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(Yui Fujikawa) Semengiving Day


n0221 2007/05/11
Yui Fujikawa
Semengiving Day

The slender beautiful slut, YUI FUJIKAWA with attractive dry long hair was sunk. Every human holds suffering. If it is a young girl, there is many sufferings that cannot be said to the person is natural.
The friend calls out YUI who depresses it in the classroom for the suffering. And, YUI is introduced the fortune teller who will be solving any sufferings. YUI put on the fortune teller's hint willingly becomes the prey of insulting.
The spectacle that a delicate body is violently treated is too miserable! YUI visits the fortune teller according to friend's recommendation.

The fortune teller emphasizes to solve the worry thing by having the gratitude all and liberating the mind and body in addition. At the beginning, YUI is directed to comfort the body by the fortune teller and begins masturbating.
The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy after the pussy is fingered in the open leg pose and she got the acme. The young guy appears continuously.
YUI who is directed to remove the young person's worry and to liberate the mind and body immediately begins fellatio. And he inserts his cock to YUI at the standing back posture on the sofa after the six nine play.

A large amount of cloudiness joy juice gushes for the pushing up from the under by woman on top posture. The posture is shifted to missionary and semen is injected into YUI at the same time as make acme being made.
YUI expresses gratitude for having been made vaginal cum shot. However, fortune teller, young guy and the friend who introduced the fortune teller gathered in another room. So, to tell the truth, the fortune teller was fraudulent.
It was frame-up in order to insult YUI. They plan "Thanksgiving Day" further to cheat YUI. She will be thoroughly made vaginal cum shot. In the continuing scene,

YUI who doesn't know anything and is convinced to be liberated from worry is sat on the sofa at open leg pose. Her pussy is already soaked wet by the large amount of joy juice. The rotor and vibs toy attack starts.
The toy is inserted momentarily at the time of cloudiness liquid spouted to ostium of the vagina and YUI is made acme by strong stimulation.
In addition, the huge vibs toy inserts at the backing style. YUI is made acme again while drips large amount of joy juice. Then, Cuzco is inserted in the hole immediately after that. The large amount of cloudiness joy juice stays in the vagina.

After this, the vagina that swells up in red by violent attack is made tattered more cruelly by vicious attack. In the next, they move to the bed and the cock is inserted in the pussy.
The violent piston is made continuously at the missionary, side and backward woman on top posture. In addition, the cock is thrown in the mouth of YUI by force while being poked at the back and woman on top posture,
then vaginal cum shot is made at the last by missionary posture. A large amount of semen flows backward from the pussy. The second cock is forcibly inserted in the pussy where keeps to extending.

After a strong piston, semen is injected deeply into vagina. A continuous launching stimulates her small pussy more than the expectation and the vagina wall flushes with excitement further.
However, the third cock immediately begins fucking in villainy. YUI is already faint. But vaginal cum shot is forced at the missionary posture to the pussy of tragic situation in which it gets exhausted.
To complete the Thanksgiving Day is compulsion facial cum shot. YUI solves men's suffering by receiving facial cum shot. Therefore, men who have suffering are gathered. YUI will pour total 18 semen people on a face.

YUI is turned her face to splashed direction and declares thanks at the ejaculation. She seriously dislikes the scene that receiving two ejaculations at the same time. Information that new slut were caught is arrived there afterwards.
Men immediately make retreat from there and move the place where new prey is caught. Unnecessary slut is left there with polluted by semen. The scene of photographing caught with another camera at the end of main content is collected.
It gets excited by the spectacle to which face of YUI is painfully distorted by scattering a large amount of semen. One foolish slut was buried again.

The play of this time that suffering of woman was skillfully used is the best method to entrap a woman who likes fortune-telling.
After this, YUI who holds new suffering that excitement of vaginal is not cool down visits the fortune teller, and is fucked in every case. However, the excitement keeps going on rising. The suffering will not be solved for the time being.

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