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(Aoi Kohinata) Always part-time


n0218 2007/05/01
Aoi Kohinata
Always part-time

It is second content of air attendance series of well popularity. AOI KOHINATA fall a prey in this time. Most of air attendance is a contact employee in the present time. AOI is a contract employee of the small salary, too.
AOI is doing model as the part-time job, because life is hard only in the air attendance. However, the cameramen who get excited in the model photo session where the AOI appears with race queen costume drive recklessly.
They are warrior who drove in every model to disposal. The body of AOI is made tattered without an interval to oppose. There is no escape way to AOI who pushed down to dire situation. AOI who finishes the flight comes to home where the boyfriend waits.

The boyfriend approaches AOI who just sat down in the sofa and he begins the caress. The boyfriend rages at the story of AOI that the guest touched her hips during the flight.
Both hands are bound with the scarf that got togged up and AOI is made finger fuck at crawl on all fours. In the next, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy by the open leg pose and the clitoris is attacked with the rotor toy.
The pussy immediately gets wet. Then, it is fellatio. It is the skillful fellatio that licks from top and side of cock politely with lascivious sound. They move to the sofa and made fuck at the missionary posture afterwards.

AOI is violently poked from the under at the woman on top posture and the love juice that becomes cloudy gushes.
The inside of the pussy is congested in red when posture is shifting to backward woman on top afterwards and the cloudiness love juice increases the amount further. Of course the finish is vaginal cum shot at the back posture.
AOI is made ACME and ejaculates at the same time as injecting semen. AOI is immediately stirred vagina by the finger at open leg pose and it begins to grub semen. The scene changes and AOI appears with costume of race queen in the photo session place.

She is working part-time as a model on the day without the flight. Camera kids who crowded take a picture with the camera of the cellular phone. AOI who is an unnamed as the model is completely held in derision.
AOI is made to take off one's clothes gradually by men who say that popularity doesn't go out if she doesn't take it off. The pussy is exposed at crawl on all fours in an instant. In addition, the pussy is fingered in the open leg pose.
Immediately a large amount of love juice gushes from the pussy. In continues, the clitoris is intensively attacked with the vibs toy. In addition, the rotor toy is inserted in a drenched vagina.

It is toy attack with super thick vibs toy after shame play that labia meat is sucked by the toy. AOI is made acme again by violent stimulation and it is female ejaculation at the moment. A large amount of joy juice gushed!
Then, finger fuck is made at crawl on all fours to the pussy that greatly opened. When Cuzco is inserted in the pussy afterwards, the love juice of great amount stays in the vagina. The opening of uterus repeats the slack shrinkage.
Then, three cocks are thrown in to the mouth of AOI and it is compulsion fellatio. After fellatio, fucking starts at the missionary posture. Pussy spouts more love juice at the each piston. Fucking is carry on at the M-leg woman on top,

backward woman on top, back and side, and it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture afterwards. Immediate aftermath, second cock made insertion by force. And it is vaginal cum shot again after violent piston that pushed up opening of uterus.
Semen that splashed in the vicinity of vagina entrance scatters outside the vagina and adheres to labia meat. The third cock inserted in to the pussy that became muddy by the semen and vaginal cum shot is made again at the bending posture.
Then, semen is raked out by the finger immediately. Last is a compulsion semen attack. Other camera kids are gathered and semen is splashed to hair and face of AOI one after another. In addition, she is licked cock after ejaculated by force.

AOI became muddy by the semen of total 13. Though pose of race queen is compelled at the end, AOI has not already had the thinking ability and only standing up is what she can do for a while. Camera kids drive recklessly further afterwards.
Not only the photo session but also camera kids are thronging in great force at each flight to the airplane that AOI takes and compels the fucking.
An airline that number of guests increases in unexpected effect of AOI runs extra the flights which she appears.In addition, it has been decided that the guest is made to fuck play other contract air attendance to increase the number of passengers.

Saya Namiki
Riho Matsuoka
Anna Isshiki
Junna Akimoto
Momo Kitagami
Mimei Morinaga
Mikan Tokonatsu
Risa Miyazaki
Remi Oomiya
Miyu Ohta
Rika Wakabayashi
Kaho Aida
insulting play
Yuko Miura
Miyo Kasuga
Hinako Yoshikawa
Japanese Girl
Reimi Minami
Sena Egawa
Yuki Shiratori
Miyuki Morimiya
Rena Moritaka
Mayura Serizawa
Ren Hoshikawa
Haruna Serizawa
Yui Kawai
Riona Konishi
Mami Asada
Yuma Furukawa
Mariko Kondo
Reiko Ohtsuka
Saori Mizusawa
Michi Asao
Japanese Anal
Akane Matsubara
Rika Kagaku
Misako Fujii
Suzuka Kobayashi
Kurumi Aizawa
Kaori Shimazaki
Yuu Miduki
Yayoi Nakano
Kaoru Amamiya
Miki Hirota
Ai Tanaka
Saki Mikami


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