because the complaint that the vagina of the person in charge of processing is loose has reported besides complaint with a lot of defective goods recently.

> > (Yukie Yamazaki) Haughty Slut Continue

(Sayuri Kanzaki) The Race Queen


n0236 2007/07/03
Sayuri Kanzaki
The Race Queen

The gratitude for all of the people who are usually taken care of concerned as like a client or a customer is important. The world of a gorgeous Race Queen is also similar.
The activity that more close to the fan and the sponsor, etc. is important. A steady activity will connect the truth in the future because of this business is full of ups and downs.
SAYURI KANZAKI is a Race Queen of a great popularity. However, there is a present position supported by not her own power but various people. And, it is a turn this time that SAYURI gives a reward.

Let's make people to enjoy much by the offering body of the best without fault as dynamite tit and beauty leg. SAYURI is called by the president of the office and she is informed that today's schedule is fan thanks day.
A lot of fans have already gathered. To make fans pleased, the president compels SAYURI to become a stark-naked and to make lascivious behavior in front of everyone.
SAYURI reluctantly takes off clothes and cock is inserted in the pussy at the standing back posture. The love juice gushes immediately from the pussy and the string is pulled.

Fans get excited and begin taking a picture of fucking. Fans immediately take a picture of SAYURI from whom the one leg is lifted high and the uniting part is made exposed.
SAYURI pours away the joy juice that becomes cloudy and trembles with shame. And, the pussy is stirred with a violent piston and she is got acme by force.
In the next, SAYURI feels shy seriously while fainting in agony when labia meat is expanded from the back by the finger at M-leg backward woman on top posture.

The compulsion semen injection is made though SAYURI opposes for the vaginal cum shot after made piston at the woman on top and bending posture.
Then, the original semen pour container that improves PET bottle and is made is inserted in the vagina immediately after vaginal cum shot.
Moreover, SAYURI who is suppressed both leg by the open leg pose and cannot move is made to pour semen compulsorily. It is the services to fans to become more pleasant.

Total nine funs ejaculate aiming to her pussy. In addition, the semen of total nine funs is splashed to the super beauty tits. The gratitude is declared though SAYURI is choked with semen at every time fans ejaculate.
After the fact, SAYURI is lifted the waist high and is poured all the semen of pour container into the vagina. In addition, SAYURI is immediately hold in one?fs arms and is made semen excretion compulsorily.
As soon as it was stirred in the vagina by the finger, a large amount of semen flows out greatly. Afterwards, SAYURI who is covered body by semen expresses gratitude for the fan while making standing pose.

Fan thanks day's ending and having rested are the moments. The president noticed the continuing schedule is "Sponsor thanks day". The president forces the masturbation to SAYURI who sits on a sofa with a black bikini appearance.
Sponsors surround SAYURI who stimulates clitoris with vibs toy and begins to finger the nipple and the pussy with rotor and vibs toy violently.
In addition, SAYURI is stimulated clitoris by the rotor toy while vibs toy inserts in the pussy and she is got acme compulsorily. Then, cock is thrown in to the mouth and it is compulsion fellatio.

It moves to the bed after three cocks are licked by standing fellatio at the same time and fucking is begun afterwards. Hard piston continue at the missionary, bending and back posture.
And SAYURI is got acme while cock is being inserted at the woman on top posture and the cloudiness joy juice is overflowed. SAYURI is made acme again while faint in agony with disheveled hair.
In addition, piston is made at standing back and side posture, and first vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture. The second is violently thrown in to the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly.

In spite of SAYURI seriously opposes vagina cum shot, the second semen is injected. Then, the third one immediately inserts at the missionary posture.
Again the semen is injected while adding more violent stimulation to the pussy where is opened sloppily and expanded due to cock is thrown in without any interval.
Then she is hold in one?fs arms immediately and powerful finger fuck is forced. SAYURI is made female ejaculation and splashed joy juice that mixing semen and she made screaming.
The fact that contract of SAYURI terminated by today comes to light afterwards. The president apologizes to sponsors and promises business by a Race Queen.
Now then, SAYURI who is through impoverishes for continuous villainy play and has a fit of coughing violently and it sits down. It is a business world with indeed violent ups and downs.
The high class Race Queen sank in a day. It is almost impossible to come to the surface again. She will sink to lowest slut who is fucked by a strange man.

> > (Sayuri Kanzaki) The Race Queen Continue

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