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(You Honjo) a TV reporter


n0216 2007/04/24
You Honjo
a TV reporter

YOU HONJO of new face announcer fall a prey in this time. YOU is suddenly selected to the announcer because she is a mistress of the director in the TV station. First of all, the work of new face announcer starts from the reporter.
The first work is rush interview to the group of thieves. YOU head optimistically for the hideout of the group of thieves. Of course, she cannot be able to come back safely and was obvious to be considered to be made to tattered.
However, does it never do here? It violently gnaws at body of YOU by a lot of the impact play. It is one room of the luxury flat where the night view is beautiful. YOU embraces each other with director and entreats to want to become announcer.

She offers the condition to make excitement to him as a tradeoff. YOU immediately begins the provocation masturbation in front of the man. A man appreciates masturbation while hanging the drunken red wine down in body of YOU.
Man who is summoned by the director there appears and he begins to caress YOU from the back. Director enjoys that YOU flirt with man in front of him. A man makes careful licking service after licking whole body of YOU.
YOU also positively attacks a man and makes fellatio while hanging a large amount of saliva in cock down. Then, he inserted cock at standing back posture.

The joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately gushes from the pussy and it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after violently poked. Semen blows the bubble and flows backward when the cock is pulled out.
Then, director immediately inserts the cock in the pussy and made vaginal cum shot after violent piston at the bending posture. The cock is pulled out once after cum shot and it is inserted again. All semen is injected in the vagina.
Director who satisfied it promises for YOU to become an announcer. YOU immediately made rush interview to the group of thieves. The only one staff as cameraman is attending with her. It is surprising defenseless.

They are six men in the hideout. YOU turns the mike to one of them. The group of thieves rages when they realized to be taken the camera. The cameraman leaves YOU there and escapes.
Then YOU who is left there is bound with the rope and hung up in less than no time. Clothes are broken and the vibs toy is thrown in to the pussy though she desperately opposes. The pussy is immediately wet.
The vagina meat which swelled up so as to seem to protrude outward is so lascivious. Next is that YOU is attacked with vibs toy by the open leg pose on the sofa.

The clitoris and the vagina are stimulated at the same time and she is made acme compulsorily. The surrounding of the pussy is congested in red the violent piston of vibs toy. Next, when Cuzco is inserted,
the opening of uterus has been fully dirty with the love juice that becomes cloudy. Then, it is fellatio time, three cocks are thrown into her mouth one after another at the standing pose. After skillful fellatio is made,it is PISS SHOT time.
YOU is made expanding labia while having stood and excretes urination. The urination stopped once but it begins again. Between groins and the thigh are profusely wet by the urination. Then fucking starts on the bed.

Three cocks inserted one after another at the missionary posture. She is made hard piston at the side, back, backward woman on top and woman on top posture and the large amount of joy juice spouts from the vagina
and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. The second cock is inserted before semen finishes flowing backward. Semen is injected further in the vagina?@where already became muddy by the semen.
When the cock is pulled out, a large amount of semen overflows powerfully. Moreover, third cock inserted at once at the back posture. Then, vaginal cu shot is made again after inside of the pussy was stirred.

YOU get exhausted and fell down to the place afterwards. However, the anger of the group of thieves doesn't become quiet. The companion is gathered and beginning of cum shower party that made 16 facial cum shot.
The cock after made cum shot is rubbed by force to face of YOU who apologizes for coming to interview.
Though the mike is turned to YOU and a present frame of mind is asked afterwards, but program is ended as she smeared with semen and is not being answered straight.

However, the program is very popular. After this, YOU gives up the announcer and takes an active part as a reporter of rush interview specialty.She becomes the authority of the reporter who can be made vaginal cum shot without fail at any interview scene.
It has a rush of offer to come interview in every day now.

Miku Kuriyama
Mikan Tokonatsu
Saya Namiki
Ayaka Sakurai
Reiko Ohtsuka
Yui Kawai
Mariko Kondo
Mako Kawai
Rei Kanzaki
Miyu Aoki
Miho Nakatani
Kaoru Amamiya
Momo Aizawa
Reiko Yamaguchi
Ai Ookubo
Mayura Serizawa
Miku Fukuoka
Yui Yoshii
Saori Takamiya
Kasumi Matsumura
Ai Tanaka
Mai Kawana
Rio Agawa
Mari Ebisawa
Saori Mizusawa
Riona Konishi
Yuma Furukawa
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Momo Kitagami
Hikaru Saeki
You Morooka
Kaho Noguchi
Yukie Shinozaki
Risa Miyazaki
Naomi Akita
Yuu Miduki
Riho Matsuoka
Yayoi Nakano
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Ran Kato
Miki Takahashi
Himari Kohinata
Erika Kojima
Misaki Inaba
Megumi Morita
Ryoko Fujiki


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