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(Rumi Nagase) Erotic Dream


n0220 2007/05/08
Rumi Nagase
Erotic Dream

RUMI NAGASE who has much pheromone became a sacrifice again. It is not unusual that office lady appeals physical ailment and leaving earlier than usual.
RUMI who is well known in the company also appeals to the director that she want to leave office earlier than usual because of the toothache. However, a company is not such an indulgent.
Many of the inspection and treatment that bullies body of RUMI waited there, though director who doesn't admit leaving earlier than usual is made permission under pretense of love by RUMI to go hospital.

The body of RUMI is a crisis situation to hard play to surpass the former work. It is a cruel content that recognizes the danger of continuous vaginal cum shot again.
RUMI begins pretense of love from deep kiss to the director who doesn't admit leaving earlier than usual. RUMI sucks the cock after licking director's nipple. Next, the director made finger fuck to RUMI who became open leg pose.
Then the cock is inserted in the pussy where already wet much. Fucking is currying out at missionary, standing back and backward woman on top posture and lascivious sound come out from joint part.

Then it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture through woman on top posture. After the cock is pulled out, it inserts again with semen hung down to the cock head. And, the semen of the remainder is injected.
The director takes the RUMI's leaving earlier than usual as a tradeoff of vaginal cum shot. The scene changes and it is consultation room in hospital. The doctor binds RUMI who is having a pain in teeth below in the consultation seat with the assistant.
Here is a latest hospital that does all the inspections and treatments with the cock. The cock is thrown in to the mouth of RUMI who opposes. In addition, the assistant sit astride on the face of RUI and thrusts the cock.

The cock is thrown in deep in the throat and RUMI is painful. The doctor inserts the cock in the vagina without condom in the next. Treatment with the cock starts. RUMI is poked the opening of uterus at the bending posture and ejaculates.
And, the doctor made vaginal cum shot in vagina where wet much by the joy juice. "Semen medicine" is injected. The cock is pulled out and semen flows backward mightily. The result of treatment is hospitalization. It seems to gnaw at the brain the bad one.
This hospital..... There's more to what doctor said than meets the eye. In the next scene, many of man's hand extend to the body of RUMI who is sleeping in bed of sickroom.

RUMI is suppressed and gets the compulsion finger fuck though wakes up and rages. Then, RUMI is made acme compulsorily by the next toy attack.
A doctor concludes that it is a fantasy to happen so that it is undermined a brain about the event the next day and the treatment with the raw cock is immediately begun. After compulsion fellatio,
cock is inserted at the missionary posture and it spreads at banding, back and woman on top posture. The ostium of the vagina swells up by the strong piston from the under by the backward woman on top posture. And it is semen compulsion inject.

Then the second cock is immediately inserted by backing and made vaginal cum shot after violent piston. The third cock is immediately inserted and it is vaginal cum shot again after stirs in vagina.
The fourth one immediately inserted at missionary posture and semen that flows backward is pushed again in the vagina. Then, vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture. The semen of the amount that far exceeds the capacity of the vagina jar is injected.
Immediate aftermath, the fifth cock is inserted. Labia meat is enlarged and semen is injected again into the vagina of the brink of collapse. However, the doctor diagnoses that the medicine is still insufficient.

Thereupon, men are gathered in order to give semen medicine. The pussy of RUMI has been expanded by the finger at the lift hip up pose and men pour the semen medicine there. Semen of eight is poured one after another in the vagina.
RUMI is took up in his arms and stirred inside of vagina by the finger and made to excrete semen compulsorily afterwards. The doctor recommends long-term hospitalization to RUMI who keeps faint while making dirty by the sticky semen between groins.
At that time, RUMI wakes up in superior's voice. RUMI has slept in the desk while working and it ends in RUMI's expression that seems to be sleepy. RUMI is scolded the doze and receives superior's insulting.

She is diagnosed by the checkup of the company as the sleep disease and is hospitalized compulsion afterwards. Presently, the semen medicine is administered to her every day in the isolation ward.
The men go to hospital and back to home after made vaginal cum shot one after another on the pretext of sympathy visit. How if you also save up the semen and pay a sympathy visit? The sickroom where semen stinks is her room.

Misaki Sasaoka
Ryoko Fujiki
Maya Inoue
Kurumi Aizawa
Ai Ookubo
Rei Kanzaki
Saori Takamiya
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Reimi Minami
Serina Natsui
Maki Matsumoto
Yukie Shinozaki
Ran Kato
Shiho Nakanishi
Hinako Yoshikawa
Yuki Ozawa
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Mika Ijyuin
Minami Kitahara
Miyuki Tsukamoto
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Kei Ishiguro
Yukino Sakurazawa
Rumi Nagase
Anna Isshiki
Yuki Shiratori
Akane Midorikawa
insulting play
Kaho Shiratori
Momo Aizawa


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