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(You Ogura) Fill Up Pussy


n0397 2009/01/13
You Ogura
Fill Up Pussy

A new girl entered the popular shop of the housemaid caf? TOKYO HOT. It is YOU OGURA who has charming point as sweet atmosphere and drooping eyes. She has plump body
of fair with dynamite tits. She is the girl who will be No.1 immediately without doubt. However, she is a new comer of inexperience. It will be troublesome if there is blunder for the
customer while serving. It is natural to taste tight what kind of condition it is before it puts it out to the shop. Incidentally, it intends to have a debt collector who is scheduled to come

today buy the body of YOU highly. It is early and can collect an opening of a store fund unexpectedly. Gee, it was good that a really good girl entered! YOU of new figure housemaid
is requested to have a desire to urinate and to excrete in the store immediately after having been called by the manager before a store opens. The panty is taken off and she urinates
on the sofa. She excretes urine with describes a parabola. The manager begins careful licking service though YOU shamefully covers between groins by the hand. The vicinity of the

urethra entrance immediately after urination is emphatically licked and she dislikes it seriously. And, YOU is said that the hourly wage will be improved and is made deep kiss. The
housemaid clothes are opened and the brassiere is taken off. After the dynamite tits is rubbed, the nipple is licked and the pussy is exposed in standing back pose. In addition, finger
fuck was made at open leg pose. Also she is intensely stirred in the vagina and ejaculates. Then female ejaculation was made. And, the cock is thrown in the mouth and she was made

standing fellatio. Then, cock is inserted at standing back posture after she is made to suck politely. The piston is made many times intensely and she faints in agony, and was made
acme. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes and it adheres to the cock while she was poked at M-leg backward woman on top, woman on top and missionary posture, then semen
injected in the vagina. The pussy goes into convulsions and bubble semen flows backward. After the fact, the manager leaves looking after the store to YOU and is immediately gone.

Immediate aftermath, men intrude into suddenly. Because the repayment deadline of money that the manager had borrowed from the capital of opening a store of the shop had already
passed, the debt taking thronged. However, men's aims are body of YOU from the beginning. It is because of exchanging for which it promises to offer body of YOU instead of returning
money. YOU who doesn't know anything is made taking off the housemaid clothes like incomprehensible and is made a stark-naked. After YOU is made finger fuck by open leg pose,

she is attacked with the toy. Labia meat is picked with chopsticks and the clitoris is sucked with the straw. YOU exclaims whenever attacked. In addition, the ball gag is fit and the pussy
is stimulated with the rotor toy. In the next, the leg is bound with the adhesive tape and it is fixed by the open leg pose. And thick vibs toy inserted. The clitoris is attacked with the
electric massage machine at the same time and she pants loudly. In addition, finger fuck t is made while being stimulated the clitoris with the massage machine. YOU ejaculates and

gushes a large amount of love juice. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus where the cloudiness joy juice stays in large quantities is exposed. And then
cock inserted at missionary posture. The cock is thrown in also the mouth and she is made to suck while she was poked at bending, back, backward woman on top, woman on top and
side posture. Then vaginal cum shot was made. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at back posture and semen is injected. The 3rd and the 4th vaginal cum shot are made

mercilessly though YOU opposes it. Immediate aftermath, the other debt collectors arrive at the shop, too. They suppressed YOU by the open leg pose and inserted cock immediately
before the ejaculation one after another and made the ejaculation. YOU is poured in total four semen into in a pussy. In addition, it continuous ejaculates to pussy at the lift hip up pose.
The semen of four totals is poured in the ostium of the vagina that greatly opened. In addition, it stirs in the vagina with stick. But men are going to never stop it though YOU seriously

opposes and appeals for the interruption many times on the way. Immediate aftermath, she is excreted semen on the hold in his arms by open leg pose. YOU gives appreciative words in
men while exposing the pussy that made dirty by semen. She is the model of the housemaid. The manager's debt became settled after this. On the other hand, YOU was promotional to
the slave housemaid who open the pussy only for fucking whenever guest who pretended to be a debt collector storming “repayment” into shop. The hourly wage seems to have improved
for ten yen according to the promise.

> > (You Ogura) Fill Up Pussy Continue


(Haruka Aoyama) Semen Effluence


n0396 2009/01/09
Haruka Aoyama
Semen Effluence

The slender beauty HARUKA AOYAMA who was an idol of company had the painful event never forgotten. She wants to speak everything rather. However, she cannot talk about because she
loves. Then on earth what was there!? We will show the full detail. HARUKA is flirting with the boyfriend in the bed. Stockings and the panty are taken off and finger fuck was made after
the ear is licked. HARUKA who gets excited licks the nipple of man by the tongue and gladly sucked cock. And, it shifted to six-nine pose. She sucks politely from side to ball bag while being

intensely licked the pussy. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. The waist is positively shaken at bending, sit and woman on top posture and she feels it. And vaginal cum shot was
made at missionary posture after piston was made at M-leg woman on top, back, side and backward woman on top posture. The spectacle to which the pussy that greatly opened immediately
after the cock was pulled out gradually shrinks is obscene. Immediate aftermath, she was scooping the semen that flows backward and taking into mouth by own finger. She seems not to

satisfy it. And, after taking shower together, it was deep kiss again in the bed. It is atmosphere that seems to rush into the second round. However, HARUKA who was asked the thing of
the other day's party by a man shakes and made fellatio deliriously while apologizing. What on earth would there be!? The hard memory of just other day revives in the heart of HARUKA.
HARUKA who was going back to home after continue a party of the New Year's party is invited to home by boyfriend's superior. Because two colleagues in the delightful atmosphere were

also together, relieved HARUKA continues the entering party to the room as invited. HARUKA is flattered and feels good. However, men were aiming at body of HARUKA from the
beginning. HARUKA is suddenly licked the ear and the body is groped. HARUKA is suppressed and stockings are broken though she opposes in surprise. The panty is taken off and she is
made open leg pose. In addition, a shameful appearance is taken of a picture with the video camera. In the next, a large amount of joy juice is gushed by finger fuck and HARUKA

desperately opposes. However, the both hands & leg is bound with the adhesive tape and panty is pushed in the mouth. Then it is attacked by the rotor toy after labia meat is picked with
chopsticks. It is inserted also in the vagina at the same time while being stimulated the clitoris. In addition, HARUKA ejaculates while being twisting body by the electric massage machine
attack and she is made acme. In continues, cock is thrown in the mouth and fellatio was made. HARUKA violently putting the cock in the interior of the throat and she suck it hard while

suffers and pouring away of a large amount of slaver, and it was double fellatio. HARUKA loses the opposing energy gradually by the merciless attack. Then, cock inserted at standing back
posture. A lot of cocks are put in one after another and the expression to which it is frightened invites the men's excitements further. And then first vaginal cum shot was made. Immediate
aftermath, the second cock is inserted and semen is injected at missionary posture. The third cock immediately made vaginal cum shot at bending posture. Immediate aftermath, the spectacle

where thick semen flows backward from the ostium of the vagina is a splendid. At the end, company employees who thought HARUKA secretly gathers to pour semen into the pussy and
insertion begins one after another aiming at the womb of HARUKA who was suppressed by open leg pose. Men who turn into the crucible of the excitement splashed thick semen to HARUKA
who ejaculates and dislikes it. 11 is injected in the vagina and six ejaculates to the ostium of the vagina. The pussy becomes cruel in the muddy by semen of 17 totals. In addition, the panty

is put on as a muddy pussy and she is driven out from the room as attack the routed enemy. After this, HARUKA is called regularly and is made fucked & vaginal cum shot by using the video
taken a picture as the material. And HARUKA intends to seem to press a boyfriend for marriage as mentioned that she got pregnant when she was fucked and made vaginal cum shot by
men. It is only a boyfriend that doesn't know anything.

> > (Haruka Aoyama) Semen Effluence Continue

(Kaori Wakatsuki) Gun and Cock


n0395 2009/01/06
Kaori Wakatsuki
Gun and Cock

The incredible beautiful woman follows recently. It comes to light obviously though it is likely will shadow so as not to understand. It is such the poor work as the kind of the detective.
Some kind of invitation!? After all, she was my fan when I ask it directly. However, I am not an entertainer either. It will be doubtful more and more. Pretend to be cheated and push in
the room and let's keep confused with the friends. KAORI WAKATSUKI the slender beautiful woman of the quiet atmosphere challenges the infiltration investigation even it does not know

that she is made to be a prey of brutal person who lives by hunting. KAORI of sneaking investigator shadows one man. But KAORI is immediately found and becomes a predicament
though she might be hiding herself well. She is taken to the party as it is though a suitable reason is applied and the place is smoothed over. Although she thought that she was able to clip
it out well, it is a customary party of the TOKYO HOT to have been accompanied. KAORI was immediately touched body by men who go into raptures at the beautiful woman's appearance.

KAORI who plans to receive information from men cannot oppose. However, men think the woman to be doubtful from the beginning and they take off clothes of KAORI and made finger
fuck in order to confess the purpose of approached. KAORI to whom pussy was stirred by standing back pose reacts next rotor toy attack and goes into convulsions the lower half of the body.
Then, vibs toy inserted and poisoned it hard and she is made acme many times. She is stirred with the vibs toy in the vagina by the open leg pose and the cloudiness joy juice gushes.

And then it is the electric massage machine attack. KAORI pants loudly and faints in agony to direct stimulation that peels off the clitoris. Furthermore, the head of the massage machine is
pushed in the vagina and it is enhanced by seeming tear the ostium of the vagina. And, she got acme while struggling. In the next, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and standing fellatio
was made. A large amount of slaver pulls the string from mouth of KAORI who sucks while having a fit of coughing many times. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. She is

intensely poked by woman on top posture and is made acme with the cock put in the pussy. In addition, it is unbelievable villainy play afterwards. Another cock is put in the pussy that was
skewered by M-leg backward woman on top posture. The pussy skewered with two cocks drips the cloudiness joy juice while expanded in state of greatly transformed. The cock is pushed at
the same time also in the mouth. And it is vaginal cum shot after the piston is made intensely until the bottom of the vagina at the bending & side posture. Immediate aftermath, the second

cock is inserted and semen is injected at bending posture. The third cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made. After the fact, KAORI is kick out from
the room with semen thrown from the pussy. After all, she got nothing. The following duty had already waited when returning to the headquarters. Three blacks have a confidential talk in
the place where she was handed a handgun and went to. KAORI points a gun to men and intentioned to call “Freeze” but she shouted "Please!" Men cannot be surprised for the stupid

appearance and KAORI is immediately taken up the gun and is made deep kiss. And, the cock is inserted at back posture after clothes are taken off and finger fuck was made. A piston
intense for a delicate body to seem to break continues at missionary & woman on top posture and three blacks semen continuously injected in the vagina one after another. The pussy that
poked with a cannon cock is greatly opened. A further tragedy attacks KAORI who lying in the state of downhearted. Many men of the stark-naked appear from the cover. They made

KAORI to make open leg pose and cock that immediately before the ejaculation is inserted one after another and made the ejaculation in the vagina. KAORI is only frightened as
incomprehensible. The semen of eight totals is poured in the vagina. Pussy that is made dirty with semen goes into convulsions and semen flows backward. Then, last is PISS SHOT at
standing pose. The pussy is voluntarily expanded with the wearing a suit and a large amount of urine is excreted. The PISS SHOT is gazed and expression of KAORI becomes stiff. KAORI
is appointed to the semen jar investigator after this. It seems to do the sneak investigation all over the world. The scene which she is opened a crotch by men in the world, and is made fuck
seems to come into eyes.

> > (Kaori Wakatsuki) Gun and Cock Continue

(Haruka Aoi) Vaginal Cum Shot


n0394 2009/01/02
Haruka Aoi
Vaginal Cum Shot

The TOKYO HOT finally has done! Wooow.... achieved world record of insertion. It is 50 continuous firing in rapid succession to repeat the insertion and vaginal cum shot. It is an extraordinary
figure that fucking & vaginal cum shot is becoming the world standard recently. It is young pretty slut HARUKA AOI who became prey whom the school uniform suits well. The image
that the cock is inserted to pussy one after another as like press to HARUKA and ejaculate in the vagina is astonishment. The pussy into which 54 in total a large amount of semen including

50 continuous vaginal cum shot is injected will collapse at a dash. The semen injection that doesn't end for a long, long time is continued endlessly and the nymph seriously appeals for the
limit of the body and a sorrowful shout is raised and she opposes. The work of the super-astonishment class finished. HARUKA of the honor student stays in the classroom after school and
study by alone. HARUKA who is innocent and serious though she is a nymph girl is a splendid target of a delinquent group. She is enclosed by delinquent and is played a trick when

finished the study and is going to home. Though the skirt is turned over and she try to escape, fortunately, she is helped by the homeroom teacher who has entered a classroom by chance.
However, the teacher was a bad teacher who was always aiming at body of HARUKA and reason to help is from a secret desire. HARUKA is immediately licked the ear and is made deep kiss.
And, after the panty is taken off, one leg is lifted high by the standing pose and the pussy on the way for development that pubic hair doesn't grows complete is exposed. However, HARUKA

cannot oppose by the surprise and fear. And then, cock is inserted at standing back posture after the cock is thrown in the mouth. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy
at the missionary & bending posture and vaginal cum shot was made. HARUKA worries about the pregnancy while looking into between groins and wipes the hole in the tissue though the
teacher leaves immediately. However, fucking with the teacher and the appearance to wipe the pussy many times were being looked by delinquent group unfortunately. Men immediately

restrain HARUKA and push both hands both legs and restrained. In addition, taking a picture is started with the camera. HARUKA from whom hole was greatly opened by open leg pose
is made deep kiss after labia meat is pulled. In addition, the ear and the nipple are licked and the whole body is fingering. And then it is toy attack. Though HARUKA makes noise to the rotor
and vibs toy seen for the first time and try to oppose, Men get excited extra. The clitoris is stimulated by the rotor toy and the vagina is enhanced with the thick vibs toy. Immediate

aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus is exposed. In the next, cock is thrown in the mouth one after another and standing fellatio is made. The appearance that three
is licked at the same time and the corresponding hard invites the more excitement. And, it ejaculates on the tongue and in the mouth after the largest cock in the men is pierced in the
throat deeply and it is made to suck severely. After the fact, the cleaning fellatio is made as well. Then cock is inserted and vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture after poked at

back & woman on top posture. The second cock inserted at back posture and semen is injected. The third cock is inserted at bending posture and of course it is vaginal cum shot. The
labia meat is getting rolled up on the outside in bad looking and A cruel insulting is added to HARUKA of petrifaction. Many men who add to the student at the next school are gathered
and HARUKA is surrounded. There are 50 brute! The spectacle that all 50 people attack by the stark-naked toward HARUKA is strange. And, 50 people insert the cock in the pussy

expanded by the open leg pose one after another and ejaculation in the vagina. HARUKA suffers seriously and supplicates pardon to devil play of firing in rapid succession that 50 continue
vaginal cum shot that continue about 30 minutes. The sense of the pussy is paralyzed and the entire lower half of the body goes into convulsions. It is too confused very much anyway.
A thick liquid that semen of 54 shots mixes flows backward from the vagina. The pregnancy of HARUKA comes to light after this!! HARUKA is put a label called a loose slut and is expulsion

from school though HARUKA doesn't understand whose child got pregnant and is completely at a loss and consult with a class teacher. However, the return to school is decided as a meat
urinal thanks to the signature activity of 54 men who made vaginal cum shot. HARUKA aims at the update of the world record of continuous vaginal cum shot and the trained pussy now
though she desperately endures vaginal cum shot every day.

> > (Haruka Aoi) Vaginal Cum Shot Continue

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