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(Miyuki Nakagawa) semen smell C.A.


n0219 2007/05/04
Miyuki Nakagawa
semen smell C.A.

This is the third series of air attendance that you are waiting impatiently for. The air attendance who fells a prey this time is slender slut MIYUKI NAKAGAWA with beauty tits.
The relation between the air attendance and the captain is very intimate in any airline. It is a current state that it is too intimate and the air attendance who has a deep relation with the captain is not unusual either.
The lover appears newly though MIYUKI also has continued the relation to the captain long. However, it comes to light to the boyfriend with a new relation to the captain. The boyfriend who raged makes a cruel punishment to MIYUKI.

Unexpected insult play that is not possible never to stand up not to mention love affair is hard as want to avert one's eyes.
After the flight, MIYUKI is called in captain's room. The captain who is jealous for MIYUKI who has the boyfriend suddenly caresses the body of MIYUKI who sits on a sofa by the uniform appearance. MIYUKI is put handcuffs on and is blindfolded as well.
In addition, hips are had in the spank by the backing style. More over, after violent finger fuck, the vibs toy thrust into her pussy and MIYUKI was got acme compulsorily.

Next, MIYUKI is directed to drop the waist on the vibs toy that turns and towers ceiling by being set up on floor. The vibs toy is buried in the vagina. MIYUKI ejaculates to violent stimulation, and the joy juice drips and drops.
Then, a lascivious sound echo and MIYUKI got acme. In the next scene, MIYUKI begins to lick captain's body. She starts from deep kiss and licks his body down to start fellatio. The entire stick is licked while hanging a large amount of saliva down.
MIYUKI licked cock carefully from top to bottom while hanging a large amount of saliva down. Moreover, ball bag and anal is licked stickily. Then fucking starts at the woman on top posture.

She was violently poked at the back posture after backward woman on top and she is made acme. In addition, she is violently poked at side and missionary posture many times and it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture at the last.
The cock is pulled out while ejaculating and semen is discharged into labia meat once, then, it throwing in the vagina again and semen injection is made compulsorily.
In addition, the semen that remains in vagina meat is pushed into the vagina by the finger. The scene changes and MIYUKI who comes home is flirting with the boyfriend.

Boyfriend reacts in a smell of captain's semen that stayed in a vagina at the moment that he opens a crotch of MIYUKI, and got closer to a pussy. MIYUKI is pressed for the answer by the boyfriend confesses the relation to the captain.
The boyfriend who raged begins to call two juniors and to be punishment coming to the MIYUKI together. MIYUKI is thrust vibs toy into pussy by the open leg pose. Then, it is compulsion fellatio after hips are spanked by crawl on all fours.
Three cocks thrust into her mouth many times. In the next, fucking starts at the missionary posture. MIYUKI is violently poked by bending, side and backward woman on top posture and ejaculates.

The cock is pulled out by backing at the time of fucking and semen is splashed aiming at the anus. A cock is inserted in a vagina again just after that and second vaginal cum shot is made. After the cock is pulled out,
semen makes noise and flows backward. Then, another cock is inserted at the side posture. It is a compulsion semen injection in the vagina where overflows with semen and joy juice.
The boyfriend inserts the cock immediately after that and made vaginal cu shot after stirring in the vagina. MIYUKI shakes labia meat and semen is discharged from the vagina. However, boyfriend's anger has not been calmed down yet.

In addition, other juniors are summoned and cum shower party begins. MIYUKI is made to expand labia meat by her self at the open leg pose. Five people splash the semen for there one after another.
The semen that leaks outside the vagina is raked up with the vibs toy and injected in the vagina. In addition, semen is launching into the mouth compulsorily. Semen of four is discharged into the mouth and it is made to drink compulsorily.
Afterwards, semen of five is launched to the mouth and is shaking by force. After vomiting semen in the palm, it returns to the mouth and she is made to swallow it compulsorily again.

Afterwards, MIYUKI is deserted by the boyfriend who is dumbfounded at the appearance of the ugly MIYUKI made dirty with semen.
Though the relation of vaginal cum shot to the captain continued, MIYUKI is dismissed because she has semen smell every day and a lot of passenger complaint it. MIYUKI is looking for job every day while becoming boyfriend's juniors' slave now.

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