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(Anri Sawatari) a cabin attendant


n0217 2007/04/27
Anri Sawatari
a cabin attendant

It is the first series from which the beautiful stewardess of TOKYO HOT Airlines is fall a prey one after another. The first flight that should be commemorated is ANRI SAWAWATARI.
Most is a contract employee in the realities though it is a stewardess who seems may gorgeous and earn a lot of money. Doing another part-time job and finally living are the realities.
And, a high-level club and the cabaret club are the place where they work part-time in most cases. She also was working in the cabaret club secretly at the airline. However,

the stewardess comes to light to the manager and she is threatened and it was a start of the tragedy. Cruel insult play waited ANRI who was grasped weakness.
It is the first class cabaret club where ANRI works as part time of the touch the girl?fs body is NG. ANRI who ends work and was called by manager is questioned closely to work as a teacher in daytime.
ANRI is threatened by the manager to disclose her part time job to airline and is under manager's thumb. The pussy immediately gets wet when caress is made from back and finger fuck is made from under violently while having stood.

It continues, after the cock is thrown in to the mouth and compulsion fellatio is made, it is inserted at the backward woman on top posture and she is violently poked from the under and the joy juice that becomes cloudy and bubbled gushes.
A large amount of joy juice adheres to the cock. Fucking is continuing at standing back and M-leg posture and then the semen compulsion injects though she seriously opposes. Thick semen flows backward from the pussy mightily.
The next scene is office of TOKYO HOT airline and ANRI put on the airline costume. The part-time job in the cabaret club is questioned about closely to ANRI who is called by captain.

ANRI has been known that the captain and manager of the cabaret club is friend and recognize finally though she is negative first. In addition, the captain knew that ANRI had fucked with the manager of the cabaret club.
ANRI is threatened to dismiss and insulted here, too. Other captains also join there and body of ANRI is attacked. After ANRI is made finger fuck violently at the open leg pose, she is attacked with the vibs toy.
The vibs toy is deeply inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated with the vibs toy as well at the same time, and she ejaculates. Moreover, thick vibs toy pierces to the interior of the vagina and two more pilots intrude there.

Two pilots throw in the cock into mouth of ANRI. The pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine while two cocks are sucked.
ANRI ejaculates while making whole body bend to extreme vibration of electric massage machine and pilots ejaculate in ANRI by hand job service by them self. The uniform of stewardess is stained with semen.
Afterwards, ANRI is made acme compulsorily by the electric massage machine. Captains' insulting escalates further. They move to the bed and the gangbang is begun.

The cock is inserted in the pussy of ANRI at the missionary posture one after another and hard piston made continuously at the bending and side posture.
The piston is done from the under at the backward woman on top posture while inserted at side posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes. The uniting part became like a flood.
Then, it is vaginal cum shot at the side posture after she is made hard piston at the woman on top and back posture. The second cock is inserted without any interval. The semen oozed out in the ostium of the vagina is pushed back in the vagina.

The cock is pulled out immediately before cum shot and semen is discharged into labia. Then, cock is inserts again immediately after ejaculation and semen is injected. Also third cock immediately inserted.
After strongly stimulating the pussy, it is vaginal cum shot again. The pussy into which a large amount of semen is injected is keep to open greatly. The last is cum shower party, new figure employee is gathered.
ANRI lie down on a bed and has been stimulated the pussy with the electric massage machine. Semen of 15 is splashed to the mouth that it is made to open compulsorily and the face of ANRI.

In addition, the cruel plays that cock after ejaculated thrown in to mouth is made and ANRI who is made acme compulsorily by the electric massage machine at the same time becomes haggard. The scene is ended by the appearance of ANRI who cannot move.
Afterwards, it was a threefold jar life that work as the stewardess, the club hostess and vaginal cum shot slut were waited for ANRI.
She may get exhausted by the life to have vaginal cum shot day and night and is likely to collapse mentally and physically sooner or later.

Maya Inoue
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Yumiko Shaka
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Megu Aso
Kaori Ashizawa
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Mami Asada
Yayoi Nakano
Special Edition
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Misuzu Takizawa
Erika Kojima
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Yuko Miura
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Risa Miyazaki
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Yoko Sakashita
Chinami Kawana
Riona Konishi
Maria Fujisawa
Reimi Kanoh


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